Maurice-Francois LARVARON
Telluric Radiation

Proc. of the Scientific and Technical Congress of Radionics and Radiesthesia ( London, May 16-18, 1950)

The Earth And Its Effects On Life
by Henri Larvaron
Former Professor of Agricultural Chemistry at Rennes University

Phenomena connected with life and vitality seem to owe their nature to three types of radiation, according to the observations of the Chinese over a millenium or more and to the conclusions of contemporary biologists. These radiations are: the cosmic radiations (Chinese "Yang"), telluric or earth radiations ("Yin"), and thirdly, radiations specific to the chemical components of the earth.

As a part of biology the existence of "harmful" rays -- affecting the health of organic cells -- can be shown by locally weaker plant growth. Among plants which can be used for the purpose because they are particularly sensitive to those radiations are lilac, currant bushes, apple trees, pines, leaf-artichike plants, celery, begonias, hydrangeas, dahlias, nasturniums, rose-bushes, box hedges, oaks, and hawthornes. These Harmful Radiations affect large animals no less than insects: cats are attracted, birds avoid them, ants make nests where the radiations pass. In other countries than France and in numerous experiments rabbits and mice have been made, for observation, to live in places where there are these radiations to affect them.

Many Origins of "Harmful Rays"

A number of observers have written upon this subject. The origin of "harmful rays" may be any of the following: dry or damp geological faults, underground streams producing above them a force possessing a dominant polarity, drains, cemeteries, all subterranean cavities, electric wires, electric motors' fields, petrol motors, special geological strata like felspath, also clay or deposits of dead organic matter; the fact of two Earth Rays crossing at a point ( the Partition Rays of Dr Peyre of Paris), the effect of inductive coiled wires (solenoids); even the "magnetic" properties (fluid) of certain people -- particularly of those who are disease "carriers" or else produce alpha radiations in excess; certain geometrical figures, as drawings or actual objects. The length of this list of causes shows that the subject is a vast one awaiting fuller research by biologists and radiesthetists.

A certain German physicist is of the opinion that these radiations lie between the hertzian band and the infrared band of frequencies, with wavelengths between 0.345 cm and 10 cm. The Radio-Campometre (our own radiesthetic appliance) reveals these radiations with a length of between 8 mm and 4.5 cm (which may be the recordings of harmonics).

The harmful nature of such radiations appears to be due to two causes:

(1) Maximum ionization of the soil where irradiation is directed.
(2) The predominating polarity given to any living organism in the field of influences derived from the radiation.

The intensity increases after dark, and is greatest on the day of the full moon, on the day preceding it, and on the day which follows. The intensity is also increased during magnetic storms and seismic disturbances.

Our personal hypothesis is that cosmic and telluric radiations, as the two main sources of General Energy, produce and maintain the phenomenon of life in all living organisms, whether of the animal or the plant kingdoms.

A simple experiment can illustrate the outstanding importance of these two sources of energy: Take three equal-sized begonias in their pots, numbered 1 to 3. No.1 will be protected from Telluric Rays by an insulator -- (A perfect insulator cannot be found, as oscillograph recordings show). No. 2 will be protected from Cosmic Rays by means of a Faraday cage. No. 3 will remain untreated, as the control plant.

It will be observed that Nos. 1 and 2 will wither or die, while No. 3 continues to live normally. In other words, a combined stimulation from cosmic and telluric radiations is essential for life to be maintained.

To the above concept of the complementary action of these two sources of energy, we add another hypothesis: "Every living organism of its own accord absorbs a definite quantity of one or other of these two sources of energy, as required, in order to insure the vital function."

Let it not be forgotten that the living organism receives and also itself emits radiation. As Dr Jules Regnault, now of Granville, has written, "The living organism must be considered as an actual oscillator and resonator."

The most disturbing fact which our own observations have shown in the course of investigations is the following: in the case of healthy living organism (plants or animals), the proportion of the two sources of energy seems to be fixed, namely, cosmic radiation 100 units to telluric radiation 50 units; and whenever this proportion is not maintained in an organism, one always finds it ill or revealing some kind of deficiency. The constancy of these proportions is a proof of Dame Nature's constancy.

Causes of Imbalance in Cellular Oscillation

We can quote from our observations the following causes of imbalance:

(a) Excess "polar" radiation emitted by subterranean streams, which have a predominating polarity;

(b) Radioactive emanations of certain soils which exhibit an excess of alpha particles and gamma radiation, but a deficiency of beta particles (an exception is to be made with regard to the "rare earths", which emit a form of radioactive energy favorable to plant life).

(c) Cosmic radiations in excess when they reach a soil deficient in lime.

In view of the numerous forms of radiation present in nature it can easily be accepted that many of these radiations can bring about a wave interference producing imbalance in many of the vital radiations absorbed by living organisms. The latter are affected when they are reached by the passing of these radiations; after a certain length of time the ionic equilibrium of the living organisms is thereby destroyed.

These observations, derived from numerous experiments, have led us to evolve three solutions:
1. Neutralization.
2. The broadcasting of selected vital forces for restoring balance.
3. A combined arrangement with neutralization and a simultaneous broadcasting of vital forces.

Before giving any description of the methods employed for solving problem in each of the three ways, a few words may be said about the phenomenon of radiations connected with the vital force. Let these be called the "Vital Radiation", and let us see what is meant by this. Earlier in this paper they were described as apparently dependent upon the action of two forces, cosmic radiation and telluric radiation. (For the time being influences due to a specific soil's radiations will not be discussed, this being reserved for a separate discussion).

The kind of experiment which can be repeated by anybody to prove the action of these two types of energy has already been described. In order to obtain a standard reaction or recording for all radiesthetists we have constructed a pendulum specifically for the assessment of this vital radiation. Both with the "Radio-Capteur" constructed by Dr Regnault, and with our "Radio-Campometre" we have been able to observe that corresponding fields of influence are constant for the two following: cosmic radiation received when the sky is blue and free from clouds; telluric radiation, i.e., standard influences emanating from the Earth.

Constant recordings have been obtained for these, we have invented three specific pendulums, namely the R.C. (Rayon Cosmique); the R.T. (Rayon Tellurique); the R.V. (Rayon Vital), suitable for standardizing radiesthetists' records.

As experiment will show, the pendulum R.V. provides gyrations only over living organisms, and the gyration is in reverse rotation whenever a field detected is due to any radiation unfavorable to phenomena of vitality. This pendulum can thus indicate the degree of the vital field's value. A study of this vital field, supplemented by examination of the fields of cosmic and telluric radiations, then shows the cause of any cell deficiency when there is imbalance and there is no longer the normal standard proportion between cosmic radiation and telluric radiation.

With these pendulums we can conduct biological examinations according to what is required, the task being to determine one of the three "causes of cellular oscillation imbalance". It is now the moment for reporting on --

The Three Solutions :

No. 1 : Solutions -- It should be said that our investigations stated in 1929. At this time a little neutralizer had been invented for controlling the position of the vertical over underground mines or sources of water. Dr Joly, of Paris, happened to ask Dr Jules Regnault whether this appliance could be effective for neutralizing areas above any soil emitting radiation found harmful to health. During the six months of experimental to observe the protective effects. (There can be no auto-suggestion responsible for results obtained on plants). In view of what was learned by this means an appliance was installed in the house of Dr Joly's patient. At the end of several months the patient congratulated us on its efficacy as shown by his restored health.

Since then this appliance has had improvements made to it, and these can be outlined as follows:

1. -- Ability to collect the harmful radiation from the area where it was detected;

2. -- Conveyance of this radiation to a neutralizing appliance, by means of the radiation-conducting qualities of an insulated electric wire;

3. -- Filtration of such harmful rays and conversion of their wave-form to make the radiation favorable to living organisms.

Harmful radiation of this kind has been identified in human habitations and in buildings used by horses, cows and pigs. At the request of the owners our system of neutralization has been installed. The following are two of the many letters of appreciation received from farmers of the region (here translated into English):

St. Neen, 22.9.47
Following your installation in my cow-sheds and my sties I have observed that there have no longer been deaths as there were before. The neutralization has been successful for about a year. The stock great energy.

Poce, 20.9.48
I am writing to tell you the result of installing neutralizers at the beginning of June 1947. We now have 15 young pigs from two sows, a thing which we never obtained before.

A sheaf of testimonials is available. Their reproduction in this short paper would not be suitable.

It is to be noted that this neutralizer involves no expenditure on upkeep. The energy it provides is derived from earth radiation throgh being connected to the earth where the harmful earth rays have been radiesthetically detected. The appliance does not have any healing power in itself, but it brings about good health by insuring that the living organisms are in a place favorable to the development of the phenomena responsible for life, as research undertaken since 1930 has proved.

Solution No. 2 : Emission of Vitalizing Radiations -- The work on the frequencies of cells by Prof. Ch. Henry, of the Sorbonne, need not be described again: nor need details be given of Lakhovsky's view on the effect of oscillators on plants, of similar work by the American, Dr McManus, and of work by the Russian, Prof. Chiyevski. All these have closely examined the biological question, the effect of radiations upon living organisms, and, in in particular, upon plants.

On the same lines we have in turn studied the effects of oscillators and the irradiation of different wavelengths. Without entering into the details we can declare: "According to the extent and to the intensity of the electromagnetic wavefield produced by an oscillator and according to the degree of resonance of the radiations upon living an oscillator and according to the degree of resonance of the radiations to the living organisms, the effect is either favorable or unfavorable to the phenomena of life."

After numerous tests we have for the same purpose succeeded in inventing two methods:

The First Method Irradiation, based on use of a hertzian-wave transmitter capable of providing the two types of vital radiations. With this appliance we have irradiated seeds used in horticulture and in farming, and had clearly defined effects. Experiment has shown that compared with control seed the seed treated gives plants with a better general growth and more strength; these plants mature earlier, providing a better crop. (In the case of beet, this latter can be as much as 20%, better, and in the case of potatoes 10% better).

For the melons shown in the photographs sent to the Congress the growth is clearly greater for the seed which has been irradiated*. [* Two photographs exhibited showed the difference between melon plants grown from activated and non-activated seed about 16 weeks after planting ]

The Second Method of Irradiation ( which has been patented ) is based on an electromagnetic device combined with an oscillatoe of these vital radiations.

According to the controls made by others who know how to make use of radiesthesia, the result of this device's irradiation is an increase of the field of the tested specimen; an increased "vital potential" is recorded by the radiesthetist. An interesting observation of one of these people was the fact that carrying the appliance in one's pocket seems to increase one's powers of resistance and to reduce general fatigue.

In the case of irradiated plants we have observed increased growth and earlier bloom by comparison with the control plants. Trees in poor condition have gained strength through treatment lasting say, a year. Water when treated by the device the device acquires new qualities due to an absorption of this vital radiation.

Solution No. 3 : Neutralization and Simultaneous Broadcasting of the Vitalizing Radiaition -- Two methods are to be considered according to what is precisely required.

Method 1 -- To transform the radiations in only a small area to make this more favorable to life. For this, a small portable Neutralizer* [ *The Neutralizer and the Vitalizer exhibited consisted of small flat brass cylinders or capsules about 43 mm in diameter and 15 mm high. They were hermetically sealed. ] Model 168-2, which exerts its influence over a radius of 1 m. 30 cm ( 50 inches ); also a Vitalizer, Model 168-3. The combination of these two can be useful; for instance, to a person who must remain in a zone of harmful radiations, say during working hours; or for cattle occupying  a small shed which is in a harmful zone; or again for a tree which fails to thrive because by mischance it has been planted in a zone of harmful radiation.

Method 2 -- To modify the conditions of a whole house or of a cowshed or similar building situated in a large area influenced by harmful telluric radiations. Firstly, neutralize completely the whole area where the building is, by means of an appliance which emits healthy vitality radiations over a radius of at least 20 meters ( 65 feet ). This appliance must be connected to earth. The broadcasting derived from this appliance increases the vitality potential in the area, and for all living organisms increases their powers of resistance to the various causes of any disturbance to the vitality factor. Many tests along these lines are still required from biologists who are skilled in radiesthetic assessment. It is hoped that these tests will be made in the near future since the matter is in our opinion of capital importance, for it concerns our Life. The investigations of British biologists will be welcomed.


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Apparatus for Capture of Hertzian Waves



Apparatus for detecting radio waves. The purpose of the apparatus is to capture the waves of all kinds emitted by all the bodies of the animal, vegetable and mineral reigns and those emitted by the radiotelegraph and xadiotelephone stations. It can replace the current devices used to pick up hertzian waves: antenna or frame.
Its principle is based on the following observation: a metallic wire, in the form of a solenoid, enters into vibration under the influence of the terrestrial waves. It thus acquires the property of capturing said waves. On the other hand, the shape of this electromagnetic apparatus enables it to reinforce the sensed waves.

Description and construction.

The apparatus consists of a wire wound in a solenoid: A. The turns may be wound directly or indirectly. The wire forming the turns is a few tenths of a millimeter in diameter. The diameter of the turns varies with the intensity intensity needed.

The starting point of the wire forms a closed loop B. At the C end of the solenoid the wire communicates with a terminal D of the same metal as itself. In the center is a bundle of soft E. wire. The whole is in a wooden boot F.



The terminal D is connected to a detector device. Any kind, galena, lamp or other.


It goes without saying that the shapes, details and materials and dimensions of the invention may vary without adversely affecting its principle.


The Art of well-being through well-being - Geobiology of places of life

Larvaron clay

Sourcier: the question of clay
December 13, 2015

After having read an old Maurice LARVARON, "Radiobiology, application to the art of the dowsers" I learned that: Water and clay can be confused because their alpha and beta radiation, magnetic North-South, are identical.


However their gamma radiation, electric East-West, is different!

Knowing this, we can no longer be fooled and dig for nothing.

I drew you a dial Wp small dial larvaron

Use :

First check with samples that the wavelengths are good (or do your first calibration if these notions are foreign to you).
You have:

Water and clay on the side of 30 cm in alpha radiation
Water at 18, clay at 8 in gamma radiation

Then, under conditions of prospecting on site, on a clayey terrain that sometimes deceives us, now take care to check with this dial what is the wavelength of the gamma radiation that caused the wand or pendulum to react although the research concerned Groundwater radiation: result 18 OK, less than 18 unsafe water, tends to 8 clay alone!


On the verge of radiation and outside the shore of this radiation, to see if the pendulum gives the same gamma or varies downwards, confirms the circulation of groundwater in clayey soil.


[ Excerpt ]

Principle of life.

Principle of life, an electrical principle that evaporates in the symbolic, and that one recalls in the handshake. It is then that the pendulum becomes the simplest physics tool in the world. Instrument to be balanced in relation to its own polarity.

The clairvoyance by dowsing, an art which lends itself remarkably to dilettantism, can form the complement of a principal habitual activity. It's your turn !

Dr. Larvaron, son of our scholar colleague, agricultural engineer Larvaron, a professor at the Agricultural School of Rennes and author of the interesting work Radiobiology has had the merit of bringing before the Faculty of Medicine of Paris the formidable question of "harmful waves." His inaugural thesis on "pathogenic telluric influences" was supported by him in June 1943 , Under the chairmanship of Professor Abrami.

The contacts of the radiesthesic or rather radiobiological science with the official world have so far been so rare that they deserve to be reported. First, doctor-veterinarian Abel Martin had already supported his thesis on the "Radiesthetic Diagnosis in Veterinary Medicine" at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris in 1932. Then, on 24 April 1930, the Association of Radiesthetists of Paris, in the Great Hall of the Museum, under the auspices of the Société Française d'Acclimatation and under the effective presidency of Professor Bresson, Director of the École Vétérinaire d'Alfort , Gave a lecture entitled "The harmful waves in relation to the health of man, animals and plants".

We hope that these various contacts with official scientists will multiply and that our colleagues radiobiologists will find an encouragement to multiply the experiments and to perfect their methods.

In his remarkable work, Dr. Larvaron brings some new light to the question of "harmful waves" which still contains so many obscure points. He has dealt with the issue on a somewhat broad scale, guided by prominent radiobiologists, such as his father, who was previously mentioned, the author of Radiobiology, then Dr. Régnault de Toulon, author of Biodynamics and Radiations, and finally Dr Creuzé, former head of the laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, former editor-in-chief of the journal Bio dynamisme and author of numerous books and articles on "Biodynamics and Radiation".

Dr. Larvaron, in his thesis, taking into account the novelty and interest of our radiation, devoted several pages to them: "In 1937, Dr. Peyré established the existence of rectilinear radiations, Parallel or perpendicular to the magnetic meridian which may have an adverse effect on certain persons under specified conditions ".

In a chapter entitled "rayons de Peyre", he also expresses the idea that the cosmic origin would be the main force causing the initial departure of this radiation. However, he also cites the different hypothesis of our friend, the engineer Besnard. "According to the latter, the earth would behave like a generator of electric currents, which would go in the east-west direction, since the earth turns on its axis in 24 hours in the East-West direction, The Law of Lenz ".

In this hypothesis, the formation of radiations with a magnetic pace would be determined by electric radiation. These two kinds of radiation would be crossed by virtue of the law of Ersted, according to which every rectilinear electric current determines the formation of a corresponding magnetic field around it, intersecting with the initial electric current. Under these conditions, the name of cosmo telluric would not suit our radiation very well.

Be that as it may, Dr. Larvaron adopting our conclusions, adds: "From all the above," he says, "we may conclude with Dr. Peyre, as to the nature of these radiations, lines, or fields of force And their possible harmfulness, it is electromagnetism and in particular the electronization of air (above the lines and interlacing) which give the simplest and most often accepted explanation. Also see an effect of the general radiation of matter or of the general radioactivity of the soil, since all bodies can be regarded as more or less radioactive and possessing some sort of atomic energy. "

Finally, Dr. Larvaron ends by quoting what we wrote in 1938 in the Medical Courier: "Of this hypothesis, electromagnetism and radioactivity which are far from excluding, or even if it was only a reflection Of cosmic waves, we would nonetheless be in the presence of a general manifestation of universal energy. "

Such is, inspired by our earlier writings, the general opinion of Dr. Larvaron on our radiations. As can be seen, he reserved for them in his inaugural thesis a place in relation to their importance and novelty, and then approached the classification of "harmful waves": "We will adopt, he says, with some modifications The classification established by Mr. H. Mellin ". According to this author and the work of MM. Mager and Dr. Peyré, harmful influences can be classified as:

The surface influences, which would be due to three causes:

Geological formations of different nature (magnesia, kaolin, green clay, ...).

Unhealthy (polluted, worn or dead water, sumps, sewers, cesspools, etc.).

So-called cosmo influences of Peyré and the influences of depth.

On sea as on land ...

Finally, Dr. Larvaron, after having indicated how to find these radiations and quotes several of our observations, adds immediately: "Intrigued, Dr. Peyré, in the spring of 1939, embarked on a cruise to ascertain if he would find The same radiation on the sea as on land ".

1. On the steamer Champlain, which led him to Dakar, he found the same bundles in his cabin and on all the decks of the ship. The intersections of the spokes remained fixed in their direction with respect to the magnetic meridian, in spite of the changes in the course of the ship. We were thus everywhere, on sea as on land, in the presence of a North-South radiation of magnetic appearance, attributable to terrestrial magnetism, and of an East-West radiation perpendicular to the first and of electric appearance.

2. Thus, everywhere, on land as on land, these radiations are rectilinear; Consequently, it can not be radiation due to other solely telluric influences, such as those resulting from the composition of the soil or from the presence in the subsoil of underground faults or watercourses. Indeed, the latter are always sinuous, crisscrossing the earth's crust following the chance of fractures of the ground.

3. Cosmo-telluric rays, so-called Peyre's rays, would therefore cover our sphere with a network limiting virtually neutral grid zones, all giving the appearance of an immense checkerboard or an enormous net enveloping our entire globe. These radiations would partition the atmosphere and the soil.

4. In the atmosphere, they would rise from the North-South and East-West divisions encountered on the ground.

The various explanations undertaken, relating to their nature, conclude that they are of an electromagnetic nature.

1. Experimentally, it can be seen that they determine, above all in their interlacing, an ionisation of the air which is superior to that found at other points. Messrs. Besnard and Lambert have observed this on several occasions and on different occasions, using a highly sensitive electrometer with gold leaf. "It is to this degree of maximum ionization that would be the greatest harm".

2. We can not praise Dr. Larvaron for his dual merit, first of all, in bringing the question of harmful waves before the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, and then of having shown, "Peyré rays" of such a broad understanding.


La radio-tellurie appliquée à la recherche de l'eau

Maurice Larvaron


Les Radiations des corps

Maurice Larvaron


La radio-tellurie: ses applications en : hydrologie, géologie et minéralogie, biologie et physiologie

Maurice Larvaron, J. Regnault (docteur.)


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Maurice Larvaron, Frcndh scientist at the Berns Farm School, has announced he has perfected a method for determining the quality of seed by radio Waves ...


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