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Robert A. Nelson
 Curriculum Vitaemin Supplementum

is the Reincarnation of all Life in all its forms since Now.

He is the Most Humble Being in the Universe, and damned Proud of it.

He enjoys a rewarding Weekend Career as a Gigolo at Area 52, servicing the Needful Things of various Alien Races, thus ensuring the Supremacy of His DNA in the Universes, with only mildly psychopathic Genitalia-Pity for You.

He says, "On Friday night 'They' fly me from Jean Airport to Area 52. On Monday morning I wake up with a sore nose & ass, no memory, and my codpiece stuffed with $10,000 cash."

He also acts as Earth Ambassador to the Pleiadians and Dracos.

He is the Illuminati Station Chief for the SW USA, HQ LV NV.

He is the Illuminati choice for President of the USA in 2012 !

Works-In-Progress : ---

Pilates of the Caribbean : A physical fitness instructor moonlights as an organ-harvester in Haiti.

The Enema Trilogy :

(1) A Russian Proctologist moonlights as a sniper during the WW2 Siege of Leningrad. Working Title: Enema at the Gates...

(2) A German Proctologist serves as a Submariner during WW2. Working Title: The Enema Below... Alternate Title: Das Booty

(3) An Italian Proctologist-cum-Gynecologist ministers to Mussolini's Wife during WW2. Working Title: Il Douche ...

Shock & Awe :---

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Your Tax $$ @ Work in Iraq ! Thanks Megatons of DU !

... I'm OK ! It's just a scratch...

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