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Patent number: WO9108703
Publication date: 1991-06-27
Classification:--- international: A61B5/09; A63H33/40; A61B5/08; A63H33/00; (IPC1-7): A61B5/00;--- european: A61B5/09; A63H33/40
Also published as:---  EP0505450 (A1) --- EP0505450 (B1) ---  HU217477 (B)
Cited documents:--- US758291 --- DE666306 --- AT328760B --- DE1523246 --- CH437876

Abstract: An apparatus for demonstrating and measuring physical effects being in connection with the general state of health and fitness of human beings, comprising a rotor (3) arranged rotatably on a frame (11), of the mass of 0.1 and 2.0 g, more accurately 0.3 to 0.8 g, with at least one marking (19) on the edge being suitable for reading number of turns, wherein magnetic permeability is less than 50, furtheron optionally the rotor (3) and the frame (11) are connected to each other by a spring means.

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The Story of the Egely Wheel (Vitality Meter)

by George Egely, Ph.D.

    This device should have been developed at least one hundred years ago, even if not in this electronic form. Everything was available at that time to do so and to know this phenomenon well. Naturally, it did not happen and many other things went about the same course. For example, the liquid crystals have been forgotten for over eighty years, as was penicillin for ten years.

    It was by chance that I started to work in this field of strange phenomena. I graduated as a mechanical engineer specialising in heat engines, at the Technical University of Budapest. I had studied energy transfer for years. Then I started to do research on energy transfer problems and hipothetical accidents of nuclear power plants in a research laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. There are many complex energy and momentum transfer processes to be studied here, so researchers must know the characteristics of the movements and transfer of all kinds of energy. I later received a Ph.D. degree in this subject. With a proper research carrier in front of me, I won a scholarship to the International Atomic Energy Agency at the beginning of the 1980's. I then worked in the Brookhaven National Laboratory, in the United States, for one and a half years.

    It happened there, during an evening chat, that the subject of paranormal phenomena came up. Like every scientists I only believed in facts that my own eyes could see or that were written in scientific records. I did not believe in the so-called paranormal phenomena. I said that it was just a hallucination. I was surprised when my wife, who was a newly graduated mathematician and was just writing her Ph. D. thesis, told me that she saw a table tipping during her years at the university. Her fellow students had tried it several times at a student's hostel. She claimed that nobody was cheating, the phenomenon seemed to be real. So I had the choice not to believe my wife or not to accept the laws of natural science. I was not sure which one to choose. I was a bit confused because both choices would have painful and unpleasant consequences in the long run. Still I could not accept the existence of heretic things like those. My colleague H. Bruce Stewart, an American mathematician said something really important once: "A real scientist should never reject something till he is one hundred per cent sure that the subject in question is true or false. He personally has to take the trouble of objectively controlling the facts, doing scientific experiments, collecting data."

    As most scientists I also refused to accept the existence of paranormal phenomena, although I considered myself to be open-minded. Probably due to the fact that at the university you were pressurized into not believing in things like these. Being confused and wanting to find out the truth I started to do some research by collecting experimental data, and descriptions of observations available in this subject. I thought I would find numerous contradictions among them, so I could reject the existence of these phenomena without bad feelings. To my surprise I found out that experimental data and observations of the different phenomena from different times and places were the same or similar to each other, researchers and collectors of experiences met the same phenomena in similar circumstances and came to the same conclusions, although they did not know about each other's work. This captured my interest, I began to think that there must be some truth behind this. The data proved that the phenomenon could be true. But of course, if there was a phenomenon like this then there is now and there will be in the future, too. So, I have worked out a simple model on the basis of the collected observations to make things more understandable. According to this model this energy is very similar to electricity, but of course, it is not at all the same. There are many fundamental differences between electricity and this energy. All materials conduct this energy while from the viewpoint of electricity some materials are good conductors and others are insulators. That's why a glass or a plastic bell functions as a Faraday cage, i.e. if we place the objects under a closed bell of any material, it is extremely difficult to make them move, because all of our energy flows on the surface of the bell, it can not get inside.

    From this simple model, I constructed an experiment that no one has ever done before. I discovered that a rotating movement in liquid would cut down friction, thus smaller power would be needed to move something. Naturally financial concerns also played a role in designing this experiment, it had to be inexpensive enough to carry out with many people. The most simple experiment to do was with a cup of water and a shallow dish. According to my simplified physical model, I thought that if I filled the dish with water it would start to rotate as we put one of our hands around it. I placed small objects, or thin aluminium foils on the surface of the water that would show its movement. It worked, the water rotated. But being uncertain if it was due to the heat radiating from my hand, I put on gloves, first a thin one then thicker ones, which would considerably reduce any heat transmission. Being an expert in the field of heat transfer I knew this could be caused by heat transmission, but this way there was almost no temperature difference between the surface of the glove and the air. The experiment was perfect, the water rotated without the possibility of any heat transmission.

    In the mid-80's I started an intensive research and tried out this energy flow measurement on dozens of friends with more or less success. Most of them were able to rotate the water. The speed of the rotation depended on how tired or fit they were and how much they could or could not concentrate. The temperature and size of their hand did not influence the speed considerably. Then I made hundreds of control experiments with hand-shaped metal tanks. I could fill them with warm water and see if these warm tanks placed around the dish could make the fluid move. With these hand-shaped tanks, I could only experience an angular speed at most 10% of the good results with men. Even if the temperature of the water inside the tank reached 113 F, the body temperature of 113 F is not possible. The temperature on the surface of the hand is very seldom more than 95 F but usually it is around 90 F. So, the effect of heat transfer could be excluded.

    Later on, I designed an even more exact experiment. I placed very thin platinum wires above each other in a small glass dish then led short electric impulses through them. In this case, I used a special liquid instead of pure water, a coulourless compound that turns brown when electricity flows through it. Due to the electric impulses led through the platinum wires, the water turned brown around the wires. When the liquid started to rotate the coloured parts of the water moved away from the wires showing us the exact movement inside the liquid. The evaluation of the results showed that this phenomenon could not have been caused by wind or heat. I also discovered something else which science does not have an answer for. The resistance of the liquid suddendly changed when the rotation took place. This was always a decrease in the resistance which could not be explained with known effects. Here is gap in modern day science.

    These few measurements were not enough for me to be all sure, I needed more. I made glass boxes and put the dish with the liquid inside so that wind could not effect my findings. I made experiments in several highschools and also shot films on it with about 500 students. It could be seen that the liquid rotated very fast with one third of the students, another third of them could rotate it with a speed of only 2 to 3 times of the speed that could be the error limit of the measurement. And with the last third it did not rotate at all, or just inside the error limit.

    Experiments with more people showed that the ones who could once rotate the water exceptionally well, after a weather front or when worries and problems affected them, could not move it at all. When their problems were solved or the front passed, they could rotate the water again. Good weather conditions, sunshine, and good moods made the rotation quicker. The device showed, in a way, how they felt and how their general state of health was. It was an interesting experience, after the rain and clouds passed by and the sun began to shine, everybody's moods changed for the better and it showed immediately in the results. Although, in such a short time the temperature and humidity of the air, or the temperature of the hands, could not change at a measurable extent. This proved clearly that there is something in the human mind that basically effects the results.

    After all these experiments the real nature and cause of the rotation still remained a puzzle, I just could not decide what kind of an energy transfer might be the reason for it. I made calculations, but for the liquid to reach an angular speed of one revolution per minute, which is a good result, it would have to be very salty. The magnetic field would have to be a hundred times stronger than that of the Earth, or the person must have submerged his/her hand in the water, and a direct current of lethal power would have had to flow between his/her fingers. But, none of these four conditions were met during experiments. So, to find the answer to this problem some hypothesis had to be drawn about things unknown so far.

    I have shown this phenomenon to a number of fellow physicist. All of them had some ideas, but the control experiments proved that none of the known interactions can explain the fact of this    rotation. So, the question remained unanswered, while the phenomenon continued to exist. To find the answer I needed to change course and do the experiments officially with a larger backing. I did not have the financial support or the equipment to continue to try and solve the unknown. I turned to my director who sent me to an old friend of his, an academician who had been advanced to biophysicist from a nuclear physicist at about that time. I trusted that the documented results of the 500 experiments on films, videos and fotos, the numerous control experiments, and the experimental disproving of the arguments of opponents would be enough to get the permission to continue the experiments. But, he was not interested in my results, after two minutes he ordered me to stop doing this work at once and to do something else that earns good money and not to show my work and findings to anyone, which had already been published as a research report. (G. Egely: Experimental Investigation of Biologically Induced Energy Transport Anomalies, KFKI report, 1986-94/K) His opinion was in short: "I don't believe this even if I see it with my own eyes, this phenomenon does not exist because it can not, and it cannot exist because it does not."

    With suppressing the research report, thus suppressing the existence of the phenomenon, of course, it was extremely difficult to continue to work, but I did not give up because my scientific curiosity did not allow me to do so. This phenomenon cannot be researched, officially, even today. I also got all the punishment a scientist could get because of my "oppositional" behaviour.

    As basic research is very expensive, I tried to find another way that I could utilize it in practice. I assumed that there would be a businessman interested in sponsoring this kind of research. I ceased doing experiments with liquids as these were difficult and troublesome to carry out and needed to be highly precise. I went into the study of the rotation of solid objects, which is more simple and easier to do. My friends and good acquaintances helped me because I just could not have tried the hundreds of different wheels and bearings all by myself. After many years of experimenting starting from the first awkward primitive model finally I made the device that you are holding in your hands today.

    All new bearings, shapes for the wheel, and materials had to be tested with at least a hundred people to see if it was better than the other one, and to find out what changes needed to be made. In addition, I was successful in making a much more sensitive device, where the wheel does not touch anything, but simply flotates in the air. But, this version of the device is quite expensive, so it will be used as a medical equipment. (In short distances, though, right next to you, your own portable device has the same sensitivity.)

    I handed in my patent application in 1989. It is still present in a few offices causing a headache for officemen. One of them refused to grant a patent in the first run saying that this device has been already known as a compass. He was not especially disturbed by the fact that the wheel was made of plastic and it did not contain any ferromagnetic material.

    Other researchers and inventors have also met this phenomenon but they thought it was thermal movement or other known phenomena were behind it. Not an original one in itself, undiscovered and unexplained so far. Because this effect is very weak, and extremely difficult to separate from other environmental effects, people who do not know the laws of energy and heat transfer might think it to be a simple heat flow phenomenon. But for me, being a researcher specialized in the field of energy transfer, seemingly slight differences of theoretical importance have shown undoubtedly that this was something new for science. Only a few experts are interested in biological anomalies, so it's not by chance that nobody studied this phenomenon. Although, about one hundred year ago already everything was there to start the research in this field, but this did not happen mainly because of prejudices.

    I've tried to understand the physics of the phenomenon as deeply as I could. From the beginning I was curious about what would happen if the wheel rotated around a horizontal shaft instead of a vertical one. After three years of trial and error, I succeded in solving this problem with magnetic floating. This device had a horizontal shaft with minor friction, still nobody could rotate it, although it had the same fine magnetic bearing as the vertical one.

    This device represents modern high technology. Declaring this, I do not only mean the miniature computer built in the device, as this phenomenon still occurs without electronics. But, high technology is also present in the needle of the bearing. Because there is such great pressure at the top of the steel needle, the needle top melts and the wheel rotates on this melted steel. In spite of the simplicity at first glance, many technical problems had to be solved and we succeded in solving them. All I wanted was to prove to as many people as possible how important the energy of life, or our vitality is. This is mans greatest treasure, the pawn of our health. So take care of it, save it, and appreciate it. The power can be with us.


    From thousands of tests a lot of experience was gained. It is important that this ability improves. With excercises, meditational techniques and by changing our lifestyles, within a short time it is possible to increase it considerably. It's a pity that children in schools do not get to know these relaxation and meditaion methods. Today's school teaches children to develop their physical abilities, lexical knowledge, or combinational skills, but they hear nothing about other valuable functions of their minds. Though these are as important in life as the above-mentioned abilities. It's true, though, that even among adults there are only a few who know about these possibilities. Luck or experience teaches them by chance.

    Many experiments carried out in large groups have shown that personality signs are important. Extrovert, positive thinking, active, leading-type students had much higher vitality levels, and could maintain this level for a longer period than their quiet, restrained, silent, negative thinking, shy classmates. Experience showed the interesting fact that good-looking teenage girls were influenced by their beauty. Probably, they got more encouragement, or positive signs than their less lucky mates, so they had higher scores.

    In a strange way, vitality did not strongly depend on grades. Although students with good grades had vitality values generally above the average and this tended to be even higher if they were playing sports, the most outstanding results were achieved not by the good pupils.

    As I said we have carried out tests on thousands of people, although we have made written records in only about 1100 cases. Our unanimous experience was that seriously ill people could barely rotate the wheel (even if they had high fever - showing that it's not the heat radiating from their hand that moves the wheel), while healers or successful businesmen had a high revolution number, and there were no exceptions to this: no sick person could reach a high revolution number, if they could make it move at all; while vibrant personalities who were in good shape always had a high revolution number. Many-many experiences, and many thousands of measurements finally convinced me that this is an original phenomenon in itself and not some kind of an accidental coincidence.

    I experienced the highest vitality values, above 100%, with students who could not always fit in with the tight school regulations, but showed great interest towards the different forms of meditations and had close relation to their friends, took care of them, and had charism. If they were a few meters from the one who just measured, the results were definitely better. To tell the truth, they could also make it worse if I asked them to do so. In this case, the vitality value of the one measuring himself/herself decreased to a great extent. To produce this result they did not have to touch the other person, it was enough to use their willpower. This was again an important reason for me to accept the reality of this phenomenon. It showed also that many people have known and all of us used this energy, even without knowing it, for a long time, still it has remained unexplained. We have also tried to see if two, three or more people together could reach a higher score than separately, i.e. if their vitality sums up. To some extent the resulting vitality level was really higher, but not significantly. As if discharged batteries were connected parallel. In some cases two or three people together reached a lower level of vitality than separately, when they did not know or did not like each other. Interpersonal relation, the shere fact of somebody standing beside or behind us, may influence results considerably.

    At the end, just for the sake of curiosity, let me mention that the highest score was reached by Erno Rubik, inventor of Rubik's Cube with a former version of this device, which had a scale also above 24 revolutions per minute. His best result was 35 revolutions/minute which is a VQ value of about 600%.

    At last but not at least I thank all the people who, for a long time, have helped me in the experiments, in the development of the device and also I thank those who made it possible to start up the mass production of the vitality meter with their investment and advance.

George Egely, Ph.D.
Budakeszi, Hungary, 1994.


Patent number: HU73224 (Hungary)
Publication date: 1996-06-28
Applicant: EGELY (HU); DUS (HU); JEKKEL (HU)

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Patent number: HU73699
Publication date: 1996-09-30