ELF Shield

Method and Apparatus for Shielding a Person from the Polluting Effects of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Magnetic Waves, and all Other Environmental Electromagnetic Emissions

by Dr Andrija Puharich

Essentia Research Associates

Invited Paper: The Tesla Centennial Symposium, IEEE Pikes Peak Section, Colorado Springs CO (August 12, 1984)

This paper will describe a novel method and means of defense against the global omnipresence of ELF emissions and other electromagnetic pollution. The use of ELF magnetic emissions in contemporary undeclared warfare is so new that there is little knowledge about it amongst both the lay public and experts in warfare. Therefore, this paper will rely on the history of the development of ELF warfare starting with Nikola Tesla’s pioneering work in the 1890s; its contemporary use by several nations; and some new research carried out by the author. This background material is to be found in Reference 1, an unpublished manuscript written by the inventor.

We begin with a description of an objective method of measuring a person’s susceptibility to electro-encephalographic (EEG) entrainment with respect to magnetic pulses, visual photonic pulses, and auditory sound pulses. From this data set there is calculated a specific set of magnetic pulse frequencies, typically between 7 to 10 Hz that protects that individual from “negative” ELF magnetic waves. This protection extends to all man-made environmental electromagnetic pollution. Reference 2 proves that the magnetic component of electromagnetic pollution can be mutagenic in human tissue. This is the great danger of electromagnetic pollution.

We then describe the three components of the electromagnetic  pollution (EMPe) and extremely low frequency magnetic  (ELFm) shielding device. We then show how the shielding device effect can be objectively measured. First, the ambient EMPe and ambient ELFm pollution is measured with a detector coil-amplifier of great sensitivity. A typical measurement will show a spread of frequencies ranging from 6 Hz to 120 Hz with a measurable average amplitude, and characteristic wave shape. Then the three components of the shielding device are placed on a person, and the measurements repeated. Typically, the ambient frequencies will narrow down to 7 to 10 Hz with a 3-fold increase in amplitude. These frequencies centering on 8 to 9 Hz are biologically beneficial frequencies.

Thus the shielding device performs two important functions: (1) cancels out all negative polluting EMPe and ELFm emissions in the ambient environment of a person, thus shielded, and (2) selectively amplifies certain beneficial ELFm in the ambient environment of a shielded person, in the rage of 7 to 10 Hz with a peak center frequency of 8 to 9 Hz in the EEG power spectrum.

As a beginning to the theory, and hence of the method of operation of the shielding device, I present some brief observations of the way in which one human being can direct and radiate his natural EEG, i.e., ELFm, a magnetic wave at another person, and use them to bring under control the EEG wave system of that person, as measured objectively with dual EEG wave measurements of the two persons. Observations are also made of artificially radiating a person with a magnetic wave generator which can produce behavioral modification in the person being radiated.

A theory and method is developed as to how and why ELFm signals of the order of 2 x 10-9 Tesla per second (2 nanotesla per second) can exert such powerful control effects over biological systems. The experimental work that is the foundation of the theory and of the method is given in some detail. The theory states that external magnetic fields can control biological spin-spin proton-proton coupling constants in DNA, RNA, RNA-transferases, and hydrons (H2)). Such spin-spin coupling constants can be stabilized at equilibrium, against the destabilizing external ELFm frequencies.

Reference 3 shows some of the hysterical press reaction to the existence of the Soviet ELF emissions. Reference 4 shows the scientific analysis of the phenomena by an engineer.

Description of the Method of Measuring Objectively the Sensitivity of an Individual to Brain wave Entrainment from Polluting Electromagnetic Emissions ~

The author discovered many years ago that when two human beings interact in the well known "laying on of hands" effect (without any body contact) that the brain waves of one of the participants will entrain the brainwaves of the other person. See Reference 5, pp. 7-9. Later it was discovered that the Soviet ELF global emissions could entrain the brain waves of certain individuals. Then it was found that by proper training individuals could entrain their own brain waves at the Alpha Frequencies (7-12 Hz). As a result of such experiments and findings the author developed the system shown in Figure 1 which can be routinely used to measure the effects of polluting EM emissions of the brain waves. These effects on the brainwaves are explainable as an effect on the spin-spin proton-proton coupling constants of every odd-numbered atom in the human body. See Reference 5m pp. 16-21 for the scientific basis of this effect.

Referring to the block diagram of Figure 1 we see that the Head (1) of a person is connected via electrodes to an EEG machine (6) which has the capability of carrying out a Fourier transform analysis of the brain waves in real time. Stimulators (8), Strobe Lights (9), ELF Magnetic Wave Generator (12), Audio Wave Generator (11), Transdermal Wave Generator (10, Puharich, US Patent # 3,563,246) serve to entrain the waves of the brain at characteristic frequencies. These entrained waves from the brain are cross-correlated by computer analysis to yield a profile of frequencies that reveal the particular sensitivities of the individual to brain wave entrainment. In addition there is a set of monitors that detect the ambient earth and atmospheric magnetic waves: ELF Detector Coil (2), ultra-sensitive (0.5 microTesla/sec.) Amplifier (3), A/D Frequency Counter (4), and Oscilloscope (5) to measure the wave shpae and the amplitude of the magnetic waves. Systems (3), (4), and (5) are also fed into the computer for cross-correlation analysis with the EEG data. Thus the system of Figure 1 can measure the effects on the brain EEG from the ambient EMPe and ELFm before any use is made of the Shield Device on that person. It can also measure the ambient EMPe and ELFm after the person has put on the Shield Device. The results of this kind of measurement are shown in Figure 3.

Figure 1: Block Diagram of Brain EEG Recorder, Brain ELF Stimulaotrs, Ambient ELF Detector, and Computer Analysis of Data ~

Figure 2: (A) ELFm-EMPe Shield Device Block Diagram. Earth/Atmosphere are energy sources for polluting emissions (I, II). Neutrinos are space energy source of energy for bio-proton detectors (V). The human (III) is the target for these three sources of energy. (B) In the block diagram, IV, VI, VII, VIII, and IX are components of the Shield Device. VI and VII are armbands. IV, VIII, and IX are housed in a metal pen housing and electrically shielded inside from EMPe effects. The solid lines represent conventional EM wiring and coupling. The dashed lines represent scalar wave pathways, and virtual flux pathways.

Description of the Shield Device which Protects an Individual from the Negative Biological and Psychological Effects of EMPe and ELFm Polluting Emissions ~

Reference to Figure 2 shows the block diagram of the Shield Device. There are three components of the Shield Device. The first component is the metal shielded circuit made up of three parts respectively labeled: the Sensor (IV), the Battery (VIII), and the Controller (IX), a quartz clock. Now it is to be noted that the first component which is in the form and shape of a ball point type of pencil, and will be called the pencil hereinafter, encloses all of the three parts in a metal Faraday type of shield. This means that the the parts are effectively shielded against all EM radiation above about 100 Hz. The pencil is normally held in the hand and can be used as a working ballpoint pen, or it can be worn in a shirt pocket or carried by a cord hung around the neck. The only signals that can get through the shielding of the pen are: (a) the magnetic brain waves of the person wearing it, (b) the ambient neutrino flux from deep space, and (c) virtual sub-quantum anenergy from the environment.

Signal (a) is obvious and needs no further explanation. The brain wave magnetic vector enters the Sensor IV, and is picked up by flat copper braid which is wound in 21 turns on a brass spindle, and each turn is rotated, or twisted 180° on each turn. This rotates the magnetic wave 180 degrees on each turn, and passes on the next turn a magnetic wave that is 180° out of phase with it. The result is that the vectors cancel each other, and the only wave that passes up to the coil is a scalar longitudinal wave. For a definition of the meaning of this term see Reference 6, pp. 21-25. The scalar wave, when it reaches the positive pole of the battery will orthorotate 180° and release a pulse of charge into the battery that is 180° out of phase with the pulse charge that has just left the battery at the negative pole. This phase control of battery charge emission, and battery charge entrance is managed by the oscillations of the quartz crystal in the clock which is free-running at 256 Hz. The proof of this action is that a battery with a normal life, with load, of one year will last for at least 4 years by our latest measurements, if not longer.

But there is a feedback between the human body, and the first component, the pencil, which has just been described. There is a second component, labeled in Figure 2 as the Magnetic Tape Loop (VI), Twistor and Antenna. This is made up of a plastic film (0.125 inch wide and 0.001 mil thick) coated on one side with magnetite powder (Fe3O4). The plastic film is wound on a sheet iron base in the form of a circle that will pass over a person’s hand and wrist, and is worn as a bracelet. There are 42 turns of the film on the metal circle, and the film is twisted 180 degrees each turn, The magnetic tape loop cancels all the magnetic vectors of all the frequencies  of EMPe and ELFm in the ambient environment, and cancels them by the phase canceling already described for the pencil. The difference is that the magnetic tape loop is not connected to anything --- it is an open circuit, and the scalar longitudinal waves are dumped into the ambient vacuum. When the first component, the pencil, is in skin contact with the person, some of the scalar longitudinal waves will enter part IV of the pencil.

The mechanism of this latter effect is that the quartz resonator IX has a feedback to the Copper Band VII of virtual photonic energy because the skin is a detector for all kinds of waves. See Reference 5, pp. 23-27 for a description of this detector effect discovered by the inventor. This copper band initiates a loop of virtual energy flow as shown by the dashed lines in Figure 2 starting at IX, going to VII through the skin and to the opposite arm where it emerges 180° out of phase with the entrance signal due to the diode property of the skin, the path then goes through the shield into Sensor IV, and by hard wire circuitry back to the Controller IX. This is a complete circuit path in which a part of the path is hard-wired, and a part of the path is a scalar wave, and virtual photon, in nature. These different parts of the circuit, i.e., the human body, and the three components of the Shield Device come into a self-sustaining resonance. The virtual parts of the circuit are hyper-spatial, i.e., greater than 4 dimensions, and this is proven by the fact that the space in which the detector coil sits will remain clear of EMPe and ELFm for 15 minutes to 90 minutes after the person who wears the Shield Device leaves the area by going at least one-half mile away.

Reference to Figure 3 will show a series of typical measurements made in the region of the Detector Coil (2 in Figure 1) before and after the introduction of the Shield Device. The persistence of a hyperspatial effect is seen in a comparison between Figure 3A and Figure 3c when the person with the shield Device leaves the ELF Detector Coil region, and goes away at a distance of one-half mile. The pattern recorded by the ELF Detector Coil remains as shown in Figure 3C. It is to be noted by reference to the chart on page 20 in Exhibit E, that the beneficial frequencies for the human organism are centered on 8 Hz, and reference to Figure 3d shows that the Shield Device on a person centers his EEG power spectrum on this center frequency at a very high amplitude. This protects the person from polluting emissions and magnifies the natural NMR system of the biological system. See Reference 7 for an introduction to this NMR coupling.

Figure 3 ~ Results of tests with and without the Shield Device on a person as measured by the method shown on Figure 1, in a typical case.

Figure 4 ~

Summary and Conclusions ~

(1) A Method and Means to measure ambient EM Pollution (EMPe) and ambient ELF Magnetic waves (ELFm) in the environment of a person, said waves being of a harmful biological and psychological nature to humans (Figure 1).

(2) A Method and Means to protect a human being from such harmful emissions with a Shield Device (Figure 2).

(3) A Method that is based on the known biological spin-spin proton-proton couplings, and is used to influence this nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system to strengthen the biological integrity of the human body (Figures 3 and 4).

(4) The means of the Shield Device which is composed of 3 parts:

(a) The Pencil ~ This is a shielded device which serves as a sensor and a controller of Scalar Longitudinal Waves, and converts normal EMPe and ELFm vector wwaves into scalar waves and virtual energy waves, thereby eliminating the vector waves in the immediate vicinity of a person. The Sensor is made up of 21 turns of flat copper braid wound on a brass cylinder, each turn of braid being twisted 180 degrees from the preceding turn. Braid is connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the negative pole of the battery is in series with a free-running quartz clock.

(b) A Magnetic Flat Film Loop (MFFL) ~ 42 turns, each of which is twisted 180° from the previous turn. This circular flat film magnetic coil serves to collect EMPe and ELFm vector waves from the ambient environment and convert them to Scalar Longitudinal waves which are not harmful to man. There is a virtual coupling between the pencil circuit, and the MFFL. A person wears the MFFL on his body skin, preferably on his wrist.

(c) A Flat Copper Bracelet ~ Preferably an open loop, that is worn on the wrist. Additional copper bracelets may be worn on the body in order to lower the center frequency of the EEG to 8 Hz.

References ~

(1) Puharich, Andrija: "TMT, The Magnetic Threat"; unpublished ms (Dell Publishing Co., NY).

(2) Liboff, A.R., et al.: "Time-Varying Magnetic Fields: Effect on DNA Synthesis"; Science 223 (February 1984).

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