Lawrence NELSON

Electron Trap

Excerpt from:

"Five of the Most Promising Clean Energy Technologies"


Kenneth M. Rauen

( Palo Alto, CA, USA )

Lawrence Nelson's "Electron Trap" ---

"Lawrence Nelson visited NERL in 2003 and demonstrated his invention to NERL, at a time when I was with NERL. I worked with Lawrence for one month and successfully replicated his invention under his supervision, documenting more energy output than the input. Like PAGD (below), his "electron trap" is a vacuum tube technology that derives its energy from the vacuum continuum of space.

"Lawrence told me recently that he has a 1000 watt electric generator running in his laboratory right now, using only 200 watts of electricity input. He is also close to commercialization, but like the others, lacks business experience and funding.

"He is a scientist, a degreed physicist, and he knows what he is doing.

"He is not seeking public exposure but is eager to find funding for his project. Please do not promote his website unless it is done privately for serious interest in funding his company. His device can be as big or even bigger than the Correa PAGD, in my opinion."

USP # 6,465,965

Method and System for Energy Conversion Using a Screened-Free-Electron Source

Lawrence NELSON

( 6-06-2002 )

Classification: - international: F24J3/00; G21K1/00; H01J3/00; H02N11/00;
F24J3/00; G21K1/00; H01J3/00; H02N11/00; (IPC1-7): H01J29/98; - european: F24J3/00; G21K1/00; G22H1/02; H01J3/00; H02N11/00B
Application number: US20010822579 20010330
Priority number(s): US20010822579 20010330; US20000254430P 20001211; US19990358746 19990721; US19980093789P 19980723; US20010259967P 20010102

Abstract --- A method and device for providing power to a load are disclosed. A beam of free electrons is directed from a free-electron source, such as an electron gun, into an enclosing conductive surface. The free-electron source includes a cathode, which is maintained at a negative voltage with respect to the enclosing conductive surface. A region around the free-electron source is maintained in a vacuum. The system is configured to switch over a time period between two configurations. In the first configuration, the enclosing conductive surface is isolated from a ground. In the second configuration, the enclosing conductive surface is in electrical communication with the ground. Capacitive energy is discharged from the enclosing conductive surface when in the second configuration with an electrical circuit arrangement and provided to the load.

USP Appln. # 2001 040434

Free Electron Condensation Voltage Gain Device

Lawrence NELSON

( 11-15-2001 )

Classification: - international: H01J3/00; H01J3/00; (IPC1-7): H01J21/00; - european: H01J3/00

Abstract --- The present invention provides a method and apparatus useful for providing a voltage gain as well as for generating energy. The anomalous lack of repulsion observed between unbound electrons is exploited by the apparatus, which comprises an electron gun and a capacitor which is charged by free electrons and is discharged by a circuit. The preferred embodiment additionally comprises a magnetic bottle which is activatable.