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Wha's Nuvo ?

A Must-Read for Alchemists :
The Temple in Man // R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

A Must-Watch for Alchemists -- utterly disillusioning :
Fulcanelli -- The Man Who Betrayed A Sorcerer
The black cubit : length 54 cm. - 54.02376 cm
Propeller Design Competition Ep. 3 - Best Propeller Revealed
MEG REPLICATION 2. Light explanation of the effect, how it's used and how it works. Tom Bearden
Don Smith Device Replication
PEMFs supercharge your cells and heal your body | Dr. William Pawluk

Greer and PBD:

Restricted patents etc:
Resonance Induction Coil Test With Don Smith Type Output Coils
Prophecy of the Last Days according to St. Vincent Ferrer
 NASA's Helical Engine and Other Reactionless Drives
Physics Unsimplified
Smallest Airship by Voliris - Guinness World Record
(70000+ liters of helium )
Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%
Jim Murray solved Tesla's secrets to amplifying power by nearly 5000%.
Memories from the Future:The Valley of Roses (A.R.E.)
This was a presentation that took place at the Association for Research and Enlighenment at Virginia Beach for the VB firiends of the IANDS on September 14 2013. This is an amazing experience that took place in 1921 involving a visit from someone in the future, from the year 3906 AD. Nassos Komianos summarized the whole story and insights of the Swiss teacher Paul Amadeus Dienach, who slipped in a rare state of consciousness, called narcolepsy for almost a year. When he recovered he came back with memories of another person (actually his future embodiment), a physicist named Andreas Northam, who lived in the future.
Chronicles From the Future: The Amazing Story of Paul Amadeus Dienach
Achilleas Sirigos
Visitor from a Parallel Universe | Who Was The Man from Taured?
Prophecies Of Virgin Of Revelation: A Pope Will Deny The Faith
Prophecies Of The Virgin Of Revelation: Did The Vatican Compromise Bruno’s Diary?
Il Veggente: Il segreto delle Tre Fontane
Saverio Gaeta
Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature (Documentary of 2008)
Chief Arvol Looking Horse Speaks of White Buffalo Prophecy
Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. The leader of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Oyate, the great Sioux nation, is a man with a vision.
"Shedding" Spike: Precautions we should ALL be taking?
Nattokinase & Bromelain
Modern Day Gold Alchemy
Swartz MOXY Fusion podcast
The Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference
free online community event for warp-drives, gravity-modification & UAP physics featuring hundreds of top physicists, engineers, & innovators...
Scientists Create 'Anti-Gravity' Device That Could Revolutionize Transportation

Exodus Propulsion Technologies co-founder and NASA electrostatics expert Charles Buhler claims to have helped invent a device that breaks the known laws of gravity. The “propellantless propulsion” device uses electromagnetism to propel an object without fuel, meaning that if a strong enough version is developed, we won’t need rockets to get to space. Buhler joins Glenn to explain how this technology works – or at least as much as he can, because there’s still a lot that’s unknown about how this tech even exists. Plus, he details just how revolutionary it would be for ALL transportation, including why he believes it could get us to the moon in under 3 hours and to Mars in 5-6 days!
Exodus propulsion
Charles Buhler - Propellantless Propulsion Device // Tim Ventura
NASA physicist Dr. Charles Buhler discusses a breakthrough propellantless propulsion device developed by Exodus Propulsion Technology that produces 1g (9.8 m/s²) thrust in hard-vacuum experimental testing.

A system and method for generating a force from a voltage difference applied across at least one electrically conductive surface. The applied voltage difference creates an electric field resulting in an electrostatic pressure force acting on at least one surface of an object. Asymmetries in the resulting electrostatic pressure force vectors result in a net resulting electrostatic pressure force acting on the object. The magnitude of the net resulting electrostatic pressure force is a function of the geometry of the electrically conductive surfaces, the applied voltage, and the dielectric constant of any material present in the gap between electrodes. The invention may be produced on a nanoscale using nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes. The invention may be utilized to provide a motivating force to an object. A non-limiting use case example is the use of electrostatic pressure force apparatus as a thruster to propel a spacecraft through a vacuum.
Spinning flagellum in bacteria

Jerusalem Artichoke -- complete protein + :
Easiest Plant To Grow To Sustain Your Family!
How to Harvest & Plant Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes) 5 Varieties
Vegetables that Grow in 100 Degree Summer Heat
Peppers... Purlslane ( Gelgeber, Gruner ) ... Sweet potatoes ...
Winter Squash ... Okra ... Blackeye Peas ...
Stan Meyer explains the Water Fuel Technology. Water car

Judy MIKOVITS Patents :
N103327994 -- Combination therapy for prostate cancer using botanical compositions and bicalutamide
Nitinol Documentary
The Metal That Remembers - Nitinol
SAFIRE PROJECT: Transmuting Radioactive Elements
Aureon Enegy; How do we dispose of radioactive wastes and toxins?  There is fusion and fission and then there is the third method, discussed in this video.  I was amazed at what I saw.  If you are concerned about fluoride in your water, this video gives you an idea how we can convert fluoride into phosphorus, maybe, to have fertilizer, instead of poison.
In the fall of 2023 the SAFIRE PROJECT team built a reactor the size of a kitchen table radio. And then used it to transmute the radioactive element thorium into non-radioactive elements; accelerating its decay rate from 14 billion years … to minutes...

SAFIRE Technology
Over the past decade, our SAFIRE Project technology has demonstrated the ability to change the nuclei of atoms using electricity, rendering benign daughter elements. This process is called transmutation. The SAFIRE Project has repeatedly transmuted tungsten and iron into more than 17 benign stable daughter elements, as verified by a certified independent laboratory.
 Russel Targ Banned Ted Talk
Tom Bearden - Tesla's Secret and the Soviet Tesla Weapons - 1988
aboveunity and hyiq Research Channel
Dedicated to the VTA of the late Floyd Sweet and also Free Energy Devices of the past
Stunning WW III Prophecy by St Paisios (Greek Orthodox)
Greek Orthodox Saint Paisios the Athonite's list of fulfilled prophecies as well as ones that have not yet come true about Turkey, Constantinople, and Hagia Sophia
[ Start @ 5:00 @ 1.5x speed ]
Prophecy: When Israel Hits Iran’s Nuclear Facilities…
r. Peter Heers discusses the role of Israel, Iran, and Turkey in the context of prophecies from modern Orthodox saints. Watch the full interview at:
The Prophecy of St. Anatole the Younger
Prophecy on the Mark of the Beast from St. Gabriel of Georgia
End-Times PROPHECY: the way of tears (St. Sophrony) - English
Two-dimensional siloxene nanosheets: novel high-performance supercapacitor electrode materials
-- Silicon-based materials have attracted considerable interest for the development of energy storage devices because of their ease of integration with the existing silicon semiconductor technology. Herein, we have prepared siloxene sheets—a two-dimensional (2D) silicon material—and investigated their energy storage properties...The galvanostatic charge–discharge profiles of the device displayed sloped symmetric triangular curves with a maximum specific capacitance of 2.18 mF cm−2, high energy density of 9.82 mJ cm−2, good rate capability, and excellent cycling stability of 98% capacitance retention after 10 000 cycles. The siloxene SSC device delivered a maximum power density of 272.5 mW cm−2, which is higher than those of other silicon- and carbon-based SSCs, highlighting their potential for application in energy storage.
Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast Confirmed By Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents
FIRST Human Age-Reversal Trial REPLICATED!

The TRIIM-X trial is an expanded pilot clinical study that will evaluate a personalized combination treatment regimen for thymus regeneration...
 Easy DIY Geodesic Dome Connectors that Anyone Can Make. --
Our Geodesic Dome Connector - How it Works!
Patents : US8590216 // NZ602216 // AU2013200553 // GB2508051
Index of Geodesic Dome Calculators (Icosahedron Domes)
Geodesic Tunnel Dome with 4 Extensions
Scientists Just Discovered A New Formula For Pi Accidentally
BREAKING! Strange Wave Patterns appear in the Schumann Resonances -- Stefan Burns
We've seen waves like this only a couple times before, and often they occur right before LARGE earthquakes
30 Minutes of Woo Woo Remote Viewing
The Inverted Dipole -- Joel Lagace

...Today, I want to highlight an intriguing effect of the PEG cell's internal electrostatic action and how we can harness this for free energy. I've observed a significant potential increase in the PEG cell under load, achieving up to 90% of the potential of the regular series cell stack. This simple solution nearly doubles the potential...
 Mapping Gurdjieff's Enneagram to the Periodic Table of Elements, and all creation.
The teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, taught of two new laws, the Law of 3 and the Law of 7, and a new diagram that joined them together, the Enneagram. Based upon the diatonic octave and Gurdjieff’s original Enneagram, Russell Smith arrived at an alternative derivation of the Periodic Table of the Elements, and he came to it from a completely new direction: from esoteric teachings about the meaning and purpose of human life on earth. By discovering the “Diatonic Enneagram”, he was able to uncover the hidden mathematics that joined these laws and the diagram together -- and in the process, to prove that these laws had valid physical consequences. He found them expressed in light and music, in the atom and in transfer RNA, and most spectacularly, in the periodic table.
The Spiral Periodic Table that you have never seen before. -- The Principle of most Efficient Geometry
In this theory the elements of the Periodic Table are standing waves over a period of time. Time is continuously being formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light waves of EMR. This forms a universal process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking that forms the spiral patterns we see in our everyday life with each element of the Periodic Table having a set position forming the curvature of these spirals. With Hydrogen at the centre a Spiral Periodic Table with the noble gases and the different groups of elements radiating out like spokes from the centre of a wheel. In this video there is also Walter Russell diagram of a Periodic Table and the chemist John Newlands Spiral Octave Periodic Table.
Two new ones for your anticancer toolkit. -- clif high
Honokiol, and Fucoidans. Honokiol is a compound found in several plants, particularly in the bark and leaves of the Magnolia tree. It has gained attention for its potential health benefits, including anticancer effects. Here are some of its known health effects... Fucoidans are a class of complex polysaccharides found primarily in various species of brown seaweed. They have been studied extensively for their potential health benefits, and here are some of their known effects...\
Archons - Non Human Entities Influencing Our World Leaders -- John St Julien Baba Wa
 Manly P Hall: Alchemy as Key to Social Regeneration
This lecture by Manly P. Hall, "Alchemy as a Key to Social Regeneration", was recorded on November 10, 1985 in Los Angeles,
 Nonlinear Ferroelectric Self Oscillation -- Joel Lagace

Kill the mall, let the Archons take inventory:
France is No Longer France -- JP Watson
WTF? Eh? 7/15 -- We'll find out soon enough... // Clif High
ILLEGAL Chemicals Found in 25 Dispensary Products (Stiiizy, WCC, Backpack Boyz)
Dirty Pictures | Full Documentary | Alexander Shulgin | Ann Shulgin | Ted Shulgin | Bob Seager
Nathan Stubblefield Coil Runs Motor!
Aerogel Thermal Generator - Ambient Energy Harvester
How to Build Crystal Power Cells - Long Duration Power
Drinking Bird Wheel Project
12V BoostPack. Replaces auto battery. Works great!
Top 10 [EPIC] apocalyptic mass death movie scenes of all time (humanity's end / disaster / threats)

June Links :
All he needs now is a fake neck wound:
15 Bible Verses Identifying Trump as the Antichrist // Dustin Nemos
Cliff High's 15-16 July Event Remote Viewed!
Future Forecasters
N A N O T E R R O R : VAX, SMART DUST & DEPOP -- Dr. Ana Mihalcea
 sndpeek : Princeton Soundlab real-time audio visualization
DIY Supermaterial Could Save You From Heatstroke: Salt based PCMs
Making Infrared Cooling Paint From Grocery Store Items (w/Novel CaCO₃ Microsphere Synthesis)

Stirling Engine-Powered Electrical Generator Patents :
Household garbage biomass pyrolysis gasification furnace heat and power cogeneration system -- CN216919150
Modular Power Conversion System -- US11025068
Lquid Piston Stirling Engine with Linear Generator -- US10774783
Static Electricity "Antigravity??"
This video is to show how particles are charged to create force. Ion wind is not the answer charges particles are... Paper lifter "lifts" with high voltage...
Secrets of Scalar Energy & Advanced Tesla Technology, Inventor Tom Paladino // Leak Project
Water-Powered Earth battery -- Peter Lang
Tesla Coil "Lifter"
Testing 12 Ultra Efficient Electric Boat Propellers
Spinning Flagellum in Bacteria
Walter Russell - Proof of Concept - Conical Coils Experiment
Walter Russell's Methods for Transmutation and Free Energy
- He succeeded in alchemically transmuting Oxygen and Hydrogen into Nitrogen at the labs of the Westinghouse Corporation in 1927.
- He worked on a secret free energy project with the Raytheon corporation for the Air Force and NORAD.
Toby Grotz - Walter Russell’s Transmutation System and Over-Unity Device
Transmutation Of Elements Using Dual Polarity Control And Walter Russell's Experiments With An Over-Unity Device.
 Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements Explained
Former Chief Science Officer, Darren Colomb, explains Walter Russell's Periodic Chart of the Elements.
Amazing Inventions That Are On Another Level | Best Of 2024 So Far!
Exodus Propulsion Technologies
Like chemical rockets, Exodus propulsion devices create momentum for a spacecraft's motion. However, Exodus' platform uses the interaction of electrostatic fields to harness the momentum found in electricity rather than in a chemical reaction.
The process of generating the Exodus Effect(TM) is repeatable, predictable, published and well-understood. After being released from a 2-year national security hold, the first patent describing the Exodus Effect(TM) has finally been issued by the USPTO. Both acceleration and thrust (Newtons) are quantifiable and supported by 3rd-party validations. These facts are what separate Exodus from the pack...

THC uber alles :
The Man Who Became an Unstoppable Weapon While Stoned
How many plants do you need to breathe? TESTED

Charles Littlefield : Resurrection Salts :
The Evansville Journal, Evansville, Indiana Tue, Sep 30, 1902, Page 10
Dr. Littlefield, Indiana Doctor, Proves His Assertion. BRINGS BACK DEAD TO LIFE WITH POWDER -- Has Restored Lower Animals to Life After Death. Volatile Magnetism the Term Used for His Elixir. Explains His Theory, and Tells of its Practice.
The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Sat, Oct 4, 1902, Page 9
SAYS DEAD MAY LIVE. Amazing Claims of an Indiana Physician. HE OFFERS PROOF OF HIS THEORY.
Alton Telegraph, Alton, Illinois, Thu, Oct 9, 1902, Page 10
How light can vaporize water without the need for heat
Surprising “photomolecular effect” discovered by MIT researchers could affect calculations of climate change and may lead to improved desalination and drying processes.
David L. Chandler | MIT News -- Publication Date: April 23, 2024

It’s the most fundamental of processes — the evaporation of water from the surfaces of oceans and lakes, the burning off of fog in the morning sun, and the drying of briny ponds that leaves solid salt behind. Evaporation is all around us, and humans have been observing it and making use of it for as long as we have existed.
And yet, it turns out, we’ve been missing a major part of the picture all along.
In a series of painstakingly precise experiments, a team of researchers at MIT has demonstrated that heat isn’t alone in causing water to evaporate. Light, striking the water’s surface where air and water meet, can break water molecules away and float them into the air, causing evaporation in the absence of any source of heat.
The astonishing new discovery could have a wide range of significant implications. It could help explain mysterious measurements over the years of how sunlight affects clouds, and therefore affect calculations of the effects of climate change on cloud cover and precipitation. It could also lead to new ways of designing industrial processes such as solar-powered desalination or drying of materials.
The findings, and the many different lines of evidence that demonstrate the reality of the phenomenon and the details of how it works, are described today in the journal PNAS, in a paper by Carl Richard Soderberg Professor of Power Engineering Gang Chen, postdocs Guangxin Lv and Yaodong Tu, and graduate student James Zhang.
The authors say their study suggests that the effect should happen widely in nature— everywhere from clouds to fogs to the surfaces of oceans, soils, and plants — and that it could also lead to new practical applications, including in energy and clean water production. “I think this has a lot of applications,” Chen says. “We’re exploring all these different directions. And of course, it also affects the basic science, like the effects of clouds on climate, because clouds are the most uncertain aspect of climate models.”
A newfound phenomenon
The new work builds on research reported last year, which described this new “photomolecular effect” but only under very specialized conditions: on the surface of specially prepared hydrogels soaked with water. In the new study, the researchers demonstrate that the hydrogel is not necessary for the process; it occurs at any water surface exposed to light, whether it’s a flat surface like a body of water or a curved surface like a droplet of cloud vapor.
Because the effect was so unexpected, the team worked to prove its existence with as many different lines of evidence as possible. In this study, they report 14 different kinds of tests and measurements they carried out to establish that water was indeed evaporating — that is, molecules of water were being knocked loose from the water’s surface and wafted into the air — due to the light alone, not by heat, which was long assumed to be the only mechanism involved.
One key indicator, which showed up consistently in four different kinds of experiments under different conditions, was that as the water began to evaporate from a test container under visible light, the air temperature measured above the water’s surface cooled down and then leveled off, showing that thermal energy was not the driving force behind the effect.
Other key indicators that showed up included the way the evaporation effect varied depending on the angle of the light, the exact color of the light, and its polarization. None of these varying characteristics should happen because at these wavelengths, water hardly absorbs light at all — and yet the researchers observed them.
The effect is strongest when light hits the water surface at an angle of 45 degrees. It is also strongest with a certain type of polarization, called transverse magnetic polarization. And it peaks in green light — which, oddly, is the color for which water is most transparent and thus interacts the least.
Chen and his co-researchers have proposed a physical mechanism that can explain the angle and polarization dependence of the effect, showing that the photons of light can impart a net force on water molecules at the water surface that is sufficient to knock them loose from the body of water. But they cannot yet account for the color dependence, which they say will require further study.
They have named this the photomolecular effect, by analogy with the photoelectric effect that was discovered by Heinrich Hertz in 1887 and finally explained by Albert Einstein in 1905. That effect was one of the first demonstrations that light also has particle characteristics, which had major implications in physics and led to a wide variety of applications, including LEDs. Just as the photoelectric effect liberates electrons from atoms in a material in response to being hit by a photon of light, the photomolecular effect shows that photons can liberate entire molecules from a liquid surface, the researchers say.
“The finding of evaporation caused by light instead of heat provides new disruptive knowledge of light-water interaction,” says Xiulin Ruan, professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, who was not involved in the study. “It could help us gain new understanding of how sunlight interacts with cloud, fog, oceans, and other natural water bodies to affect weather and climate. It has significant potential practical applications such as high-performance water desalination driven by solar energy. This research is among the rare group of truly revolutionary discoveries which are not widely accepted by the community right away but take time, sometimes a long time, to be confirmed.”
Solving a cloud conundrum
The finding may solve an 80-year-old mystery in climate science. Measurements of how clouds absorb sunlight have often shown that they are absorbing more sunlight than conventional physics dictates possible. The additional evaporation caused by this effect could account for the longstanding discrepancy, which has been a subject of dispute since such measurements are difficult to make.
“Those experiments are based on satellite data and flight data,“ Chen explains. “They fly an airplane on top of and below the clouds, and there are also data based on the ocean temperature and radiation balance. And they all conclude that there is more absorption by clouds than theory could calculate. However, due to the complexity of clouds and the difficulties of making such measurements, researchers have been debating whether such discrepancies are real or not. And what we discovered suggests that hey, there’s another mechanism for cloud absorption, which was not accounted for, and this mechanism might explain the discrepancies.”
Chen says he recently spoke about the phenomenon at an American Physical Society conference, and one physicist there who studies clouds and climate said they had never thought about this possibility, which could affect calculations of the complex effects of clouds on climate. The team conducted experiments using LEDs shining on an artificial cloud chamber, and they observed heating of the fog, which was not supposed to happen since water does not absorb in the visible spectrum. “Such heating can be explained based on the photomolecular effect more easily,” he says.
Lv says that of the many lines of evidence, “the flat region in the air-side temperature distribution above hot water will be the easiest for people to reproduce.” That temperature profile “is a signature” that demonstrates the effect clearly, he says.
Zhang adds: “It is quite hard to explain how this kind of flat temperature profile comes about without invoking some other mechanism” beyond the accepted theories of thermal evaporation. “It ties together what a whole lot of people are reporting in their solar desalination devices,” which again show evaporation rates that cannot be explained by the thermal input.
The effect can be substantial. Under the optimum conditions of color, angle, and polarization, Lv says, “the evaporation rate is four times the thermal limit.”
Already, since publication of the first paper, the team has been approached by companies that hope to harness the effect, Chen says, including for evaporating syrup and drying paper in a paper mill. The likeliest first applications will come in the areas of solar desalinization systems or other industrial drying processes, he says. “Drying consumes 20 percent of all industrial energy usage,” he points out.
Because the effect is so new and unexpected, Chen says, “This phenomenon should be very general, and our experiment is really just the beginning.” The experiments needed to demonstrate and quantify the effect are very time-consuming. “There are many variables, from understanding water itself, to extending to other materials, other liquids and even solids,” he says.
“The observations in the manuscript points to a new physical mechanism that foundationally alters our thinking on the kinetics of evaporation,” says Shannon Yee, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech, who was not associated with this work. He adds, “Who would have thought that we are still learning about something as quotidian as water evaporating?”
“I think this work is very significant scientifically because it presents a new mechanism,” says University of Alberta Distinguished Professor Janet A.W. Elliott, who also was not associated with this work. “It may also turn out to be practically important for technology and our understanding of nature, because evaporation of water is ubiquitous and the effect appears to deliver significantly higher evaporation rates than the known thermal mechanism. …  My overall impression is this work is outstanding. It appears to be carefully done with many precise experiments lending support for one another.”
Photomolecular effect: Visible light interaction with air–water interface
Guangxin Lv, Yaodong Tu, James H. Zhang, and Gang Chen
We use 14 different experiments to demonstrate the existence of the photomolecular effect: photons in the visible spectrum cleave off water clusters from air–water interfaces. We use laser to study single air–water interfaces and show polarization, angle of incidence, and wavelength dependent responses, peaking at green where bulk water does not absorb. Raman and infrared absorption spectra and temperature distribution in air show the existence of water clusters under light. We suggest the photomolecular effect provides a mechanism to resolve the long-standing puzzle of larger measured solar absorptance of clouds than theoretical predictions based on bulk water optical constants and demonstrate that visible light can heat up clouds. Our work suggests that photomolecular evaporation is prevalent in nature.
Abstract -- Although water is almost transparent to visible light, we demonstrate that the air–water interface interacts strongly with visible light via what we hypothesize as the photomolecular effect. In this effect, transverse-magnetic polarized photons cleave off water clusters from the air–water interface. We use 14 different experiments to demonstrate the existence of this effect and its dependence on the wavelength, incident angle, and polarization of visible light. We further demonstrate that visible light heats up thin fogs, suggesting that this process can impact weather, climate, and the earth’s water cycle and that it provides a mechanism to resolve the long-standing puzzle of larger measured clouds absorption to solar radiation than theory could predict based on bulk water optical constants. Our study suggests that the photomolecular effect should happen widely in nature, from clouds to fogs, ocean to soil surfaces, and plant transpiration and can also lead to applications in energy and clean water.

A good listen @ 1.5x+:
An Inter-Dimensional Species Influencing Humanities Wars (Israel & Palestine's, True Author)... we have all heard we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in high places. What though if that spiritual wickedness is merely an inter dimensional species...
Grand Orbital Table
All atomic orbitals with n<=10 are presented here. Note that the orbitals with negative m are identical to those with the same magnitude positive m value except for a rotation,and are not shown separately. The orbitals are presented in six different ways, n and l versus m, n and m versus l, l and m versus n, n-l and l-m versus m, n-l and m versus l-m, and l-m and m versus n-l. The later three are grouped more by shape than by quantum number. With the exception of the 1s0 orbital, all s0 orbitals are shown as cutaways to show the concentric spheres.
How Malcolm Bendall infused himself with Plasmoids & More
Here's the story of how Malcolm Bendall came to infuse himself with Plasmoids so he could attempt to unify space, time and frequency...
Phys Med Biol. 2002 Nov 7;47(21):3831-9.
doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/47/21/322.
Preliminary results on the non-thermal effects of 200-350 GHz radiation on the growth rate of S. cerevisiae cells in microcolonies
S Hadjiloucas  1 , M S Chahal, J W Bowen
-- We report preliminary results from studies of biological effects induced by non-thermal levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Exponentially growing Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells grown on dry media were exposed to electromagnetic fields in the 200-350 GHz frequency range at low power density to observe possible non-thermal effects on the microcolony growth. Exposure to the electromagnetic field was conducted over 2.5 h. The data from exposure and control experiments were grouped into either large-, medium- or small-sized microcolonies to assist in the accurate assessment of growth. The three groups showed significant differences in growth between exposed and control microcolonies. A statistically significant enhanced growth rate was observed at 341 GHz. Growth rate was assessed every 30 min via time-lapse photography. Possible interaction mechanisms are discussed, taking into account Frohlich's hypothesis.

------- Forwarded Message -------
From: skip staal <>
Subject: Fwd: keeping it in the family

  Maybe a few errors, most probable
“Things youjust might want to know....
Now you know why no one is investigated. They all have their hands in the cookie jar! You might remember James Comey who investigated the Clinton email scandal and the Clinton Foundation, and made the final decision to not recommend prosecution by the DOJ.
It turns out that the Clinton Foundation was audited by the law firm DLA Piper. One of the executives there was in charge of the Clinton Foundation audit.
Who was it? Peter Comey, James Comey’s brother.  Peter Comey held an executive position with the Washington law firm that did the audit of the Clinton foundation in 2015.   Peter Comey was officially DLA Piper “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas,” in 2015 when the Clinton Foundation scandals first broke and Hillary was  preparing for her Presidential campaign. Not only was DLA Piper, the firm where Comey’s brother worked involved in the audit of the Clinton Foundation, but according to the foundation’s donor records, DLA Piper has given between $50 - 100k to the Foundation.  It gets even cozier. DLA Piper executive Douglas Emhoff is taking an extended leave of absence from the firm.
Who is Douglas Emhoff? He is the husband of KAMALA HARRIS!
Just a coincidence. Amazing if it is. You can't make this stuff up! Another example of the DC swamp.”
And it only gets worse.  This "Family Tree" will make your head spin . . .
Dominion (voting machine provider) serves 40% of the US market. It is in 30 states - - The state of Texas rejected the machines.
Admiral Peter Neffenger is on Biden's transition team.
Neffenger was the President of the board of Smartmatic
Smartmatic (another voting machine supplier) entered into an agreement with Dominion in 2009
Smartmatic counted votes in Venezuela
Smartmatic is connected to Philippine voter fraud
Smartmatic is run by Lord Mark Malloch Brown who works for George Soros (-he and Brown are life-long friends)
Brown chairs the Boards of a number of non-profit boards including the Open Society Foundation, Brown chairs the Centre for Global Development.
Open society of course is owned by George Soros
Smartmatic partnered with DLA Piper Global
Douglas C. Emhoff works at DLA Piper Global
Douglass C. Emhoff is Kamala Harris's husband
Guess who owns Dominion? - -Blum Capital Partners, L.P.
Guess who is on the board for the company? -- Richard C.Blum.
Richard C. Blum is Dianne Feinstein's husband.
Nancy Pelosi's husband is also a major investor
An aide to Nancy Pelosi, Nadeam Elshami, was hired by Dominion Voting Systems
And it goes on & ON!!!
Dominion Voting Systems is listed on the Clinton Foundation website.
Dominion Voting is listed as a $25,000 -$50,000 donor to the Clinton Foundation in 2014 by The Washington Post
Georgia Governor Kemp used Dominion Voting after Texas and Florida rejected them
Dominion has a lobbyist named Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas was Governor Brian Kemp’s chief of staff and press secretary from 2012 to 2015
You must remember the Feinstein-Kavanaugh-Soros connections to understand this next information.
Debra Katz (Christine Ford's lawyer) worked for George-Soros at the Open Society Foundation.
Debra Katz (Christine Ford's lawyer) also worked at Project on Government Oversight (POGO).
POGO is funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundation.
POGO is the co-signer of the letter Diane Feinstein presented against Kavanaugh's nomination.
Kamala Harris did not prosecute OneWest Bank for their fraud when she had the authority - Soros owned OneWest Bank.

Listen Please :
Scott Ritter: NEW ESCALATION! NATO Forces Are POURING Into Ukraine Where Russia's Missiles Are AIMED

Slow motion insect flight :
Dentists Don't Want You To Know This! I Cured My Tooth Abscess, And Saved Tooth From Getting Pulled!
Effective Natural Remedies for Tooth Abscess Relief
Weird Waves -- Steve Stearns, K6OIK
ABSTRACT: Little-known solutions to Maxwell's Equations, called  localized waves,  include electromagnetic vortex waves, knotted waves, and linked waves. These waves are introduced and their unusual properties and behavior are explained. Among the amazing applications, the most intriguing for Amateur Radio is DX without ionosphere. Some serious new developments in antenna theory could make this possibility real.
Energy from the Ground - Self powered generator by Barbosa and Leal

Glass cutting method using electrostatic charge 
The present invention relates to cutting a glass plate using a cutting wheel or a laser, by distributing electrostatic charge to the cracks of the glass plate and using the repulsion force of the electrostatic charge to cut the glass plate, so that the glass plate can be cut even with the use of a small amount of energy. ..
In order to achieve the purpose of the present invention as described above, the Van de Graaff electrostatic charge generator...
The purpose of the present invention described above is to form a crack in a glass plate and then distribute electrostatic charges on the glass plate to generate a repulsive force on the surface of the crack due to the force of charges of the same polarity repulsing each other, thereby cutting the glass plate as the crack progresses.
This can be achieved by providing a glass cutting method using electrostatic charge as a feature. In addition, the present invention described above is a glass cutting device equipped with a glass plate holder and a crack forming device for the glass plate, and is further provided with a static charge generator capable of distributing static charge to the glass plate...
As shown in Figure 2, the glass cutting method using electrostatic charge according to the present invention includes the first step (S1) of drawing a cutting line on the glass plate 100, and creating a crack 160 along the cutting line using a cutting wheel or a laser. ) and the third step (S3) of distributing electrostatic charges on the glass plate 100, and the repulsive force of the distributed electrostatic charges of the same polarity generates a repulsive force on the crack surface to crack. It includes the fourth step (S4) of cutting the glass plate 100 by allowing 160 to proceed.
In addition, since the present invention is applied not by applying mechanical force but by force generated by the distribution of electrostatic charges, it provides the advantage of not being restricted by mechanical force when cutting glass in a curved line....
Amazing stray electricity collector design
Can a GEET Plasma Reactor improve a vapor carburetor?
The White Rose -The life and death of Hans and Sophie Scholl Part 1
The White Rose -The life and death of Hans and Sophie Scholl Part 2
 At the Heart of the White Rose: Letters and Diaries of Hans and Sophie Scholl
Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Inge Jens, J Maxwell Brownjohn
The White Rose: Munich, 1942-1943
Inge Scholl, Arthur R. Schultz, Dorothee Sölle
Hans and Sophie Scholl : German resisters of the White Rose
Axelrod, Toby
Ergothioneine: New Supplement discovered to Improve Mitochondrial Function

Got Claustrum ?
Sacred Secretion: Christianity Get Off Your Knee's
John St Julien Baba Wanyama
Inside Dental Anesthetic... Are you going to the dentist anytime soon?
Propeller Killer? High Efficiency Paddle Vs. Propeller
Theoria Apophasis
CHARGING batteries with a pulse motor/energiser and radiant energy pulses.
2027 Time Traveler | The Truth Revealed |Part 2
100% Fake video from the future. You can see here how he made it.
The Last Survivor(unicosobreviviente) on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube all are fake.

May Links :
There Will be a Tidal Wave of Disease with Dr. Peter McCullough -- LauraLynnTV
Falling Down - The Great American Lie
The Critical Drinker
A Wave Theory of Gravitation
GILL, H. V. [ T.J.J. See ]
The Besler Steam Plane; Not As Insane As You Might Think
10 Most Unusual Vehicles That Are On Another Level
Vortex Cannon vs Drone
Testing 8 Innovative New Boat Propeller Designs
"Nathan Stubblefield Speaks" Documentary (2008)
Rays From the Capstone
Christopher B. Hills

400% Excess Energy :
New Studies on Active Nitrogen. II. Incandescence of Metals in Active Nitrogen, and Quantitative Estimates of the Energy Liberated
Rayleigh, L.
Permaculture and homesteading goofballs
Swarming honeybees can produce a greater electric charge for their density than a thunderstorm cloud.
Swarms of western honeybees can generate an electric charge of 1000 volts per metre, a voltage density greater than thunderstorm clouds and electrified dust storms...
Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 EXPOSED - Why Are They Hiding 6,000 Patents From YOU?
Radiations et ondes, sources de notre vie --Georges Lakhovsky
The Complete Electroculture Bible: [7 IN 1] The Complete Guide to Growing High-Yield Crops and Improving Soil Health Without Chemical Inputs | Boost Your Plant Growth by 300% with the Power of Electricity -- Rick Croppield
Electroculture Bible: [5 IN 1]: Unleash the Power of Electricity, Maximize Agriculture, Accelerate Plant Growth -- Benjamin Foster
Slim Spurling’s Universe: Ancient Knowledge Rediscovered to Restore the Health of the Environment and Mankind
Cal Garriso
How This Buoy Just Unlocked Unlimited Wave Energy
This video explores the revolutionary wave energy technology from CorPower, a leading Swedish energy startup. We delve into how CorPower's innovative, bio-inspired engineering techniques capture up to three times more energy from ocean waves compared to traditional methods. Discover how their ground-breaking technology could potentially lower costs below those of wind and solar energy, setting a new standard in renewable energy efficiency. Learn more about the future of sustainable power with CorPower's wave energy devices.
Corpower Wave Energy Technology

For your Kozyrev Mirror :
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the wall structure of a magnetically-shielded room and avoid the harmful weakening of the permeability of a metallic sheet. SOLUTION: A magnetically-shielded structure is composed of at least one shielded structure when each shielded structure is provided with a first layer 11 composed of an aluminum sheet, two-ply layer composed of Mumetal sheets 12 and 13, and second layer 14 composed of an aluminum sheet. Holes 15 are bored through the first aluminum sheet 11 at the interval corresponding to the widths of the sheets 12 and 13 and supporting members 16 are positioned in the holes 15. The first μ metal sheet 12 is hung from the members 16 and the second μ metal sheet 13 is also hung from the members 16 on the sheet 12 in a different direction. An aluminum base sheet 14 is put on the members 16 above the μ metal sheets 12 and 13 and, in addition tightening members 18 are provided on the members 16 to compress the whole body of the wall structure composed of the sheets 11, 12, 13, and 14 to a compact package.
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Redefined by Machine Learning
by Brian Westenhaus
PFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) researchers have used a genetic learning algorithm to identify optimal pitch profiles for the blades of vertical-axis wind turbines. Vertical-axis wind turbines with their high energy potential, have until now been vulnerable to strong gusts of wind.
The explanatory open access paper has been published Nature Communications...
Due to their slower rotation speed, VAWTs are less noisy than HAWTs and achieve greater wind energy density, meaning they need less space for the same output both on- and off-shore. The blades are also more wildlife-friendly: because they rotate laterally, rather than slicing down from above, they are easier for birds to avoid...
In the paper recently published in Nature Communications, Le Fouest and UNFOLD head Karen Mulleners describe two optimal pitch profiles for VAWT blades, which achieve a 200% increase in turbine efficiency and a 77% reduction in structure-threatening vibrations.
Le Fouest noted, “Our study represents, to the best of our knowledge, the first experimental application of a genetic learning algorithm to determine the best pitch for a VAWT blade.”
...Despite their advantages in this regard, VAWTs suffer from a serious drawback: they only function well with moderate, continuous air flow. The vertical axis of rotation means that the blades are constantly changing orientation with respect to the wind. A strong gust increases the angle between air flow and blade, forming a vortex in a phenomenon called dynamic stall. These vortices create transient structural loads that the blades cannot withstand.
To tackle this lack of resistance to gusts, the researchers mounted sensors onto an actuating blade shaft to measure the air forces acting on it. By pitching the blade back and forth at different angles, speeds, and amplitudes, they generated series of ‘pitch profiles’. Then, they used a computer to run a genetic algorithm, which performed over 3500 experimental iterations. Like an evolutionary process, the algorithm selected for the most efficient and robust pitch profiles, and recombined their traits to generate new and improved ‘offspring’.
This approach allowed the researchers not only to identify two pitch profile series that contribute to significantly enhanced turbine efficiency and robustness, but also to turn the biggest weakness of VAWTs into a strength.
“Dynamic stall – the same phenomenon that destroys wind turbines – at a smaller scale can actually propel the blade forward. Here, we really use dynamic stall to our advantage by redirecting the blade pitch forward to produce power,” Le Fouest explained. “Most wind turbines angle the force generated by the blades upwards, which does not help the rotation. Changing that angle not only forms a smaller vortex – it simultaneously pushes it away at precisely the right time, which results in a second region of power production downwind.”...
Machine learning enables viability of vertical-axis wind turbines
Nat Commun 15, 2770 (2024).
Optimal blade pitch control for enhanced vertical-axis wind turbine performance.
Le Fouest, S., Mulleners, K.
Magnetic Pole Shift - Extinction Event
...the magnetic poles are shifting these happen regularly on a cycle that cycle is due again right now and we are already seeing the exact signs in the year 2000 NASA and geophysicist said we were down in the field by 10% and the esa's Magnetic Mission updated that number to 15% in 2010 and said that we had gone from losing 5% of our planet's field per Century to 5% per decade let's see what that looks like visually with a 2020 Mark another 5% down and the 2023 interpolated value when the latest acceleration occurred the first 10% took 150 years to lose the next 10% only 20 years after the latest acceleration we could be losing as much as 5% every 5 years I plotted the most likely curve here showing that around 2040 we will have the full flip the Excursion and it may be a few years before or after that but this is as accurate as it can be the purple line you see there shows when we expect to be 50% down in the early 2030s when it will be at a level that makes our technological way of life unsustainable and when its impact on weather will be very extreme...
Messages From Water- Full Film | Masaru Emoto
The Coming Population Crash

Fe NanoRod Patents :
Preparation method of small-size water-soluble iron-based nanorod -- CN11484310
Novel nanorod-shaped iron core -- CN215988367 // CN215988367
Method for improving photoelectrocatalytic performance of iron oxide nanorod -- CN115821317
Gold-iron oxide nanorod and its manufacturing method -- KR102413767
One-dimensional defect type iron oxide nanorod visible light anode and preparation method and application thereof -- CN114606527
Physical Review C, July, 1994
Alleged contra-rotation of neutrons and protons
Marshalek, E. R.
Malcolm Bendall’s Direct Matter to Energy Warp Drive | VAJRA Implosive Turbine | UFO Tech
Extremely FAKE staged man who pointed a weapon at the pastor at a church service gun jams
 I Built an Atmosphere Powered Battery..
peter lang
Old World Technology From His Story
Real time passive radar at home
The Rabbitstick: The Not So Primitive Hunting Weapon
The Art of the Throwing Stick – Tom Brown III
мой Мир (My World)
Viktor Grebennikov
Viktor Grebennikov
Renewable Energy Conversion Technology
...The CATCHER‘s highly innovative “atmospheric humidity to electricity” technological solution is the direct conversion of the humidity adsorption energy to electrical energy thanks to the functional heterojunction effect. That is a chain of physicochemical, physical, and electrophysical processes formed between advanced nanomaterial particles-adsorbate surface and adsorbed water molecules from the air... Funded by the European Union...

Fontani's chapters were plagiarized wholesale from R. Nelson : Adept Alchemy ... Phuhque you, Oxford UP ...
The Lost Elements: The Periodic Table's Shadow Side (Oxford UP, 2014)
Marco Fontani, Mariagrazia Costa, Mary Virginia Orna
The Most Obscure Teachings of the Gnostic Gospels
The Ancient World’s Ingenious Ice Making Air Conditioning System
How I Live In The Hottest Place On Earth Using An Ancient AC System To Stay Cool
How Does This Fly With Only 1 Wing?
The Deadly Toll of Ivermectin: Blindness, Comas & Deaths Induced By The Neurotoxic, Genotoxic Poison -- Tim Truth. Full article with all source links:
Ultimate Guide To The IVERMECTIN Fertility-Wrecking GENOCIDE: 14 Studies Showing It TANKS FERTILITY
The Key To The Genocide? P-Glycoprotein Is A Critical Detox Pathway That Is Under Systemic Attack!
AquaStroke is set to redefine engine technology, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future across various industries worldwide, transforming industries globally. .. Enables engines to run on a sustainable 70% water and 30% ethanol mix, significantly reducing emissions with minimal changes to existing infrastructure.
Maymaan Patents :
 EEVblog #1181 - Car ECO OBD2 Fuel Saver SCAM!
Farsight Update for May 2024
Courtney Brown
Methods Mol Biol. 2024:2788:375-395.
Using Magnetic Fields to Enhance the Seed Germination A Shabrang

 Abstract -- Geomagnetic field (GMF) protects living organisms on the Earth from the radiation coming from space along with other environmental factors during evolution, and it has affected the growth and development of plants. Many researchers have always been interested in investigating these effects in different aspects. In this chapter, we focus on the methods of using different types of magnetic fields (MFs) to investigate the dimensions of their biological effects on plants. The aim is to increase seed germination, growth characters, and yield of plants using the following methods: (1) Using MFs lower than GMF to study effects of GMF on the growth and yield of plants. (2) Using reversed magnetic fields (RMFs) lower than GMF to study its effects on the growth and development of plants during evolution. (3) Using static magnetic fields (SMFs) higher than GMF and reversed SMFs to study effects of the south (S) and north (N) magnetic pole on plants. (4) Using electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to increase and accelerate seed germination, growth, and yield of plants, and establish the status of plants against other environmental stresses. (5) Using magnetized water (MW) to improve plant seed germination, growth, and yield. (6) Using high gradient magnetic field (HGMF) to study magneto-tropism in plants. In this chapter, we recommend application of various types of MFs to study their biological effects on plants to improve crop production.
Front Plant Sci. 2021 Feb 23:12:622795.
Magnetic Field Induced Changes in the Shoot and Root Proteome of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Azita Shabrangy
The geomagnetic field (GMF) has been present since the beginning of plant evolution. Recently, some researchers have focused their efforts on employing magnetic fields (MFs) higher than GMF to improve the seed germination, growth, and harvest of agriculturally important crop plants, as the use of MFs is an inexpensive and environment-friendly technique. In this study, we have employed different treatments of MF at 7 mT (milliTesla) at different time points of exposure, including 1, 3, and 6 h. The extended exposure was followed by five consecutive days at 6 h per day in barley seeds. The results showed a positive impact of MF on growth characteristics for 5-day-old seedlings, including seed germination rate, root and shoot length, and biomass weight. Furthermore, ~5 days of delay of flowering in pre-treated plants was also observed. We used a shotgun proteomics approach to identify changes in the protein signatures of root and shoot tissues under MF effects. In total, we have identified 2,896 proteins. Thirty-eight proteins in the shoot and 15 proteins in the root showed significant changes under the MF effect. Proteins involved in primary metabolic pathways were increased in contrast to proteins with a metal ion binding function, proteins that contain iron ions in their structure, and proteins involved in electron transfer chain, which were all decreased significantly in the treated tissues. The upregulated proteins' overall biological processes included carbohydrate metabolic process, oxidation-reduction process, and cell redox homeostasis, while down-regulated processes included translation and protein refolding. In general, shoot response was more affected by MF effect than root tissue, leading to the identification of 41 shoot specific proteins. This study provides an initial insight into the proteome regulation response to MF during barley's seedling stage.
Effect of Magnetic Fields on Growth and Antioxidant Systems in Agricultural Plants
Azita Shabrangy, et al
Cellular Phone Task Force
OUR MISSION -- The Cellular Phone Task Force is dedicated to halting the expansion of wireless technology because it cannot be made safe. We provide:    education to the public concerning electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog)    advocacy for an electromagnetically cleaner environment    support for individuals disabled by radiation from wireless technology and other sources.
Theoria Apophasis
NightWalking by Nelson Zink and Stephen Parks - Fall 1991 Whole Earth Review
Killer Patents & Secret Science Vol. 1 | Free Energy & Anti-Gravity Cover-Ups -- The Why Files

Ning Li Antigravity
Ning Li (physicist)
Theory of Artificial Anti-gravity
Ning Li, et al
-- To overcome the shortage of traditional flight mechanism, we propose a type of anti-gravity engine based on General Relativity. Natural anti-gravity phenomenon is found under special spacetime background by analysis geodesic motion of spacecraft and vanishment of Riemann curvature locally, which demonstrates the feasibility of artificial anti-gravity with the aid of electromagnetic field. To implement artificial anti-gravity under Schwarzschild background, we choose current loop as axisymmetric field source and obtain exact solution of Einstein-Maxwell field equation using Killing symmetry and Ernst generation technique. An implementation with superconductor shield is given according to the Meissner effect, calculation implies that existing nuclear fusion engineering capability could meet the strength requirements of the field source.
A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition)
Dr Mark Bailey
The Gnostic Society Library (a section of The Gnosis Archive),
contains a vast collection of primary documents relating to the Gnostic tradition as well as a selection of in-depth audio lectures and brief archive notes designed to orient study of the documents, their sources, and the religious tradition they represent.
Corpus Hermeticum - John Everard
The Divine Pymander in XVII books.. London 1650. This was translated by John Everard from the Ficino Latin translation.
Over 14000 Patents, e.g.:
Gravitational magnetic energy convertor -- US20080174121A1
Energy producing apparatus utilizing magnetic pistons -- US7330094B2
Magnetic Drive Inducing Constant-Speed Rotation -- US20110095544A1 Arkadiusz
Magnetic Flywheel Induction Engine-Motor-Generator -- US20150188400A1
Self-powered alternative energy machine to generate electricity -- WO2016085643A1
Electrical generator -- US9570969B1
Self-powered alternative energy machine to generate electricity -- US10110109B2
Device for amplifying and replacing magnetic force with mechanical energy using … -- KR20120079197A
Magnetic electric impulse motor -- US10566861B2
Reciprocating Mechanism and Method Using Permanent Magnetic Power -- KR101306147B1
Magnetic eco engine -- WO2013018610A1
Permanent magnet flux module reciprocating engine and method -- US7446440B2
High efficiency electric motor and power cogeneration unit -- US20120206002A1
Magnetic field powered electrical generating system -- US20100283266A1
Electromagnet and permanent magnet mixed attraction and repulsion power machine -- CN113809900A
Gravitational magnetic energy converter -- US20090179432
Electromagnetic Propulsion System- Energy Solution System -- US20130342033A1
Power generator with DC motor and AC generator coupled with sprockets -- US10461622
Electromagnetic energy device and method -- US US7759809
Power generating apparatus and method using permanent magnets -- KR KR100740560
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External triggered power generation system device -- WO2020162846
Energy storage mechanical equipments for energize electrical loads -- WO2011158127
Bamiji permanent magnet generator  -- US US20130119674
Gravity powered generator (artillery 9) -- US US20130320683
Electromagnetic motor and equipment to generate work torque -- US8546985B2
Electromagnetic platform motor -- US US9641045
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Pendulum apparatus having a sustained swing -- US US9627952B2
Driving force generation engine using magnetic force of permanent magnet and … -- WO KR KR20090076530A
electric motor using permanent magnet -- KR KR100786131B1
Magnetically actuated reciprocating motor -- US US2006011887
Decreased drag electric machine with dual stator and distributed high flux … -- WO2011098859A1
Magnetic pistons engine -- US US7667356
Generation of electric power with a rocking chair -- KR20090071530
Apparatus for amplifying driving power of driving device using both attractive … -- KR101574144B1
Systems, apparatuses and methods for the transmission and recovery of energy … -- US8766465B2
Electromagnetic motor/generator -- US20070210665
Magnetic force based automatic power generation device -- US20110095636A1
Method and apparatus for generating electricity using magnets -- CA2748469A1
Stand-alone electric power generation unit -- US20120205980A1
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Fuel-free, triggered magnetic vehicle and energy engine -- WO2020218998A1
Zero pollution vertical/linear electrical generation facility -- US20070075545A1
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Permanent magnetic motor -- CA2935747A1
A mechanical output generating assembly... -- US20190089236A1
Generator, self-generating motor, and power supply system using same -- WO2011077599
&c., &c...

April Links :
Remote Viewing Training Class
The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics
Jakow Trachtenberg
The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics is a revolutionary system for calculating and teaching basic math. Children, who had repeatedly failed in arithmetic until their parents sent them to learn this method, were able to perform amazing calculations within seconds...
The Great Sun-Earth Cycles
The 3 Kilowatt Earth Battery
Patrick Kelly
Groundbreaking Storage Battery by M. Emme - Ground Power Generator - Free Energy
SourceIEEE Xplore
Experimental study of earth batteries
N. Khan, et al.
Abstract --
We report successful design, construction and operation of an earth battery as an alternate energy source for low power electric supply applications. Different combinations of metallic and non-metallic solid, liquid and gas electrodes were investigated for maximum potential difference. In view of robust and cost effective use of this natural power technology by unskilled village consumers most suitable combinations of the commonly available metals were selected for further detailed characteristic studies. Combinations of Magnesium anode and Coke cathode; Zinc anode and Graphite cathode; Aluminum anode and Carbon cathode; Zinc anode and Copper cathodes gave 2.05, 1.40, 1.10 and 0.9 volts per cell. Typical rated power of a single Zn-Cu cell was measured to be few tens of microamperes. Small power electronic devices such as calculators, electronic watches, baby toys and cell phones and white light LEDs were operated on site. The voltage level was found to increase linearly by connecting multiple earth battery cells in series like commercial lead acid battery. The load current was found to increase by connecting earth cells in parallel. The source current capacities were also found to increase by increasing surface areas of the electrodes. However, single cell voltage was found to remain constant irrespective of the electrode sizes. This paper reports detailed characteristic study of the most cost effective and accessible metal electrodes earth batteries. Operation of earth battery as a free electricity source was demonstrated successfully.
Related Earth Battery Patents :
US329724 -- Electric Earth Battery
US160152 -- Earth Battery
US155209 -- Earth batteries for Generating Electricity
US182102 -- Electric Piles

Joe Parr Pyramid Power:
Ancient Aliens: Mysterious Force Field Generates Pyramid Portal (Season 5) History
Transcript :
giza egypt in 1977 and then again in  1987 electronics engineer and inventor joe parr conducted experiments  on the top of the great pyramid using equipment of his own design parm measured  the pyramid's electrical magnetic and radioactive  properties joe parr who was my very close  friend and research colleague discovered what i believe is the most incredible discovery  about the great pyramid and pyramids in general  joe believed that the pyramids had an  energy field around them all pyramids had it  the problem is the pyramid energy  field was usually not strong enough so he developed in his laboratory a  method for generating this pyramid energy so then he could actually  do scientific studies on it over the last few decades people  have been experimenting with pyramids  what has come to the forefront of this is the  fact that pyramids are an enigma they really have  powers which are very hard to explain and so  people like joe parr have been looking into this  when somebody goes to the top of the great  pyramid and experiences this weird electromagnetic  vibration this is not just a coincidence but this  has to do with the fact that the great pyramid is  causing this joe parr found out that if he put  a model pyramid and spun it in the centrifuge  through an alternating magnetic current an energy  field or he calls it an orb or bubble would form  around the model pyramid joe found that this  bubble or energy orb would block all known types of electromagnetic radiation even gamma rays now  this was interesting we don't know of any types of  energy forces that could do this this is the most  incredible thing about joe parr's discovery in  later laboratory experiments parr claimed to have  discovered yet another strange physical phenomenon the model pyramid became weightless in the energy  field and began to move in a specific direction  he calculated the direction of this energy  field where the pyramid would shoot out from and guess what it aligns exactly where  we would see the constellation orion so joe speculated that it went into hyperspace this is speculation but it makes a lot of sense in string theory and physics it postulates the  existence of six additional spatial dimensions  so how do we know the way this energy  fields were set up it allows this pyramid  to go into another dimension and travel never  proved this but before he died he believed  that the pyramid act as a time  machine if you could unlock its key i believe that that it's a gateway or portal  into multiple dimensions that would enable or transmission of people objects or consciousness  from other dimensions in our dimension  is it possible like joe parr  believed that the great pyramid   could facilitate travel  through interdimensional space and if so were th
ere other pyramids with the  same capabilities might the earth's pyramids be  connected not simply by shape but by purpose  perhaps as part of some other worldly plan  the ancient people were all  building these same pyramids because  it was a way for them to to tap in  to the natural energy of the earth and you have to think that whoever is  guiding such a precise network of pyramids  must have been a very advanced  culture probably extraterrestrials in all of this i have one single  question where are the blueprints if all of this was so incredibly important  then wouldn't you think that we would have at  least one record of some type of a blueprint and the reality is there is not a single piece  why could it be because the blueprints have disappeared ?
See  also :
"ELECTROGRAVITY PATENTS" by Advanced Stellar Propulsion Systems
Reactionless electric-field thruster -- Terence Bates
Abstract --
The invention consists of a reaction-less thrust engine (or thruster) which can be built into any vehicle for land, sea, air, or space transport. Construction is based on a plurality of pairs of concentric cylindrical electrode sectors 1,2 embedded in high dielectric strength insulators and combined into layers, as indicated in Fig 4. It has no moving parts, produces no noise and does not require any propellant to be ejected, but is propelled solely by shaped electric fields 4 assisted by choice of different dielectrics 5,6.. The power requirement is a DC or low frequency AC voltage supply in the range of thousands to tens of thousands of volts to produce a high thrust force and low current to compensate leakage current of the insulating dielectric materials and perhaps to provide accelerating power. Fig 5 shows a further layered arrangement comprising semi-circular section assembled in a sinusoidal manner.

Alchemy :
Gold -- Isreali Regardi's Lost Book
Lesser Kan and Li. Enlightenment and Birth of the Immortal Fetus
Mantak Chia
Tao of Internal Alchemy: Activating the Immortal Self
Barefoot Doctor
How do I Know if APEEL Is On My Produce ?
Apeel Ingredients
...A mixture of monoacylglycerides derived from grape seed is intended to be a component of a surface-finishing agent, such
as that described in GRN 648, creating an edible physical barrier against moisture loss and oxidation to protect the
freshness and extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. This substance is intended to be used at levels of Good
Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Is Bill Gates' Apeel Really Safe?
Dr. Eric Berg
Graviflyer "Far More Than What You Thought"
The Catastrophe Evidence -- Suspicious0bservers
The Thunderstorm Generator - Malcolm Bendall's Marvelous Magical Machine
Robert Murray-Smith
Nikola Tesla's Single Wire Power Transmission, Part II: Carbon Fiber Thread, Radiant Energy, Diodes
Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook
Neil Sclater, Nicholas Chironis
Over 2000 drawings make this sourcebook a gold mine of information for learning and innovating in mechanical design
Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements...
Henry T Brown
APRIL 2024 - Remote Viewed
Louis Boutard
« Je n’aime rien tant que la vérité » répétait-il souvent au cours de soixante-dix années d’abnégation, de souffrances physiques, consacrées à ses “ re-découvertes ”des secrets de la gnose dorienne ; soutenu par la joie “ divine ” d’un grand prêtre de l’Egypte. Il s’agit  de l’antiquité “ sacrée ”- non datée – opposée à l’antiquité “ profane ”, celle qu’on connaît
« Je suis né philologue, botaniste, et physicien » disait-il.
See Louis Boutard @ :

Got Leon SPRINK ? Jacques RAVATIN ?
MIT boosts chemical reactions 100,000x using small electrical charges
With just a small jolt of electricity, chemical reactions get a turbocharged upgrade. Petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more are set for a revolution.
MIT researchers have just unveiled a technique that might revolutionize chemical processing reactions, according to a study published in Science on February 15.
With a mere whisper of electricity, these scientists have managed to turbocharge key reactions used in petrochemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and various other industrial processes.
Electricity boosts reaction rates by up to a factor of 100,000
According to the report published in the journal, the team, led by MIT graduate student Karl Westendorf, alongside professors Yogesh Surendranath and Yuriy Roman-Leshkov, demonstrated a jaw-dropping increase in reaction rates by up to a factor of 100,000.
Simply put, this could mean a leap from sluggish reactions to lightning-speed processes that could redefine the landscape of chemical production.
Surendranath, a professor of chemistry and chemical engineering, emphasizes the significance of the discovery, stating, “The results are really striking.”
This achievement is particularly noteworthy because such rate increases were previously observed only in redox half-reactions involving electron gain or loss. The MIT study, however, showcases these unprecedented leaps in reactions that do not involve oxidation or reduction.
The catalyzed reactions are crucial to making products we use daily
The MIT team focused on non-redox chemical reactions catalyzed by acids, the very catalyst that first-year chemistry students become acquainted with. These acid-catalyzed reactions are pivotal in diverse processes, from refining petrochemicals to manufacturing pharmaceuticals. As Professor Roman-Leshkov notes, “These reactions are key to making many products we use daily.”
What makes this breakthrough even more remarkable is the bridge it creates between two traditionally distinct research communities: electrochemical and thermochemical catalysis. The technique, involving the application of a small external voltage, has long been known in the electrochemical realm but has not been systematically applied to acid-catalyzed thermochemical reactions until now.
Surendranath highlights, “This overlooked parameter of surface potential is something we should pay a lot of attention to because it can have a really, really outsized effect.” This newfound understanding challenges conventional thinking in catalysis, urging scientists to consider the electrostatic environment equally vital in defining reaction rates.
The MIT team is wasting no time capitalizing on their findings. A provisional patent application is already in progress, and they are exploring ways to implement these discoveries into specific chemical processes. Westendorf suggests that the future may see the design and development of new reactors to harness this strategy, signaling a potential revolution in chemical engineering.
While their experiments utilized a two-dimensional planar electrode, they are now delving into adapting the process for three-dimensional vessels used in industrial reactions. This could mean a significant boost in the efficiency of chemical production, leading to orders of magnitude changes with minimal energy input.
The MIT team’s research promises to reshape the fundamental understanding of surface catalytic reactions. In the words of Surendranath, “That’s what’s amazing about it.” The world of chemistry is on the brink of a transformation, and MIT is at the forefront, rewriting the rules of catalysis.
Science 15 Feb 2024 Vol 383, Issue 6684 pp. 757-763
Electrically driven proton transfer promotes Brønsted acid catalysis by orders of magnitude
Karl S. Westendorff, et al.
...Westendorff et al. report that the application of an electrochemical potential can tilt protonation pre-equilibria and thereby accelerate an acid-catalyzed alcohol dehydration by up to 100,000-fold. The strategy was also effective in accelerating a Friedel-Crafts acylation...
Abstract -- Electric fields play a key role in enzymatic catalysis and can enhance reaction rates by 100,000-fold, but the same rate enhancements have yet to be achieved in thermochemical heterogeneous catalysis. In this work, we probe the influence of catalyst potential and interfacial electric fields on heterogeneous Brønsted acid catalysis. We observed that variations in applied potential of ~380 mV led to a 100,000-fold rate enhancement for 1-methylcyclopentanol dehydration, which was catalyzed by carbon-supported phosphotungstic acid. Mechanistic studies support a model in which the interfacial electrostatic potential drop drives quasi-equilibrated proton transfer to the adsorbed substrate prior to rate-limiting C–O bond cleavage. Large increases in rate with potential were also observed for the same reaction catalyzed by Ti/TiOyHx and for the Friedel Crafts acylation of anisole with acetic anhydride by carbon-supported phosphotungstic acid...
Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies: A User's Guide -- David R. Card
How to Read the Face: This book, complete with illustrations, guides the practitioner in what to look for in the face. Such cues as skin color, condition of eyebrows, size and color of lips, musculature of the face, blemishes and inflammations, the circles around or under the eyes, and many other characteristics, betray the excesses and deficiencies at work in the body...
Mineral Tissue Salts - Thorsons Complete Guide to Homeopathically Prepared Mineral Tissue Salts -- Dr Peter Gilbert Nature's 12 magic healers: The amazing secrets of cell salts Schuessler Tissue Salts -- Lionel Rolfe, NIGEY LENNON
God-Man : The Word Made Flesh -- Inez Eudora Perry & George Washington Carey [Perry, Inez Eudora & Carey, George Washington]
Copper, Urea And Sunlight Equals Fuel - A New Way -- Robert Murray-Smith
Synergy of nanocrystalline carbon nitride with Cu single atom catalyst leads to selective photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to methanol†
Tara M. LeMercier, et al
Abstract -- Carbon nitride (C3N4) possesses both a band gap in the visible range and a low-lying conduction band potential, suitable for water splitting and CO2 reduction reactions (CO2RR). Yet, bulk C3N4 (b-C3N4) suffers from structural disorder leading to sluggish reaction kinetics. This can be improved by graphitisation; however, current processes in the literature, lead to a variety of graphitised C3N4 (g-C3N4), making it difficult to link the degrees of graphitisation with the functional properties. Herein, we employ complementary analyses, including electrochemical impedance, photoluminescence, and photocurrent, to elucidate structure–property–function relationships. Guided by the descriptors, we developed a facile two-step annealing method that yields nanocrystalline carbon nitride (nc-C3N4), comprising nanoscale graphitic domains within an amorphous matrix. The nanocrystalline grains of nc-C3N4 allow effective immobilisation of Cu atoms and stabilisation of low oxidation states (Cu(I)). Electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy demonstrate that Cu is atomically dispersed. Importantly, the addition of only 0.11 wt% of copper to nc-C3N4 drastically decreases the charge recombination and resistance to change transfer. The synergy of the Cu single-atom catalyst and nanocrystalline domains in carbon nitride (Cu/nc-C3N4) leads to a remarkable 99% selectivity towards methanol production with a rate of 316 μmol gcat−1 h−1 during the photocatalytic CO2RR, which is absent in Cu/b-C3N4.

The international Journal of Physics and Optics Sciences has published Gary Vesperman's article "Clean Energy Inventions". Link is
Tardigrades: Chubby, Misunderstood, & Not Immortal
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LifeWave X39 : The Science Behind Patented X39 Patch
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When you put activated, younger stem cells on old tissue, you turn that tissue young again!
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    Wear 12 hours ON to activate and 12 hours OFF to repair.
    Re-apply a new patch daily.
    Patches can be worn on an area of concern or one of the two designated locations, as shown.
    Keep well hydrated while using this product.
Wearable phototherapy apparatus --
US10716953 -- David Schmidt
Embodiments enables a wearable phototherapy apparatus that produces beneficial effects to a human body such as activation of stem cells, improvement in strength, improvement in stamina, pain relief via a non-transdermal container. May include an optional transdermal container that releases or increases copper peptide GHK-Cu in a subject's body. The non-transdermal apparatus reflects or emits specific wavelengths of light to elevate levels of the copper peptide GHK-Cu in the body. The non-transdermal apparatus includes one or more materials that prevent the Left-Handed molecule from direct contact with the body while the enclosure is coupled to the body and prevents the Left-Handed molecules from entering the body.... A double helix conductor as described in U.S. Pat. No. 8,653,925, entitled “Double Helix Conductor”, to Schmidt, is setup on a fixture and is of such size that a glass vessel containing 1 gallon of water fits inside the center opening of the double helix conductor. The water is then treated for a period of 24 hours in accordance with the teachings of this invention prior to being used in the process below.
Preparation method and application of supramolecular blue copper peptide nanocomposite -- CN117414310
The invention relates to a preparation method and application of a supramolecular blue copper peptide nanocomposite, and belongs to the technical field of cosmetics. The structure of the supramolecular blue copper peptide nano-composite is Myr-RHKRHKRHK-[GHK-Cu]-X, wherein X is a negative charge active matter. Specifically, myristoyl dodecapeptide: Myr-(RHK) 3GHK is obtained through Fmoc solid phase method synthesis and myristoyl modification, a complex reaction is carried out in a copper sulfate solution to obtain supramolecular blue copper peptide: Myr-(RHK) 3-[GHK-Cu], and the supramolecular blue copper peptide solution and a negative charge active matter are compounded to obtain the supramolecular blue copper peptide nanocomposite. Compared with commercially available blue-copper peptides, the supermolecular blue-copper peptide prepared by the invention can be self-assembled into nano-micelles in a solution, forms a nano-composite with negative charge active matters, can quickly transdermal, has better stability, and can better solve the problems of limited permeability and easy inactivation of the current blue-copper peptide; the compound can be directly targeted to the interior of skin cells, the addition amount of active matters is reduced, the bioavailability is improved, and a more excellent effect is achieved; meanwhile, the supramolecular blue copper peptide can be used as a carrier to form a supramolecular nano-composite with nucleic acid and other negative charge substances.

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Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD, FRS(SAf) c, Surendra Singh Pokharna PhD d, and Edward R. Close PhD, PE
Theoria Apophasis
Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism. BISMUTH DIELECTRIC INERTIA DISCOVERY
Theoria Apophasis
137.5 Golden Angle
This is a helpful way of thinking about the Fibonacci sequence. It is useful in Botany because it gives us something called the 'golden angle' (137.5 degrees). We get this by dividing a circle into two segments [sectors], one being 1.6 times larger than the other. The smaller slice has an angle of 137.5 degrees...
The Golden Angle
The Golden Angle happens when you break up a circle so that the ratio of the big arc to the little arc is the Golden Ratio. It’s like taking the line definition of the Golden Ratio and wrapping it into a circle – green is to red as red is to blue. The resulting angle (marked in the figure) is the Golden Angle, and if you do the math you find that the angle is about equal to 137.5 degrees...
Uncovering the missing Secrets of Magnetism
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Future World Predictions: The Truth Behind the COLLAPSE of Everything!
Electric Current from nature
t.h. moray alloy 3% thorium , 85% germanium, 12% nanopowder quartz electrical energy from nature ambient muon conversion
Making a Foxhole radio Very primitive
DNA Wave Genetics: The Old and the New Model of the Genetic Code

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"Secret Window"
People Use GPS 'Jammers' to Stop Tracking of Their Cars
BIG NEWS for Malcolm Bendall's Thunderstorm Generator | NEW Results from Bob Greenyer are in!
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Super Capacitor Plane
1 -- Energy From The Vacuum 22 - Bedini 16GT Monopole Motor Debut [ENG]
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Forbidden Technologies and the silencing of their inventors
In our part 1 of our documentary on suppressed inventions, we discussed some of the most groundbreaking technologies, from Nikola Tesla's discovery of free energy to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the demise of Stanley Meyer's water-powered car. In this second part, we'll continue with presenting inventions that, for various reasons ranging from corporate interests to governmental interventions, never made it to the public eye, pushed into obscurity despite their potential to revolutionize our world.
Compilation of Direct Energy Weapons in action
Little Snitch
As soon as you’re connected to the Internet, applications can potentially send whatever they want to wherever they want. Most often they do this to your benefit. But sometimes, like in case of tracking software, trojans or other malware, they don’t.
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Everyone Wanted To See Proof Of The Geoengineering Weather Manipulation Planes With Chemicals Attached To The Wings, Here’s Video Proof!!
A view of Antarctica on Google Earth you have never seen before. Hidden cities?
 The Motionless Generator of Graham Gunderson
Mārcis Gulbis Channel
4 Remote Viewers See The POTUS of 2024

Miriam Delicado -- Tall Whites & Hopi :
Miriam Delicado : Blue Star Prophecy
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Hopi Dictionary -- University of Arizona Press Hopi Dictionary Project, 1998
...This is the first true dictionary of Hopi, containing approximately 30,000 entries...
A Concise Hopi and English Lexicon --David Leedom Shaul, Roy Albert
...The lexicon treats the Third Mesa dialect and the vocabulary items are limited to items of common usage. The work is presented in two sections: the first and main section is Hopi-English and the second is an English-Hopi index.
Lessons in Hopi  -- Milo Kalectaca
Aspects of Hopi Grammar  -- LaVerne Masayesva Jeanne
A Prophetic Dream Warning: The Rebirth of America -- Chris Reed Ministries
Replicating Alexey Chekurkov’s Strange Capacitor And Other Observations.
Grand Orbital Table by Manthey
All atomic orbitals with n<=10 are presented here.
The Adams Motor Generator
The Hutchison Anti-Gravity Effect - A Replication

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This is an information channel about the art of Remote Viewing and its applications in the real world. Remote Viewing is the ability to use your intuition under scientific conditions to record data not known to the normal day-to-day senses.
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"The Death of the Dollar", A rather disturbing Remote Viewing Session. It was done a few years ago under blind conditions. We seem to be moving closer and closer in that direction. Don't be taken by surprise when it happens…
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2024 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Program

This schedule is proactive and tentative. Therefore expect it to be changed and adjusted. It is only to give attendees some guidance on what to expect. It will be updated regularly... however, TeslaTech reserves the right to make changes to this tentative schedule without notice.
What Happened to the "Witches" of Carlos Castaneda? -- Sean Munger
In 1998, several women associated with "Tensegrity," the belief system of 1970s New Age guru, cult leader and literary hoaxer Carlos Castaneda, vanished upon Castaneda's death. All but one of their cases remain unsolved. What happened to these women, and why did they follow Castaneda in the first place?
The dark legacy of Carlos Castaneda
The godfather of the New Age led a secretive group of devoted followers in the last decade of his life. His closest "witches" remain missing, and former insiders, offering new details, believe the women took their own lives
Carlos Castaneda's "Witches" Redux! (Part 2)
Carlos Castaneda's "Witches" Redux! (Part 1 of 2)
Scribe of Carlos Castaneda - Nyei Murez
In this interview I am joined by Nyei Murez, personal student and scribe of best-selling author and nagual sorcerer Carlos Castaneda.
We discuss who Castaneda was, and Nyei gives a detailed history of his lineage up to the present day.
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"In nuclear war, all men are cremated equal." What would it look like if America got Nuked?
 simulation posted by End Times Productions on Twatter.
Anna’s Archive
The largest truly open library in human history. We mirror Sci-Hub and LibGen. We scrape and open-source Z-Lib, OpenLib, and more. 25 million+ books, 100 million+ papers — preserved forever. Learn more…
Peter Lang -- GeoElectric Power
Larry Jamison's electrical energizer
Double wound means wound with bifilar winding . Bifilar windings, which enhances capacitance between wires, which causes current to flow through capacitance between wires, which reduces energizer's armature reaction and counter electromagnetic torque.
The Alberto Molina Martinez Generator
Working Ed Gray Motor
EV Gray Capacitive Discharge Engine. Build 6.0 4/19/2015. Replaced gas combustion with EMP. This is a dead project to me, because I had to supply 400V@2-3A..800 to 1200 Watts to keep the 450uf Cap charged. The Husqvarna 60 chainsaw  crankshaft and piston was not ideal nor resistance free --it has rubber seals suppressing compression blow back, which I did not remove, a flywheel with more mass, hence resistance... it could of worked much better.  Note 1 -don't believe the equations of iron core vs air core. The strength of the pulse relates to the proximity to the heart of the torus (where the electrons flip their spin "Bloch Wall" ) - Why the solenoid core(iron vs air) based equations,  though correct outside the dipole, is freaking wrong by orders of magnitude  inside a coil (During DC Pulse). This was probably the technology of the Tesla particle ray, using small particles accelerated with a cascade of these discharges timed a fraction after the block wall...
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The fountain of youth is ... a T cell?
Scientists have found a way to reprogram T cells to fight aging. After using them to eliminate specific cells in mice, the scientists discovered they lived healthier lives and didn't develop aging-associated conditions like obesity and diabetes. Just one dose provided young mice with lifelong benefits and rejuvenated older mice.  ...Amor Vegas and colleagues turned to a "living" drug called CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) T cells... They discovered CAR T cells could be manipulated to eliminate senescent cells in mice. ..The team found that just one dose at a young age can have lifelong effects...
Your gateway to knowledge and culture. Accessible for everyone, e.g.:
V.P.Kaznacheev,  V. Trofimov.
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Urgent plea for help - The Church of Gail and her “vagina butt men” who can no longer poop
She needs your help! This bat shit crazy woman is on YouTube. She is serious and she if for real. This is not a joke...
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Tesla (2020) Full Docu-Drama

Yo, Fukushima !
A new way to remove contaminants from nuclear wastewater
by David L. Chandler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nuclear power continues to expand globally, propelled, in part, by the fact that it produces few greenhouse gas emissions while providing steady power output. But along with that expansion comes an increased need for dealing with the large volumes of water used for cooling these plants, which becomes contaminated with radioactive isotopes that require special long-term disposal.
Now, a method developed at MIT provides a way of substantially reducing the volume of contaminated water that needs to be disposed of, instead concentrating the contaminants and allowing the rest of the water to be recycled through the plant's cooling system. The proposed system is described in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, in a paper by graduate student Mohammad Alkhadra, professor of chemical engineering Martin Bazant, and three others.

The method makes use of a process called shock electrodialysis, which uses an electric field to generate a deionization shockwave in the water. The shockwave pushes the electrically charged particles, or ions, to one side of a tube filled with charged porous material, so that concentrated stream of contaminants can be separated out from the rest of the water. The group discovered that two radionuclide contaminants—isotopes of cobalt and cesium—can be selectively removed from water that also contains boric acid and lithium. After the water stream is cleansed of its cobalt and cesium contaminants, it can be reused in the reactor.

The shock electrodialysis process was initially developed by Bazant and his co-workers as a general method of removing  salt from water, as demonstrated in their first scalable prototype four years ago. Now, the team has focused on this more specific application, which could help improve the economics and environmental impact of working nuclear power plants. In ongoing research, they are also continuing to develop a system for removing other contaminants, including lead, from drinking water.

Not only is the new system inexpensive and scalable to large sizes, but in principle it also can deal with a wide range of contaminants, Bazant says. "It's a single device that can perform a whole range of separations for any specific application," he says.

In their earlier desalination work, the researchers used measurements of the water's electrical conductivity to determine how much salt was removed. In the years since then, the team has developed other methods for detecting and quantifying the details of what's in the concentrated radioactive waste and the cleaned water

"We carefully measure the composition of all the stuff going in and out," says Bazant, who is the E.G. Roos Professor of Chemical Engineering as well as a professor of mathematics. "This really opened up a new direction for our research." They began to focus on separation processes that would be useful for health reasons or that would result in concentrating material that has high value, either for reuse or to offset disposal costs.

The method they developed works for sea water desalination, but it is a relatively energy-intensive process for that application. The energy cost is dramatically lower when the method is used for ion-selective separations from dilute streams such as nuclear plant cooling water. For this application, which also requires expensive disposal, the method makes economic sense, he says. It also hits both of the team's targets: dealing with high-value materials and helping to safeguard health. The scale of the application is also significant—a single large nuclear plant can circulate about 10 million cubic meters of water per year through its cooling system, Alkhadra says

For their tests of the system, the researchers used simulated nuclear wastewater based on a recipe provided by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which sponsored the research and is a major builder of nuclear plants. In the team's tests, after a three-stage separation process, they were able to remove 99.5 percent of the cobalt radionuclides in the water while retaining about 43 percent of the water in cleaned-up form so that it could be reused. As much as two-thirds of the water can be reused if the cleanup level is cut back to 98.3 percent of the contaminants removed, the team found.

While the overall method has many potential applications, the nuclear wastewater separation, is "one of the first problems we think we can solve [with this method] that no other solution exists for," Bazant says. No other practical, continuous, economic method has been found for separating out the radioactive isotopes of cobalt and cesium, the two major contaminants of nuclear wastewater, he adds.

While the method could be used for routine cleanup, it could also make a big difference in dealing with more extreme cases, such as the millions of gallons of contaminated water at the damaged Fukushima Daichi power plant in Japan, where the accumulation of that contaminated water has threatened to overpower the containment systems designed to prevent it from leaking out into the adjacent Pacific. While the new system has so far only been tested at much smaller scales, Bazant says that such large-scale decontamination systems based on this method might be possible "within a few years."
Environ. Sci. Technol. 2020, 54, 1, 527-536, December 3, 2019
Continuous Separation of Radionuclides from Contaminated Water by Shock Electrodialysis
Mohammad A. AlkhadraKameron M. ConfortiTao GaoHuanhuan TianMartin Z. Bazant
Abstract -- The increasing popularity of nuclear energy necessitates development of new methods to treat water that becomes contaminated with radioactive substances. Because this polluted water comprises several dissolved species (not all of which are radioactive), selective accumulation of the radionuclides is desirable to minimize the volume of nuclear waste and to facilitate its containment or disposal. In this article, we use shock electrodialysis to selectively, continuously, and efficiently remove cobalt and cesium from a feed of dissolved lithium, cobalt, cesium, and boric acid. This formulation models the contaminated water commonly found in light-water reactors and in other nuclear processes. In a three-pass process, a consistent trade-off is observed between the recovery of decontaminated water and the percentage of cobalt removed, which offers flexibility in operating the system. For example, 99.5% of cobalt can be removed with a water recovery of 43%, but up to 66% of the water can be recovered if deionization of cobalt is allowed to drop to 98.3%. In general, the energy consumed during this process (ranging between 1.76 and 4.8 kW h m–3) is low because only charged species are targeted and virtually no energy is expended removing boric acid, the most abundant species in solution.
Science Advances  30 Aug 2019: Vol. 5, no. 8, eaaw9569
Repair of tooth enamel by a biomimetic mineralization frontier ensuring epitaxial growth
Changyu Shao, et al.
Abstract -- The regeneration of tooth enamel, the hardest biological tissue, remains a considerable challenge because its complicated and well-aligned apatite structure has not been duplicated artificially. We herein reveal that a rationally designed material composed of calcium phosphate ion clusters can be used to produce a precursor layer to induce the epitaxial crystal growth of enamel apatite, which mimics the biomineralization crystalline-amorphous frontier of hard tissue development in nature. After repair, the damaged enamel can be recovered completely because its hierarchical structure and mechanical properties are identical to those of natural enamel. The suggested phase transformation–based epitaxial growth follows a promising strategy for enamel regeneration and, more generally, for biomimetic reproduction of materials with complicated structure.
Copper-Based Nanomaterials Can Kill Cancer Cells in Mice
An interdisciplinary team of scientists from KU Leuven, the University of Bremen, the Leibniz Institute of Materials Engineering, and the University of Ioannina has succeeded in killing tumour cells in mice using nano-sized copper compounds together with immunotherapy. After the therapy, the cancer did not return.
Recent advances in cancer therapy use one’s own immunity to fight the cancer. However, in some cases, immunotherapy has proven unsuccessful.

The team of biomedical researchers, physicists, and chemical engineers found that tumours are sensitive to copper oxide nanoparticles – a compound composed of copper and oxygen. Once inside a living organism, these nanoparticles dissolve and become toxic. By creating the nanoparticles using iron oxide, the researchers were able to control this process to eliminate cancer cells, while healthy cells were not affected.

“Any material that you create at a nanoscale has slightly different characteristics than its normal-sized counterpart,” explain Professor Stefaan Soenen and Dr Bella B. Manshian from the Department of Imaging and Pathology, who worked together on the study. “If we would ingest metal oxides in large quantities, they can be dangerous, but at a nanoscale and at controlled, safe, concentrations, they can actually be beneficial.”

As the researchers expected, the cancer returned after treating with only the nanoparticles. Therefore, they combined the nanoparticles with immunotherapy. “We noticed that the copper compounds not only could kill the tumour cells directly, they also could assist those cells in the immune system that fight foreign substances, like tumours,” says Dr Manshian.

The combination of the nanoparticles and immunotherapy made the tumours disappear entirely and, as a result, works as a vaccine for lung and colon cancer – the two types that were investigated in the study. To confirm their finding, the researchers injected tumour cells back into the mice. These cells were immediately eliminated by the immune system, which was on the lookout for any new, similar, cells invading the body.

The authors state that the novel technique can be used for about sixty per cent of all cancers, given that the cancer cells stem from a mutation in the p53 gene. Examples include lung, breast, ovarian, and colon cancer.

A crucial element is that the tumours disappeared without the use of chemotherapy, which typically comes with major side-effects. Chemotherapeutic drugs not only attack cancer cells, they often damage healthy cells along the way. For example, some of these drugs wipe out white blood cells, abolishing the immune system.
Interdisciplinary collaboration

“As far as I’m aware, this is the first time that metal oxides are used to efficiently fight cancer cells with long-lasting immune effects in live models,” Professor Soenen says. “As a next step, we want to create other metal nanoparticles, and identify which particles affect which types of cancer. This should result in a comprehensive database.”

The team also plans to test tumour cells derived from cancer patient tissue. If the results remain the same, Professor Soenen wants to organise a clinical trial. For that to happen, however, there are still some hurdles along the way. He explains: “Nanomedicine is on the rise in the USA and Asia, but Europe is lagging behind. It’s a challenge to advance in this field, because doctors and engineers often speak a different language. We need more interdisciplinary collaboration, so that we can understand each other better and build upon each other’s knowledge.”
Model‐Based Nanoengineered Pharmacokinetics of Iron‐Doped Copper Oxide for Nanomedical Applications
M.  Sc. Hendrik Naatz
Abstract -- The progress in nanomedicine (NM) using nanoparticles (NPs) is mainly based on drug carriers for the delivery of classical chemotherapeutics. As low NM delivery rates limit therapeutic efficacy, an entirely different approach was investigated. A homologous series of engineered CuO NPs was designed for dual purposes (carrier and drug) with a direct chemical composition–biological functionality relationship. Model‐based dissolution kinetics of CuO NPs in the cellular interior at post‐exposure conditions were controlled through Fe‐doping for intra/extra cellular Cu2+ and biological outcome. Through controlled ion release and reactions taking place in the cellular interior, tumors could be treated selectively, in vitro and in vivo. Locally administered NPs enabled tumor cells apoptosis and stimulated systemic anti‐cancer immune responses. We clearly show therapeutic effects without tumor cells relapse post‐treatment with 6 % Fe‐doped CuO NPs combined with myeloid‐derived suppressor cell silencing.
ACS Nano 2017, 11, 1, 501-515
Safe-by-Design CuO Nanoparticles via Fe-Doping, Cu–O Bond Length Variation, and Biological Assessment in Cells and Zebrafish Embryos
Hendrik Naatz
The safe implementation of nanotechnology requires nanomaterial hazard assessment in accordance with the material physicochemical properties that trigger the injury response at the nano/bio interface. Since CuO nanoparticles (NPs) are widely used industrially and their dissolution properties play a major role in hazard potential, we hypothesized that tighter bonding of Cu to Fe by particle doping could constitute a safer-by-design approach through decreased dissolution. Accordingly, we designed a combinatorial library in which CuO was doped with 1–10% Fe in a flame spray pyrolysis reactor. ...
 Study Finds Salt Nanoparticles Are Toxic to Cancer Cells
A new study at the University of Georgia has found a way to attack cancer cells that is potentially less harmful to the patient. Sodium chloride nanoparticles – more commonly known as salt – are toxic to cancer cells and offer the potential for therapies that have fewer negative side effects than current treatments.
Led by Jin Xie, associate professor of chemistry, the study found that SCNPs can be used as a Trojan horse to deliver ions into cells and disrupt their internal environment, leading to cell death. SCNPs become salt when they degrade, so they’re not harmful to the body.
“This technology is well suited for localized destruction of cancer cells,” said Xie, a faculty member in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. “We expect it to find wide applications in treatment of bladder, prostate, liver, and head and neck cancer.”

Nanoparticles are the key to delivering SCNPs into cells, according to Xie and the team of researchers. Cell membranes maintain a gradient that keeps relatively low sodium concentrations inside cells and relatively high sodium concentrations outside cells. The plasma membrane prevents sodium from entering a cell, but SCNPs are able to pass through because the cell doesn’t recognize them as sodium ions.

Once inside a cell, SCNPs dissolve into millions of sodium and chloride ions that are trapped inside by the gradient and overwhelm protective mechanisms, inducing rupture of the plasma membrane and cell death. When the plasma membrane ruptures, the molecules that leak out signal the immune system that there’s tissue damage, inducing an inflammatory response that helps the body fight pathogens.

“This mechanism is actually more toxic to cancer cells than normal cells, because cancer cells have relatively high sodium concentrations to start with,” Xie said.

Using a mouse model, Xie and the team tested SCNPs as a potential cancer therapeutic, injecting SCNPs into tumors. They found that SCNP treatment suppressed tumor growth by 66% compared to the control group, with no drop in body weight and no sign of toxicity to major organs.

They also performed a vaccination study, inoculating mice with cancer cells that had been killed via SCNPs or freeze thaw. These mice showed much greater resistance to a subsequent live cancer cell challenge, with all animals remaining tumor free for more than two weeks.

The researchers also explored anti-cancer immunity in a tumor model. After injecting primary tumors with SCNPs and leaving secondary tumors untreated, they found that the secondary tumors grew at a much lower speed than the control, showing a tumor inhibition rate of 53%.

Collectively, the results suggest that SCNPs killed cancer cells and converted the dying cancer cells to an in situ vaccine.

SCNPs are unique in the world of inorganic particles because they are made of a benign material, and their toxicity is based on the nanoparticle form, according to Xie.

“With a relatively short half-life in aqueous solutions, SCNPs are best suited for localized rather than systemic therapy. The treatment will cause immediate and immunogenic cancer cell death,” he said. “After the treatment, the nanoparticles are reduced to salts, which are merged with the body’s fluid system and cause no systematic or accumulative toxicity. No sign of systematic toxicity was observed with SCNPs injected at high doses.”
NaCl Nanoparticles as a Cancer Therapeutic
Wen Jiang, et al.
Abstract -- Many inorganic nanoparticles are prepared and their behaviors in living systems are investigated. Yet, common electrolytes such as NaCl are left out of this campaign. The underlying assumption is that electrolyte nanoparticles will quickly dissolve in water and behave similarly as their constituent salts. Herein, this preconception is challenged. The study shows that NaCl nanoparticles (SCNPs) but not salts are highly toxic to cancer cells. This is because SCNPs enter cells through endocytosis, bypassing cell regulations on ion transport. When dissolved inside cancer cells, SCNPs cause a surge of osmolarity and rapid cell lysis. Interestingly, normal cells are much more resistant to the treatment due to their relatively low sodium levels. Unlike conventional chemotherapeutics, SCNPs cause immunogenic cell death or ICD. In vivo studies show that SCNPs not only kill cancer cells, but also boost an anticancer immunity. The discovery opens up a new perspective on nanoparticle‐based therapeutics.
DE102006002877 // Preparing very small organic nanoparticle...
Abstract -- Preparing very small organic nanoparticle, comprises mixing concentrated and/or saturated solution of the organic compound for the production of organic particle in a water-miscible organic solvent, e.g. n-propanol, for precipitating with an aqueous phase, comprising deionized water and/or inorganic salts, e.g. sodium chloride, optionally under the application of ultrasound; mixing the precipitate with water and a non-ionic surfactant, preferably from alkyl glucoside group, optionally after separating the supernatant solution and washing, for producing a suspension containing nanoparticles. Preparing very small organic nanoparticle, preferably with an average particle size of less than 20 nm, comprises mixing a concentrated and/or saturated solution of the desired organic compound for the production of organic particle in a water-miscible organic solvent, e.g. methanol, ethanol, n-propanol, iso-propanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran and/or 1,4-dioxane, for precipitating with an aqueous phase, comprising deionized water and/or a solution of inorganic salts, e.g. solution of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride or another soluble salts in water, optionally under the application of ultrasound; mixing the precipitate optionally after separating the supernatant solution and washing, with water and a non-ionic surfactant, preferably from the alkyl glucoside group, under the application of ultrasound, for producing a suspension containing nanoparticle.

Easier does it :
CN10950040 -- Synthetic method of water-soluble monodisperse large-size spherical silver nanoparticles
Abstract -- The invention provides a synthetic method of water-soluble monodisperse large-size spherical silver nanoparticles. The synthetic method comprises the following steps that (1) a sodium citrate solution, a sodium chloride solution, a silver nitrate solution and an ascorbic acid solution are prepared; (2) ascorbic acid is added into boiling water, the mixed solution of the sodium citrate solution, the sodium chloride solution and the silver nitrate solution is rapidly added into the boiling water which contains the ascorbic acid and refluxed and cooled to obtain a spherical silver nanoparticle solution; (3) the spherical silver nanoparticle solution is added into ultrapure water for mixing and stirring, and a silver ammonia complex solution and a re-prepared ascorbic acid solution are sequentially added; and (4) stirring and reacting are carried out at the normal temperature to obtain the monodisperse large-size spherical silver nanoparticle solution, and after centrifuging and concentrating are carried out, the nanoparticle solution is dispersed into the sodium citrate solution for storage. According to the synthetic method, the ascorbic acid is adopted for reducing silver ammonia complex to grow and prepare monodisperse spherical silver nanoparticles, the operation is simple, and the high-quality water-soluble monodisperse large-size spherical silver nanoparticles which cannot be obtained by other existing methods can be obtained.
The CO2 Greenhouse Warming Effect Rides On Mere Assumption And Lacks Empirical Verification
Fundamental Tenets of the CO2 Greenhouse Effect Hypothesis aren't supported by real-world, observed evidence.
Scientists insist the CO2 greenhouse effect is built on assumption and lacks empirical support

In a new paper, Kennedy and Hodzic, 2019 summarize the lack of real-world, observational support for the claim CO2 molecules elicit planetary heating in the process of explicating their postion that water vapor is the gas that dominates the Earth’s greenhouse effect.

They point out that the “critical assumption” that CO2 molecules reduce outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) to warm the Earth’s surface “lacks empirical confirmation.”

A graphic of OLR variability (Figure 1) from the paper demonstrates that “none” of the variation can be attributed to CO2’s influence.

Kennedy and Hodzic sum up their skepticism about CO2’s greenhouse effect influence by saying 1) “the effect of any increases in [CO2’s] concentration can only be theoretically inferred”; 2) other than by correlation or curve-fitting, there is no  “direct verification possible for the greenhouse effect of CO2”; and 3) there is no realized “clear spectral signal available showing significantly reduced OLR from increasing CO2.”

In other words, the specific greenhouse effect warming properties of CO2 have not been validated scientifically.
Testing the hypothesis that variations in atmospheric water vapour are the main cause of fluctuations in global temperature.
R. Kennedy , M. Hodzic

Got Ozone ? Got Cobalt Hexamine ? &c ? &c ? &c ?

FDA Approves Merck's New Live Ebola Vaccine Which It Says Can Shed and Cause Immunosuppression
GreenMedInfo provides access to the documented potential negative impacts of vaccination:
1070 Abstracts with Vaccination
Features: 22 Fixed Programs from Brain Treatment, Disease Treatment and Cleanses
BRAIN TUNER Series: 3.92 Hz, 111 Hz, 1000 Hz, 0.5 Hz, Schumman Earth Frequencies 7.83 Hz, Alpha Wave 8hz to 12hz, Beta Wave 12hz to 30hz, Gamma Wave 25.00hz to 100hz, Delta Wave 0.01hz to 1.5hz, Theta Wave 4hz to 7hz, Lymph Treatment 3.54hz to 3.99hz, Blood Treatment 100Hz to 150Hz, Blood Pulser 3.92Hz, Habit - Addictions Treatment 100Hz, Bacterial Infections 920Hz, Virus Treatments 250Hz, HIV/ Aids 150Hz, Herpes 950Hz, Cold and Flu 850hHz, Cancer Treatment 20Hz to 780Hz, Allergy Treatment 40Hz. to 250Hz, Colloidal Silver Generator 15Hz * Also Use with the Dr Beck Atomizer Machine
Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser / Beck Instruments / Bob Beck Protocol.
Cosmic Disaster, Solar Micronova, Superflare, Magnetic Reversal, Crustal Displacement, Ice Age, Tsunamis, Volcanoes... it's all here, it's all been done before and it's all coming again soon.
Science tells us these magnetic events come on a cycle, we are due up again now, and shocker... the magnetic field is shifting and accelerating. This is not a coincidence.
RESEARCH ON MARS – Papers by Gilbert V. Levin, Ph.D.
In 1952, Dr. Gilbert V. Levin invented a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect microbial contamination of water and food. In 1958, he obtained a NASA contract to develop the method to seek extraterrestrial life. The method was selected in 1969 for use on NASA’s 1976 Viking Mission to Mars... At both landing sites, some 4,000 miles apart, the LR returned evidence of living microorganisms...
Newsletter, January 2020 From James DeMeo / Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
A two-part article summarizing key points, with extracts, from the new book by Dr. DeMeo, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space, has been published by Principia Scientific International online:
Part 1: The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science
by James DeMeo, PhD
Part Two: The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science
Five Evidence-Based Ways to Boost Testosterone
Low levels of testosterone can come with glaring symptoms such as erectile dysfunction and reduced bone mass. Before opting for hormone replacement therapy and facing the risk of serious side effects, here are five science-backed ways to optimize your testosterone levels naturally...
Zinc ... Magnesium ... Weight Management ... Vitamin D ... Sleep ...
Cymatics Research - Musicology
Yantara Jiro voice made visible\

Yantara Jiro voice made visible
In collaboration with Japanese vocalist, Yantara Jiro, we imaged a short vocal melody to assess how quickly the CymaScope's water membrane is able to follow changes in the pitch of musical sounds. The water has a natural hysteresis, thus, it takes a finite time for the water molecules to take up new wavelet placements in response to a new set of imposed frequencies.
This effect can be seen during the moments of transition as Yantara changes his vocal pitch during progress of the melody. The color was added as an experiment in which each musical note was allocated with a specific color.

Piano notes made visible for the first time
Shannon Novak, a New Zealand-born fine artist, commissioned us to image 12 piano notes as inspiration for a series of 12 musical canvases. We decided to image the notes in video mode because when we observed the 'A1' note we discovered, surprisingly, that the energy envelope changes over time as the string's harmonics mix in the piano's wooden bridge. Instead of the envelope being fairly stable, as we had imagined, the harmonics actually cause the CymaGlyphs to be wonderfully dynamic. Our ears can easily detect the changes in the harmonics and the CymaScope now reveals them--probably a first in acoustic physics.

Capturing the dynamics was only possible with HD video but taming the dynamics of the piano's first strike, followed by the short plateau and long decay phase, was tricky...
Software Tonoscope
The software tonoscope is a full featured and mathematically accurate Tonoscope emulator. It lets you create Chladni frequency patterns without the expense of traditional hardware needed for plate vibration research. This program is great for science, art, and spiritual exploration. Explore well known frequencies visually such as ancient Solfeggio tones, OM, notes on the piano, natural earth frequencies, crop circle frequencies, and more.
Create your own Cymatics machine
Here's our guide to building a basic Cymatics rig using commonly available parts. We've built ours using a combination of over-the-counter and custom made components. Where custom parts are used we've sourced suitable alternatives for this guide.
CymaScope MusicMadeVisible app demo
See the actual geometry of music for the first time on iPad  iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet.
Cymatics App for Mobile
The world’s first app to make the geometry of piano sounds and music visible
CymaScope - Music Made Visible
Software for creating real-time Cymatics in three dimensions. For research, entertainment, and VJ-ing. Cymatic3D is based upon the original software "sndpeek" by Princeton sound labs: . This original software and all modifications are released under the GNU GPL.
Biosludged uncovers the astonishing science fraud being carried out by the EPA to legalize the mass pollution of America's farm lands, school playgrounds and city parks with heavily contaminated industrial waste and human sewage.
15 Most AMAZING Cave Paintings
With New Method, China Can Mass-Produce Light Water For Its Citizens' Thirst
New method for making large quantities of deuterium-depleted drinking water
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2011, 50, 1, 378-381, November 29, 2010
Method for the Production of Deuterium-Depleted Potable Water
Plant-Scale Method for the Preparation of Deuterium-Depleted Water
Integr Cancer Ther. 2008 Sep;7(3):172-81.
A retrospective evaluation of the effects of deuterium depleted water consumption on 4 patients with brain metastases from lung cancer.
Krempels K, et al.
CONCLUSIONS: DDW was administered as an oral anticancer agent in addition to conventional therapy, and noticeably prolonged the survival time of all 4 lung cancer patients with brain metastasis. We suggest that DDW treatment, when integrated into other forms of cancer treatment, might provide a new therapeutic option.

DDW Patents:
CN105314597 -- Deuterium depleted water preparation method
CN101088920A -- Prepn process of no-deuterium water
CN110104859A -- Water treatment method for removing deuterium oxide
CN1085191A -- Process for preparing deuterium-free water
CN102205992 -- Preparation method of deuterium-free water and dedicated packed tower thereof
CN105036078 -- Deuterium-depleted water preparation system and implementation method
CN110015791 -- Special device for removing heavy deuteriumoxide
Battery market about to be disrupted: 4X greater efficiency with new lithium-sulphur design
...The researchers have an approved filed patent ( AU2019051239 ) for their manufacturing process, and prototype cells have been successfully fabricated by German R&D partners Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology.
Science Advances, 03 Jan 2020: Vol. 6, no. 1, eaay2757
Expansion-tolerant architectures for stable cycling of ultrahigh-loading sulfur cathodes in lithium-sulfur batteries
Mahdokht Shaibani, et al.
Lithium-sulfur batteries can displace lithium-ion by delivering higher specific energy. Presently, however, the superior energy performance fades rapidly when the sulfur electrode is loaded to the required levels—5 to 10 mg cm−2— due to substantial volume change of lithiation/delithiation and the resultant stresses. Inspired by the classical approaches in particle agglomeration theories, we found an approach that places minimum amounts of a high-modulus binder between neighboring particles, leaving increased space for material expansion and ion diffusion. These expansion-tolerant electrodes with loadings up to 15 mg cm−2 yield high gravimetric (>1200 mA·hour g−1) and areal (19 mA·hour cm−2) capacities. The cells are stable for more than 200 cycles, unprecedented in such thick cathodes, with Coulombic efficiency above 99%...

The Milankovitch Cycles can Produce Sudden Climate Transitions such as Modern Climate Change
All These Different Cycles Are Converging
Micro Tesla Turbine Mk2 | Part 1 | The Rotor
Free Energy from the Ground Wire --The Energy of Earth / errant electricity
Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas
Device may enable “T-ray vision” and better wireless communication.
by Jennifer Chu
...Now researchers from MIT, Harvard University, and the U.S. Army have built a compact device, the size of a shoebox, that works at room temperature to produce a terahertz laser whose frequency they can tune over a wide range. The device is built from commercial, off-the-shelf parts and is designed to generate terahertz waves by spinning up the energy of molecules in nitrous oxide, or, as it’s more commonly known, laughing gas...
“By tuning the terahertz frequency, you can choose how far the waves can travel through air before they are absorbed, from meters to kilometers, which gives precise control over who can ‘hear’ your terahertz communications or ‘see’ your terahertz radar,” Johnson says. “Much like changing the dial on your radio, the ability to easily tune a terahertz source is crucial to opening up new applications in wireless communications, radar, and spectroscopy.”
...They ordered laboratory-grade nitrous oxide, which they pumped into a pen-sized cavity. When they sent infrared light from the QCL into the cavity, they found they could produce a terahertz laser. As they tuned the QCL, the frequency of terahertz waves also shifted, across a wide range.
Harvard, MIT, Duke, US Army Team Up on Terahertz Technology
Capasso's Quantum Cascade Laser Patents
Pharmacogn Mag. 2014 Jan-Mar; 10(37): 61–65.
doi: 10.4103/0973-1296.126663
Curcumin attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride: An in vivo evidence
Chhavi Sharma, et al.
Conclusion: Our study reveals that Cur is useful in ameliorating degenerative effects of F in mice brain... Our study thus demonstrate that daily single dose of 120 ppm F result in highly significant increases in the LPO as well as neurodegenerative changes in neuron cell bodies of selected hippocampal regions. Supplementation with curcumin significantly reduce the toxic effect of F to near normal level by augmenting the antioxidant defense through its scavenging property and provide an evidence of having therapeutic role against oxidative stress mediated neurodegeneration.
Strange New Organelle That Helps Prevent Cancer Discovered in Our Cells
...The organelle Stukenberg and his team have discovered is essential but ephemeral. It forms only when needed to ensure chromosomes are sorted correctly and disappears when its work is done.
Nature Cell Biology,  21, pages1127–1137(2019), 3 September 2019.
DOI: 10.1038/s41556-019-0376-4
The inner centromere is a biomolecular condensate scaffolded by the chromosomal passenger complex”
Prasad Trivedi, et al.
China’s electrifying idea to stop African swine fever: a high-voltage pigsty
Researchers to wire up pens for 2,000 pigs and generate an electric field they believe can kill germs
A farm in central China that previously conducted the experiment reported no cases of swine fever
by Stephen Chen
...The experiment will be conducted at a medium-sized hog farm in Chengdu, in China’s largest pig-rearing province, Sichuan.  Led by Professor Liu Binjiang, a government scientist in northeastern China, it was inspired by Liu’s work on a national “electro culture” programme that has been shown to benefit crops by using a combination of electric field and artificial lighting to stimulate plant growth and reduce diseases.
This time, Liu and collaborators will generate a static electric field of 50 kilovolts – more than 400 times the voltage in a standard US household plug.
They believe the high-voltage discharges could break down chemicals such as ammonia that generate unpleasant odours, reduce biological aerosol by 50 to 90 per cent, kill germs and generate negatively charged particles in the air that bind to air-polluting chemicals and make them harmless.
Despite the high voltage, the volume of electrons in the cable will be extremely low, at about 1 microampere, producing an electric field that would not be harmful to animals or staff, according to the researchers.
“The air quality [for the pigs] should improve when the device is powered up,” Liu said. “Electricity is one of the many ways to improve living conditions for farm animals. We have a long to-do list.”
When the high-voltage electricity was used to improve air quality at a farm in central China’s Hubei – one of the provinces hit worst by African swine fever – none of its pigs died from the virus, according to Liu.

CN2609910 -- Electric purifying aseptic sterilizing device for animal house
University of Bristol, 5-Jul-2018
Spiders go ballooning on electric fields

Got R. NELSON: Hemp Husbandry ?
PLoS One. 2019; 14(8): e0221570. 2019 Aug 29. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0221570
Enhanced tolerance of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) plants on abandoned mine land soil leads to overexpression of cannabinoids
Rabab Husain, et al.
Genome Biol. 2011; 12(10): R102.
doi: 10.1186/gb-2011-12-10-r102
The draft genome and transcriptome of Cannabis sativa
Harm van Bakel, et al.
Planta Med. 2018 Mar;84(4):214-220.
doi: 10.1055/s-0043-125087. Epub 2018 Jan 4.
Current Perspectives on Biotechnological Cannabinoid Production in Plants.
Schachtsiek J, et al.
New developments in fiber hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) breeding
Elma M.J.Salentijn, et al.
Flowering Dynamics in Monoecious and Dioecious Hemp Genotypes
Stefano Amaducci , et al.
Landfill Leachate Effects on Germination and Seedling Growth of Hemp Cultivars (Cannabis Sativa L.)
Magdalena Daria Vaverková, et al.
Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) growing on heavy metal contaminated soil: fibre quality and phytoremediation potential
Biologia Plantarum, December 2005, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 567–576 | Cite as
Cannabis sativa L. growing on heavy metal contaminated soil: growth, cadmium uptake and photosynthesis
P. Linger, et al.
....Under moderate cadmium concentrations, i.e. 17 mg(Cd) kg−1(soil), hemp could preserve growth as well as the photosynthesis apparatus, and long-term acclimation to chronically Cd stress occurred.
Tesla Pulsejet Engine [3D Printed]
Tesla Valve Transparent (SLA 3D Printable)
Tesla Turbine, "How To Make Your Own Tesla Turbine" for Hydroelectric, Steam, or Wind.
New "Tesla Turbine" Design, Full Test And Build. NEW Design Starts Under Load.
April 18, 2018
Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control
As part of a request for records on Antifa and white supremacist groups, WSFC inadvertently bundles in “EM effects on human”
 by Curtis Waltman
Russian Scientists Figure Out Way to Protect Cosmonauts’ Precious Brains From Deadly Solar Radiation
...Shurshakov also revealed that scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Problems have come up with a solution to radically improve radiation protection in the living quarters on board the Russian module of the ISS. The ingenious on-the-fly solution features a protective curtain filled with wet wipes.
    “The napkins are saturated to 70-80 percent water, and protect well against radiation. They are used by cosmonauts for hygiene, but since there is a huge supply of them aboard the ISS, we took advantage of this,” he said. According to the official, installing this ‘wet wipe curtain’ reduced radiation doses in one of the Russian module’s cabins by as much as 30-40 percent..
Movement and Phases of Moon Over the Year (12 sec in video ~ 1 month of movement)
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio
NASA's 4K virtual tour of Earth's moon

Wha's Old ?

Nostradamus apparently saw the jailing of President Trump, et al., and soyboys, and Joe Biden :
C. 1-14
De genƒ eƒclaue chanƒons, chants & requeƒtes,
Captifs par Princes & Seigneurs aux priƒons,
A l'aduenir par idiots ƒans teƒtes
Seront receus pour diuins oraiƒons.

From enslaved people songs, chants and requests,
Captive Princes and Lords in prisons,
In the future by idiots without testes
Will be received as divine prayers.

Got Alois Irlmaier ? 
Alois Irlmaier 
was a dowser and well digger who lived in Freislassing, Bavaria. He was famous for his psychic abilities, and after World War II, many people sought his clairvoyant skills to locate their families and friends. Because of his fame, Irlmaier had a few enemies and was ridiculed and accused of being a warlock. But after appearing in court, the charges were dismissed, Irlmaier told the judge exactly what clothes the judge's wife was wearing that day and what she was doing. Even though he had never seen her, he proved to be completely correct, and the judge released him.
The future appeared to Irlmaier as in a movie, with only numbers appearing veiled, coded, or incomplete. He predicted his own death in July 1959. His last words were: "I am glad that I can go now, because I won't have to experience what I see..."

Such as Russia's 'Poseidon Bomb"
( )...

"...Then comes a single aircraft from the East. It throws a 'neutralizer' in the great water by England. Then the water lifts in one single piece as high as a tower and falls back down. It makes an earthquake and a giant wave and everything will be overflooded. Almost all of England and the European coast to Berlin will sink except for a few mountain peaks.
"Simultaneously, a new land will arise which existed earlier [Atlantis ]. Three great cities will sink. One through water [London]. The second will sink [New York], and the third just falls apart [Rome]. The city with the steel tower [Paris] will be set on fire by its inhabitants and will be leveled to the ground..."

Mortgage Fraud: The Lies & The Laws
by nobodyouwantoknow

Every homeowner who holds a mortgage actually lives as a tenant in secret fear of foreclosure and eviction. None are prepared for that nightmare.

Avaricious bankers, attorneys, 
and realtors are to blame for a monstrous fraud that underlies the real estate industry, feeds the foreclosure process, and recycles stolen properties in a Ponzi scheme of fiat inflation, deflation, and bankruptcy that has condemned countless families to homeless poverty.

bank practices studied concealment and incomplete disclosure of some fine print details in your mortgage loan application; otherwise you probably wouldn't be there, because it is not the bank's money to lend. Federal case law has repeatedly decided that banks cannot loan their own money; they merely act with your permission but without full disclosure to secure a loan from the Treasury Department in your name:
"A National Bank cannot lend its credit or become the guarantor of the of the obligation of another unless it owns or has an interest in the obligation guaranteed especially where it receives no benefits therefrom." Citizens Nat Bank of Cameron v. Good Roads Gravel Co., Tex Civ App 1921, 236 SW 153; and, "National Banks have no power to negotiate loans for others." Pollock v. Lumbermen's Nat Bank of Portland, Or. 1917,168 R. 616, 86 Or. 324, etc.

Instead, during the 3-day rescission period after you apply for a loan, the bank uses your signature and Social Security number to borrow from the Treasury, hypothecates the money manyfold into other investment accounts, refunds the Treasury, balances the books, and profits obscenely while you wait for approval to
 go into debt with them, then to be billed monthly for decades, and foreclosed upon if you miss a payment. Banks don't risk a penny, but do rob you with a pen. They also immediately pool your Note with thousands of others to form derivative trusts and securities in which there is no trust or security, but buttloads of money. Even if you go bankrupt, they lose nothing because mortgages are insured. The banks are double-dipping several times over.

Yet they never have true Title to your Property, and the physical Note gets lost in the shuffle during subsequent unlawful transactions. The contract is incomplete, written in fictitious language, and it is falsely certified as authentic through MERS, the Mortgage Electronic Registration System

MERS is used to avoid payment of filing fees due to local governments, and it serves to convey forged notes without authorization, that despite the fact that their website states that "the MERS system is not a vehicle for creating and transferring beneficial ownership in mortgage loans, nor does it have beneficial interest in mortgage notes... It has no rights whatsoever for creating or transferring benefic interest in the mortgage loans." MERS is the Mortgagee of record for its members, but the original lender or subsequent party who purchases the note is obliged to retain physical possession of the note.

Note too that some states, e.g., Nevada, are "Title States" where the Title and Note must remain whole. Securitization splits them. If claimants cannot produce the original "wet ink signature" document during litigation, they are failing to mediate in good faith, and do not have equitable standing. See Pasillas v. HSBC Bank USA, 255 P.3d 1281 (2011). And because a mortgage is a security instrument that follows the underlying note, a mortgage assignment cannot be valid unless the physical note is attached. The case of Carpenter v. Longan, 83 US 271, 274 (1872) determined that "[T]he note and mortgage are inseparable... the assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity."

Furthermore: under 3 UCC (the Unified Commercial Code), a surrogate signed stamp is not valid as a signature endorsement that permits the exercise of any rights -- including the right to foreclose -- to subsequent holders of the Note. Nor was there a presentment of original documents, required by 3 UCC §202(2). The decision in Vance v. Fields, 172 So. 2d 613 (1965) applies here: "Recordation of an invalid instrument affords no protection to claimants thereunder."

Banks routinely ignore the rules and rulings as they abuse MERS with their corporate shell games, such as for example REMIC (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit) "MANA Series 2007-82", which was run by HSBC Bank USA and Merryl Lynch Investors, Inc.. The Substitution of Trustee was "robo-signed" by David Perez, "Assistant Vice-President of MERS", followed by a Notice of Default robo-signed by Yvonne S. Belcher. Then Greenpoint Mortgage Funding, Inc. converted and altered the Note without authorization, despite which it was endorsed by another robo-signer, "Assistant Vice-President" Larry R. Kern. Fake addresses also were used, such as 2300 Lakeview Parkway, Alpharetta GA; the Google Maps street view shows only trees there. In reality, the senior homeowners were evicted without warning in September 2023.

A FOIA request to the SEC by research specialist Charlotte Fulton in 2010 concerning "IMPAC CMB 2005-5 Trust" revealed another layer of fraud: it never existed! The financiers apparently applied for a REMIC Trust to Security Exchange Commission and were assigned a working CUSIP number, but they didn't complete the application process or pay fees; instead, the CUSIP was used to give the color of law to their business plans.

Attorneys routinely present fraudulent documents to convince courts that they have standing. By doing so, they 
prevent witnesses and evidence from bringing correctness to the court, and commit these crimes: Unjust Enrichment, 12 USC §5565; Willful Violations, 15 USC §78ff; Misprision of Felony, 18 USC §4; Counterfeiting and Forgery, 18 USC §25; Fraudulent Assignment, 18 USC §47; Deprivation under Color of Law 18 USC §242; False, fictitious, or fraudulent Claims, 18 USC §287; Circulation of Obligation of Expired Corporation, 18 USC §335; Falsifying Documents, 18 USC §472; Extortion, 18 USC §872; Fraud and Conspiracy, 18 USC §1001; False Statements, 18 USC §1014, 26 USC §26, and 31 USC §3729; Frauds and Swindles, 18 USC §1391;  Perjury, 18 USC §1621; Constructive Mail & Wire Fraud, 18 USC §1341-1343; False Statements, 26 USC §26 and 31 USC §1729; Misrepresentation, 33 USC §931; and Deprivation of Evidence & Witnesses, 42 USC §1985. They also offend the Fair Debt Collection Protection Act (FDCPA), 15 USC §1692e; the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), 12 USC §1692; the Truth In Lending Act (TILA), 15 USC §1641, and the False Claims Act (FCA), 31 USC §3729, and more.

In Nevada, where this writer lives, the banks, 
et al., violate NRS 205.105 by "Forgery of instrument purporting to have been issued by corporation or state..."; NRS 205.110, "Uttering forged instruments"; NRS 205.115, "True writing signed by wrongdoer's name or name of person not in existence", and NRS 104.3407, an illegal conversion and unauthorized alteration made to the Note. Such false conveyance of property is a category C felony.
  Most egregious is their violation of NRS 193.167, "Certain crimes committed against person 60 years of age or older or against vulnerable person", when handicapped elderly homeowners are evicted by such evil means, often to die heartbroken soon after.

The entire process is corrupt, yet little is done about it. Judges and attorneys are however very liable for their collusion under 42 USC §1986 and 18 USC §3: "When a person with authority and power to correct has knowledge of a crime, and when that person neglects, refuses, or fails to prevent, that person thereby aids the crime, and shall be liable to the injured party." 18 USC §1918 adds that Public Officers and Employees who violate their Oath of Office immediately forfeit their Office and their Authority.

These insufferable torts are fatal flaws in contracts that give legal Cause of Action to render the mortgage void, and entitle homeowners to legal remedy, including clear Title, renumeration for incurred expenses, and punitive fines determined by the Court, because "Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments." U.S. v. Throckmorton, 98 US 61, 65.

Until homeowners unite in class action lawsuits, vampire bankers and their minion lawyers will continue to act with arrogant impunity and apparent immunity as they prosecute many more millions of fraudulent foreclosures. The evicted victims, thus rendered helpless, suffer grievous loss of income, credit, equity, reputation, freedom, mental and physical health, and life itself. But seriously: it behooves every "homeowner" to have a bugout bag or grocery cart ready to go.

Beware, ye Bankers, Lawyers, and Realtors! The Eighth Circle of Inferno is reserved for Fraud!