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Aquapol Demoisturizer
January 18, 2006

Aquapol UK Ltd

Revolutionary Rising Damp Solution Now Available in the UK

A new, eco-friendly system for eradicating damp and drying out buildings that uses no chemicals, no drilling, no maintenance, no batteries or electricity is now available in the UK. The system is called Aquapol and the company offering this service is based in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Aquapol is a sensational new technology that ends rising damp problems and keeps properties dry for decades.

“Aquapol has been installed over 32,000 times in properties throughout Europe since 1985. Some of the more illustrious building are the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, Hungary; The Joseph Haydn Museum in Eisenstadt, Austria; the Greek Oriental Church in Vienna, Austria and many more,” says Volker Kubillus, Managing Director, Aquapol UK.

“There are many beautiful and important old buildings here in the UK, loved the world over, and one of our purposes is to play our part in preserving them so they can be enjoyed by many generations to come.”

Rising damp occurs where a damp proof course is broken or missing and so water molecules creep up the capillary system within the brick and stone work of the building, thus causing plaster to become damp and stained, and often to crack and come loose. Aquapol reverses the polarity of the water molecules and so causes them to flow downwards, leading, over a period of months or years, to gradual dehydration.

Aquapol is the brainchild of Austrian engineer Wilhelm Mohorn who received the highest Austrian award for successful research and invention, the Kaplan Medal, in 1995. The name Aquapol comes from ‘aqua’, the Latin word for water, and ‘pol’, shortened from polarisation.

Aquapol technology is based on long lost discoveries made by the Serbian scientific genius, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) about the properties of water and naturally occurring energy fields within the earth and air. According to Wikipedia, Tesla was an inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer of profound genius. He is often regarded as one of the greatest scientists in the history of technology. In addition, Tesla is recognized among the most innovative engineers of the late 19th century and early 20th century. His patents and theoretical work form the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, including the AC motor.

In the United States, Tesla’s fame exceeded that of any other inventor or scientist in history and in popular culture. His name became a byword for innovation and practical achievement. He was deemed a "magician" who conjured up technical feats. After his demonstration of wireless communication in 1893 and after being the victor in the "War of Currents", he was widely respected as America’s greatest electrical engineer. Much of his early work pioneered modern electrical engineering and many of his discoveries were of groundbreaking importance.

The service that Aquapol offers includes a free damp analysis and the preparation of a comprehensive report and damp eradication plan with details of work needed and costs. The dehydration is then achieved by the installation of a specific Aquapol device which must be located in exactly the right spot according to the findings of the analysis. An Aquapol device contains sophisticated equipment which brings about the reversed polarity of the water molecules in the walls. This device needs no electrical supply, no batteries, no chemicals and zero maintenance. Aquapol guarantees successful results.

For more information, contact:

Volker Kubillus
Aquapol UK Ltd
4 The Hall, Rockwood Park
Saint Hill Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4JX

01342 410593
07940 875640

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Volker Kubillus
Aquapol UK Ltd
01342 410593

NET-Journal  3, editions 11/12; year of publ. 4, editions 1/2 & 3

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Engineer W. Mohorn / Aquapol

Functional Foundations for a Novel Generator

In 1983 a system was developed in Austria, capable of demoisturizing whole buildings without direct intervention to the masonry nor the use of chemicals. It requires no conventional energy supply yet maintains the lowered moisture levels. Throughout Europe there are more than 21 000 successfull Aquapol installations, some of them in internationally famous locations such as the Budapest Parliament,  Hungary;  the Joseph Haydn Museum in Eisenstadt, Austria et al.

Scholastic physics offered no explanation for the working principles. However Years later and through his own research the inventor, Wilhelm Mohorn, was able to find the functional foundations of this revolutionary technology, for which earned him an Austrian National Prize Award:  the "Kaplan Medal".

1. The proto energy of the universe

The existence of a universal energy is the precondition to this successfull masonry draining technology. This proto-energy has lots of aliases, e.g. "vacuum field", "zero-point energy", "tachyon energy", "Free Energy", etc. It is assumed that it has been existent from the very beginning of the physical universe and possesses the following physical properties:

present everywhere
penetrates matter
no particular direction
faster than the speed of light

Fig.1: The proto-energy of the physical universe

This proto energy is the direct carrier of several kinds of energy, as will be described later. Its energetic potential exceeds our imagination. In its pure form it is not bound to any other energy form. For this reason one could call it free energy. Hence, it cannot be measured directly. However, it can manifest itself through interactions with matter which may serve as a source for indirect observation.

2. Manifestation of the proto energy by interactions with matter

Obviously this energy does interact with matter. By these means it manifests itself and becomes sensible or measurable. Here matter can mean many things, celestial bodies, technical equipment, also life-forms etc. The various kinds of matter act as proto- energy converters. The bigger the more massive the body is and as stronger is the interaction, i.e. the more energy is converted. When proto-energy penetrates matter it is partially transformed into more or less familiar forms of energy, e.g. gravity, magnetic energy.

3. Energy pyramid

Fig.2 The correlated forms of energy, their mutual interactions and their interactions with matter.

In Fig. 2 I tried to demonstrate symbolically how the different forms of energy, connected with matter, belong together and are related to each other. The lines connecting the individual kinds of energy with matter represent the mutual interactions.

3.1 Scholastic physics

At the 3 bottom vertices of the energy pyramid the known static forms of energy are shown. They are called static because the direction of the force they impose on matter does not change, for example magnetism: compass needle. The remaining 2 static forms of energy are gravity (an originally inexplicable phenomenon) and electrostatics. Between electrostatics and magnetism there is a dynamic form of energy which exhibits wave-character. Therefore, it is permanently changing the direction of its force. This is the well-known electromagnetism.

3.2 Extended physics

Due to many inexplicable phenomena and my own intensive fundamental research there are 3 more physical spectra of energy missing, which are shown in the completed Fig. 3. One of them is electrogravity, which explains all those physical effects where electricity influences gravity. The flying technology of UFOs may be explicable with this, and the famous Bielefeld–Brown effect is also related to this energy spectrum.

In order to explain the function of the Aquapol technology the other two energy spectra do have special significance, which are gravomagnetism (very similar to electromagnetism) and, last but not least, the proto-energy of the universe. Apparently the 3 static and 3 dynamic forms of energy are in balance with each other. The cosmic proto-energy is superior to all other energy forms. That is why it is placed at the top of the energy pyramid. Finally, matter draws a direct connection between the proto-energy and the 3 static and 3 dynamic forms of energy.

Fig.3  The cosmic energy pyramid with its interconnected energy spectra

4. Examples for the emergence of the various energy forms (= spectra)

4.1 Gravity

As many "Free Energy researchers" before me have already claimed, gravity is a product of the proto-energy when it interacts with matter (e.g. the Earth). As our Earth is embedded in this sea of proto-energy, it gets penetrated by this energy and is subject to inter-actions with it. The difference between the amount of incoming and outgoing proto-energy physically results in a pushing force which, in a way, pushes us onto the Earth! (see Fig. 4). While passing the Earth the proto-energy experiences an intensity reduction (screening effect) and exits on the other side with reduced strength. It is assumed that ca. 5 to 10% of the proto-energy get "absorbed". This part is transformed into other energy forms of various kinds! Hence, gravity which is falsely referred to as an "attractive" force is actually a manifestation of the proto-energy as a pushing force!

Fig.4  Gravity is actually a pushing force.

Now the following question arises: What happens to the proto-energy that remains in the Earth? According to my research, other energy forms or spectra emerge as follows...


Work Principle

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Aquapol Deutschland West

Kostenfreie Hotline:
0800 80 90 818


The inventor, natural scientist and founder of Aquapol Company was born on 25 November 1954 in Vienna.

Engineer Wilhelm Mohorn's principal subjects of interest were mathematics and physics. He graduated in engine construction. During his study of the humanities he realized that general awareness of energy physics was very poor. This fact - and a few old and corroded music instruments in his cellar - were the reasons for his research into alternative sources of energy, or conversion of energy.

His fourth invention was a breakthrough in draining masonry using sources of energy that had been lying idle until this time.

1985     Assignment of a patent and founding of the company as a one-man-business

1988     First mention of the principle of action

1990     Move to Reichenau/Rax
New distribution lines in five European countries

1991     Parts of the parliament building in Budapest are drained with AQUAPOL. The 10,000th AQUAPOL unit is installed

1992     Fundamental research

1995     W. Mohorn receives the Kaplan medal for related basic research

85 employees all over Europe

2001     Gold Medal at IENA 2001 for innovative multifunctional technology of cosmic energy for draining buildings and ground draining/humidification

2002     A branch office was established in the Baltic states. The AQUAPOL technology was mentioned in the reference book "Tachyionen, Orgonen, Scalarwellen" (publisher AT). The reference book 'Universale Energielösungen' (publisher Jupiter) published a long article about AQUAPOL systems. AQUAPOL's new technology is also introduced in the documentary film 'Top Secret Wasser'

2003     A branch office was established in the Baltic states. The AQUAPOL technology was mentioned in the reference book "Tachyionen, Orgonen, Scalarwellen" (publisher AT). The reference book 'Universale Energielösungen' (publisher Jupiter) published a long article about AQUAPOL systems. AQUAPOL's new technology is also introduced in the documentary film 'Top Secret Wasser'

2004     AQUAPOL's year of international expansion. More than 31,000 devices are in use. Several new publications and films explaining the subject are released. Several scientific studies prove the effectiveness of AQUAPOL by the use of several different parameters. Ground draining/humidification experiments are now being conducted since 5 years at the Vienna University of Agriculture and Biotechnology. AQUAPOL's employee count reaches a new maximum

2005     20-year anniversary of AQUAPOL


HU T49295

Abstract -- Equipment is proposed to create electro-osmosis effects, pref. to dry walls, to increase the moisture content of soil, and to reduce the disturbing influence of geopathic fields. - The proposed equipment is based on locating in the house at least one coil of electric cable, whose ends are formed into antennae or connected to antennae. Energy-amplifier equipment is connected either directly or indirectly between the antennae and the coil.


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Classification: - international:     E04B1/70; H01F5/00; (IPC1-7): E04B1/70 - European:     E04B1/70B; H01F5/0
Also published as:  WO 9420702 // WO 9420702 // RO 112647 // PL 310525 //  PL 176215

Abstract -- In a device for conveying damp or salts, e.g., to dry masonry, with at least one electrical conductor wound into a coil (100) and fitted in a housing, the winding diameter of the coil (100) diminishes spirally from one end to the other. Here the distance between the windings of a spiral or wedge-spiral coil (100) and the coil axis in the inward direction is 40 to 60 % smaller on each full revolution than the previous distance. On average, therefore, this gives: for the spiral radius measured at 90 DEG : R'1 = R1-R2/4; at 180 DEG : R''1 = R1-R2/2; at 270 DEG : R'''1 = R1-R2x3/4; at 360 DEG : R2 = R1/2.

Random transport of moisture and salts

The invention relates to a device for transporting moisture or salts, for example, arranged in brickwork, with at least one, in a case, a coil winding electrical conductor, wherein the winding diameter of the spiral coil is smaller at the end of the end.

There are known devices of this kind, without the direct contact with the substances or be exercise and should be no direct connection to a power source is a loaded and / or enffeuchtende effect. The effect of these devices is that through certain high-frequency electromagnetic fields of certain frequencies in the microwave range in porous capillary material systems, eg., building materials or soil, the adhesion forces between molecules and Stoffmolekulen wetland to be disturbed. This leads to a lowering of the humidity level.

Devices in the lower high frequencies work, for example, by forced excitation by corresponding existing short waves of short-wave resonant frequencies can cause exactly the opposite, for example by causing the diode effect of the wall by increasing the wall potential, and thereby cause an increase in wall moisture. Most of these devices are available in three resonance spectra more or less capable of resonance, namely the mechanical spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum and relatively recently discovered spectrum, namely the gravomagnetic spectrum.

A wave consists gravomagnetische, if detectable, from a linear, elliptical, or circularly polarized magnetic waves and a magnetic component to the shaft rotating circularly polarized gravitational wave component.

On a wave oscillation of the magnetic component usually enffallen several oscillations of the gravitational wave component.

The devices were known in the electromagnetic spectrum by environmental radiation resonate, they had the above mentioned effects. In most cases, these effects were, however imperfect and they were very often not foreseeable Dependent influences.

The invention has therefore set itself the goal of a device of the type mentioned at that it is independent of various external influences can always act in an optimal way. Ereicht this is the fact that the distance between the coils of a spiral or conical spiral coil of the coil axis inwards to smaller with each full rotation by 40% to 60% than the previous distance.

It has been shown in numerous experiments that an inventively equipped device is much better suited to meet the requirements as one of the known devices, which has the spirally wound coil constant winding distances, and, moreover, connected between the ends of the coil, a trouble-prone capacitor are needed.

In an inventive embodiment, a converter has to convert electromagnetic energy into energy gravomagnetische a housing in which an external power source connected to a pulley at a distance from the end of Inner conductor Koaxialteiles one is arranged which is connected with a spiral coil located outside the housing.

Other features of the invention will become apparent from the following description in conjunction with the subclaims.The drawings show exemplary embodiments to which the invention is not limited.

Fig. 1 shows a top view of an inventive spiral coil;

Fig 2 shows a view of a conical spiral coil;

Fig 3 is a plan view of three against each other evenly staggered spiral coils;

FIG 4 is also a top view of two spiral coils with the same axis but opposite winding direction,

FIG 5 in the left half of one of a novel device and in the right half of another by a spiral coil, complemented embodiment of the invention,

FIG 6 in section along line BB in FIG 7 shows another embodiment of the invention and

FIG 7 is a sectional view taken along line AA in FIG 6th

Shown in Figure 1 shows the spiral coil 100 turns on, the mutual distance from the outside to the inside decreases steadily. As is apparent from the drawing, is the instantaneous radius R1 A Windungsanfang at twice the size of the instantaneous radius R2 after a full revolution. In general, Rn + i = R / 2 With a steady reduction gives this:

The spiral radius measured at 900 R1 ' = R1 - R2 14 at 1800 R1 '= R1 - R2 / 2 at 270 R1 '= R1 at 360 " R2 = R112.

Deviations up to about 10% are possible.

The conical spiral coil of FIG 2 corresponds to the spiral coil of FIG 1 with the difference that the turns at a helix angle between alpha, preferably 20 and 30, run up.

The in Figures1 and 2 illustrated embodiments are the simplest form of a novel polarization generator gravomagnetischen receive dar. This coil structure from the ground gravomagnetische Erdfelder with the frequency of hydrogen, with an alignment is needed in north-south direction. From above will receive free cosmic energy and converted into energy gravomagnetische with the frequency of the hydrogen.The polarity of the emitted field is depending on the either left or Coil development quite polarized. The intensity of the emitted field is much stronger than the intensity of the existing gravomagnetischen field of the Earth. Thus, the system generates a potential, eg in the masonry, so that the water molecules down (at right polarization) or up (at Linkspolariation) wall.

In the FIG3 shown multiple spiral coil, each of the individual coils 101, 102 and 103 formed as in Figure 1. These three single coils are ever to 1200 mixed, arranged on a plate 104 and into the middle advantageously connected via a solder connection. The entire unit is appropriate as printed Circuit formed.

The function is essentially the function of the coils of FIGS 1 or 2, but it is not required and the generated field is moreover stronger.

According to Figure 4 are two counter-wound multiple spiral coils 105 and 106 arranged on either side of the insulating plate 104. The two multi-spiral coils 105 and 106 are connected to each other non-conductive. In the illustrated example The beginnings of the lower multiple spiral coil 106 to the beginnings of the top multi-spiral coil 105 to was added.

The whole as indicated by 1, from the plate 104 and the two multi-spiral coils 105 and 106 existing unit is installed in an inventive device according to Figure 5. This unit 1 represents the actual receiving part of the polarization generator dar. Using a piece of wire 3 is the unit 1 with a multi-spiral coil 2 according to FIG 3 conducting.The two multi-spiral coils 1 and 2 are held by a holder 4 at a distance from each other. The holder 4 is secured by means of an adhesive 5 on the lower part 7 of the existing aluminum housing 6. Fastening screws 8 complete the left half of Figure 5 shown the device.

In the right half of Figure 5 shows a variant in the spiral coil 100 according to FIG1 are arranged on an insulating plate 9 and is connected via a conductor 10 with the multiple spiral coil 2. There are so many individual spiral coils 100 exists as a single spiral coils are arranged in the multi-spiral coil 2. The plate 9 is held by a holder 11 which holds the two multi-spiral coils 1 and 2 in position.

In both embodiments shown in FIG5, there is a separation of functions of the coils: the multiple spiral coil 1, a receive-only part of the gravomagnetischen Wasserstoffeldes represents the earth and the multiple spiral coil 2 is the polarizing unit that emits energy in the polarized state. Both multiple spiral coils make up the generator.

One such device is designed for use on different gravomagnetischen Field polarities suitable and can be used anywhere in the world. By Umlenkspulen 100, the field is more downward.

When Exemplary according to figures 6 and 7 is above the multi-spiral coil 1, a cylindrical coil 11 as Gwndspule arranged. Among the two coils 1 and 11, a field stabilizer 16 is in the form of a disk of copper or aluminum.

Designed as a coaxial rod antenna 17 is inserted into the soil isolates. Whose inner conductor is connected by a cable 18 via a variable resistor 19 with the multiple spiral coil 1 connected electrically.

Such a rod antenna may be necessary for high performance systems, especially in the Bodenbefeuchtung. Systems with a smaller number of turns of about 24 do not require such a rod antenna.

One lined with aluminum foil, 21 plastic shields the supply pipe 20 from electromagnetic Fields off. It would also use an aluminum or copper pipe is possible.

To three mutually 1200 and offset relative to the cylinder coil 11 by the inclined angle gamma Umlenkspulen 12 are connected in series. The cylindrical coil 11, however, is connected across the series connected Umlenkspulen 12th

The connection of the ends of individual circuit via a Koaxialschaft with an inner conductor 15a and an outer conductor 15b. The two conductors 15a and 15b are spaced apart by two Isolierstoffscheiben held 27th With the upper ends of the conductors 15a, 15b, three pairs of parallel, mutually insulated wires 13a and 13b are connected, which are passed through the center of Umlenkspulen 12, by a respective tube 29.The length of the wires 1 and 3a 1 3b depends on the number of turns of the solenoid 11, the larger the number of turns of Ground coil 11, the greater should be the length of the wires 1 3a and 1 3b be. The axis of wires 1 and 3a 1 3b should be essentially with the axis of Umlenkspulen 12 zusammenfallen.Die parallel wires 13a and 13b mechanically through a tube 29 made of plastic or better electrical shielding material, eg Aluminum, centric skew.

As can be seen particularly in FIG 6 is, all supply lines to the Koaxialschaft 15a, 15b twisted. The direction of the twist depends on the directionality of the coil winding. Accordingly, one coil is at right-handed and left-handed coils Rechtsverdrillung one Verdi left lung be applied.The winding direction of the cylindrical coil 11 is guided by the purpose of the device of the invention: Right-hand, the dehumidifying coil to be wound left-handed use and for moisturizing purposes.

In Figures 6 and 7 Moreover, a holding device 14 is shown holding the solenoid 11 in its position. A further holding device 15 is arranged for attachment of the spiral coil 1 and the field stabilizer 16th

It is furthermore a variable resistor approximately in the range between 0.05 and 30kOhm intended to achieve a power control. This resistance 1 9 a is connected to a cable end to the inner conductor 15a and the other cable end to the outer conductor 15b. These connections are as shown in Figure 6, twisted.

A case of electrically non-conductive or shielding material, eg

Aluminum sheet, with an upper part 22 and a bottom part 23, which two parts are connected together by screws 24, encloses the greater part of the device. 6 shows, moreover, a suspension is 25 or 26 are indicated stand for floor mounting.

According to Figure 8

is a DC or AC power source 31 to a 32, an oscillator 33, an amplifier 34 and a narrow-band filter 35 converts the frequency stabilization, an external power converter 36 fed to the electromagnetic pulses in gravomagnetische impulses.

The transducer 36 is shown in detail in Figure 9.

According to this figure, the signal coming from the belt filter 35 via the inner conductor 40 of a coaxial conductor 41 of a disc 42 suitably made of copper supplied.The disc 42 is located in an approximately cylindrical or rectangular housing 43 made of eg aluminum or copper. In this case 43, the actual conversion takes place, ie, the electrical component of the electromagnetic wave is converted into gravitational component. It forms a standing wave gravomagnetische (half wave), which has a suitably printed spiral coil 100 or coil 101,102,103 is emitted. The the spiral coil 100 via a Koaxialteil 44, wherein between the housing 43 and the spiral coil 100, a copper or aluminum disk 45 is disposed inner conductor of the Koaxialteiles 44 projects into the interior of the housing 43 and is connected to the respective coil 100,101,102,103 conductively , eg by a screw.

Using novel devices, it is also possible, for example, a desalination conduct of the masonry.

It has been shown that with a dehumidification in the existing masonry salts (nitrates, sulfates, chlorides, carbonates) in the plaster or with frescoes in the painting wall. To make this prevent can use the same types of equipment for the Enffeuchtung, only with different working frequencies, the resolution Salt molecules be transported by specific frequency-dependent fields down.The sense of winding of the coil systems is counterclockwise, inversely as the Enffeuchtungsger Ten.

If, during the dehumidification instantaneous radii R1 (1) of 10.5 cm or a multiple of uses thereof, are at the desalination units corresponding to different frequencies currently four radii of 20.5 cm, 31.3 cm, 15.6 cm and 23.4 cm applicable. Tolerances on the order of about 15% are possible.

Be in the presence of salts in the first capillary-substance systems Desalination units established that after about 2-6 months and deducted against the Dehumidifiers be replaced. The trained according to the above moment radii spiral coils can be arranged one above the other in a housing so that a single device that responds to all four frequencies arises.

Such a device is schematically shown in Fig 10th

Here, in a housing 50 above the other four coils 201, 202, 203, 204 arranged to meet the instantaneous radii above the specified radii. For other types of salts, other radii or additional coils are used with different radii.

In the context of the invention are numerous Amendments possible.Also, the applications of an inventive device are very diverse; particular is a use for damping geopathogenic zones. It can still be resolved by means of devices according to the invention, fog-like conditions by the fact that the cloud-forming water droplets can be moved upward.