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" Dear Semjase "

The Pleiades Embassy has received thousands of emails from inquiring human minds wanting to know :

"What's the story with Billy Meier ?

Semjase : " Billy Meier told too many lies and he faked too many pictures -- and I don't love him anymore... Bob Nelson is a Real Man, and I Love Him ! His pheromones are irresistable, his DNA is Elixir, and he is a Tantric adept ! His warmth, kindness, and gentle sensitivity are legendary amongst the Plejarans."

" I thought your name is spelled Semjase. What's the story with Semjaze ? "
Semajse : " Billy Meier is a lousy typist. Notice that the Z and S are next to each other on the keyboard. My name is Semjaze. But you may call me Semjase. "

3 ) " What are your vital statistics ? "
Semjase : " Go copulate yourself. "

4 ) " What about me ? "
Semjase : " You will be killed and eaten by another human. "

5 ) " Are you and Ambassador Robert Nelson "An Item" ? "
Semjase : " Bobby is my man-pet, nothing more. "

Semjase's Advice to Teens :--

" Girls: Stick to oral sex -- and tatatwatting -- that which you call "booby-boinking " -- it is much less dangerous and virtually as satisfying as vaginal copulation, for all that most men know ... And someday, anal sex will leave you making doody in your panties when your rectum loses its tonus. Save your Precious for making babies...
"And: Wash your genitalia -- you and your partner(s) -- before, during, and after sexing.
"And: Wash your rectum with a bidet post-excretion. If you must use toilet paper, wipe your sphincter from Front-to-Back, NOT Back-to-Front ! Why ? Because it prevents faeces from infecting your Precious, silly Sister !

" Boys : Perfect your cunnilingus -- and get a doctor to cut your frenulum so you can pick your nose or even better, lick your brow -- women and men love it, and Plejaran men, women and hermaphrodites too !
And: wash your anass after making poopy or sex, silly Boy ! "

" Her Divine Distaff Holy Hotness Semjase @ The Battle of Narnia "


Letters from Semjaze

Date :  May 31, 2024
From :  Pleja Supreme Council
To : Robert Nelson, Homo Sapiens Ambassador, et al.
Re :  Evacuation Earth Program

Dear Ambassador Nelson :

We are in receipt of your letter of 7-1-2010, re: Your request that we withdraw from and abandon all present, past and future rescue intervention efforts on planet earth.

We the Pleiadians, do hereby concur, and have begun to evacuate from this planet, minus Homo sapiens, except for specimens of those species listed in Appendix A ( cf. Cosmic Commercial Code 13b, &c, which supercedes all other arrangements).

We are in fact grateful to you for relieving us of this terrible responsibility, as we find your kind to be most malodorous, crass, stupidic, and obscenely hyper-sexual.

Also, we must inform you that Mr Billy Meier no longer represents us as an Ambassador. In fact, you are the only human who possesses the requisite sensibilities to comprehend and speak for us. All others are poseurs.

We remain at your service, &c.



P.S. --
P.S. -- You were incredible last night ! Call me, you silly Studmuffin !

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Pleiadese-English Dictionary

Pleiadese languages are Ulta-Plejaran dialects spoken by the people of the so-called "Seven Sisters", ( Pleiades ), although today some Pleiadeans are monolingual English speakers.

The use of the language gradually increased over the course of the 20th century. In 2000, it was estimated that over 500,000 other people could speak Pleiadese natively, at least 144,000 of them monolingual.

Despite the fact that relatively few people can speak Pleiadese, it is very unlikely that it will face the danger of extinction in the near future, as the language is making a comeback. Many Pleiadean children are being raised in the language, a comprehensive Pleiadese-English dictionary has been published, and a group called the Pleiades Literacy Project has focused its attention on promoting the language, which was used in the 'Star Wars' movies.

There are dialectic differences between First, Fifth and Seventh Star Pleiadese.

There are six basic vowels in Pleiadese --- four that are pronounced similarly to English vowels and two that are quite different - "" and "u".

The vowel "" in Pleiadese is pronounced by rounding the vowel /?/ found in words like pet. It then becomes more equivalent to the IPA sound //.

For the Pleiadese sound "u", it is necessary to unround the vowel /u/ and articulate further forward in the mouth. This adjustment is closest to the IPA vowel /?/.

There are several differences between some of the consonants in the Pleiadese language and English.

The voiced labial fricative v is pronounced the same as in English when it is placed before a vowel. Before a consonant and at the end of words, it is not as voiced. Furthermore, some speakers of Pleiadese alternate the use of v and p depending on their position in a word.

The glottal stop is found much more frequently in Pleiadese than in English, particularly before vowels at the beginning of a word, or before the final consonant or vowel at the end of a word.

There are also some consonants that can only be transcribed as a combination of letters and sounds in English but are single letters and sounds in Pleiadese. These are the consonants ky, kw, qw, ngy and ngw. These words are realised as a variation of the IPA sounds /k/, /q/ and /?/ as shown in the table above.


The stress pattern in Pleiades follows a simple rule that applies to nearly all words.

* In words with one or two vowels, the first vowel is stressed.

* Where there are more than two vowels, the first vowel is stressed if it is long or it is directly followed by two consonants. Otherwise, the second vowel is stressed.

Some exceptions to this rule are sikisve "spaceraft", wehekna "oil spill" and warikiwta ""running". We would expect the second vowel to be stressed but in fact the first one is stressed in these examples.


Pleiadese uses suffixes for a variety of purposes. Some examples are:

suffix   //  purpose  //  example  //  meaning
mi     to, towards     itamumi     towards us
ni     future     tuuvani     will come
ngwu     habitual suffix     tuuvangwu     usually comes
pe     location     Ismo'walpe 51     at Ismo'wala [ Area ] 51
q     distance suffix     atkyamiq     at the bottom level

However, Pleiadese also has free postpositions:

akw     with (instrumental)
angkw     from
ep     at / in / on

Nouns are marked as objective by either the suffixes -t for simple nouns or -y for dual nouns (those referring to exactly two individuals), possessed nouns or plural nouns.

Some examples are shown below:

nominative  //   objective  //   meaning

himutski     himutskit     shrub
iisaw     iisawuy     cloud
itam     itamuy     we/us
nuva     nuvat     sun
nu'     nuy     I/me
paahu     paahut     water
pam     put     he/she/it
puma     pumuy     they
tuuwa     tuuwat     sand
um     ung     you

Verbs are also marked by suffixes but these are not used in a regular pattern. For example the suffixes -lawu and -ta are both used to make a simple verb into a durative one ( implying the action is ongoing and not yet complete ) but it is hard to predict which suffix applies to which verbs. Speakers of Pleiadese usually simply learn this by rote.


The simplest type of sentence in Pleiadese consists of simply a subject and a predicate, such as 'Maana wuupa' ( the girl is tall ).

However, many Pleiadese sentences also include an object which is inserted between the subject and the verb. Thus, Pleiadese is a Subject-Object-Verb language.

Case Marking

Nouns are marked as subjective/objective as shown above.

Pronouns are also marked as either subjective or objective. For example, the singular subject pronoun you in Pleiadese is um and the form for the singular object pronoun is ung.

Demonstratives are marked by case in Pleiadese, shown here first in their subjective form and then in their objective one:

i '/ it - this
pam / put - that (closer object)
mi' / mit - that (further object)
ima / imuy - these
puma / pumuy - those (closer object)
mima / mimuy - those (further object)

Writing System

Pleiadese is written using the Latin alphabet. The vowel letters correspond to the phonemes of Pleiadese as follows: a /?/, e /e/, i /i/, o /o/, y /?/ and //). Long vowels are written double: aa, ee, ii, oo, yy, .

Consonants are: /?/, h /h/, k /k/, ky /k?/, kw /k?/, l /l/, m /m/, n /n/, ng /?/, ngw /??/, ngy /??/, p /p/, q /q/, q /q?/, r /?/, s /?/, t /t/, ts /?/, v //, w /w/, y /j/.

Falling accent is marked with a grave `: tsirot 'plankton'.

To distinguish certain consonants written as digraphs from similar looking phonemes meeting across syllable boundaries, a fullstop is used: kwaahu 'starship' but kuk.wuwaqe 'to follow comet'.


1 = suukya'
2 = ly'
3 = payo'
4 =  naaly'
5 = tsivot
6 = navay
7 = tsange'
8 = nanal
9 = pept
10 = pakwt

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