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Scalar Waves & Fields ~ The "pseudo-scientific" kind that works anyway.



Inventor(s): KIM CHANG HYUN

The present invention relates to a pyramid-shaped subtle energy generating device emitting scalar waves, which is characterized by winding a coil around quartz in a clockwise direction and putting the quartz into a pyramid-shaped body. The device of the present invention is configured to generate scalar waves using a scalar wave generating coil wound in the opposite direction with the same number of windings and right-handed torsion waves using a right-handed torsion coil wound clockwise starting at the center from free electrons present in a living space. The pyramid-shaped body for accumulating the free electrons is made by piling up a mixture of 50% minerals such as steel shavings, quartz shavings, brass shavings, copper shaving, etc. and 50% polyester resin into a pyramid shape to effectively accumulate the free electrons, and the accumulated free electrons pass through the coils wound the quartz to generate scalar waves and right-handed torsion waves. A drawn line is connected to the top of the pyramid-shaped body to effectively deliver the generated scalar and right-handed torsion waves to a human body. Therefore, the pyramid-shaped subtle energy generating device generates the scalar waves not using a man-made power source and provides energy beneficial to the human body.


Inventor(s): KIM CHANG HYUN, et al.

The present invention relates to a functional shoe releasing a scalar wave. The present invention is about a functional shoe having a releasing member as a chip shape using a tesla coil manufactured to have a flexible printed circuit board form, provided is a functional shoe comprising: a tesla coil layer, of which the winding number printed on a flexible printed circuit board is the same and of which a winding direction is opposite, for being symmetrical with a winding pair to a right torsion clockwise direction centering the middle and generating micro energy; and a magnet layer, stacked on the top of the tesla coil layer in order to generate micro energy using a piezoelectric effect of crystal, for mixing total mineral matters 50%, consisting of steel shavings 10%, aluminum shavings 10%, copper shavings 10%, and quartz crystal powder 10%, and total organic matters 50% consisting of polypropylene resin or polyester resin, setting the mixture in a shoe, being positioned in the lower part of the tesla coil layer, and making an N pole of a magnet turn to the direction of the tesla coil layer; wherein the tesla coil layer, a releasing member layer, and the magnet layer are covered by polypropylene resin or polyester resin to have a chip shape, and a chip is mounted to supply a scalar wave and right torsion energy which are beneficial to a human body.


Inventor(s): MENDES WAECHTER MARCELO, et al.

An apparatus is disclosed for generating scalar energy for domestic use, provided with an electronic circuit capable of generating an oscillating wave at a fixed frequency of 12 hertz, radiated by means of a transmitting antenna.

Inventor: LEE JONG DOO


PURPOSE: An installation method of a construction material radiating scalar wave is provided to continuously offer scalar wave to a building, thereby reducing the ambient humidity and preventing the breeding of bacteria and mold. CONSTITUTION: An installation method of a construction material radiating scalar wave is as follows. A building is divided in vertical and horizontal directions and the humidity, and the presence of mold and bacteria are measured(S310). The locations in which moisture, bacteria and mold exist are indicated in the design drawing of the building(S320). A construction material radiating scalar wave is installed in the locations indicated in the design drawing(S330). It is checked whether the moisture, bacteria and mold are neutralized by the construction material(S340).

Portable re-balancing unit for stimulating an organism electromagnetically

An apparatus and method for transmitting an electromagnetic field that affects the bio-energetic field of an organism comprising a high frequency carrier wave that transmits low frequency information signals to aid in rebalancing said bio-energetic field. By using a high frequency and a low frequency electromagnetic field, with the addition of a scalar field, it is possible to provide a rebalancing device that is small, portable, easy to use and effective.

Cold fusion apparatus

In accordance with the present invention, this invention creates the process of cold fusion with the creation of electromagnetic scalar waves and the deuterium loading of cathode in the invention. This process of combining the deuterium loading and current flow of the cathode with the electromagnetic wave and electromagnetic scalar waves are used to allow temporary changes of the electron to electron repulsion, proton to proton repulsion Via the changing of the 3d plus linear time structure into the direction of 12d space time structure in the palladium core. Once all these conditions are met cold fusion will occur

Scalar Laser Therapy Apparatus

There is disclosed a new low-level laser therapy apparatus and method of treating tissue. The invention includes a laser system that uses laser diodes and/or alternatively light emitting diodes (LED's), or both, and a digital interface that gives the operator the ability to generate sine waves or scalar waves as opposed to the simple on/off square waves. The invention also enables the operator to modulate not only the frequency, but also other wave characteristics such as the amplitude and phase. In one aspect, the invention involves modulating the phase relationship between multiple waves by taking one channel or wave which is pulsed through the laser system and then running a second channel or wave in relationship to the first channel, thereby creating a phased relationship, which has been discovered to provide a therapeutic and quantum healing effect on tissue.; In one exemplary embodiment, the laser system of the invention may have a phase relationship of approximately 180 degrees which provides a beneficial therapeutic and quantum healing effect and, in particular, neutralizes or deletes cellular memory.

Apparatus for destroying pathogen molecules using frequencies

Inventor: DEBROUSE JOSEPH [US]     

A frequency transfer system for the destruction of pathogens using a recorded medium and a transfer unit is disclosed. The recorded medium contains at least one square wave at a frequency known to affect specific pathogens. Additional mathematically congruent square waves can also be recorded on the medium for simultaneous transmission. The transfer unit contains a coil and an amplifier. The coil absorbs the magnetic flux from the electromagnetic square waves and outputs scalar square waves. The amplifier increases the voltage and reverses the wave polarities to place the greatest scalar potentials at the positive node of said output square wave. The scalar waves are transferred to the user's body through output leads and electrodes.



FIELD: radio communications and radiolocation, geological prospecting, and medicine. ^ SUBSTANCE: proposed radiating device is provided with second waveguide and second exciting component; exciting components are installed in waveguides which have different length and are brought to single plane through their open ends and further through return horn to equally shaped adding waveguide terminating in horn. Waveguides differ by half-length of common radiated electromagnetic wave. In planar-wave approximation strength vectors of electric and magnetic fields are oriented in longitudinal-scalar electromagnetic wave in open space collinearly to vector of electromagnetic energy flux density (S = Ei |Hi| + Hi |Ei|).Irrotational electric field of longitudinal electromagnetic wave builds up potential difference across open electric conductor longitudinally oriented to this field.; Magnetic field of longitudinal-scalar electromagnetic wave acts upon moving electric charges by force directed along their velocity vector. ^ EFFECT: enhanced reliability due to use of irrotational longitudinal-scalar electromagnetic waves apart from rotational cross-vector ones.


Inventor(s):     NISHIMURA TAKESHI\

PURPOSE:To generate power in space, etc., without a jet gas by installing metal for capacitor and having low magnetism at both the ends of an air-core coil respectively, and by generating a scalar electromagnetic wave when the winding direction of the coil is specified to be electrified. CONSTITUTION:Metal 1 for capacitor and having low magnetism is installed at both the ends of an air-core coil 2 respectively in charging one side of the metal 1 for capacitor to plus, the winding direction of the coil 2 is set in the direction of winding in which the metal 1 is magnetized to S. An AC current is carried into the coil 2. When the electric potential of the one-side metal 1 is changed from plus to minus, the metal 1 is magnetized to N. Next, when charged fully to minus, magnetism is eliminated due to the absence of a material for storing magnetic force. Thus, charging from minus to plus, tries to enable magnetization to S. Those actions generate monopole electromagnetic pattern, plus N, minus S, around the metal 1 to generate a scalar electromagnetic wave. Thus, its output is utilized as a substitute for a rocket engine, for example, in space.


Inventor(s):     SHIRAISHI AKIRA

PURPOSE:To use a scalar feed horn in a wide frequency band by providing concentric circular chokes in specified angle areas with respect to the direction of respective linearly polarized waves as against respective linearly polarized waves to which two frequencies are orthogonally linearlly polarized wave-fed and setting the radiation patterns of respective frequencies to be satisfactory patterns symmetric as against an axis. CONSTITUTION:The scalar feed horn has a horn which is formed by a circular waveguide 3 and the concentric circular chokes 2a and 2b suppressing a backward current at the external side of the opening surface 1.; Then, the scalar feed horn common to the two frequencies of the orthogonally linearly polarized wave, in which the electromagnetic wave of a first frequency is fed by a vertically polarized wave, and the electromagnetic wave of a second frequency is fed by a horizontally polarized wave, is formed. Here, the first concentric circular choke suppressing the backward current in the first frequency in the angle of + or -45 deg. as against the direction of the electromagnetic wave fed by the first frequency and the choke suppressing the backward current in the second frequency is given to the angle area of + or -45 deg. as against the direction of the polarized wave of the electromagnetic wave fed by the second frequency.

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for generating and/or utilizing scalar-longitudinal waves

Inventor(s): HIVELY LEE    

Scalar-longitudinal waves (SLWs) may be transmitted and/or received. A first apparatus configured to transmit and/or receive SLWs may include a linear first conductor configured to operate as a linear monopole antenna at a first operating frequency. The first apparatus may include a tubular second conductor coaxially aligned with the first conductor and an annular balun configured to cancel most or all return current on an outer surface of the second conductor during operation such that the first conductor transmits or receives SLWs. A second apparatus configured to transmit and/or receive scalar-longitudinal waves may include a bifilar coil formed in an alternating fashion of a first conductor and a second conductor such that an electrical current in the coil will propagate in opposite directions in adjacent turns of the coil thereby cancelling any magnetic field so that during operation the coil transmits or receives SLWs.



A generator of the combined magnetic field comprises the therapeutic chamber with the electric coils of the rotational electromagnetic field with independent power supply. The coils are coaxial. In every two adjacent coils, the rotational magnetic fields of the opposite directions are generated simultaneously (clockwise in one coil and counterclockwise in another one). In a gap between the adjacent end-faces of two adjacent coils, the additional scalar magnetic field is generated being directed in parallel to the rotation axis of the magnetic field.

Coil system has therapeutic or preventive ends designed for creation, development and application of magnetic scalar potential fields,
static or variable frequency or variable waveform


The coil system has therapeutic or preventive ends designed for the creation, development and application of magnetic scalar potential fields, static or variable frequency or variable waveform. The magnetic field is obtained from the superposition of vector magnetic field whose vector sum is zero. Prototype coil or coils system generating magnetic fields scalar potential therapeutic or preventive purposes.

Communication method and apparatus with signals comprising scalar and vector potentials without electromagnetic fields

Inventor(s):     PUTHOFF HAROLD

Information that changes as a function of time is communicated from a transmitting site to a receiving site by transmitting a signal comprising scalar and vector potentials without including ay electromagnetic field. The potentials vary as a function of time in accordance with the information.



Systems and methods of interacting complex electric fields and static electric fields to effect motion are disclosed. An example method includes producing an action force having a reaction force perpendicular to the action force by interacting a relative velocity electric field based on charge of a moving first charged object and a static charge on a second charged object in a different inertial frame of reference. Another example method includes producing an action force having a reaction force perpendicular to the action force by interacting an acceleration generated electric field based on acceleration of a first charged object and a static charge on a second charged object in a different inertial frame of reference. Another example method includes producing an action force having a reaction force perpendicular to the action force by interacting a scalar electric potential and static electric field.


The present invention refers to a neutralizer of geopathogen radiations resulting from the subsoil by underground water streams or geological faults, as well as radiations produced by the different electric devices working at 60 Hz and 50 Hz and the conduction lines thereof, also those generated by cellular telephony antennas and other types of radio-transmission. The present invention consists of a panel located under a bed mattress, said panel being a set of elements formed by equidistant rectangular coils and quartz-filled fixed magnets that produce a scalar magnetic pulsating potential field of low extreme frequency ranging from 3 Hz to 11 Hz, including the Schumann frequency. A microcontroller device is included, which, by means of program, emits the different frequency cycles that are biocompatible with the brain and natural resonances characteristics of the human being. Under the interference and superposition principle, the scalar electromagnetic pulsating potential field of low extreme frequency (100 nT of mattress level magnetic flow intensity) produces a frequency mixture which results in a dominant pulse train of extreme low frequencies, thus achieving the neutralization of the harmful frequencies of lower than 3 Hz, as well as those of 60 Hz and 50 Hz and higher. The invention provides the user a geopathogen radiation-free zone while sleeping, thereby attaining a deep rest of high quality, and a reestablishment of his vital potentials upon an improved production of ATP.