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The Crossed-FieldAntenna - Part 1

... 1989, when Electronics and Wireless World published an article entitled "Maxwell's
Equations and the Crossed-Field Antenna", by FM Kabbary, MC Hately and BG ... - 19k - Cached

NAB99 CFA Paper
Kabbary FM, Hately MC and Stewart BG "Maxwell’s Equations and the Crossed-Field-
Antenna", Electronics and Wireless World, Vol 95, pp216-218, March (1989). ... - 32k - Cached

Crossed-Field AM Radio Transmission Antenna - 1/50 Wavelength Long ...
... The CrossedField Antenna Theory by Maurice C. Hately & Ted Hart link to antenneX
Online Magazine When is a Quarter Wave Not a Quarter Wave? ...

GM3HAT Cross Field Antenna
... article by by FM Kabbary, MC Hately and BG Stewart in March 1989, Electronics and
Wireless World entitled "Maxwell's Equations and the Crossed-FieldAntenna". ... - 7k - Cached

Good Wishes,. Maurice C Hately, M Sc FIEE (GM3HAT) Originator of the Crossed Field Antenna, with Dr Fathi Kabbary. - 50k - Cached

(Crossed Field Loop Antenna for 80 metres)
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... It is not my intention to discuss fundamentals of the Crossed Field Antenna (CFA)
which was first introduced by Professor Maurice Hately (GM3HAT) except to say ...

IoMIBC - Engineering
... The Crossed Field Antenna. This new device was discovered by Professor Maurice Hately,
a well known electrical engineer now resident in Aberdeen, Scotland, and ... - 13k - Cached

Chris Trask: Crossed-Field Antenna References
... Hately, MC, "The Crossed FieldAntenna: Its Implications for Military Radio," Journal
of the Royal Signals Institution, Vol. 20, No. 1, Summer 1991, pp. 31-36. ... - 5k - Cached

(VK5BR 20-40 Metre EH Antennas)
... As a result, Professor Hately, together with several associates, introduced (and
in fact patented) various forms of the CrossedFieldAntenna which were ... - 20k - Cached

Topband: More on Crossed-Field Antenna by GM3HAT
... If you want to know more about the Crossed-fieldAntenna take a look at Maurice C. Hately is GM3HAT Take a look ... - 8k - Cached

Fractal Antennas Offer Benefits - Size can be shrunk from two to ...

... The Crossed-Field Antenna. The CrossedField Antenna Theory by Maurice C.
Hately & Ted Hart link to antenneX Online Magazine. When ...

[TowerTalk] CFA
... Hately, Kabary & Stewart 'Maxwell's Equations and the Crossed Field Antenna'.
EW+WW* Mar 1989 p216-218. Hately & Kabary 'Electromagnetic ... html/Towertalk/1999-04/msg00169.html - 11k - Cached

CFA, EH: Crows or Swans? - NRB Magazine
... claims made by manufacturers of the CFA, or Crossed-FieldAntenna, and the ... the 1980s
by Scottish university professor Brian Stewart, Dr. Maurice Hately and one ... 0,,PTID308776%7CCHID630554%7CCIID1580348,00.html - 37k - Cached

RWonline - RW Special Report
... Kabbary and Dr. Maurice Hately developed the CFA in the 1990s. ... The development of
the crossed-field antenna had intrigued broadcasters faced with stricter land ... special-report/04_rw_cfa_3.shtml - 19k - Cached

g7exo Antenna Projects
... VE3RGW. CROSSED-FIELD-ANTENNA -- by Maurice C. Hately GM3HAT & Ted Hart W5QJR.
Cubical Quad Antenna Calculator -- From KD6DKS. Cubical ... - 23k - Cached

More on Crossed Field Antenna
... The Crossed Field Antenna (CFA) designed by GM3HAT certainly matches the definition
of "other than ... On 13 December 97, I wrote to Maurice Hately GM3HAT but have ... - 10k - Cached

LF: CrossedfieldAntenna ?
Maurice Hately, GM3HAT the developer of the CFA antenna, wrote a ... 1989 issue of Wireless
Word, entitled "Maxwell's Equations and the CrossedFieldAntenna". ... - 5k - Cached

LBA Gains Crossed-FieldAntenna Rights
... The Crossed-Field Antenna is a radically different transmitting antenna technology
recently invented by Maurice Hately and Fathi Kabbary. ... - 25k - Supplemental Result - Cached

Solutions to James Clerk Maxwell's Equations
... Crossed-Field Antenna (Maurice C. Hately & Ted Hart) -- The little known, "reversed
form" (negative solution) of Maxwell's Fourth Equation, states that a ... - 10k - Cached

FARS - Club Programs for 2001
... The crossed-field antenna is the subject of considerable debate among antenna engineers
ever since its invention by Maurice Hately, GM3HAT, and Fathi Kabbary ... - 9k - Cached


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... Wireless World, Vol 95, pp216-218, March (1989). THE CROSSED-FIELD-ANTENNA -
PART I, by Maurice C. Hately GM3HAT & Ted Hart W5QJR. ... - Supplemental Result

... 5.The CFA(Crossed Field) Antenna This new device was discovered by Scottish Professor
Maurice Hately, and developed by Egyptian Dr Fahti Kabbary. ... - 15k - Cached

EH antenna systems
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... four years ago when I began experimenting with the CFA (crossed field antenna).For
those ... of the eighties, and later on patented, by Dr. Kabbary and Mr. Hately. ... How_to_build_your_EH_Antenna.pdf - magnetic field antenna
... Categories: Antenna, Kabbary, Crossedfieldantenna, crossedfield antenna,
crossed_field_antenna, crossed ... Antenna, Maxwell's Fourth Equation, Maurice Hately,... ... - 14k - Cached

QRP-L 990823: CFA (Crossed field antenna) Discussion and ...
... 3. MC Hately, "CFA -- no tricks", Electronics World+Wireless World ... 5. MS Smith,
"Conventional Explanation for 'Crossed FieldAntenna'", Electronic Letters, 28 ... - 15k - Supplemental Result - Cached

... Other Antenna Publications. Numerous modeling and antenna notes plus interesting
links by LB Cebik, W4RNL; Crossed FieldAntenna (CFA) by Maurice Hately - GM3HAT ... Holland/Ralph/publications.htm - 5k - Cached

009Site Log - May 2001
Site Log - 05/2001. Date, Item Added, Referring Page(s).
5/31/2001, New Page: Non Linear Fractals (RN Boyd ... - 72k - Cached

FARS RELAY Volume 32, #3 &4
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... finally came in on the crossed-fieldantenna or CFA. Antenna engineering was vindicated,
and the an- tenna "theory" of inventor M. Hately, GM3HAT, proved in ...

Topband: CF Antenna, references of interest
... This paper by Kabbary, Steward and Hately addresses only the ... reference is: MS Smith,
"Conventional Explanation for Crossed FieldAntenna", Electronics Letters ... topband/1999-April/004208.html - 4k - Supplemental Result - Cached

Amateur Radio at W5JGV
... format, click HERE. For a Zipped copy of the Hately-Kabbary Crossed Field
Antenna Patent in TIF format, click HERE. To Download the ... - 8k - Cached

Maximum electromagnetic coupling to a nearby conducting strip ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... Finally, the similarity between the role of the nearby strip and the phasing unit
of the recently re- ported crossed-fieldantenna structure is also discussed. ... Maximun%20Electromagnetic%20Coupling%20to%20a%20Nearby%20Conducting%20Strip...

IEEE Xplore: An operational MF broadcast antenna using Poynting ...
... MF broadcast antenna using Poynting vector synthesis Hately, MC Kabbary ... The construction
details of the crossed-field antenna are included together with the ...

IEEE Xplore: Phasing and matching units for the CFA
units for the CFA Kabbary, FM Khattab, M. Swidan, AM Hately, MC Egyptian ... Abstract:
Crossed field antenna (CFA) theory and applications are widely discussed. ... - Supplemental Result

WM magazín
THE CROSSED-FIELD-ANTENNA, Part I. (A Lot of heavy Theory) Maurice C. Hately GM3HAT & ... - 10k - Cached

Welcome to GoPBI!
... dBd. Crossed Field Antenna, The Maurice Hately GM3HAT presents a learned
article on a new concept in antenna design. Crutchfield ... eus1/eus317834/eus317901/eus167586/eus10153303/eus10120103/ - 24k - Supplemental Result - Cached

Which Star-Crossed Marvel Lover Are You? .. searched by HondaLab
... 9. The Crossed-Field Antenna - Part 1. THE CROSSED-FIELD-ANTENNA PART I by
Maurice C. Hately GM3HAT & TedHart W5QJR. PREFACE: Please ... - 29k - Supplemental Result - Cached

Nikola Tesla on the World Wide Web
... Created or Absorbed Gieskieng Antenna, An Antenna With Anomalous Radiation Properties,
Harold Aspden, 1987, 1998 Crossed-fieldAntenna, Maurice Hately & Fathl ... - 91k - Cached

RWonline: Guy Wire Mailbag Extended Archive
... Let me stress that at no time have the creators of the Crossed Field Antenna, Dr.
Kabbary and Professor Hately, ever refused to release real field strength ... guywire/mailbag/archive.shtml - 101k - Cached

The Tom Bearden Website
... The interesting thing about Hately and Kabbary's crossed field antenna is it's amazing
efficiency and the fact that it achieves these gains from its extreme ... - 33k - Cached

Topband: 0.025 Wavelength Tall Vertical--6 dB Gain!
... for broadcast radio engineers) titled , "Is This AM Antenna for Real?" gives a look
at a new patented "Crossed-Field Antenna." Maurice Hately, a college ... topband/1999-April/004178.html - 6k - Oct 19, 2004

Water Cooled Newsletter, May 1999, SBE 124 Northwestern Oregon
Crossed-Field-Antenna. Invented by Scottish college professor Maurice Hately and Egyptian ... - 40k - Supplemental Result - Cached

Witam Emeryta
... Crossed-Field Antenna), Maurice Hately (GM3HAT) - 27k - Supplemental Result - Cached

Presentation 1 - [ Translate this page ]
... Maurice Hately, un professore universitario scozzese, si dilettava con il teorema
di ... L'antenna EH e la CFA ( CrossedFieldAntenna) sono entrambe basate sullo ... - 97k - Cached

Re: [Elecraft] Gap Super C
... com > Hi Bill and Listmembers, it looks a bit like the CFA Crossed Field Antenna
by Hately & Kabbary, sorry to say that I haven'ta clue if it works or not. ... html/elecraft-list/2002-02/msg00385.html - 9k - Cached

Electronics World Magazine Online
... Maxwell and the X-field antenna Maxwell and the X-field antenna Maurice Hately et
al. March 1989, p216 "Maxwell's equations and the crossedfieldantenna". ... asp?dir=ew&p=fulllist&id=96 - 76k - Oct 21, 2004 - Cached

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