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The Key to the True Quabbalah

( 1986, Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal, W. Germany; ISBN 3-921338-03-4; L.C. 85-67-0007. )

Audio / Color Workbook

Part 2

Names of Divine Beings :

JHWH & Mercury Zone

A B C D E F G H Ch I J K L M

N O P R S Sh T U W Y Z Ć Ö

[ Ed. Note : -- This Workbook is intentionally underdeveloped, so as to reduce the potential for abuse, as Bardon warns. Qualified persons can edit and apply these formulae easily and responsibly. Malpracticers will self-destruct. ]

JHWH : ---



Jehova or Adonai... 256 formulas of JHWH... The pure formula J-H-W-H is generally used for curing very sick people by quabbalah... it may also be successfully used for business matters.

[ The remaining JHWH mp3 codes are not included her ]

JaHWH ~ Riches and success in love... Cures lunatics.


JeHWH ~ Friendship of very important persons, arouses love and leads to erotic satisfaction.


JiHWH ~ Power over friends... Learn about their future.


JoHWH ~ Control over other people... Superiority over other beings.


JuHWH ~ Astrological knowledge... Divine mercy.


JauHWH ~ Happy mood... Verifies plans for the future, leads to riches, &c.


JouHWH ~ Protection against negative beings... Happiness.


"Transfer letter J into the akasa principle, whereas the other letters that have no phonetic annex are applied in the same analogy via the mental, the astral and the physical matter. If the quabbalist wants to make use of the same formulas by applying the general key, he need only induce: the mental effects into the H, the astral effects into the W, and the material effects into the second H.

"The quabbalist who is engaged in numerical combinations will come to regard 462 as a secret number in quabbalah in which any formula has to be numerically transferred. For realization purposes in the material world, irrespective of the key that is being used, number 2 is analogous to the akasa principle, 60 to the mental and 400 to the astral kingdom. If, therefore, someone wants to bring about the absolute realization of his wishes, he must transfer the respective formula: twice into the akasa principle, 60 times into the mental body, and 400 times into the astral kingdom, the astral body."

Note ~ In Paul Allen's internet-published notes on the "Sources of Franz Bardon's Kabbala" (2001), he offers the following table to explain the vowel-addition to JHVH, assigning them to the Sephiroth (Source: Aryeh Kaplan: Meditation and Kabbalah):

Sephiroth ~ Vowel Pronunciation ~ Vowel ~ Tetragrammaton

Kether ~ Kametz ~ a ~ YaHaVaHa
Chokma ~ Patach ~ ~ YaHaVaHa
Binah ~ Tzere ~ e ~ YeheVeHe
Chesed ~ Segol ~ e ~ YeHeVeHe
Geburah ~ Sheva ~ ' ~ Y'H'V'H'
Tipereth ~ Cholem ~ o ~ YoHoVoHo
Netzach ~ Chirek ~ i ~ YiHiViHi
Hod ~ Kibbutz ~ u ~ YuHuVuHu
Yesod ~ Shurek ~ u ~ YuHuVuHu
Malkuth ~ Kein Vokal ~ --- ~ YHVH

Quabbalistic Use of Divine Names and Beings

"Powers such as the elements, the electromagnetic fluid, and to some extent even the akasa principle, are quantities that must not be confused with qualities. Everything representing a power exists, however, materially, although it might have a most subtle form, and must therefore be regarded as matter... Any type of quantity/ power is some kind of matter...

"Mights, virtues, characteristics, abilities are qualities and are not to be confused with powers. Mights of various kinds, virtues, qualities and abilities, whether used in the akasa principle, the mental, astral or material world, may function without the condensation of power or matter, i.e., they may unconsciously become quantities. If this is the case, the increased capacities tend to be somehow realized, thereby quite automatically employing a certain quantity of their analogous power. This procedure always takes place at the cost of the relevant vitality of the mental, astral or material body; sometimes even at the cost of the fate.

"All divine names, all recorded names of angels, archangels, principals, genii, etc., have a quantitative power and a qualitative might -- personal qualities, abilities, virtues, etc... Do not imagine the divine name to be a personified spiritual being equipped with the abilities, spheres of operation, etc., assigned to it.

"The total complex of a certain formula represents a personified spiritual being, since the total complex of powers and abilities is analogous to a certain form and is thus identified with a personified being; for otherwise a being could not be represented... The combined letters representing a being are, at the same time, a quabbalistic formula having an analogous connection to powers and qualities or describing the relevant personified being respectively.

"The conjuring magician evokes the spiritual being with its full name -- total complex, quantitatively and qualitatively -- which then appears externally in its respective qualities and quantities... The magician works with the total complex of powers and mights, i.e., quantitatively as well as qualitatively, of the whole being. The quabbalist analyses the name of a being and uses it by means of the various keys, qualitatively as well as quantitatively, in the akasa, the mental, astral or material plane. Thus he attains for his own use the same powers = quantitatively -- abilities, virtues, qualities, etc., = qualitatively -- without having to get into any contact with the formed being.

"A little exception is made by the Schem-Ham-Phoras, the 72 genii of Mercury, who have a certain connection to the spiritual body. It also contains the mystery of the 72-letter name of God -- the longest name of God is identified as the highest mode of expression of the Deity.

"By the name of the 72 genii of the mercury Zone, the qualities of these genii are expressed, but not their quantities, i.e., the power-substance which effects realization in the material plane. The quantities of the 72 genii are given expression by the fourfold key and are manifested in the names of Deities consisting of four letters. The quantitative form or combination of letters always indicates the superior divine name of the respective genius.

"The first genius, Vehuiah, has the power-key-name of JHVH. The genius' name of "Vehuiah" thus gives expression to the qualitative form; the quantity key or key to the substance of power, on the other hand, is expressed by the fourfold key, the Jod-He-Vau-He.

[ Note ~ According to Paul M., Bardon used the 72 Names of God depicted in a drawing in Athanasius Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus (1652) to provide the "Quantity (power) Keys" for the 72 genii of the Mercury Zone in his The Practice of Magical Evocation. The Quality Keys (names) of the Mercury spirits are encoded in the Bible, Exodus 14: 19-21. ]

Quality Key ~ Quantity Key

[ Notes: Classic spelling / Tarot Card ]

[ The -EL, -AL, and -AH suffixes are not included in these mp3s to avoid evocation-personification-karma --- Read The Key for details ]


Vehuiah ~ JodHeVauHe
"...Strengthen willpower... make belief firm as a rock... increase conviction... bring about true miracles... special kinds of magical faculties." [Vahaviah / 5 wands] [ Sigil ]


WEHUI.mp3 // JHWH.mp3

Jeliel ~ Aydi
 " love and sympathy...  sexual magic...  change hostility into friendship... raise love in man and woman... make this love increase and decay if necessary... to become a master of love... make thieves return their stolen goods;  ban...  criminals... cause / stop earthquakes...  speak any language...   gain respect, power and riches... make unworthy people lose their reputation and riches... " [Yelayel / 5 w.] [ Sigil ]


JELI.mp3 // AYDI.mp3

Sitael ~ Schiha
"... hypnosis, suggestion and telepathy...  perfect mastery of man and animal by way of deception, dazzling, etc. ... [instruction] in the art of reading easily the past, present and future in the akasa principle." [Saitel / 6 w.] [ Sigil ]


SITA.mp3 // SChIHA.mp3

Elemiah ~ Alla
" become master of fate...  charge magic words... transfer them into the akasa principle... bring about the desired effect in the mental, astral and physical world... contact the dead..." [Olmiah / 6 w.] [ Sigil ]


ELEMI.mp3 // ALLA.mp3

Mahasiah ~ Toth
"...complete control over the elements... treat incurable diseases by magic and Quabbalah... understand the laws of analogy of the microcosm and the macrocosm..."
 [7 w.] [ Sigil ]


MAHASI.mp3 // TOTH.mp3

Lelahel ~ Abgd
"...shows the magician how to effect magical charges with... sexual magic...talismans and amulets charged by love magic... exact information on all fields of science...  a friend of all artists." [7 w.] [ Sigil ]


LELAH.mp3 // AGDI.mp3


Achaiah ~ Dodo
"... make enemies into friends, make friends, raise love read in akasa the fate persons of and whole nations." [Akaiah / 8 pent.] [ Sigil ]


AChAI.mp3 // DODO.mp3

Kahetel ~ Moot
"...  control the electromagnetic fluid by the magic of elements... cause the most diverse phenomena in nature...  influence the growth of plants positively or negatively... by electromagnetic fluids... cause rain, snow, thunderstorm, hailstorm, etc., and make them cease again." [Kehethel / 8 p.] [ Sigil ]


KAHET.mp3 // MOOT.mp3

Aziel ~ Agzi
"... Divine Justice and Divine Mercy ... in all planes and spheres...  appease enemies... awaken love... make to protect against enemies... become famous and rich... informs the magician on everything that exists under the surface of the earth, hidden treasures, metals and subterranean waters." [Hazayel / 9 p.] [ Sigil ]


AZI.mp3 // AGZI.mp3

Aladiah ~ Sipi
"... occult anatomy of man,  protect against inharmonious influences... treat diseases... an excellent initiator into chemistry and alchemy, into magic and Quabbalah. He instructs the magician in the use of powers and plants for various magical practices. " [Aldiah / 9 p.] [ Sigil ]


ALADI.mp3 // SIPI.mp3

Lauviah ~ Deus
"...Banning formulae ... influence fierce thunderstorms... ban enemies... military science... a magical authority...  solve the most difficult problems with surprising easiness." [Laviah / 10 p.] [ Sigil ]


LAUWI.mp3 // DEUS.mp3

Hahaiah ~ Zeus
"...initiation into the laws of analogy... teaches the language of symbols... how to express and idea in symbols... make the most embittered enemies into friends, to make love grow between friends, and many other things." [Hihaayah / 10 p.] [ Sigil ]


HAHAI.mp3 // ZEUS.mp3


Jezalel ~ Boog
"...inspires all writers and artists... become an excellent orator... assists politicians... clear intellect and good memory... perception and a ready wit ... procure the favor of very important persons, secure success in love , learn secret plans..." [Yezalel / 2 swords] [ Sigil ]


JEZAL.mp3 // BOOG.mp3

Mebahel ~ Dios
" ...helps to win wars, to realize plans for peace... inspires, helps politicians.... a protector against injustice, helps to settle legal affairs righteously... helps prisoners... reading other persons’ thoughts and how he can detect and control his persecutors and enemies." [2 swords] [ Sigil ]


MEBAH.mp3 // DIOS.mp3

Hariel ~ Idio
"... occult philosophy, magic and quabbalah... evocation... protect against negative beings of the Mercury sphere... make use of the Mercury zone inductively and deductively on all three planes... a great lover of peace, this genius can bring about the circumstances that will lead to peace... protection of very important persons." [Harayel / 3 sw.] [ Sigil ]


HARI.mp3 // IDIO.mp3

Hakamiah ~ Dieu
"...helps the magician to honor, glory and riches by occult means... love... treating infertility of women..." [Hoqmiah / 3 sw.] [ Sigil ]


HAKAMI.mp3 // DIEU.mp3

Lanoiah ~ Goth
" look mentally, astrally and physically into the past, present and future in the akasa principle, especially in respect to technological inventions in technology, chemistry and electricity... cause success of musicians and composers... an excellent initiator into the magic of music... cosmic metaphysics." [Laviah, 4 sw.] [ Sigil ]


LANOI.mp3 // GOTH.mp3

Kaliel ~ Boog
"...high magic and quabbalah... magic-quabbalistic distress calls ... can instantly kill... how to become invisible mentally, astrally and physically... dematerialize oneself mentally, astrally and physically ...  overbridge time and space... perfect mastery in akasa... herbs and precious stones in alchemy as fluid condensers... " [Kelial / 4 sw.] [ Sigil ]


KALI.mp3 // BOOG.mp3


Leuviah ~ Bogi
"... to achieve a high intelligence, excellent memory and marvelous judgment... raise or increase love with men and women, friends and enemies by magic-quabbalistic methods." [Lyvoyah / 5 cups] [ Sigil ]


LEUWI.mp3 // BOGI.mp3

Pahaliah ~ Tios
"... legality of the micro- and macrocosm... the evolution of man...  askesis and magical equilibrium... synthesis of all religious... from the hermetic point of view... realize the diverse effects of the Divine Virtues on all three planes." [Pehilyah / 5 c.] [ Sigil ]


PAHALI.mp3 // TIOS.mp3

Nelekael ~ Bueg
"... hermetic science... helps occult writers by inspiration and  imagination...  provides appropriate means for studies...  contact with  Guru... methods, instructions, and formulae protect against the negative influences of any sphere... herbs and precious stones in magic and Quabbalah and alchemy... akasa principle and on the art of reading in it." [Nelokhiel / 6 c.] [ Sigil ]


NELEKA.mp3 // BUEG.mp3

Jeiael ~ Good
 "... to become respected and rich by magic and Quabbalah... establishes success in profession and in traveling... protection against accidents. A talisman manufactured and worn according to this genius’s instructions will always protect against any kind of inconveniences... An inventor may look into the past, present and future for anything of interest.. " [Yeyayel / 6 c.] [ Sigil ]


JEIA.mp3 // GOOD.mp3

Melahel ~ Dieh
"...quabbalistic formulae against weapons, surprise attacks...stop fire, bear  heat without burns... herbal medicines..." [Melchel / 7 c.] [ Sigil ]


MELAH.mp3 // DIEH.mp3

Hahuiah ~ Esar
"...banning formulae vs animals, thieves, murderers confess... complete paralysis instantly... knows the most diverse protecting formulae, some of which the reader will find in... The Key to the True Quabbalah." [Chahaviah / 7 c.] [ Sigil ]


HAHUI.mp3 // ESAR.mp3


Nith-Haiah ~ Orsi
"...the greatest original initiator of the Mercury sphere... guards all secret mysteries well...  no unworthy person is revealed the Abisheka or knowledge in magic and Quabbalah... initiates a mature magician into the profoundest secret mysteries of magic and Quabbalah... an original initiator into all sciences and the greatest wisdom that can ever be grasped by a man. Nith-Haiah is the guardian angel of all magicians on earth."  [Nithahiah / 8 wands] [ Sigil ]


NITHHAI.mp3 // ORSI.mp3

Haaiah ~ Agdi
"... a protector of justice... win any lawsuit if  right... high diplomacy... gain the favor of very important people... gain knowledge and riches, how to encounter his enemies, in order to reveal any treason or secret plans and operations." [Haaeyah / 8 w.] [ Sigil ]


HAAI.mp3 // AGDI.mp3

Jerathel ~ Teos
" excellent talent for learning languages... procure the favor of friend and enemy... see in akasa principle what enemies are planning...... banning formulae... If the magician is a writer, Jerathel can make him a famous man by providing him with an excellent capacity of perception and showing him ways and means to achieve this without difficulty." [Yirthiel / 9 w.] [ Sigil ]


JERATH.mp3 // TEOS.mp3

Seeiah ~ Adad
"... stop thunderstorms... stop fire... destroy complete cities or protect towns and houses in wartime... special protection." [Sahiah / 9 w.] [ Sigil ]


SEEI.mp3 // ADAD.mp3

Reiel ~ Zimi
"...understand great truths... inform of enemy plans... protection... change their minds to become friends... cosmic orderliness and the correlative effects of its powers." [Reyayel / 10 w.] [ Sigil ]


REI.mp3 // ZIMI.mp3

Omael ~ Tusa
"... a great friend of the animal kingdom.... friend of physicians, especially gynecologists and surgeons... occult chemistry and alchemy... pre-natal education... never get into distress and grievance... " [Avamel / 10 w.] [ Sigil ]


OMA.mp3 // TUSA.mp3


Lekabel ~ Teli
"...initiator into love magic and all sexual mysteries... Quabbalah and talismanology... magical faculties by the akasa principle,  light, clairvoyance, invisibility... alchemy... prolong life at will... discover treasures... oratory..." [2 pentacles] [ Sigil ]


LEKAB.htm // TELI.htm

(32)   Vasariah ~ Anot
"...a versatile initiator and protector... Thieves, robbers, liars will be induced to tell the truth... oratory... powerful formulae vs aggressors... astrophysics, space magic and Quabbalah... invisibility and invulnerability" [Veshariah / 2 p.] [ Sigil ]


WASARI.mp3 // ANOT.mp3

Jehuiah ~ Agad
"...a teacher of all sciences of the earth... pass any examinations... look into the past, present and future... recognize enemies... change hostility into friendship, raise love, increase friendship... levitation, dematerialization and materialization of bodies ... space magic.... inspiration." [Yechavah / 3 p.] [ Sigil ]


JEHUI.mp3 // AGAD.mp3

Lehahiah ~ Aneb
"... calming of tempestuous spirits... control lightning, thunder... safe travel." [Lehachiah / 3 p.] [ Sigil ]


LEHAHI.mp3 // ANEB.mp3

Kevakiah ~ Anup
".. master all dangerous influences of negative beings... creates peace... riches and honor." [Keveqiah / 4 p.]


KEWAKI.mp3 // ANUP.mp3

Menadel ~ Alla
"...synthetic astrology...  spagyry... to free prisoners... procures luck and happiness..." [Mendial / 4 p.] [ Sigil ]


MENAD.mp3 // ALLA.mp3


Aniel ~ Abda
"... arts... the most secret mysteries of initiation into magic and Quabbalah... awakens talent for translating these high mysteries into the language of the intellect."  [5 swords] [ Sigil ]


ANI.mp3 // ABDA.mp3

Haamiah ~ Agla
"...deepest wisdom... highest bliss... makes the magician bear his earthly lot by strengthening his health, procuring contentment, happiness and renown for him... can fulfill the magician’s any wish." [Chaamiah / 5 sw.] [ Sigil ]


HAAMI.mp3 // AGLA.mp3

Rehael ~ Goot
"...alchemy and occult anatomy... manufacture of the philosophers’ stone by the dry as well as the wet procedure, by which the astral or physical body can be impregnated and rejuvenated...  prolong life... children ... love and loyalty..." [Rehaayal / 6 sw.] [ Sigil ]


REHA.mp3 // GOOT.mp3

Ieiazel ~ Goed
" free someone from prison or from enemies..   magical dematerialization and rematerialization...  past, present and future... transmutation of enemies into friends... cause and calm thunderstorms...  cure psychic disharmonies... a good friend of all artists,  secures success for writers and editors of books."  [Yeyeziel / 6 sw.] [ Sigil ]


IEIAZ.mp3 // GOED.mp3

Hahahel ~ Gudi
"...  strategic success and  new inventions in this respect. discover the plans of the enemy... exterminate whole armies... evocation of storms... increase any kind of energy in an astonishing manner... become invulnerable... recognize the workings of the akasa principle in the mental, astral and physical world." [Hahihel / 7 sw.] [ Sigil ]


HAHAH.mp3 // GUDI.mp3

Mikael ~ Biud
"...magic-quabbalistic methods, discover enemy  plans... helps politicians and diplomats... intuition and presentiment."  [Michael / 7 sw.] [ Sigil ]


MIKA.mp3 // BIUD.mp3


Veubiah ~ Solu
"... discover enemy plans... absolute mastery over adversaries... special protection for the soldier on the battle field... healing wounds by magic and Quabbalah within a few seconds..."  [Vavaliah / 8 cups] [ Sigil ]


WEUBI.mp3 // SOLU.mp3

Ielahiah ~ Bosa
"... make the blind see, the deaf hear and cure the insane.... dematerialization and rematerialization... read the akasa... have all wishes fulfilled." [Yelahiah / 8 c.] [ Sigil ]


IELAHI.mp3 // BOSA.mp3

Sealiah ~ Hoba
"...  recognize all who practice black magic, sorcery and witchcraft... make any aggressor ineffectual... cover adversaries with a  magic hood that makes any kind of magical experiment impossible...  cause earthquakes... master of land and water..."[Saliah / 9 c.] [ Sigil ]


SEALI.mp3 // HOBA.mp3

Ariel ~ Piur
"... prophecy in akasa... discover treasures... bring about dreams over the great distances..."  [Oriel / 9 c.] [ Sigil ]


ARI.mp3 // PIUR.mp3

Asaliah ~ Kana
"... recognize and understand laws of justice and legality... maintain a permanent equilibrium of worldly and spiritual laws... comprehend the deepest secrets...see in the akasa the whole life of any human... procures the magician’s rights in any matter... awaken love... increase sympathy... change hostility into friendship... stimulate the favor of important people. " [Osliah / 10 c.] [ Sigil ]


ASALI.mp3 // KANA.mp3

Mihael ~ Zaca
"...alchemy... transmutation of metals... change the electronic oscillation of any metals, i.e., make gold... change gold into lead by magic and Quabbalah... increase or diminish love and passion... cure women from infertility... procure peace, concordance and loyalty between married couples, so that no force in the world except death will be able to separate them." [Mihal / 10 c.] [ Sigil ]


MIHA.mp3 // ZACA.mp3


Vehuel ~ Mora
"...prophecy,... perfect reading in...  akasa... increase his consciousness... place himself thoughts... recognize his character at a single glance... peace and tranquility." [Vehooel / 2 wands] [ Sigil ]


WEHU.mp3 // MORA.mp3

Daniel ~ Pola
"... akasa principle... comprehend the effectiveness of the divine virtues... vibrations of love and charity. This will put the magician into a state of happiness that can only be experienced by persons who have been guided by this genius.. differentiate between justice and injustice... develop a good sense of judgment, act cleverly in any matter... literary and oratory talent... In case of emergency the magician will always be inspired with the right ideas.." [Deneyal / 2 w.] [ Sigil ]


DANI.mp3 // POLA.mp3

Hahasiah ~ Bila
"...hermetic science...  astro-physics, astro-chemistry and alchemy...  mental, astral and physical  invisibility... change causes in akasa in respect to their effects... If the magician deals with medicine, he can become an excellent doctor, guided by this genius, and will have great success with his cures and be much loved by his patients."
 [Hechasiah / 3 w.] [ Sigil ]


HAHASI.mp3 // BILA.mp3

Imamiah ~ Abag
"... mastery of men, esp. adversaries... helps prisoners regain freedom by direct magical action or by influencing those people who can decide on the setting free of a prisoner... astrology in respect to magic and Quabbalah... information on any science... gaiety, entertainment and pleasure... brings about satisfying situations" [Omamiah / 3 sw.] [ Sigil ]


IMAMI.mp3 // ABAG.mp3

Nanael ~ Obra
"...understand and control any animal.... understand all the animal languages...  methods for the controlling of the astral body of man and animal may be given to the magician by this genius." [4 wands] [ Sigil ]


NANA.mp3 // OBRA.mp3

Nitahel ~ Bora
"... fame for artists, writers and orators... favor of very important people higher beings... paves his way to satisfaction and success and leads him to complete happiness. He is able to inform the magician on any field of science in this world and is always a ready assistant to the magician." [Nithal / 4 w.] [ Sigil ]


NITAH.mp3 // BORA.mp3


Mebaiah ~ Alai
"... eliminate causes of infertility... creates love... success, honor, esteem, respect, dignity and authority... cosmic religion...a loyal assistant on the way to perfection." [Mibahiah / 5 pent.] [ Sigil ]


MEBAI.mp3 // ALAI.mp3

Poiel ~ Illi
"... get everything needed for living, studies, profession and earthly life in general... past, present and future... produce love and sympathy where necessary..." [Pooyal / 5 p.] [ Sigil ]


POI.mp3 // ILLI.mp3

Nemamiah ~ Popa
".. magical transmutation... change astral and mental body into any desired shape...  magical mummification of the elements...  make blind people see... become clairvoyant... resist stress... success... overcome passion, awaken love, increase or  fade, to free prisoners... inspires inventions, especially in the steel industry." [ 6 p.] [ Sigil ]


NEMAMI.mp3 // POPA.mp3

Jeialel ~ Para
"...sphere magic and spheric astrology... absolute mastery over all the beings of the elements... increase magic power and authority." [Yeyelal / 6 p.] [ Sigil ]


JEIAL.mp3 // PARA.mp3

Harahel ~ Ella
"... astro-magic... treat infertility... Harahel is a special friend of all gynecologists, midwives, etc. This genius is well acquainted with all the earthly sciences... gives exact information on anything " [Heochiel / 7 p.] [ Sigil ]


HARAH.mp3 // ELLA.mp3

Mizrael ~ Gena
"... manual skill... philosophy of religions or  sciences... become a great scientist by private studies...  alchemy... prolong life by  spagiry... divine virtues and influences... to free those persecuted by enemies... make enemies innocuous." [Mitzrael / 7 p.] [ Sigil ]


MIZRA.mp3 // GENA.mp3


Umabel ~ Sila
"...happiness and contentment... friendship and love, travels and entertainment... magic, QBL and alchemy... Umabel is so powerful that he is without exaggeration able to turn fools into wise men." [Vemibael / 8 sw.] [ Sigil ]


UMAB.mp3 // SILA.mp3

Jah-Hel ~ Suna
 " realize Divine Virtues... akasa principle... philosophy...  hidden treasures." [Yehohel / 8 sw.] [ Sigil ]


JAHH.mp3 // SUNA.mp3

Amianuel ~ Miri
"... medical treatment... amulets... control any negative beings of the Mercury sphere... helps businessmen..." [Oneval / 9 sw.] [ Sigil ]


AMIANU.mp3 // MIRI.mp3

Mehiel ~ Alli
"... power words that develop an incredible glow.... tame wild animals... become a wise man, a famous writer, a great orator, etc. immunize against the decay of the elements... prolong life at will." [Mochayel / 9 sw.] [ Sigil ]


MEHI.mp3 // ALLI.mp3

Damabiah ~ Tara
"... sympathetic and talismanic magic... highest wisdom... laws of the microcosm and the macrocosm and their magic-quabbalistic application... control of the water element and animal... treasures and mineral springs... hydrotherapy..." [Dembayah / 10 sw.] [ Sigil ]


DAMABI.mp3 // TARA.mp3

(66)     Manakel ~ Pora
"... recapture lost goods... discover treasures... enlightened mind... express any idea by numbers and quabbalah... to cure people from any kind of epilepsy... by magic-quabbalah... get all vegetation under control,  influence it at will, make plants grow faster or stop growing... influence animals... influence human character...  correct interpretation of dreams..." [Menqal ~  26°-30° Aquarius / 326°-333° ~ 10 sw.] [ Sigil ]


MANAK.mp3 // PORA.mp3

Eiaiel ~ Bogo
"... a fantastic initiator into occult sciences, especially into magic and Quabbalah... highest enlightenment, absolute perfection... overcome any hindrances or bad influences... the magician becomes ruler of nature, esp.  the vegetable kingdom...  success, honor, fame and respect." [Ayoel ~  1°-5° Pisces / 331°-335° ~ 2 cups] [ Sigil ]


EIAI.mp3 // BOGO.mp3

Habuiah ~ Deos
"...medical treatment.... occult anatomy and hermetic medicine.. the magic of nature... restore the fertility of the earth by  magic and Quabbalah and vice verse,  make whole countries infertile... turn enemies into friends... awaken love in human beings of both sexes, increase it." [Chabooyah / 2 c.] [ Sigil ]


HABUI.mp3 // DEOS.mp3

Rochel ~ Deos
" find, stop any akasa principle or  assistance of beings... a patron of justice... will always see that the magician has his rights fulfilled and that he wins any lawsuit. This genius may be called at any moment of distress." [Rahael / 3 c.] [ Sigil ]


ROCH.mp3 // DEOS.mp3

Jabamiah~ Aris
"...ceremonial magic... read and operate in the akasa principle...use the light  in all three planes... the art of astral and mental wandering... dematerialization and materialization...  transference over  great distances... highest bliss...  all sexual mysteries... Mere words cannot express the advantages a magician will enjoy if he gets into contact with this genius." [Yebomayah / 3 c.] [ Sigil ]


JABAMI.mp3 // ARIS.mp3

Haiel ~ Zeut
:...master any situation, to get out of  trouble, make enemies obedient... help those persecuted by foe or fate... methods to increase magic powers... " [Hayayel / 4 c.] [ Sigil ]


HAI.mp3 // ZEUT.mp3

Mumiah ~ Kalo
"...magic and Quabbalah...  carry out any magical operation in any sphere... overcome any hindrance... an original initiator into alchemy, metaphysics, astrophysics and especially into occult medicine... information on the production of the philosophers’ stone, on alchemical quintessences, and on many other relevant things... the patron of all doctors who deal with magic, Quabbalah and alchemy."  [Mevamayah / 4 c.] [ Sigil ]


MUMI.mp3 // KALO.mp3

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