The Rex Research Civilization Kit

It is no longer doable to offer the Civilization Kit Thumb Drive. Download it with these FREE programs :   ...   ...   ...  ..  ...     [ You'll need 15 GB+ , not including the monthly 'Infraloads' ].

The Civilization Kit is being reformatted to facilitate downloading -- at very low cost compared to the physical thumb drive.
The process will take a few weeks. Thank yourself for your patience, or do it yourself if you can't wait.

Customer Comments

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All my engineering life (I'm 81+ now), I prospered by pushing the envelope, designing well beyond state of the art, and successfully, I might add. Now, because of you, I enjoy reading about others that do it too, and especially enjoy the technical aspects of what you include. Please, keep up the good work, and thank you." ( Rusty H. )

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