Torsion Fields

Alexandr Alexandrovich Shpilman


New method of knowledge?...

Part 3

Theoretical Models, Idea and Reasoning

Karaganda 2001


"Axion fields", "spin fields", "torsion fields", "microleptonic fields", "quark spatial structure", there are names a lot of things. What is correct? Can we understand the phenomena?

It is not known still. Modern physical apparatus are not able to register these fields, but a person feels and looks them. The history is repeated. As the centuries ago, when we research's new phenomena, we have not apparatus for measuring, and again our sense organs become major information source.

This article is not a scientific transaction. And the writer does not want to be somebody, nor does he have something to prove. A lot of observations and experiments were held and formulated the working models and hypotheses, were manufactured set of experimental instruments. You can read this below.

There is a major request to the reader - do not accept on faith (and do not preach) what is written here. This is to take notice. Try to experience and to understand this. And if you like - check up on it.

First the writer has taken the theory "axion fields" for basis in the researches. A long time ago, the writer has overstepped the limits of this theory, but the problem of an exact definition has remained.

Nowadays it is apparent, the theories of axion fields, spin fields, torsion fields, microleptonic file,ds. a polarization model of heterogenious physical vacuum etc. are not able to justify the claims. They are not able to explain mass of the observed phenomena. They are not able to pull out us from our ordinary customs.

We can not find arguments within the framework of our customary conception about space-time (3,1).

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