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The Civilization Kit

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( June 2016 )

Updated 21 June  »  Stuff & Stuff  ~ Must-Read-Now Sci-Tech News & Olds & Social Stupidiotic Studies  -- The Slicing Edge of Quantal Being ! Googoolflops of Factoids Updatumed 30 Trillion x per Chronon ! Text-Only Pre-Epiphanic Edition ! » Stuff & Stuff Archives

» A4 = 432 Hz ~ Scale frequency list, cosmic corelations, &c. vs Nazi A=440 Hz.

SHKOLNIK, Nikolay : Mini-Engine ~ Hybrid cycle rotary engine ( & liquid piston version ) produces 1 hp / lb, 50%+ more efficient than any other design.

» BLACKMORE, D., et al : Fuel Economy of the Gasoline Engine ~ Principles & Effects : Fuel, Engine, Vehicle, Additives, Lubricants,  Maintenance ( PDF, 7 MB ).

Recent : Microwave Hydrogen Generators ** PERRY : Interdimensional Power System ** Scalar / Longitudinal - Wave / Field Patents ** DIAMANTI : Eliodomestico Desalinator ** De GEUS : Fuel Additive ** CHERUKURI : Teslaphoresis ** Merelle : Mysteries of Alchemy ** NanoCopper Patents ** HOLMLID : Ultra-Dense Deuterium Fusion ** MARKS : Toroidal Power Unit ** BOTTE : Urea Electrolysis ** MACDONELL : Synfuel Production ** FILIMONENKO : Cold Fusion ** ROESEL : Liquid Piston Sterling Engine ** McKINLEY : Fog Fence ** VALENTINE : The Book of Of Natural and Supernatural Things **  KING ( Moray B ) : Collected Papers ** CHASE : Microwave Conversion of Oil ** Geroprotectors ** NORETTA : Peach vs Cancer ** Emphysema Alternative Therapies ** THROCKMORTON : Ram Pump ** Kudzu ** Electrolyzed Water in Agriculture ** GUNDERSON : Transformer-Generator **

Constant :

Once more into the breach : 60+ Patents to reduce Radioactivity
... And keep Liquid Nitrogen & Dry CO2 handy to smother the fire, shock-cool the corium, and form nitrides and carbonates ( It worked @ Chernobyl -- but loser Tepco-Yakuza would rather save face than life, so tough faeces, Japan-Pacific Ocean-Earth -- from Magna BSP-Mossad-Stuxnet-NSA-Illuminazi-General Electric with Love & Omnicide ! )

Quatrains re: The Muslim Invasion of Europe -- The Definitive Astro-Dated 2016 Edition

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The Rex Research Civilization Kit

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