Etienne RAZE
Razor Sharpener

FR 2648320


EC:   H05F7/00     IPC:   H05F7/00; H05F7/00; (IPC1-7): H05F7/00; (+1)

The invention has as an object a transmitter of electromagnetic waves.

The following apparatus the invention, using the electromagnetic vibrations, acts remotely and in a permanent way on the molecular field.

The apparatus, object of the invention, comprise in the appearance four main elements.

1. Compact obtained while humidifying and by mixing inorganic and vegetal equal quantities of powder, for example marble: talc, sugar and rice pulverized beforehand. This paste is then dried until completely hardened.

2. a ferrite rod.

3. a metalloid, for example a brass rod.

4. a container which can between an ordinary round plastic can.

The impregnation of the waves is done then using a special apparatus, of singular and original design, while proceeding successively to the photography of the wave, with its development and its fixing, and finally with its indelible impregnation.

The apparatus, object of the invention, can be used for the regeneration of all the sharp instruments.

The invention has numerous applying which is very various. An applying particularly interesting, represented by figure 2, is the regeneration of the razor blades.

Indeed, the current technology does not make it possible for a razor blade to preserve its qualities of cutting beyond only a few days; it follows, in general, the disadvantage of a too sharp cut in its beginning and a defective cut with continued use.

The device, following the applying of the invention, removes these inconvéniences as the electromagnetic vibrations, acting in a permanent way on the molecular structure with the level of the “wire”, regenerate the razor blade in some way. The purpose of this regeneration is essential to give to the cut a quality incomparable softness. Any consecutive irritation with the shaving of this fact is substantially eliminated, at the same time as the utilisation period of the blade is considerably extended.

The device, object of the applying, such as it is represented by figure 2, comprises planar horizontal 5; four as similar 6, 7, 8 and 9, identical with the initial invention, were embedded with each angle. Inside the formed perimeter by these four apparatuses, is a support 10, a support 11 and one housing 12, respectively intended to receive the head of cut and the handle of a conventional mechanical razor.