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Ettore Majorana

Ettore Majorana; born on 5 August 1906 – probably died after 1959[1]) was an Italian theoretical physicist who worked on neutrino masses. On March 25, 1938, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances while going by ship from Palermo to Naples. The Majorana equation and Majorana fermions are named after him. In 2006, the Majorana Prize was established in his memory...


Ettore Majorana


Ettore Majorana

Ettore Majorana was probably the most famous Italian physicist-and perhaps not only Italian of the twentieth century. But the name of Ettore Majorana, this scientist who died mysteriously in 1938 at only 31 years of age, immediately brings to mind a still unresolved national enigma: he committed suicide? He took refuge in a convent? Or he was kidnapped by foreign powers? Or he walked away voluntarily in Argentina?

Because Ettore Majorana, even at a young age, in those years here in Italy, had been one of the "via Panisperna boys" the famous Italian physicists group headed by Enrico Fermi, ie the Nobel prize in 1942 built in Chicago first 'atomic pile' and then, unfortunately, he issued the 'bomb'.

Ettore Majorana, who had already refused the transfer prestigious invitations at the universities of Cambridge, Yale and Carnegie Foundation was noted for its outstanding value as a scientist and researcher with theoretical works on nuclear physics and quantum mechanics relativistic with particular applications of the theory of neutrino.

Majorana obtained a professorship in theoretical physics at the age of 28, and was then appointed, out of competition, and for special merits, to the holder of the office of Theoretical Physics at the University of Naples.

Here he held the inaugural address January 13, 1938 and continued his lectures until 23 March. Two days later, March 25, 1938 he disappeared after taking -sembra- passport and withdrew the salary covered the first months of teaching.

The hypothesis of suicide, the most immediate and plausible, not was confirmed in research conducted immediately or was found later; the same can be said for other hypotheses advanced over time.

The same Fermi wrote to Benito Mussolini to ask an intensification of research using clear words that express very well his assessment of Majorana: "I do not hesitate to state that you are, and I do not say that hyperbolic expression, that of all Italians and foreign scholars I had the opportunity to approach the Majorana is foremost that to depths of ingenuity struck me most. "

Many, over time, hypothesized in the disappearance a choice of total and definitive estrangement.

In some parts of the Majorana work is a "quantum sociology", indeterministic, clear example and mirror of the breadth of interests such as to place it close to the tradition of the "physical-philosophers" as Heisenberg, Bohr and Einstein than to the Italian time physical this aspect-oriented experimental.

It was back to publish his works for both his sense hypercritical (with himself) both for his shy and reserved nature, so a great deal of his research has been in the form of manuscripts, partly lost.

What remains of handwritten notes for lectures, his research and articles published show a clear example of penetration in the laws of physics as to anticipate the times means that Ettore Majorana was understood and fully assessed until many years later, and even still remains a precursor of scientific innovations.

Now, in the biographical testimony of Rolando Pelizza reported in the book "The finger of God", although in this first part is that the events until 1989, there is a concrete indication, connected to real facts that would otherwise remain unexplained, for a flash light on the mystery of the disappearance of this great Italian physicist

Short bibliography.

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antimatter cannon

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On a strong platform in the high mountains, Rolando Pelizza in 1976 with a video transmission experiment shows to some acquaintances as is capable of annihilating a rock through a small machine and claims to use antimatter.

What comes out experiments and laborious negotiations with the governments (USA, Italy, Belgium and NATO itself) and the interest of these for that invention that our protagonist does not want to give in fearing that it may be used for military purposes; hence all a disinformation campaign in the media, and misdirection on him.

In his biography, he states that the machine built by him is used for the experimental verification of nuclear physics theory developed by Majorana with which it collaborates.

In many experiments performed, Pelizza get not only the possibility of destroying elements with this machine - whose peaceful use is the destruction of waste and radioactive waste - but above all to be able to obtain large quantities of energy at zero cost. In subsequent experiments, Pelizza seeking full confirmation of the third phase, which was pointed by his master: the transformation of matter.

The story in brief

From the first meeting in 1958 with the Master, the physicist Ettore Majorana, the idea to build the car he designed, it's been only three years. A device able to "annihilate" the matter, an invention that brings extraordinary opportunities for development for mankind, but also an enormous destructive potential. A machine able to literally disappear anything or to create energy at zero cost.

And this, only looking at the first two stages of development.

This book tells so the biographical events that happened to Rolando Pelizza Brescia from 1958 to 1989, with the sole aim to shed light on a discovery of the '70s, which still retains its truly revolutionary character.

An outdoor silenced because its inventor did not want to compromise with the US secret services, with the Belgian government, with the Italian, and others; All interested as they were in a development purely military equipment. A scope that, in contrast with humanitarian intentions which have always guided Pelizza, pushing him to suffer decades of abuse, physical and psychological violence, blackmail and intimidation.

They tell the experiments, hopes, joys and defeats of a man and of a theory.

It tells of a man who has been able to demonstrate several times to the Italian government the effectiveness of its arguments: the first time in 1976 to prof. Ezio Clementel CNEL and again in 1981 to the Minister Mancini. Surprising comments, the consequences just as surprising. The stakes were so high as to make change players; He needed a new player, stronger, much stronger. Someone who was able to get into trouble Rolando, to wage against an incredible "machine of the mud", to reduce it to poor and force him into exile.

But history teaches us that great men reach their goals in any situation. Sometimes even guided only by the case.

The meeting with a Swiss at the end of 1987 IT Pelizza allowed to continue its research to try to reach experimentally the third phase provided by his Master of theory development: the ability to transform matter.

This paper concludes his account just a few days before this incredible effort.

All the facts narrated in this book are supported by numerous documents and evidence collected over the years.

To believe or not to believe? It does not matter!

The important thing for now is to know. Because it is clear that any concerns could be allayed only by experiments carried out according to the strictest canons, and that's what we all hope, and we are waiting.

Not many great inventors and scholars that history remembers. Ettore Majorana and Rolando Pelizza, certainly deserve to get into this prestigious group, for a theory and its implementation, for an invention that would be able to revolutionize the world, although 38 years late!

Downloads :


01 Photographs and notes drawn up by Pugliese commenting on the tests carried out for mr. Manniello, Science and Technology Attaché of the US Embassy in Italy, August 1976


02 Exchange of letters between Pugliese and mr. Manniello and then with mr. Tutino of the US Department of Defense, sent the US President Ford, 1976


3 Report of Pugliese meeting with the US envoy mr. Tutino and the meeting of the same with Pelizza (acts Palermo judge), October 1976


04 Letter of prof. Clementel (President of the National Nuclear Energy Council) Mr Fortuna with attached list tests to be performed, November 26, 1976


05 handwritten report Prof. Clementel (CNEN) and technical calculations on the findings of the tests performed, December 27, 1976


 06 Evaluation of the physical Piero Pasolini filmed on the tests carried out for the CNEN, December 27, 1976


7 Charge to the notary Leroy and directions for a protocol to be used with the US (acts Palermo judge), January 1977


08 Pugliese agrees on. Fortunately a date for an experiment that does not accept Pelizza for short time, in February 1977


09 Mrs. Fortuna resumed negotiations and invites Pugliese with Pelizza telegram to Rome to confirm the new date for the experiment, February 1977


10 The recommended snail - letters from Mr. Luck to Pugliese and Pelizza and confirmation telegram commitments, February 24, 1977


11 Telegram Pugliese the lawyer. Bossoni why not report the talks if questioned by investigators in April 1977_Riservato


12 Convention and check 1bn lira issued by Pelizza to guarantee the eventual failure of an experiment, in April 1977


13 Declaration of the surveyor. Piras on receipt of original documents USA, June 1, 1977


14 Evaluation of Prof. Bouffard on warranty data paintings by Pelizza, June 17, 1977


15 Assignment of Exclusive company Pelizza to build the prototype for experimental Belgian Government, July 29, 1977


16 Telegram Minister Mancini the lawyer. Bossoni confirming the support of the informal Italian Government, in December 1977


17 Letter of Major Leclerc to Pelizza indicating the elements found in the experiment residues, December 1977


18 CDA Exclusive Resolution for appointment of the experiment Pelizza with the Belgians, April 28, 1978


19 Appointment of Pelizza by Exclusive to interface with Prof. Ronse representative of Belgium, May 8, 1978


20 Minutes of CDA Exclusive assigning various tasks to experiment with the Belgian Government, July 13, 1978


21 Minutes of Exclusive CDA concerning a number of experiments carried out by the Minister for Pelizza Mancini, 27 March 1979


22 Minutes seizing documents and intimidating letters to Pelizza, June 12, 1987


23 History events that took place in 1976-77 with six witnesses signatures


24 Apulian interrogation


25 Letter of 87 where Pelizza, abroad and in absentia, responds to Pugliese. It shows the free energy and the only peaceful use of the machine. The hand of God.


The videos

Testimony of Charles Tralamazza

Fundamental testimony of dr. Carlo Tralamazza, professor and Swiss computer scientist, who has worked for years with Rolando Pelizza in software development
How does the machine and experiments

This movie (and the other two related) is a part of a video of the 1986 reports of the sequences shot ten years earlier. Here Colonel Massimo Pugliese of the Italian secret service SID (Defence Information Service) and Eng. Aristide Saleppichi show the machine and explain how they occurred experiments performed with it by Rolando Pelizza in 1976 both John Luis Manniello, (Attaché for the US Embassy in science and technology business in Rome), both the prof. Ezio Clementel president of CNEN (National Nuclear Energy Committee) the greatest Italian organization of this sector.

Interview with Brunella

This part of the interview (and its completion) reports the testimony of Daniel Brunella, who accompanied Charles Rocchi (collaborator of US intelligence information), and was an eyewitness in November 1981 on the Fort Now to Baremone experiment performed by Rolando Pelizza with the machine that used the antimatter.

This part of the interview (see the first part for its completion) reports the testimony of Daniel Brunella, who accompanied Charles Rocchi (American information secret service employee) and was an eyewitness in November 1981 on the Fort Now to Baremone experiment performed by Rolando Pelizza with the machine that used the antimatter.

Taini to Baremone

This short amateur video (and its related) shows the return in 2013, after more than 37 years, the Fort Now to Baremone (a fort dating from World War II) the surveyor Antonio Taini, and the testimony of the same that here was an eyewitness experiment performed in 1977 by Rolando Pelizza for Colonel Jacques Leclerc who demanded by acting as sent by the Belgian government and NATO.

This short amateur video (see also Part One) shows the return in 2013, after more than 37 years, the Fort Now to Baremone (a fort dating from World War II) the surveyor Antonio Taini, and the testimony of the same that here was an eyewitness experiment performed in 1977 by Rolando Pelizza for Colonel Jacques Leclerc who demanded by acting as sent by the Belgian government and NATO.

Interview with Bossoni

This interview shows the lawyer's testimony Pierluigi Bossoni who was an eyewitness of the experiment desired by Colonel Jacques Leclerc-on request of the Belgian government and the NATO- and executed by Rolando Pelizza that his car through the use of antimatter in 1977 Now to Strong (a fort dating from World war II) to Baremone, destroyed a concrete slab.



Ettore Maiorana,La macchina venuta dal futuro


LA MACCHINA DI DIO - ENERGIA PROIBITA: Ettore Majorana; l'energia libera esiste














Rolando letter
Graphological opinion
Letter of 02.26.1964
Letter of 20.05.1965
Letter of 12.10.1968
Letter of 12.21.1972
Letter of 30.09.1976
Letter of 05.02.1980
Letter of 03.31.1981
Letter of 18.05.1993
Letter of 24.12.1996
Letter of 24.12.1996 to Recami
Letter of 20.12.2000
Letter of 12.07.2001



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Pubblicati su YouTube i filmati segreti dell’energia proibita



On the evening of March 25, 1938 Ettore Majorana left Naples with a steamer of the company Tirrenia to Palermo, where he stopped a couple of days: the journey he had been advised by his closest friends, who had invited him to take a rest period.

The same day, before leaving, had written to Connect Antonio Carrelli, Professor of Experimental Physics at the Institute of Physics, the following missive:

"Dear trucks, I made a decision that was now inevitable. There is in it a single grain of selfishness, but I appreciate the trouble that my sudden disappearance will procure for you and the students. Even for this I beg you to forgive me, but above all for letting all the trust, sincere friendship and sympathy you have shown me over the months ... Please also remember those who have learned to know and appreciate in your Institute; all of whom cherish beloved memories at least until eleven tonight, and possibly even later. "

Family members had written instead:

"I have only one wish: that no black to dress. If you want to bow down to the use, flow rates as well, but for no more than three days, some sign of mourning. After remind me, if you can, in your hearts and forgive me. "

On March 26 trucks received by Majorana a telegram telling him not to worry about what is written in the letter that he had previously sent. On the same day it was written and even sent this last letter:

Palermo, 26 March 1938 - XVI

"Dear trucks, I hope you have come together with the telegram and letter. The sea has refused me and I will return tomorrow to the hotel Bologna, perhaps traveling with this same sheet. But I'm going to give up teaching. Do not take me for a girl Ibsen because the case is different. I'm at your disposal for any further details. "

But Ettore Majorana "appeared no more."

"The only certainty among many assumptions involves taking a considerable amount of money (some back wages) that Majorana did before to cover his tracks, the equivalent of about $ 10,000 today, as well as the disappearance of his passport . This fact, combined with the rationality of Majorana mind, the hypothesis of suicide "makes it unlikely ...

It succeeds rather difficult to accept that a person who decides to commit suicide, retreats itself the day before his "disappearance", by their bank, all their savings, and also disappears her passport.

But we proceed with order: "Ettore Majorana was born in Catania August 5, 1906, into a wealthy and educated family. The father Fabio was a Physicist; uncle Quirino, the favorite of Hector, was a well-known scientist in the field of experimental physics. Since young Ettore Majorana is considered a young genius, for he had exceptional ability to mathematical calculation, that made him someone very special and unusual already in those first years of your life and then even later. "

"Ettore Majorana initially undertook the engineering studies, leaving soon to embrace those of Theoretical Physics under the guidance of the great Physicist Enrico Fermi (later Nobel Prize in Physics). He then became a member of the so called group of physicists Via Panisperna, (named after the street in which it was precisely the Institute of Physics of the University of Rome). They were part of the group of Via Panisperna names like Edoardo Amaldi, Emilio Segre, Rasetti, Oscar D'Agostino and Bruno Pontecorvo, who all became famous later in theoretical and experimental physics. Inside the "group of boys from Via Panisperna", Ettore Majorana occupied immediately a special place and important fact was considered by his companions a genius! One day shortly after arriving at 'Institute of Physics of Via Panisperna, Ettore Majorana gave a demonstration of their computing skills also at the same Enrico Fermi, who later called Ettore Majorana' Physicist very special, the importance of which could be compared only to that of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton '. "

"Fermi was then working in the statistical model of the atom that later took the name of Thomas-Fermi. The speech with Majorana fell immediately on ongoing research at the Institute and Fermi quickly exposed the general lines of the model, showed Majorana excerpts of his recent work on the subject and, in particular, the table in which numerical values ​​were collected in the the so-called Fermi universal potential. Majorana listened with interest and, after asking for some clarification, went off without expressing his thoughts and intentions. The next day, in the late morning, showed up again at the Institute, he entered directly into the study of Fermi and asked, without preamble, see the table that had been placed under the eyes for a few moments yesterday. Avutala in hand, drew from his pocket a piece of paper on which was written a similar chart which he calculated at home in the last twenty-four hours. He compared the two tables, and found that they were in full agreement with each other, said that the Fermi table was fine and left the studio, he left the Institute. Majorana was therefore not returned to see if the table was fine by him calculated in the last 24 hours, but to check if it was correct that of Fermi. "

This is the portrait that gives it, at that time, Laura Fermi:

"Majorana had, however, a strange character: he was too shy and inward looking. In the morning, in going to the Institute tram, he began to think of his forehead frowning. He could think of a 'new idea, or a difficult problem, or the explanation of certain experimental results that had seemed incomprehensible: he rummaged his pockets, pulled out a pencil and a pack of cigarettes on which to scribble complicated formulas. Fell from the tram was going engrossed, his head bowed and a large tuft of hair blacks and scarruffati drooping over his eyes. He arrived at the Institute tried to Fermi or Rasetti and pack of cigarettes in hand, explaining his idea. "

It's still:

"Majorana had continued to attend the Institute of Rome and to work there from time to time, in its peculiar way, until in 1933 he had gone for a few months in Germany. The return did not resume his place in the life of the Institute; indeed, he did not want to be seen even by old comrades. The turmoil of his character must certainly affect a tragic event that struck the Majorana family. A baby in swaddling clothes, cousin of Hector, was burned to death in the cradle, which had inexplicably caught fire. There was talk of crime. He was accused of child and an uncle Hector. The latter assumed the responsibility to prove the innocence of his uncle. With great decisiveness is also personally involved in the process, dealt with lawyers, he took care of the details. The uncle was acquitted; but the effort, the constant concern, process emotions could not fail to leave a lasting effect on a sensitive person who was Hector. "

"Already from 1932 to 1936 Ettore Majorana he had not attended the Institute of Via Panisperna. Alone and isolated, always deep in thought, one day wrote to his brother Luciano confiding: "At the Institute nobody understands anything. My theories may include only four people: Bohr, Heisenberg, Dirac and Anderson ... "

"Ettore Majorana was disputed by prestigious universities and research institutes. In 1937 Ettore Majorana accepted, after refusing Cambridge, Yale and Carnegie Foundation, the chair of Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Naples, where he tied friendship with Antonio Carrelli, professor of experimental physics at the Institute of Physics " .

"Ettore Majorana, he worked primarily as a theoretical physicist, his most important works included the nuclear physics and relativistic quantum mechanics, with particular applications in neutrino theory."

"In those years Ettore Majorana becomes the protagonist of a series of studies, insights and discoveries that make him one of the greatest theoretical physicists of the last century (if not the largest). In particular it postulates the 'existence of the neutrino, years before it is discovered experimentally. Pioneering and important is above all his dell'antiparticella intuition, for example. electron / positron (which introduces the theme of 'existence of' "anti-matter").

And from here it takes the right moves your Free Energy, which I want to be baptized: "Free Energy Ettore Mjorana". As we will see later, it is a new source of energy, economic, unlimited and clean, which already would be available to the 'Humanity!

"In physics, antimatter is the set of anti-particles, corresponding to the mass to the particles that make up ordinary matter, but with opposite charge. For example an atom of "antihydrogen" is composed of a negatively charged antiproton, around which orbit a positron (anti-electron) positively charged ".

"If the particle and antiparticle come into contact are destroyed, emitting high-energy photons (gamma rays) or other particle-antiparticle pairs, such that the sum of the total energy, the previous and following the impact, remains constant."

"The Majorana studies made a fundamental contribution to the development of modern physics and faced many issues in an original way: in its first phase published his studies on problems of atomic spectroscopy, the chemical bond theory (where he demonstrated his deep knowledge of the mechanism exchange of valence electrons), the calculation of the probability of the spin reversal (spin-flip) of the atoms of a steam polarized beam when it moves in a magnetic field rapidly variable. The greatest scientific contribution of Ettore Majorana, however, is the second phase of its production, which includes three works: the work on nuclear forces today called the Majorana, work on arbitrary intrinsic momentum particles and work on the symmetry of ' electron and the positron, is also famous equation Majorana. Ettore is remembered by the international scientific community, to have deduced the equation of infinite components that form the theoretical basis of Open Quantum Systems ".

"On 12 April 2012, the journal Science published a study that confirms the existence of fermions which he theorized in 1938, which have the characteristic of not having the antimatter counterpart."

"But for physicists from around the world, the name of Majorana is also linked to a 'another mystery, that of the hypothetical particle that bears his name and which would enjoy the extraordinary property of being matter and antimatter at the same time. Nothing more than a guess, at that time; Today, things seem to be bound to change. In theory, matter and antimatter are entirely irreconcilable. When they come into contact, they annihilate each other, releasing energy ... "

"Ettore Majorana could have given a huge contribution to its nuclear physics with these particles of" Majorana ". His contribution to particle physics remains crucial, and now acquires new validity in the light of supersymmetry theory, which supports the thesis that all of Majorana particles have an antiparticle of the family of fermions at zero charge. This implies the existence of some supersymmetric partners of fermions, such as photino, the partner of the photon, and higgsino, the enigmatic anchor companion Higgs boson. "

"He went to Leipzig and Copenhagen, and was awarded by the National Research Council for a grant for this journey that began at the end of January 1933 and lasted about six months. The meeting with Heisenberg was profitable, so much so that he was able (there where Fermi and others had failed) to be published by Majorana Über die Kerntheorie, in Zeitschrift für Physik. We have some of his letters the German period. "

"On 20 January, in a letter to his mother he writes: 'At the Institute of Physics have welcomed me very warmly. I had a long conversation with Heisenberg that is extraordinarily polite and nice person '. "

"In a letter to his father, February 18, writes: 'I wrote an article on the structure of the nuclei to Heisenberg liked although it contained some corrections to a theory'."

"In a letter sent to Giovanni Gentile jr. He talks about stupid race theory; and his last published article Majorana expressed, albeit in an indirect way, a positive view of free will, that opinion seems incompatible with Nazism. "

"Subsequently Majorana went to Copenhagen, where he met Niels Bohr. The friendship with Bohr took him to meet other important physicists of the time, including C. Moller and Arthur H. Rosenfeld, and attend George Placzek, who already knew for some time. "

The historical, political, and cultural context in which they occurred the facts that we are analyzing is that of fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany ... It is clear that the sad events were already in place, and the winds of war were already intuitive and perceptible, especially for a person like Ettore Majorana, who was intelligence, culture (including humanities), and sensitivity uncommon.

E = mc 2

"It is the physical equation that establishes the material equivalence between energy (E) and the mass (m) of a physical system. It was discovered in 1905 by the physicist and philosopher Albert Einstein. In Einstein's report are summarized basic properties of mass (matter), highlighted by his interactions with the energy ... "

Surely Ettore Majorana was very forward in the understanding of nuclear physical phenomena, as evidenced by his education: he graduated in Theoretical Physics at the age of 23, on July 6, 1929, with a thesis on "Mechanics of Radioactive Nuclei", supervisor Enrico Fermi, 110/110 cum laude; and as demonstrated by its publications, such as "On the theory of nuclei", and also that the "symmetrical theory of 'electron and the positron", just to name two of the most important and still relevant; Moreover his scientific discoveries, like the one anticipated the neutron (had a little over 20 years!), and in particular that of "symmetric theory of 'electron and' anti-electron", much in vogue today for its application to neutrinos and anti neutrino ( "anti-matter"). Ettore Majorana was so secure more than aware of the large intrinsic energy of matter itself, of the 'atom nucleus, and how this type of studies and discoveries, then all' vanguard, could be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands.

Let us return for a moment to the theory of the Neutron made by Ettore Majorana, since I consider a key episode also to understand the personality of the young scientist. In this case not only highlights the scientist's stature, in his early twenties, but also his "psychology"; In fact, despite having been widely requested to publish this important even by the Fermi theory, refused to do so ... Leonardo Sciascia expresses himself about in his work The disappearance of Majorana: "And in doing so had given up a possible Nobel prize! Also, when the Heisenberg theory was accepted and celebrated not share the regret of the other Physical Institute Roman ... But in regard to the German physicist conceives a feeling of admiration (and this contributes to self-awareness) and gratitude (and what contributes his fear). Heisenberg is like an unknown friend, one that without knowing it, without knowing it, as he saved from danger, avoided him as a sacrifice. "

Ettore Majorana then became in 1937 Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Royal University of Naples, following the proposal of the jury took place "for special merits" (committee chaired by the Enrico Fermi). He was appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural of the Royal University of Naples "because of the high reputation of singular skill which has come in the field of theoretical physics studies ..."

"In addition, the same Enrico Fermi is has gone to Sicily to visit Ettore Majorana just a short time before his death, even after a previous experiment in which the boys of Via Panisperna, having bombarded uranium with neutrons, while their experiment, they did not understand well what phenomenon was triggered ... And on this occasion of the visit to Sicily, the same Enrico Fermi he left his notebook on 'own uranium to Ettore Majorana, to maybe get him "enlightenment" in about. Perhaps this circumstance gave to Ettore Majorana the opportunity to understand in advance that physical phenomena of potentially destructive nature of nuclear power would be possible in the future, if the same phenomena were understood and explained? "

This definitely Ettore Majorana was not wrong! If, as is true, "Enrico Fermi he designed and led the construction of the first nuclear fission reactor, which produced the first nuclear reaction controlled chain, and was one of the technical directors of the Manhattan Project, which led to the creation of the atomic bomb in the laboratories Los Alamos ... a few years later, the morning of August 6, 1945 at 8:16, the US Air Force launched on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, followed three days later by the launch of the bomb, "Fat Man" on Nagasaki. The number of direct victims is estimated from 100,000 to 200,000, almost exclusively civilians. "

Then the hypothesis of a self isolation of Ettore Majorana volunteer, who has had as its main aim is not to reveal to the world his important insights and findings on the matter, and its enormous intrinsic energy, (potentially destructive), which could have have negative and destructive effects, which he certainly did not want, on people's lives and 'all mankind, if this energy had been devoted to evil, would be consistent with its voluntary alleged "disappearance ..."

This hypothesis quite likely would agree with that formulated by Leonardo Sciascia, in his book The disappearance of Majorana, already mentioned above.

"Ettore Majorana would be locked up in the Carthusian monastery of Serra San Bruno, to get away from everything and everyone, since they could not stand the social life. The monastic hypothesis is linked to the youth of Hector, who had attended the Institute Massimiliano Massimo of the Jesuits in Rome. A possible link with the past that shows up, a part of his youth. the researches of the same family, who wrote to Pope Pius XII Pacelli, promising not want to interfere at all the choices that may have accrued from Hector, just to know the Vatican simply if he were alive on this track were also addressed, but no answer, of any sign, was never provided. "

The investigation into the "disappearance" of Ettore Majorana were timely and important from the very beginning, such was the fame that the character had already earned ... The same Duce, at the request of Enrico Fermi, personally urged the police organs and Italian secret services themselves if they occupied directly behind your order. According to some testimonies Majorana would have been spotted and recognized in Naples days after his apparent "disappearance." C 'is the acts of the police the very important testimony of a woman, that he should know him well, as had been his nurse, and therefore could hardly be mistaken for the reported circumstances. Just this witness in particular, would exclude the 'hypothesis (in my opinion of itself lacks credibility) of suicide ... Then c' is also a second important witness, (even for this story) I continue always to police records, released by Jesuit Father De Francesco, who reports that "a young, very resembling Ettore Majorana, in the last days of March or in early April, it was presented to the top of the said Church of Gesu Nuovo, Naples, (located in Hotel is close to Bologna, where he then resided Ettore Majorana, which the Institute of Physics, asking to be hosted for a spiritual retreat, but then because of bureaucratic difficulties do not reappeared ... "in recent years, also c 'is also who claims to have met Ettore Majorana in Argentina ... it seems that investigations in this regard on the "disappearance" of Ettore Majorana have been recently re-opened in Italy, officially by the judiciary, and hopefully make full light on the whole affair.

Now I will give the sensational events, if confirmed, that they gave rise to the title of this rather challenging my article: "Antimatter, the Free Energy of Ettore Majorana".

There is a person who is still alive, his name is Rolando Pelizza, (source press release: "The truth of Ettore Majorana. Comes a New Science," by Pietro Panetta, President of 'International Association Life Project, web site: progevita.com), who claims to have met Ettore Majorana, "the Professor", after 20 years of its alleged "disappearance", from the year 1958. And even to have it later attended systematically, but does not say exactly where .

(Note of 'Author: perhaps the Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno, near Lamezia Terme, in Calabria, as suggested by Leonardo Sciascia in his The disappearance of Majorana?). Already this first statement is so important and sensational, I wonder why it has not yet been examined and verified by the Judiciary, which has recently reopened the investigation into the alleged "disappearance" (in Argentina?) Ettore Majorana , in order to make full light, finally, on the events occurred.

But there is much more: "Rolando Pelizza argues that Ettore Majorana, having taken a liking, as he too was gifted in mathematics and scientific intelligence capabilities, he would have sent all the theoretical principles of a new physics, and that he himself Rolando Pelizza would be put in a position, from this scientific knowledge of theoretical physics, obtained directly from Hector Majrana, to create a "science fiction" machine (now "Ray of Life" call), based on antimatter, whose beam generated by it, allows to precisely treat and modulate the antimatter, and would be able to annihilate the material through the generation of a huge heat inside the target material itself ... "

But here it would open an important and serious chapter of the story: namely the fact that such a device, which can trigger an 'enormous energy, and steerable beam, and can annihilate or disintegrate the material itself, would lend itself well to be used as a deadly weapon destructive ... and in the continuation we will see that this will have negative implications on the development of the story ...

But we proceed with order. I will say right away that the allegation made by Rolando Pelizza (reported by Peter Panetta), would be entirely consistent with many of the details that hand in hand we revealed and reveal even later. It is not for me to judge, in the sense of giving objective opinions, official and definitive on the whole story, (although I've made a personal opinion which makes me believe that it is likely ...). I add only that it would be worthwhile to check the facts exposed by Pietro Panetta, in a systematic and official, also in the interest of Ettore Majorana family that still has the right to know the truth (if you still do not know). About what happened to Ettore Majorana in the year 1938, but especially in the 'interest of the scientific community, which has always considered Ettore Majorana a physicist and one of the highest level scientist, perhaps the most important of the' 900, it would be definitely worthy of a Nobel prize…

Of course if this new physics introduced and enunciated by Ettore Majorana, they talk about Rolando Pelizza, Pietro Panetta (and not only them ...) was linked in particular to the antimatter discovery, if confirmed, and if the aforementioned equipment really existed, humanity would make enormous progress, because we would have a new source of energy, economic, unlimited and clean! Obviously if used for civilian purposes ... So it would be especially World interest to shed light on the whole story!

"Already in the early 70's car Life radius, able to treat and as we said modular antimatter, it had already been built by Rolando Pelizza, and was running!"

I realize that the reader this may seem like a fantastic story, but I would say that things are in all other way, are real! Many were in fact in the past, the direct witnesses of the events described, and could have him confirm whether they required. Even in this there are still some people who were direct witnesses of the facts and circumstances, and that they have elements in order to confirm the above ...

But why, then, of this amazing invention "Ray of Life" made in the early '70s, little if it is spoken? And above all, why the positive effects of this new energy technology we have yet? And for this reason we continue to use fossil fuels which pollute the atmosphere (CO2), making us sick, and jeopardizing the survival of this planet Earth, because of the resulting global warming?

Let us understand better.

The following text, which I reproduce in full, was taken from the press release "The Truth about Ettore Majorana. Born a New Science, "by Pietro Panetta, President of the 'International Association of Project Life, downloadable from the website progevita.com

Rolando Pelizza said that "after 20 years after his death, which took place by his will, Ettore Majorana knows him, and we are in 1958. (Author's note: perhaps the Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno, near Lamezia Terme, in Calabria, as suggested by Leonardo Sciascia in his the disappearance of Majorana?) Ettore Majorana identifies him as a young gifted and led naturally to mathematics, what you probably wanted, and offered to work with him. Thus began for Rolando Pelizza extensive training of studies on Physics and Mathematics, Master gradually moved him all the knowledge to complete his theoretical project, which was already working for many years. Rolando Pelizza has the merit not only to have learned the theoretical knowledge, physics and mathematics, but also to have translated theory into practical application. In fact in the early '70s he was in possession of a device that would unleash the military world to hog that no metaphors that would be the most powerful weapon in the world, at very low costs. Rolando and his Master (Ettore Majorana) did not seek personal enrichment, and never, ever build a weapon; but they were busy with the conviction to give to the world of life and well-being tranquility. Here is the commitment not to allow anyone to employ this new knowledge for the purpose of mass destruction. "

"At this point, however, comes into play another character who will have in this whole affair a leading role: Massimo Pugliese. He was initially presented as a consultant for the funding and development of new applications found initiatives; actually Rolando Pelizza knew after it was Ten. Col. of Carabinieri aggregate in SISDE on leave. By Massimo Pugliese it is involved then the 'American Embassy in Rome with the attendant Officer John Louis Manniello, who requested an experiment that demonstrates the effects on various materials and possibly recorded on magnetic tape. This happened later with the personal envoy of President Ford, Ing. Matteo Tutino, who expressed congratulations for the monumental discovery and the big American interest. The proposed agreement was to create a company with the American Government and Pelizza (then called the European Group) at 50%, evaluated a billion dollars.

If it was not possible to change the law that prohibits the US government to participate in private companies, an entity under the control of the American government it would intervene. Pelizza agreed and reiterated the condition that it was necessary to complete the research that made the machine useful for peaceful applications, excluding all that was of military nature. The time required to conclude, as further proof, to knock down five satellites in orbit, and handed over a list of coordinates with the addition of being able to use the machine for both peaceful and military purposes. To this request Pelizza firmly opposes and truncates any negotiation.

Pugliese at this point is unleashed, sending reports and movies right and left, informing Italian politicians, officials of both Italian and foreign services, processing and putting into circulation of contracts drafts, never authorized, holding conferences and impromptu discussions of scientific theories, etc. . "

"But not only Pugliese gave a lot to do: even the friends of Brescia, whose number had now widened, never missed a chance to propose meetings and contacts. So you get to Loris Fortuna, then President of Industry Commission, which initially shows great interest with bombastic promises, ended in nothing. While plotting with Pugliese and was also entertained with Tutino, he gets to give Prof. Ezio Clementel then President of CNEN appointed to the request for an experimental test of the steel plates provided by the same Clementel. Performed the tests for the treated sheets are returned and accompanied by its movie, by Pugliese.

The Great Teacher concluded: "If the execution of the tests had correctly place ...." Wrote cautiously in its report, and that expression "correctly" was referring to the video recording where you could see that the equipment of 'experiment was powered by a small battery, "... the powers involved are huge ... and requested the experiment results are not obtainable by currently known technologies"; this in a powerful report delivered to the then President of the Council of Ministers. Time lost, but not enough. Request for a new experiment. The it is noted that since the winter the area is inaccessible due to snow. The answer was an ultimatum: if within the next 15 days, did not give himself over to what is required, every Italian treaty was to be considered closed.

"Thus began a relationship with the Belgian government: first, the request for an experimental test in the presence of one of their expert on lasers. Test performed, with the report produced by the expert, which among other eras a NATO Army Colonel. Belgium is proposed a deal in which the Belgian state and our society, which was to be a Holding Luxembourg which confer ownership rights, formed a joint venture to 50% each. The Belgian State undertook to finance what is necessary for the continuation of the research and would have paid five billion Belgian francs of the time a fee of 50%, subject to the outcome of an experiment to be performed in Belgium.

Pugliese in this negotiation is, from us, put aside. And needless to say the Italian Government, as an observer, gives mandate to the then Minister Plenipotentiary Antonio Mancini, great person for their professionalism, honesty and humanity that we remember with affection and esteem. The Belgian Parliament, to authorize the contract it should change their laws five. The drafting of the contract, in French, and under the control of the Belgian State Attorney; for our part we entrust the task to a lawyer of Brescia who knows the language, by recommending the highest priority non-negotiable points. Here comes the day of the signature in the presence of the five Ministers. The Prime Minister and Pelizza sign the contract, following the deposit, in a safe, the technical documentation at the State Bank. The key was holding the Director, the code figure in the Prime Minister and Pelizza. The release would take place after payment. At home re-reading the agreement carefully, you realize that the points of absolute priority that must not be altered are expressed thus: "the Ministers agree to abide by gentlemen ...", but the ministers are not eternal and who will respect the ' commitment?"

"Start a dispute with meetings: the first in the private residence of the Prime Minister with the lawyer of the Belgian State, Pelizza, Mancini and Panetta, where it asks you to change the points that had been accepted and verbally, while denied the opportunity to correct the contract, the prime minister thumbed through the dossier which could be glimpsed some of the documentation sheet deposited in the bank. If this was true it meant that the safe had been broken, there was no certainty, but doubt s'alimentava and also explained certain attitudes. The refusal received induces Panetta, who represented the absolute majority of the company, to request an audience lawyer of the Belgian State. Following several meetings and agreed at the end the following: the lawyer of Belgian State agreed with the Prime Minister by telephone in the presence of Panetta, of moving forward the logged experiments in the contract, but that in case of failure the contract would be automatically revoked, making free the parties from any obligation. This forced him to do the experiment to not be in default; so you decide to give during the experiment with the intention not to make it succeed.

Fixed the day of the experiment, the Min. Mancini with the Belgians organized the transfer of the machine Chiari (BS) on board a van escorted by plainclothes political police, with the destination airport of Ghedi military, where it was loaded onto a military plane Belgian, aboard which climbed Pelizza, Panetta, Mancini and Professional Rome. In addition to the pilots there was the Belgian colonel who previously attended an experimental trial in Italy, and the report of which the Belgian Government authorized the contract, which earned him a promotion to General. Destination military zone of Braschaat, Belgium. Arrived, he locked the car, and the keys were handed over to Pelizza. The following day, to attend the trials of the protocol beyond us there were the Belgian General, three Professors of a European Centre, two Italian researchers including Ezio Clementel, the company Professionals, lawyers and other people who were not submitted. In the narrow bunkers, where was placed the machine, Pelizza start some evidence out of the Protocol of the materials found in the local and perfectly managed. Panetta attended with him and Mancini, and this gave rise to the evidence. The first, not covered, was to destroy a tank...