Iron Age - Volume 107, p. 1446 ( June 2, 1921 )
Platers' Guide / Brass World, Volume 17, Page 306 (1921)


Improvements in apparatus of the divining-rod type for detecting the presence of subterranean substances and for like purposes

This invention has reference to apparatus used for indicating the presence of certain treasures of the soil under water, minerals or metals, petroleum (naphtha), coals or the like, and constitutes an improvement in or modification of the invention of my Application for Letters Patent No. 146,840 in which a stick or rod of wood, metal or other suitable material is bent or coiled up at its middle so as to form two branches elastically combined with one another and to which may detachably and exchangeably be attached a cartridge of a substance reacting on the emanations radiated by the treasures of the soil searched for or by other substances to be tested or analysed.
I am aware that in the British Specification No. 979 A.D. 1912, a device for locating the presence of water, minerals and the like, has been proposed in which in conjunction with a divining rod, an appliance is provided for recording the amount of attraction or pull upon the divining rod. But in this device the divining rod itself is of usual shape, that is to say, the two branches of the rod are rigidly, secured to one another and the rod is journaled in bearings in a frame or casing and the recording device is connected to the joint of the branches by means of a cord or the like.

By this arrangement, the rod may only move in the manner of the usual divining rod, that is to say, in a vertical direction and the recording device connected to the rod only gives an indication of the degree of attraction exerted by the water, minerals or the like on the rod itself and therefore of the depth at which the liquid or mineral sought is located in the ground.

In opposition to this known device, in my apparatus I use cartridges of substances reacting to the emanations radiated by the treasures of the soil or by the substances to be tested or analysed detachably and enchangeably connected
to the rod and the rod is rotatably inserted between a compass and a speed-indicator both adjustably fixed to a connecting bar so that the bar may easily be put in or removed from the apparatus.

The object of this arrangement is to render it possible to read off directly the number of oscillations of the apparatus produced by the emanations radiated. by the treasures of the soil or the substances to be tested or analysed, in the speed-indicator and furthermore the direction of strike of the treasure of the soil as to degrees, minutes and seconds in the compass. My invention therefore wholly differs from that which is known in its arrangement as well as in its mode of working and results.

My invention will be fully described with reference to the accompanying drawings in which,

Fig. 1. is a side view, Fig. 2 is a front view, and Fig. 3 is a plan of my apparatus.

In these figures a, a are two branches elastically combined with one another of
thin rod or stick bent or coiled up at its middle so that the two branches form an, acute or a right angle, c is a slotted guide fixed to the branch forming the axis of rotation of the apparatus and is provided with a scale i.
d is a slide or spring adjustably carried by the other branch a, provided with a scale j and elastically combined with the first-named branch, c is a reacting substance, preferably made in the form of a cartridge, detachably and exchangeably suspended from the slide or spring d.

This arrangement of my apparatus is essentially the same as that described and shown in my prior Specification Serial No. 146,840.

In accordance with my present invention k is a compass and m a speed-indacator both preferably adjustably fixed to a connecting bar 1 to permit ready insertion of the branch a forming the axis of rotation of the apparatus between the compass and speed-indicator and its removal from this position. One end of this branch is, with its pivot f rotatably mounted on the centre of the compass k and the other end is inserted within the speed-indicator m so as to form the axis of the same. o is a pointer suitably fixed to the pivoted branch a preferably closely above the compass k and directed at right angles to the plane of the two branches a, a of the apparatus. p is a post to which the apparatus may be fixed by means of ball and socket joint or in any other suitable way.

The mode of working of this arrangement of my apparatus is as follows ---

If the apparatus with the reacting substance attached to the branch is brought near to the resting, place of a treasure of the soil searched for and the reacting substance is of the same kind, or nature, as, or of chemical or physical affinity to, the treasure in the ground, the emanations radiated by this treasure react on the substanee and produce a rotation of the pivoted branch or of both branches n, fit in their seats and by means of an effect of physical nature, the oscillating branch a is at the same time oscillated, rotated and attracted or repelled till it comes to rest and according to attraction or repulsion, points exactly in the direction where the treasure of the soil searched for rests in the ground or in a direction opposite to that.
The position of the two branches n, fit relatively to one another resulting from the different action of attraction and repulsion, speed of oscillation and rotation, kind and quantity of the reacting substance e, and length of the oscillating branch a, which position may be read off on the scales i and j, on guide c and oscillating branch a respectively permits a conclusion being, drawn as to thickness, depth of resting and quality of the treasure of the soil found, on the basis of a practical knowledge and calculation.

The number of oscillations of the branches a,may be read off directly in the speed-indicator m and the direction of strike of the treasure of the soil as to degrees, minutes and seconds by means of the pointer () fixed to-the pivoted branch (i directly above the compass k.

With the object of using my. present apparatus, for testing or analysing substances of unknown character I proceed in the same manner, as described before, that is to say, I attach reacting substances of different character, or nature, one after another to the free end of the oscillating branch a of the apparatus and I continue in this manner until I find a reacting substance so near in its character, or nature, to the substance to be tested, or analysed, or to one of the constituents of this substance that it causes the apparatus to work in the manner previously described.

0.  Vorrichtung zur Nachweisung von Bodenschätzen (Wasser, Erzen, Erdöl, Kohlen, u. dgl.) nach Art der Wünschelrute.

Vorrichtung zur Nachweisung von Bodenschätzen (Wasser, Erzen, Erdöl, Kohlen, u. dgl.) nach Art der Wünschelrute.  

Device for demonstration of natural resources (water, ores, petroleum, coal, etc.), by type of dowsing.

The invention relates to the device described in Patent Nos. 81871 and relates to a particular configuration of the capsule containing the reacting substance of mineral resources.

In the drawing the invention is shown in Figure I in the view in Figure 2 and in the middle longitudinal section. f is the reacting substance enclosing the cartridge, which has advantageously cylindrical, rounded at the two ends of the form, but may also be spherical or otherwise suitably shaped. a, b is the cartridge. f receiving capsule.

This consists of two parts which can be connected easily detachable but airtight manner by means of mating threads c or otherwise suitable manner.
In the position of use of the downwardly directed enclosure portion b is tapered downwardly and runs advantageously in the form of a leg in a tip.

Inside the capsule bearing b d, e are in parts a, is provided. f between which the cartridge is inserted with its two opposite ends and immovably in the capsule during closing of the same is held.

The diameter of the capsule a, b is such that between the outer surface of the cartridge and the inner wall f of the capsule jacket is an air formed g.
For the same purpose the bearing d, e are provided with recesses or only connected by means of webs to the inner capsule wall.

In the center of the tip of the opposite capsule-capsule outer surface, a hook or an eye h is provided in order to mount the capsule a, b at the non-shown in the drawing, divining-like apparatus.

The action is according to the inventor, the following: After solving the two capsule parts a, b from each other, the substance affected cartridge f easily inserted into the capsule and just as easily removed after use.

Further, since the substance cartridge is surrounded on all sides in the interior of f of the capsule with an air jacket g, as a strong influence on the capsule in the stored, reacting of ground water resources or achieved opposed to the same.