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( October 2015 )

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»  Stuff & Stuff ~October 2015 -- UPDATES : 10 October / 8 October -- All-New Blogomatic Format -- Updated 2x per Chronon with the latest Sci-Tech News & Olds !

Stuff & Stuff -- Archives : Back & 4th Issues , 1st Edition Facsimile Reprints, & More or Less !

» MELLOR,  J.W. : Arsenic ~ Excerpts from Comprehensive Treatise on Inorganic & Theoretical Chemistry ( Vol. IX - Arsenic ) -- Tech notes for alchemists, to supplement Adept Alchemy, Chapter III ( Arsenic & Gur ).

» Hypnosis ~ Videos & select patents for inductive techniques , especially Ericksonian & self-hypnosis.

ANONYMOUS : Report From Iron Mountain ~ The classic text on social engineering to promote War vs Peace.

» PAN, Zhou-Hua : Channelrhodopsin 2 vs Blindness ~  Protein extract from algae cures blindness; articles & patents.

Chief Seattle (1780 – 1866) -- "...What will happen when the buffalo are all slaughtered? What will happen when the secret corners of the forest are heavy with the scent of many men and the view of the ripe hills is blotted by talking wires? The end of living and the beginning of survival.”

That time is Now. Welcome to it... Here are your Instructions :

» Survival Manuals : FM 21-76 -- US Army Survival Manual ** FM 21-76-1 ( 1999 ) -- Survival, Evasion & Recovery ** FM 4-25.11 -- First Aid ** ISO 871-CALMS -- US Army Combat Lifesaver Course ** NATO -- Emergency War Surgery ** US Marine Corps -- Summer Survival Course Handbook ** TM 5-813-8 -- Technical Manual : Desalination ** Bushcraft -- Canadian Scout Manual PO403 **Fieldcraft -- Canadian National Defense Military Training Manual B-GL-392-009

KRUMMENACHER, Walter, et al. : Polarmond Sleeping System ~ All-in-one survival shelter.

Meanwhile :

» BRUSHKOV, Anatolii ( Brouchkov ), et al. : Bacillus cereus sp. F Longevity ~ Ancient bacteria discovered in permafrost increases lifespan, improves plant growth & cold tolerance... Articles & patents.

» Immortality ~ Leonard Orr's Rebirthing Technique, & 20 patented methods claiming immortality ...

» GUARENTE, Leonard, et al. : SIRT1 Polypeptides vs Aging ~ Nutraceutical Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide ( NAD ) precursors increase lifespan.

Recent : SHKATOV &  ZAMSHA : Torsion Fields and Interstellar Communication ** Telepathy Patents ** Bioenergetic Patents ( II ) ** GILLIGAN : Fuelsavers ** Electro-OsteoGenesis ** ABRIGO : Antibacterial Nanofibers ** LANDOLINA : Veti-Gel Bandage ** DANG : Self-Cleaning Oil-Water Separation Membrane ** LAGIEWKA : EPAR Shock Absorber ** DAVIDSON : RF Dissociation of Water ** KRAVCHENKO** MURAKAMI : Plasma Jet Ignition **BARBAT : Self-Sustaining Generator ** LEIMER : Radium Antenna ** PASHLEY : Bubble Desalination ** Geopathic Zones ** MAKHONINE : Fuel Reformer ** TAMURA : Water Activator ** LAURENT : Dissociated Steam Fuel ** GcMAF ** ZHANG : Lanosterol vs Cataracts ** MAO : Tooth Regeneration ** TetraSilver Tetroxide ( # 5 ) **

Constant : Fukushima, Mon Amour ~ Once more into the breach : 70 patents to reduce the radioactivity of nuclear materials... And keep Liquid Nitrogen & Dry CO2 at hand to douse the fire...

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