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Structured Water Fuel

Alexander V. Baranov
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My name is Alexander Baranov, I'm a scientist of National University of the Nuclear energy and the Industry, being outside the Russian Federation. I develop the alternative "know-how" of energy which are available me data, allow to approve, that there has come the end of an epoch of oil and gas. As a matter of fact, I am the enemy of Russia, successful realization of my theme will essentially reduce receipt to Russia of money from sale of oil and gas.

And as to me is what to tell on the given theme, still and the dangerous enemy.

I perfectly understand, my scientific activity can result in what consequences for economy of Russia. Also I guess, what consequences can come for me personally.

Nevertheless, I have made a decision, and I operate according to this decision. The person has practically destroyed the inhabitancy, but there is not passed yet a point of return, on my belief, it is necessary to accept emergency measures for rescue of biosphere...

Each person has a strength, as well as at metal, and today there was an event which has compelled to operate me as much as possible quickly, and is as much as possible effective.

Water can be used as fuel in automobile internal combustion engines without their essential alteration.

How it to make?

Water in itself is not fuel, and does not burn. But water is an initial component of fuel, by simple transformations it will be transformed that burns, for example, in methane, the chemical formula-CH4, propane, and butane-C2H5. All these gases are hydrocarbons, that is contain two chemical elements - carbon and hydrogen, and turn out from water the chemical formula of -H20. But allow, you will tell, in fact in water there is no carbon? No, but during transformation to water it appears under scheme O = C + D + D, where about - oxygen, with - carbon, D - deuterium (double hydrogen). D, by the way is the most valuable chemical element for the nuclear industry. For allocation of heavy water from usual into which it enters, complex, expensive technologies are used. Here, it turns out without special problems.

That you have read through, it any more chemistry, is NUCLEAR reaction.

How it to carry out?

For this purpose the process externally reminding electrolysis is used, high-frequency resonant transformer ( Tesla Coil ) which impulses of a current transform atom of oxygen so only is used, that it breaks up to three splinters - carbon and two D.

Power balance of reaction of full conformity with the law of conservation of energy k=50.

That is energy of combustion of gaseous products of decomposition of water in 50 times surpasses the energy spent for it.

For those who has not understood, I shall remind, that the Law of conservation of energy - the organic law of the nature, consisting that energy of the closed system is kept in time. In other words, energy cannot arise from anything and cannot disappear anywhere, it can pass only from one form in another.

Then superfluous energy is 50 times more spent whence has undertaken? Where a mistake?

This that well-known energy of communication counted with Enstein’s formula: delta E = delta MC^2, where C -speed of light.

The known scientist, Boris Vasilevich Bolotov has constructed skilled installation, on splitting water with the subsequent synthesis of hydrocarbons, more in detail

I confirm, working capacity of this installation.

The water having cluster structure, except for it can be transformed to fuel due to redistribution of own internal energy after introduction of an additive, for example a liquid mix of hydrocarbons which on weight can be less than one percent.

Process of transformation reminds a chain falling , a domino where in a role of an initial impulse dropping the first  **  the domino acts an additive.

More in detail about this technology you can learn, having looked film, is loaded repeatedly:

Part 1.This video about absolutely new Russian technology: Water fuel, thermonuclear reaction, hydrogen fuel, fuel element, Stanley Pons, Cold thermonuclear synthesis, new type of power If you can translate it, You will know one of the most biggest Russian secret- ordinary water as fuel! This video FOR GOVERNMENT of the Russian Federation.

My own work:

Excitation by electromagnetic radiation of metal catalysts for start thermonuclear reaction in water.

1) Spectrum of absorption of the catalyst. A spectrum of emission of the catalyst. (radiation with the changed parameters). Excitation of water by the catalyst on frequencies of a spectrum of radiation of the catalyst.

2) Synchronization of molecules of water by an external electromagnetic field. Anisotropy of water.

3) Direct absorption of a nuclear energy of communication by a resonant oscillatory contour.

Hydrogen fuel

I with my colleague Evgeny Gurevich Antonov working main technologist scientifically a production association of name LAVOCHKIN, about 20 years ago we have dealt with a problem of alternative fuel.

In 1996 the congress of the USA has made a decision on creation of fuel on a hydrogen basis calculated on 2О years.

Back or little bit earlier president Bush has declared half a year, that through 5 years the USA will not require oil. 5years  the big term and president Bush can be mistaken, or to it have given the incorrect information.

You now will see burning water, hydrogen fuel on the basis of water is more exact. Percent of the maintenance of water in initial components of a mix it is essential more than 99 %.

I suggest to construct our dialogue under the following scheme: you see water. Check up, that it is water.

Smell, drink.

Tell, what you have drunk?

-it pure water

I ask the second witness to confirm that it is water.

I confirm, pure water.

Now you drink. To follow-I shall drink.

Water is  it an Africa water. Russian humour.

And suddenly it burns? From Americans have bought. Russian humour.

Let's check up it.

After the flame of a lighter has evaporated water, the paper has started to burn.

You see, water does not burn.

Now add water in two small bottle, up to the certain level.

There is enough.

Now here.

Before you two small bottles of water.

Now I am insolent in a hand diesel fuel which has been bought on automobile refuelling.

Let's check up it and we shall see, how burns diesel fuel.

You see a bright flame and a soot. The result is predicted a paper impregnated by fuel burns well.

Now I type diesel fuel and we add in water. We close bottles. Bottles after that we shake up. Water has grown turbid.

How you estimate quantity of the added fuel in water?

I believe the additive of fuel in water less than 1 %.

That there has passed process of reorganization of structure of water and water has ceased to be water and diesel fuel has reconstructed the structure too and as a result it has turned out new substances some time is necessary. Therefore we still a little bit shall stir up.

While it is two phase mix, but it becomes a homogeneous liquid after a while.

We expect 5 minutes, Now we wish to declare:

I shall speak and Evgeny Gurevich will show documents.

That you see is a product. You are convinced of it.

This product has obtained the international recognition.

Swiss corporation RGS or RJS investigated and has confirmed properties of a product and has estimated, here the conclusion: heat of combustion of standard fuel 46 Points, and diesel fuel 43 Points. We gave them a mix of 50 % of fuel.

Also you see the conclusion of laboratory of mineral oil and fuel of South Korea with tables in figures, schedules. Also we have the offer on cooperation from South-Korean investors.

Also we have the conclusion from institute of problems of natural sciences which confirm, that the product is fuel.

It is small station of generation of heat near the city of Zelenograd. This standard boiler-house constructed in 1950. Boilers of a Podolsk factory are used. On a photo in the bottom boiler burns diesel fuel, on top photo-our new fuel. 50 % are mixed with standard fuel.

It has been made not by us. It has been made by one of services of the government of Moscow.

They have made fuel under our control, and they stored its two months for full reorganization of structure.

After tests, results and the report have been transferred to us. The mix of standard fuel of 50 % -50 % new fuel was used. The charge of a mix was on 30 % less, than at use of standard fuel.

I am most of all convinced that we have made unique technology the conclusion about market cost of actives of the project. The conclusion is made by a bureau of financial consultations and estimations. The patent for the invention is estimated from above $ 5 billion.

Also I was convinced that we have made a great thing, after viewing a response of The academician Frolov Konstantin Vasilevich, unfortunately it has died, I know.

It was very cautious person, it carefully checks all.

Search for the conclusion of academician Frolov.

Here it:

Dear Konstantin Fedorovich, writes it to the manager of the project. It is possible to show, the form of committee at the president of Russia. Academician Frolov writes: During special physical processing water-hydrocarbonic mixes with a high probability an established fact of reception steady in time and on properties of essentially new class of the chemical compounds possessing properties of liquid combustible materials. The parity of water and hydrocarbons in investigated samples made from 10 up to 90 %, with preservation of ability to ignition. I consider this direction very important for industrial application as effective ecological fuel. In current of two years after optimization the output on an industrial level of production is possible.

The person which wrote it very cautious. I have read through its conclusion in which it has recognized the important invention and have understood, that we could convince it that this technology works well.

I wish to tell, Jury Ivanovich began career in firm Lavochkin we have started to cooperate 15-17 years ago.

We have begun earlier other interesting theme which has received Paul Borodina's high estimation which held a post of the president of Russia operating affairs.

It writes: Dear Valery Nikolaevich!

Researches on creation of thermal energy sources spent by Mr. Krasnov are priority for creation of alternative power of the future.

I ask to accelerate as much as possible works on this theme, and bench tests.

Then we worked with other theme – heat generator, we for the first time have fixed plasma in a liquid.

On result of these tests we have come to conclusion about danger of cold thermonuclear synthesis without reliable biological protection. Experiences were spent on mice.

That theme has been transferred to other experts, and we have borrowed in this technology.

Hydrogen liquid fuel on the basis of connections.

We have agreeed to creating pre-production models of installations both for the structured water and for reception of fuel and for application of this water in an agriculture and farmers.

I think, we should in it to year at support leave on creation of installations, carry out all researches. And we on a horse. I am right, Jury Ivanovich?

But it is difficult. The problem is solved very much greater. To replace oil with water.

We can speak about it much. The biosphere is practically destroyed. Let's look, has passed more than 5 minutes.

Yes the god will help us. And it is completely not ridiculous.

The paper burns not. And by what it is impregnated.

Let's repeat with other bottle. Too most.

Character of burning and temperature above than at burning diesel fuel. Everyone see a greater difference. Even in the city of Odessa. Russian humour.

Through certain time when reorganization of structure will occur more strongly water, water is more exact any more, will burn a dark blue flame as spirit.

Now the product burned 1500-1600 degrees celsies, and at long endurance temperature reaches 2000 degrees.

We speak a science and a science, Evgenie, where leaflets red?

Closely look at these two documents,

These are absolutely unique photos. You see structure of a product about which academician Frolov wrote.

And here it is structure of water. Here that water. Which is a source of a life.

Pictures are made with use of an electronic microscope in chamber Kirlian and with ex-potential influence of powerful laser radiation.

This installation is only in Russia in any country except for Russia these researches to make it is impossible.

Conclusion before you plasma.

Water in the form of plasma.

That plasma to receive which 40 years scientists of all world and academician Velihov for thermonuclear synthesis try.

Instead of 20 billion roubles on researches, Russia did not finance us.

We have not received any cent. All have made.

Besides our work was stirred by competitors. They created to us problems. I understand, that we see a miracle, but it not a miracle, -it is physics.

You remember the Bible where it is told about a miracle in a temple when

Jesus has transformed water into wine?

Then it was a miracle. Now we speak, it is physics.

We are able to do it by means of technical devices.

According to the bible the Christ could to do miracles without the industrial equipment.

Modern researches in the physicist show, that transformation of one chemical elements in another for example Li2O=Si is possible

Water turns to wine, the basis hydrogen and oxygen and is a little carbon.

Which turns out from oxygen.

The modern science knows far not all. We are waited with new opening.

The science does not answer a question why the ground why galaxies have the form of a spiral as the atom we till now is arranged do not know precisely, interaction of a proton spins and **  is not studied.

The modern science only pretends, that understands the device of the world. In 1946 Schrödinger has told: any of laws of a modern science in wildlife does not work in exact conformity with the theory.

Hence, I have the right to draw a conclusion:

Or the wildlife is arranged incorrectly, or our representations are erroneous, and knowledge are inexact and incomplete.

That you have now seen that, it is the first confident step to true understanding of the device of the world and space, understanding of an essence of things...

As a matter of fact it is revolution, in fact if chemical elements in a periodic table represent assembly from hydrogen, as from LEGO, new opening will be often.

Very important question.

Cost of reception of this water of 1000 kg = $5-7 can be $10.

You know cost of diesel fuel, how many it is necessary you saw.

Business the plan write. We trust you.

Jury Ivanovich has not noted one important moment-clearly, that it is a new kind of fuel.

We filled diesel engines of tractors of our farmers, and they worked without problems.

I confirm. The technology is tested. Tractors ploughed the ground.

Evgeniy, it has what value in comparison with the fact that water burns.

All is equal where it burns in boilers, tractors or turbines.

Problem in other: today for Russia is unprofitable to open to the world this technology.

Russia a big exporter of oil and gas.

Therefore it is absolutely unprofitable to Russia.

Moreover, introduction of this fuel represents threat for the budget of Russia.

And this threat not only for Russia.

Therefore we address to the world that you knew, that such technology exists, and Russian are still capable of much.

We plan to put pressure through distribution of this technology upon the government of Russia.

The last, that I wish to tell.

On March, 1st, 2007, on advisory council in the government of Russia at Mr. Gref.

I have lead protection of two mega the projects, the first is this project, The second  - use of the structured water in an agriculture to not use chemical substances, fertilizer, poisons.

I shall explain the purpose to refuse all kinds of chemistry in an agriculture.

My report has been approved.

Thanks for viewing.

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Method and Apparatus for Cracking Hydrocarbons

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Abstract --  The present invention is directed to a method for cracking hydrocarbons whereby the hydrocarbon educt is fed to a reactor in which the educt is provided with deuterium or deuterium compounds or with the disintegration product thereof. The invention further is directed to a reactor for cracking hydrocarbons having an inlet and an outlet as well as a substance which is adapted to release deuterium or deuterium compounds in the heated state when applying electric current pulses. The invention is further directed to an ultrasonic reactor having a spherical reactor wall in which at least two ultrasonic generators are provided at opposite portions of the reactor such that the ultrasonic waves are focused in the centre of the reactor.

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