Cannabis Cultivation

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BC Hydroponic Growers Guide : Marijuana Mass Production

R. Clarke: Marijuana Botany Advanced Study

D. Deardorff, et al.: What's Wrong With My Cannabis?

J. Cervantes: Marijuana Horticulture Indoors/Outdoors Medical Growers' Bible

J. Cervantes: Marijuana Grow Basics

R. Hardman, et al.: Genus Cannabis

K of Trichrome Technologies: Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals

T. McCarthy: Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

T. McCarthy: Marijuana Growers Handbook

J. McPartland, et al.: Hemp Diseases and Pests -- Management and Biological Control

C. Nelson: Growth Responses of Hemp to Differential Soil & Air Temperatures

R. Nelson: Hemp Husbandry

J. Sheets: Homegrown Marijuana -- Create a Hydroponic Growing System...

Soma: Organic Marijuana Soma Style

R. Upton, et al.: Cannabis Inflorescence