Biologically Active Films


Gennady Vorsunov's biologically active films (BAF).
Purpose and mechanism of action, practical experience, description, application, list of BAF created to date.

by G. Vorsunov


WHAT IS BAF: BAF is fundamentally new, real, highly effective, easy-to-use, inexpensive, accessible to everyone, many options for practical implementation,
technique for maintaining good physiological and mental health, ensuring a long and harmonious Life in many of its manifestations. In many ways, the effectiveness of BAF already exceeds all existing methods of maintaining health and a harmonious life and has no counterparts.  The mechanism of action is simple and easily understood by people who are open to innovations; the closed minded can stop reading here and end their acquaintance with BAF. All your objections are already known, but you have a right to your opinion. Sorry, but please remember that the processes of perceiving the world and evolution are continuous, and that is why many things that seemed unreal or fantastic yesterday, that have broken known laws and have been persecuted have become a reality today. A classic example is the development of the laser, described by the Russian science fiction writer A. Belyaev. It is also pertinent to remember that there was a time when the sun was believed to revolve around the earth, and the Inquisition burned those who refuted it at the stake.   In our time Pope John Paul II apologized for these deeds.  Great Honor and praise to him and Eternal Memory!

Today BAF is an objective reality, i.e., a reality that does not depend on subjective Human opinion, EASILY confirmable by practical experience, bearing great benefit for people and needing large-scale implementation.


Biologically active films have been developed to harmonize all processes that make up Life itself, as a whole and in part, to ensure good physiological and mental health and active longevity. (One of the ideas used in creating BAF has been patented by G.V. Vorsunov in Germany).

In essence, BAF are a source of a biologically active field that arises and propagates in space when BAF are transmitted on any screen (movie theater, television, computer, cell phone screens and so on) and carry a message of harmony, love, beauty and renewal with a specific formulation of the task to be accomplished using the fields of a specific film. (For example, to harmonize the condition of the heart or liver, etc.). A BAF field acts on the biological field of a live organism (the existence of fields in biosystems was discovered in 1940) and shifts it from a disharmonious state corresponding to a sick organism to a harmonious one corresponding to a healthy organism, and just like a thread in a needle follows the needle, so the organism changes its state from sick to healthy, tracking the change of state of its own biological field.

This mechanism of action of fields generated by BAF on live organisms agrees well with the results of wave genetics experiments of Dr. Peter Garjaev (Assistant Science Director of the University of Toronto, Canada) and with many other experiments of well-known scientists. For example, the experiments of Dr. K.G. Korotkov, D. Eng., St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia, studying the effect of human consciousness on the structure of water have shown that water changes its structure under the influence of the consciousness of a person up to 8000 km away from the water samples.
Experiments of Professor M. Emoto of Japan studying the effect on information on the state of water prove that water changes its structure under the influence of information proportional to its content. Since the human organism consists mainly of water, Professor Emoto worked out an ingeniously simple scheme describing the principle of the effect of information on live organisms.  It looks this this: information acts on water contained in an organism.

Then, under the influence of the information, the water changes its structure proportional to the content of the information and as a natural consequence of this, changes its state and the entire organism. (You can find out about the work of the above-mentioned scientists by entering their last names and initials in any Internet search engine).

All of the foregoing shows that there is nothing supernatural or miraculous about the fact that BAF can be created and used to effectively influence the state of health and maintain it at a good level.  On the contrary, it’s all amazingly simple. The most important and difficult task in the process of creating BAF is to give the BAF fields effective power sufficient to reliably shift the organism of MOST !!! users from a disharmonious state (sickness) to a harmonious state (health) for the widest possible range of problems. Vorsunov’s BAF are up to this task, but there is no limit to perfection and work on improving the effectiveness of BAF has been going on continuously for many years.  Therefore, Vorsunov’s BAF made only a year or two ago are less effective that those made in 2010.  And naturally, over time, even more effective BAF versions than those available today will appear.


(The numbers of the films employed by the user are shown in brackets).

Practical use of Vorsunov’s BAF began in 2000, and since then hundreds of BAF versions have been created, the range of problems they are aimed at solving has expanded, their effectiveness has been constantly improving and practical experience has been accumulated.  Volunteers living in Russia, Israel, China and other countries are BAF users. Almost 100% of BAF users are people who have or have had difficult chronic or acute health problems and who have not been helped by any kind of medicine.

Practice has shown that BAF are amazingly effective at helping children in many ways and people of all age groups with diverse cardiovascular problems, including rehabilitation after heart attacks. Nearly 100% of BAF users were able to fully or partially rid themselves of cardiovascular problems (BAF2+5+21+1). One user no longer needed a pacemaker (a woman over 70 who had already survived two heart attacks in a row). This is a very important case, because it gives hope that some people who need a pacemaker today will no longer need one after using BAF. It is also very possible that BAF will help some patients avoid the need for a heart transplant. The overall effectiveness of BAF in solving heart problems is so high that we can predict that large-scale implementation of BAF for this purpose, starting with ambulances and intensive care units and ending with use at home and at work, will free the heart from its sad legacy as the number one killer. At the same time, of course, users completely stop or greatly reduce their intake of the medications they have been taking regularly for many years and which in themselves are harmful to the organism, are expensive and generally do not make a person feel completely healthy. For most users, BAF resolve heart problems within 3-12 months.

In one Siberian city in 2009, the lives of 5 children suffering from stage 4 cancers were saved when the children already had no chance of survival. This very important result allows us to predict with a high degree of probability that if BAF are used to provide the required help for children with complex forms of cancer, i.e., are distributed everywhere, starting with intensive care units in clinics and ending at home, 60-70% of the children who die today could be saved. (According to statistics, at present, 20% of children with cancer die). In the next few years, the effectiveness of BAF in this area is expected to increase to the level where the death of children from cancers will be a rare occurrence.

(This objective is quite realistic and not in the realm of fantasy. The deciding factor in accomplishing it is the availability of sufficient cash resources).

There are obvious positive effects for adults suffering from cancer, including cases of recovery of hopelessly ill patients, but the overall effectiveness of using BAF on adults is less than for children. The most likely cause of this phenomenon, but not the only one, is the difference in blood composition between adults and children. Very good results have been achieved from small-scale application of BAF in rehabilitating patients after strokes in intensive care units (BAF No.1+5+11+5). In 70% of patients using BAF, the process of regaining speech, digestive functions and mobility was considerably faster than under the standard action of drugs only.  In the same place, the use of BAF restored kidney function after acute renal failure (BAFNo.4+5+11+20) in situations where standard methods produced no results and the patient was doomed to death.

This experience shows that the implementation of BAF in resuscitation practice will help shorten rehabilitation periods after strokes and rehabilitation value (and costs, of course), reduce the number of fatalities from acute renal and heart failure, and in many other situations. Moreover, there is no doubt that the use of BAF will eliminate the demand for kidney transplants for many people in need of them today. Given the existing positive experience in individual areas, we are fully justified in predicting that the use of Vorsunov’s BAF will also be highly effective in many other areas of operation of intensive care units. Incidentally, it was noted long ago that in most cases, the worse a patient’s condition, the more effective the application of BAF.

Still another pattern: the older the BAF user and the more problems in the organism, the more slowly the processes of harmonization of the organism proceed. But the important thing is that they proceed. In 2010, 3 months after starting the application of BAF one user (BAFNo.2+7+5) had almost no need for her heart medications; the outstanding feature of this case is that the user was 84 years old and did not remember exactly how many decades she had been taking daily medication for heart conditions. A leg ulcer that had troubled this user for many years also cleared up. BAF are very effective in eliminating chronic headaches (BAFNo.1+5+11) and weather dependence and improving the health of diabetics (BAFNo.6+16+21) (dizziness almost completely disappeared or was reduced, and feeling in the legs was restored). In those who followed a diet for 6-8 months and used BAF, the need to take medication disappeared and the illness receded.

One user aged 91 recognized her son who had come to visit her, although for 2 years before this meeting she had not recognized him and could not remember him  (BAFNo.1+2+21). Restoring memory, improving the psychoemotional state and overall health and increasing the ability to work in elderly people using BAF are unique effects of BAF (BAFNo.1+5+12). Therefore, there is a high probability that many incurable illnesses associated with brain dysfunction may become curable with the help of BAF, including age-related memory loss, multiple sclerosis, etc. This experience allows BAF to be marketed as an absolutely safe means of extending active longevity and renewing the organism. Another important example is a woman who had been using BAF for 2.5 years when she was detained at border control in Domodedovo International Airport because “Your appearance doesn’t match your passport photo” (BAFNo.21+6). The passport photo had been taken 5 years before, and the user looked much younger, appearing to be 45-47 years old, when her actual age was 62. She had not had plastic surgery. Most BAF users start looking younger (the speed and degree of rejuvenation are different for everyone), and the process can be recorded by means of photos taken by one or another method. Friends and acquaintances who have not seen the user for 6 months or more also notice the rejuvenation. One user aged 58, who had a problem with her hip joint, was visited by relatives who had not seen her for 10 years. When they saw her, they were amazed at how much younger she looked than 10 years before.

Rejuvenation and improved condition very often happen suddenly; i.e., weeks or months pass without any major changes, and then there is a sharp improvement in the organism’s condition. For about 15-20% of users, the organism’s condition at first is sometimes better and sometimes worse, with a gradual reduction of changes for the worse. This usually happens if there are many anomalies in the organism or they are very complex.

Rehabilitation after strokes that occurred many years before the start of BAF use is very slow.

There are 2 cases of two clearly positive effects of using BAF in treating patients with hepatitis C. (Both were outside Russia) (BAFNo.3+15+21). Very slowly, 6-12 months or more after starting to use BAF, the condition of the joints and spine improve (BAFNo.7+20+13). There are several cases of improvement in the condition of hip joints, where no other methods of modern medicine helped and the users were recommended to walk with crutches in the short term and then get a hip replacement.

One user (BAFNo.6+4+21) passed a kidney stone 4.5 mm in diameter without blood or pain. Ten years before this, he had had major surgery to remove the same sized stone.

At present, the use of BAF cannot solve all the problems of everyone in need (but can solve most problems of most people) and is not a magic wand, although the effectiveness of BAF quite often resembles one. However, even today, based on available practical experience, we can state that if you take a certain hypothetical integral indicator that includes comfort and ease of use, effectiveness, cost and negative side effects to compare the effectiveness of medical methods with the effectiveness of BAF and compare these indicators with one another, BAF will be far superior in many areas of application. This is especially true when dealing with problems of the heart (BAFNo.2), brain (BAFNo.1), kidneys (BAFNo.4), liver (BAFNo.3), juvenile cancer (BAFNo.8+5+11+22), certain kinds of viral infections (BAFNo.14+3+16), post-trauma rehabilitation, major surgery and burns (BAFNo.19+4+5). It is especially worth noting that it is impossible in principle for BAF fields to cause damage to the organism. Whereas nearly all medications have harmful side effects; suffice it to recall that cancer patients quite often die not from the disease itself, but from the inability of their organisms to cope with the chemical preparations, and this applies to both children and adults. In many difficult situations (although not in all), BAF are actually the only possibility for saving life and preserving good health. In combination with good medical care, large-scale application of BAF will quickly achieve a dramatic improvement in the health of the population, substantially reduce (by tens or hundreds of times) the number of fatalities from heart and other problems, extend active longevity and considerably reduce health care costs by reducing the following by many times: incidence of disease, consumption of medications, use of complex, expensive equipment, number of complicated, expensive operations, demand for donor organs, etc. It is worth noting that there are quite a few cases where a person dies while waiting for a donor organ, and the use of BAF will reduce the number of these situations and eliminate them altogether within several years.  Many users note that they rarely become ill during epidemics.

Another important advantage of BAF is that there are no language barriers. People of various nationalities speaking different languages react equally well to them. (The versions of Vorsunov’s BAF existing today contain no audio information whatsoever).

An organism’s reactions to the fields generated by BAF, along with diagnostic methods used in medicine, are absolutely clearly registered using K.G. Korotkov’s gas discharge visualization cameras (GDV cameras). Measurements of the area of the energy field before and after the action of a BAF field are clearly different from one another. This kind of camera is manufactured in Russia and Germany.

Fields generated by BAF are reliably detected by the geophysical anomaly measuring device (IGA-1) invented by Russian engineer Yu. P. Kravchenko ( http://www.iga1.ru/pribor.html ).


Needless to say, the cardiograms of people with heart problems improve simultaneously with the improvement in their health.

One user’s doctor, on examining an image of her injured hand, was amazed at the condition of her bones, since she had absolutely no age-related changes, although she was 58 years old at the time (BAF1+2+21).This same user no longer had constant acute precordial pain, which appeared after two microinfarcts and which had not responded to any medications or other treatments.

Displaying BAF on TV and computer screens transforms the torsion fields emitted by these devices from left-handed fields harmful to the human organism into right-handed fields. That is, they perform the functions of A. R. Pavlenko’s (Dr. Sci., Professor, Ukraine) Forpost-1 devices patented in Ukraine and the United States, and have been approved in medical institutions in Russia and Ukraine as a means of environmental protection of live organisms from harmful radiation. These devices are sold in many countries.( http://www.spinor.kiev.ua ). According to Dr. Pavlenko’s data, many years (10-12) of observation have shown that the regular presence of a person in right-handed torsion fields is a powerful therapeutic medium. This is another property of BAF fields having a positive influence on live organisms. (The phenomenon of transformation of a monitor’s torsion radiation from left-handed to right-handed by BAF fields was discovered by the inventor of the IGA-1 device, Russian engineer Yu. P. Kravchenko.)

Nothing in this account is an exaggeration; on the contrary, it reveals by no means all the capabilities of BAF.

Most (but thankfully not 100%) of doctors and scientists consider the effectiveness of BAF to be purely psychological (placebo); therefore, it should be noted that no one told the children anything about what was acting on them, and all the patients in the intensive care unit were in a state of unconsciousness. Thus, to ascribe the effects of fields generated by BAF to a purely psychological influence is ABSOLUTELY wrong. However, the user’s trusting psychological make-up undoubtedly reinforces the effectiveness of the action of BAF, as with any other methods. We should especially note that the mechanisms of action of BAF fields on the organism and the psychological effect are very similar. For example, under the placebo effect and the influence of the information he gets from a doctor or another person, the patient’s consciousness is filled with trust in the information being provided (trusting psychological make-up) and generates a field targeted to him personally and carrying information that he will be healthy due to the effects he is being informed about. Like a BAF field, this field created by the patient’s own consciousness acts on his biofield and harmonizes its state; and this field, as in the case with BAF (recall the analogy of interaction of the field with the organism to a needle and thread) shifts the organs and systems of the organism from a disharmonious, diseased state to a harmonious, i.e., healthy state. The similarity of the mechanisms of action of psychological effects and BAF fields on the organism confirms once again that at the level of theory and practice there is nothing unusual, incomprehensible or unreal about the performance of BAF. According to the same scheme, people wanting to prove that BAF are ineffective can theoretically block the action of BAF fields. So far, this has not
happened in practice, but there was one hostile user, a doctor with a node on her thyroid gland, whose husband had persuaded her to try BAF. During the first session, she experienced a very perceptible choking sensation near the thyroid gland, and the fact that her organism reacted amazed and frightened her, because she was convinced this could not be happening and wanted to prove to her husband that this was nothing more than a fantasy.  But she could not prove her case, because the BAF field was more powerful than the field generated by her consciousness.

We note that among BAF users there are a number of scientists and doctors in various countries for whom medicine was no help in solving very serious problems (for some of them, these were matters of their life and death), but with the help of BAF, they were able to solve their problems and they have no prejudices or doubts about BAF. Of course, on first acquaintance with BAF, they had considerable mistrust and doubts, as with most scientists, and the medical profession in particular. The fear of misunderstanding and even condemnation from their colleagues compelled them to keep quiet about their trust in BAF.

In addition to solving problems of purely physiological health, BAF can help solve problems of mental health and psychoemotional state, enhance intellectual potential as a whole and creative potential in particular (BAFNo.12). Schoolchildren using BAF improve their academic performance. The average knowledge rating value increased 50% or more after using BAF for four months. Among children with hidden talents, these talents are quickly revealed. Speed and quality of thinking increase and logic and intuition improve. The heart becomes kinder, the character calmer. The use of BAF No. 12 at all levels of education will help raise the intellectual capacities of the younger generation to such a high level that this will necessarily lead to a colossal improvement of society’s level of development in all areas (science, the arts, industry, etc.), which is impossible to fully appreciate at present.  Obviously, not all users are transformed into geniuses and intellectuals, but their number will increase by many times, and there will be far fewer people of average intelligence with no creative gifts than at present. These prospects need no commentary.

We are justified in predicting that good effects will result when BAF are used to help people, and especially children, with cerebral palsy and other complex disorders (BAFNo.1+5+22).

There is a slight positive experience with delayed mental development and autism. During the first sessions with BAF, a state of hysteria and convulsions may occur in children and adults with these problems and BAF transmission must be stopped and resumed when the person has calmed down.  During the final sessions, these occurrences become fewer and disappear altogether; the problems decrease slowly, but they recede. Experience so far is very limited (2 years with 2 children), but there is improvement, much faster in one child than in the other. The diagnosis of autism was withdrawn after 6-8 months and was replaced with “delayed mental development”. Before BAF, the parents had tried everything but received no help from medicine. For the sake of objectivity, let us add that children sometimes go through sessions with Vorsunov’s direct intervention. The children’s parents have initiated all of these actions, guided by the wish to give their children normal health and out of the hopeless situation with their health.

Dogs and cats respond very well to BAF (BAFNo.24+21). Malignant growths occurring during the aging process are resorbed in them. The tumor often opens and an ugly, foul-smelling mass issues from it. (There have been similar cases among human cancer patients). Vision, hair, mobility and vital activity are restored, and life is extended for several more years in the natural state of their organism. (For those who consider the reactions of BAF users to be a purely psychological effect, we should remind them that the occurrence of psychological effects is intrinsic only to humans and is impossible in animals.) It is valid and not difficult to project the results of the action of BAF on animals to humans with the appropriate adjustments. And this allows us to make the very UNEXPECTED and very IMPORTANT conclusion that the struggle against old age and its characteristic infirmities, the elimination of cancer, life extension and active longevity are problems that in principle have already been SOLVED! All that remains is to implement BAF in practice at all levels from the home to clinics and hospitals. And of course, to improve and enhance their effectiveness, which Vorsunov has been doing continuously without interruption. If we make an estimate for the purposes of illustration (not entirely correct but acceptable to a first approximations) of the possible increase in a person’s life span from the effect of BAF using the increase in life span of a dog and assuming a human/dog life span ratio equal to 6-7, even today, the minimum extension of human life with the use of BAF could be from 12 to 20 years or more. Of course, this is only a rough approximation. But it is still cause for rejoicing.

A change in life situations and life as whole in a more favorable direction for the user is also achieved with the use of BAF (BAFNo.22). However, crises also occur sometimes. For example, a user is suddenly dismissed from work. But several weeks pass and the user finds more interesting and higher paying  work. There is also the case of the breakup of a family and the former spouses later find happy new families. To anyone not prepared for these crises, please don’t use this film. In essence, this film helps lighten the burden of Karma, which determines the course of life. In the Indian practice of Yoga, there is the discipline of Karma Yoga for solving this problem. Development of this film does not go against the postulates of Buddhism.  

There have been several cases where BAF (No.23) fields have neutralized aggressive intentions. These results need no commentary. BAF No.23 is most effective when used in the presence of a large number of people: a factory, transportation, etc.

Thus, summarizing all of the above, we can confidently state that today there are no obstacles to the development of biologically active films and other technologies with a similar principle of action for large-scale use, making it possible to:

1. Solve the overall problem of ensuring a consistently high level of mental and physiological health in an absolute majority of people.  
2. Drastically reduce the number of fatalities in all age groups from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infections and other diseases.
3. Maintain active longevity and drastically reduce the list of incurable diseases and healthcare costs.
4. Harmonize many Life processes.

Or, to put it simply, large-scale practical application of BAF will actually make life happy for most people, because many ugly, negative events will simply disappear from Life.  

These last generalizations are not a mere declaration, but rather a conclusion following from an analysis of practical experience of using BAF.  And as is well known, the sole criterion for evaluating the validity of any hypothesis or idea is the practical result.

But an obstacle still exists. This is dogmatic thinking, often arrogant, which gives rise to the well-known principle of bare denial: “THIS CAN’T BE, BECAUSE IT CAN NEVER BE”. However, it is also well known that the more a person knows, the farther the boundaries of the unknown and incomprehensible expand, and the principles of dogmatism and the process of knowing are incompatible with one another.   


Visually, the films have the following appearance. A blazing fire, which gradually burns down and goes out, is visible in the center of the screen. On the right side of the screen is a plant with broad leaves characteristic of most deciduous plants. On the left is a plant with long, narrow leaves (palm). The leaves are stirring in a light breeze, with the palm leaves on the left moving more actively than the leaves of the plant on the right. The landscapes have 4 forms differing from one another in the location of the plants on the screen and the kind of palm on the left (2 kinds of palm were used for the shots).

The movement of various faceted figures is easily seen in the background of this landscape. They range in color from light gray to black shades.  When the films are transmitted, they split and converge with one another and move from the bonfire to the edge of the screen and back. The shifting gray-black images are not repeated fully from film to film. In some films, a frame periodically appears around the fire, first expanding, then contracting and moves towards the fire, disappearing into it. In the first instant after its appearance, the frame is outlined in black; then a light gray fringe appears inside it and then another dark fringe. The figures in each film have their own coloring (visible only on very close examination). The images arising in the space between the figures as they move across the screen are also individual. The character and rate of motion of the gray-black images are identical for all films. The brightness of the screen is uneven; the lower left hand part of the screen is brighter and a light blue highlight sometimes appears in this area.

For 15-25 seconds at the start of each film, there are captions with the name of the film, the author’s last name, an important warning, and the film’s recording date.  For users from other countries, the captions appear in English.

A description of the principles of action of the film, brief information on the practical experience of their use and options and rules for use are attached to each BAF copy.


BAF are designed for use during meditative and other states, including unconsciousness. The fields generated by BAF act on the entire biofield of the organism, but the action in each film has a specific focus corresponding to the name of the BAF. If the user’s organism has a serious anomaly that does not correspond to the film’s specialization, the action will be directed towards eliminating this problem first of all.  

Since all people are very different from one another, their responses to the effect of BAF and the time required to solve problems are also very different.


BAF are a fundamentally new, self-contained technology for maintaining good health.  They are not related to medicine, they are not drugs in the classical sense, and are not related to physiotherapy methods; strictly speaking, they harmonize the state of the biological field of the user’s organism by means of the fields they generate, and this is all they do!!! In their principles of action they are similar (but not analogous) to Eastern schools of mind/body perfection, for example, Reiki (Japan), Qi Gong (China) and Yoga (India). Thus, no official permits are required to use BAF. Each person must decide independently whether or not to use them and independently control the process of using BAF, because, just as during practices of the Eastern schools, only the user can evaluate the organism’s reactions, and they are very different in different people. The exception is when the user is in an unconscious state or is a child. In the first case, relatives must make all the decisions. In the second case (with children), the child’s parents must make the decisions. Of course, in critical and complex situations, a doctor must monitor the state of the organism. A doctor must also regularly check the state of the BAF user’s organism.

In 25-30% of cases, users with serious problems who are not taking medications to decrease nerve ending sensitivity may experience various strong, unpleasant sensations during the first sessions with BAF, including pain, nausea and vertigo. In this situation, transmission of the film must be stopped and resumed after all negative sensations are completely gone. These situations may occur during the first days, rarely weeks, but later the negative sensations will diminish from session to session and then cease altogether. Users with cerebral palsy, autism, delayed mental and intellectual development, and severe head injuries sometimes experience severe pain, convulsions and hysteria during the first sessions, which quickly pass. However, in these situations, transmission must be stopped and then resumed after the user calms down. Worsening of the condition is also possible after the end of a BAF session. These effects happen at the initial stage of use; they do not occur in the subsequent stage and pose no danger.

For people with affective disorders, BAF must be used only in the presence of a psychiatrist. Aggravation of the condition requiring a doctor’s assistance is possible in such users.

The action of BAF fields is blocked in case of unauthorized copying or making a profit.

4.2. Application of BAF

Ideally, in order to obtain maximum effectiveness when using BAF, it is necessary to be as comfortable as possible, to relax, close your eyes and not think about anything. (A state similar to meditation). You need to resist the urge to sleep. In most users, various kinds of sensations occur in abnormal areas during the first sessions, including heat, cold, tingling, pain, heaviness, etc. Abnormal areas can be determined from the reactions in the organism; i.e., a diagnosis van be made. Healthy people and those who have taken strong medications do not have any reactions.  (There are users with congenital low nerve ending sensitivity). These sensations will decrease from session to session. The minimum BAF transmission time in the initial stage is 2 hours a day, and the maximum is 24 hours. Overdosing on BAF fields, as in the case of medications and physical radiation, is impossible because the organism’s own biofield stops reacting to external fields after reaching a state of complete harmony, and when these fields are present near the organism, they have no effect whatsoever.

The biofield in the organism of healthy people is in a harmonious state and also does not react to a BAF field. To prevent light from the screen from interfering with sleep, the screen can be covered with a thick cloth so as not to violate the operating rules of the monitor.

The effect of BAF fields depends on the type and area of the screen. The best screen for transmitting BAF is LCD, and the worst is a plasma panel. The larger the screen area, the more active the fields generated by BAF. The shorter the distance to the screen, the stronger the effect will be. However, the distance must not be less than the minimum permissible distance for a specific monitor from the ecological standpoint.

Reactions of the organism to BAF fields have the greatest value when the user is in a relaxed state with eyes closed, but if the user is occupied with some business with open eyes, there is still an effect. Therefore, BAF may be transmitted, although with less effectiveness, when performing any activities.  For those who spend a lot of time working on a computer, it is useful to turn on BAF transmission on the computer monitor, open the required files over it and work with them. In this case, the field generated by the BAF will have a useful effect on the person working with the computer according to the film’s specialization, and as we have already said, the computer’s harmful left-handed torsion radiation is simultaneously converted to the useful right-handed form. Modern video recording technologies make it possible to make multi-layered recordings. Thus, it is useful to set up production of animated films for children with BAF (BAFNo.12+14 or 1+12, etc.) recorded as the first layer, to provide children with a high level of intellectual and mental development and good physiological health. The same can be done with films for adults.

TV broadcasts other than direct-to-air can be recorded and transmitted according to the same principle and run at a specified time or on separate channels for viewers who want to use the powers of BAF to improve their health in this way. It is also very relevant to transmit all kinds of advertising and entertainment videos recorded this way with BAF.No.23 or 22+23 in all public areas (first of all on transport) where aggressive acts may be committed, i.e., stadiums, stores, banks, bars, restaurants, etc.

For people with serious heart, brain and other problems, it is very useful for them to have recordings of the appropriate BAF on their cell phones and turn them on at the onset of pain and rest the screen in the area of the heart, against the head, etc. Even better is to have a pocket media player with recordings of the necessary BAF in a pocket or bag. (The convenience of having first aid with you at all times is hard to overestimate). A media player with BAF can be placed on an animal’s collar.

It is also useful to arrange for BAF transmission on Internet, mobile communication and TV channels.

It is very appropriate and humane to transmit BAF 24 hours a day in hospices and everywhere there are hopelessly ill patients from a medical standpoint.  

This will give some patients a chance to recover or prolong their life for a while.

For children in hopeless condition, this must be done, because, as we have already stated, the effectiveness of BAF on children is often amazingly high and chances of children, even those in a hopeless situation, recovering their health are significant.

The use of BAF collections is most effective.


Reminder: the fields generated by any film act on the entire organism, with the focus on what is indicated in the film’s title. Do not use BAF to help people with affective disorders (manic psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.) without the recommendations and presence of a doctor.

Also do not use BAF to help people with implanted artificial devices or body parts, i.e., pacemakers, artificial joints, breast implants, etc.

Also do not use BAF on anyone who has undergone major surgery: i.e., sex change, skin color change, organ transplant, complicated plastic surgery, etc. THESE RESTRICTIONS ARE DUE TO THE LACK OF EXPERIENCE OF USING BAF FIELDS ON THESE PATIENTS. With time, these restrictions may be lifted.

1. Harmony of the head. All problems associated with brain dysfunction. Advisable to use in combination with BAF No. 5 and others depending on the problem in the organism of a specific person by successive transmission of these films one after another. Effective for rehabilitation after head injuries. Use without anesthesia causes severe headaches, and transmission time should be limited. Do not increase emotional and physical loads for 3-4 months after pain and other negative effects have disappeared. This may be done gradually only after an examination and with a doctor’s permission.

2. Harmony of the heart. Do not use on people with pacemakers, artificial joints, etc. On the appearance of the first negative sensations, open your eyes; if the sensations do not stop, end the transmission and resume it after the sensations disappear. (This happens in about 25% of users). The reactions will gradually cease over a period of several weeks. After heart pains have ceased, do not increase physical and emotional loads for 3 months; after this time, this may be done very gradually after a doctor’s examination and with his permission. Failure to fulfill this condition may result in very unpleasant, dangerous situations.

3. Harmony of the liver. In all situations from poisoning and all forms of hepatitis to cancer.

4. Harmony of the kidneys. For all problems, including  poisoning, acute failure, inflammation, cancer, and very important for burns,  festering wounds and ulcers in combination with BAF No. 5 and others. Theoretically, good results may be obtained for gangrene when used in combination with other BAF, but there is no experience in this area.

5. Harmony of the circulatory system. Advisable to use for all problems and for prevention, either alone or in combination with other BAF,  because the state of the blood and blood vessels is of enormous importance for the state of the organism. Moreover, the Bible says that the soul resides in a person’s blood.

Therefore, these films are among the most important and requested ones.

6. Harmony of the stomach and intestines. For all problems, including diabetes, rehabilitation after major surgery, stomach injuries and cancer.

Rehabilitation proceeds without complications and in very short times.

7. Harmony of the joints, spine and skeleton. Rehabilitation after fractures and injuries; help for all kinds of joint problems. Rehabilitation is accelerated after injuries, fractures and operations. Joints often respond very slowly, requiring 6-12 months or more. Used in BAF collections against cancer to normalize brain function.

8. Anti-cancer. For all types of cancer in combination with other BAF.

9. Harmony of the female reproductive system. For the absolute majority of problems, including cancer.

10. Harmony of the male reproductive system. For all problems.

11. Active longevity. No comments needed.

12. Boost intellect. Expands intellectual and creative potentials, reveals hidden talents, strengthens intuition, improves memory and logic and speeds up thinking. Useful for all age groups from children to the very elderly and in all professions.

14. Harmony for the whole organism. Created as a preventive medium, performs harmonization for problems arising in the organism.

15. Antivirus. Created to neutralize the harmful effect of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Together with BAF No. 8 and 16, useful for helping patients with weakened immune systems. This occurs frequently in cancer patients following chemotherapy and in AIDS patients. Effective against hepatitis C in combination with BAF No.3.

16. Harmony of the respiratory system, Useful for all kinds of lung and bronchial problems, including AIDS patients. There is still no experience with AIDS.

17. Harmony of the pancreas. For all problems in this area; problems recede more slowly than in other organs,

18. Harmony of the thyroid gland. For all problems in this area.

19. Harmony after injuries, burns and operations. Accelerates the rehabilitation process and improves its quality. Decreases the probability of complications occurring. Halts inflammatory processes.

20. Vision. Slows negative age-related changes, helps relieve eye fatigue; useful for many problems in this area.

21. Renewal of the organism. Useful for cancer and other problems; useful for direct application in all age groups.

22. Wings of fate. Decreases the burden of Karma and thus improves the quality of life. Since each person has his own Karma, improvements happen according to  different scenarios, sometimes with aggravations that are impossible to predict. Helps solve problems of physiological and mental health.

23. Harmony of Life. Neutralizes negative incidents, aggression. High effectiveness confirmed by practice. Also helps solve problems of physiological and mental health.

24. Harmony for domestic animals. For all problems. To date, there is experience of use with cats and dogs. Especially effective for older cats and dogs.

Renews the organism, resorbs cancerous growths, prolongs life for several years.

It is useful to download the film onto a media player and fasten it to a collar with the screen against the body. Any information carrier with the film recorded on it may be fastened to the collar, although this is less effective. A micro SD card may be used for small animals.


Field-effect Harmonizer for biosystems and substances



Field harmonizer for biosystems and substances with discs for the creation of fields which positively affect living organisms, including the organism of a human being and substances, wherein the field harmonizer is a disk on which 23.5 and more Gbyte of biologically active films (short BAF) from GW ; Worsunow, or a disc and fixed discs with films taken from the discs after the recording of the BAF on these discs, or a certain number of such discs placed in packs, or other information carriers, which have a Information having a quality and quantity sufficient to excite positive changes in biosystems, the information carriers being arranged on any surface with a light-reflecting cover of aluminum foil, mirrors or of polished metal, etc., for the reflection of the field to the biosystem.


[0004] The present invention relates to the field of biotechnology, healthcare and ecology technologies and is intended for generating a biologically active field with relatively effective power sufficient for changing the state of the human or animal body, or other biosystems, from a disharmonious diseased state into a harmonious healthy state; promoting emotional well-being and raising energy levels; slowing the aging process; helping the elderly to stay active; solving ecology problems; and improving consumer appeal of various substances and articles used by people throughout their lives. It may be applied to a broad range of biotechnological problems.

Prior Art

[0005] All devices described below are sources of biologically actives fields, which harmonize the condition of biosystems, water, and other substances existing in liquid and semi-liquid states. The foundation for their creation are biologically actives films (BAF) by Gennady Vorsunov.

[0006] When transmitted to any screen (e.g., TV, computer), G. Vorsunov's biologically active films (BAF) generate fields in space that affect the biological fields of living organisms and change their state from a disharmonious (corresponding to an ailing organism) into a healthy harmonious state. Harmonization of the ailing person's bio-field triggers various biophysical, biochemical and other body processes, which resolve many health problems including some that are difficult or impossible to resolve with traditional medicine. Copyrights to these films and to their use, as well as the description are registered as follows: G. Vorsunov, Copyright, THREAD ID 1-70 HVHU, THREAD ID 1-70JF6Y, Jun. 15, 2010.

[0007] One of the ideas used for making these films is patented by G. V. Vorsunov in Germany, useful model patent # 21 2008 000 034.2., 03.04 2010. The device described in this known patent is a prototype for the development of the devices of the present invention. The disadvantage of this prototype is its large size, which limits its application.

[0008] All the devices were tested on volunteers with chronic or acute medical problems. In most cases, positive results were obtained in the following areas: chronic joint pain, heart and head ache; rehabilitation following traumatic face and head injury; rehabilitation of infants and children following birth trauma: a girl suffering from cerebral palsy showed improved speech and motor coordination; improved logical skills and better memory in the elderly; eliminating meteo sensitivity, etc.

[0009] Furthermore, in March 2011, at the request of G. Vorsunov, the scientists at the OOO KTI laboratory (Saint Petersburg, Russia, www.kti.spb.ru, e-mail: info@kti.spb.ru), using the GDV camera experimentally demonstrated that water responds to the fields emitted by the harmonizers of G. Vorsunov's biosystems.

Also, with Korotkov's GDV camera, G. V. Vorsunov registered reactions of people, toothpaste, and creams to these fields. Reactions of sick patients' bodies to the fields generated by BAF and the proposed devices are demonstrated by filming the trouble spots in the IR region during the fields' application to the organisms. An IR camera with 0.05 degr. C. sensitivity recorded a decrease in body temperature at trouble spots by 0.5 and more degrees 15-30 min. post treatment with the proposed device and BAF.

[0010] The fields from the proposed devices are recorded on an instrument for measuring geophysical anomalies (IGA1) by Yu. P. Kravchenko (www.iga1.ru). In his article “Experimental Measurement of the Quantum Mechanics Wave Function,” on p. 22, G. I Shilov described his experiments measuring emission of torsion fields on the present device (article at http://.spinor. kiev.ua). P. Garjaev, Doctor of Biology, (http://p-gariaev.narod.ru/wave_gen_intro.htm) views the human genome as a quantum biocomputer performing spin-torsion recording and storing of information and its transfer to cells. He created an active model of a biocomputer in which information is read and transferred by laser beam. Information obtained in this model is used as a means for programming body cells for rejuvenation, healing, etc. G. Vorsunov used laser's ability to capture and transfer information in the devices NQ8 and N9.

[0011] Changes in the field areas recorded by the GDV camera for water, toothpaste, creams, and humans and a decrease in body temperature at the anomalous zones of the body under the effect of the fields from the devices of the present invention are a reliable proof of the existence of these fields and of their performance, while the improvement in health of the device users and BAF users confirm their positive impact on human bodies (and also on dogs and cats).


[0012] The technical result of the present invention is to design technologies for healthcare and ecology, the biotechnologies combining high performance with low cost, simplicity and easy operability and absolute safety.

[0013] Said technical result is achieved by a field-effect disc harmonizer for biosystems and substances, to generate fields with a positive impact on living organisms including human bodies and on substances, comprising a disc with 23.5 or more GB of G. Vorsunov's biologically active films (BAF) or a disc with film plates affixed thereof, obtained from the discs that had been recorded with BAF, or from several such plates compiled in stacks, or from other data carriers storing information in a quality fashion and in an amount sufficient for launching positive changes in biosystems, located on any surface covered with a light-reflecting material made of aluminum foil, mirror, or polished metal, etc., to reflect the field to the biosystem. Furthermore, the field-effect harmonizer for biosystems and substances comprises cell structures that can be made in a plurality of shapes but with the following common features: the exterior cell contour has to be a regularly shaped polygonal prism or a cylinder wherein cylinders or prisms of smaller sizes, both intersecting and not intersecting and having light-reflecting coatings or polished surfaces are symmetrically positioned inside the cells relative to their axis, wherein the devices according to paragraph 1 positioned on the outer side of the cells relative to the biosystem and lenses, cones, or pyramids made of glass, crystal, or minerals located inside the cells and with their pointed end directed toward the biosystem, and having a field reflector common to the entire device or separate for every cell, made of aluminum foil or of mirrors reflecting the field to the biosystem.

[0014] One or more fiber optical bundles are fixed on the surface of the device with one or both ends, and subsequently, the harmonizers according to paragraph 1 or 2 or a combination thereof along with the fixed ends of the optical fiber are either fixed on the surface with a light-reflecting coating, wrapped in aluminum foil, or placed into a box with mirrored interior walls or with another reflective surface, while the optical fiber outside the box or foil is either loose, and in that case it is used to transport the field to one biosystem or one substance, or it is split into several bundles and in that case the field is transported to several biosystems or several substances simultaneously; or it is spread and fixed on the mirrored surface or any other emission surface covered with a light-reflecting coating; or it is evenly wrapped around a frame followed by a fixation on the optical fiber layer of the reflector made of mirrors or aluminum foil and reflecting the field into the inner space defined by the fiber, containing the biosystem in need of the field exposure.

[0015] The devices according to paragraph 1, 2, or 3 in various embodiments corresponding to the problems to be solved and technical possibilities of their fixation and exploitation are fixed on the surface of any revolving parts or inner spaces thereof, such as blades, rotors of air fans, air and water generators, water propellers of ships, wheels of vehicles, automobile and other vehicle tires, revolving elements of the devices specifically manufactured to generate and emit into the space biologically active fields with a positive effect on biosystems and substances.


[0016] A field-effect harmonizer for biosystems and substances with a wide application range in a plurality of shapes and sizes from packaging for perfumery products, water, foodstuffs, alcoholic products, and medications to chambers and facilities for healthcare and biotechnology problem solving, is any space defined by surfaces covered with light-reflecting materials housing the devices according to paragraph 1, 2, 3, or 4 in combinations corresponding to the problems being solved with the device of the present invention.

[0017] In the field-effect harmonizer, the ends of the optical fiber bundles are fixed in the device according to paragraph 5.

[0018] A video image of BAF or a laser beam, or several beams, or BAF modulated with a video image, or unmodulated with BAF from the laser beam (laser beams)  located inside the device according to paragraph 5 or 3 is transmitted through a projector lens onto the optical fiber inlet with a side-emitting effect.

[0019] A laser beam or laser beams from the field-effect harmonizer for the biosystems and substances located inside a box is sent through an opening in the chamber wall to the biosystem in need of exposure.



[0020] 1. A field-effect harmonizer for biosystems and substances is a disc with 23.5 or more GB of G. V. Vorsunov's BAF with a reflector made of aluminum foil or flat or parabolic mirror pasted onto its inactive side (on the side of the label,) and film plates obtained from the discs that had been recorded with BAF prior to removing the plates, fixed onto the work surface of the disc.

[0021] As G. Vorsunov's experiments demonstrate, the effect of these devices is directly proportional to the amount of information stored in the device and efficiency of BAF themselves.

[0022] To achieve results in solving health problems, it is sufficient to place the device of the present invention with the reflector facing out, onto a patient's body in the anomalous zone. In a preferred embodiment, the recorded plates are pasted onto a base made of thin flexible plastic that had been previously covered with aluminum foil. Complicated cases require stacks of many plates. These devices can be manufactured in any size by affixing stacks of 5-10 or more plates (240 GB of BAF information) next to each other onto a light-reflecting surface of a required size. In several days or several months of continuous daily use of these devices, health problems disappear completely or partially. (At night, the device is placed under the pillow cover, under sheets, etc., and during the day, the device is placed on the body in trouble spots. They are especially effective in children. For relatively uncomplicated problems, such as pain from acute gastritis, monthly cramps in women, discomfort following alcohol intake, spontaneous headaches, pain in the kidneys, liver, heart etc., it is sufficient to keep the device in the corresponding area for 30-60 min., and the pain and discomfort diminish. Chronic problems require treatments over several months. The device of the present invention solves health problems in animals.

[0023] Availability of Blue ray discs with 320 GB recording capacity and holographic discs for 1.6 or more GB (such discs were developed in Japan), the process of making powerful devices of this type will become much less complicated, and the devices themselves will become more compact.

[0024] Emission from disc and film plate surfaces obtained from the discs after they had been recorded with BAF can be attributed to the fact that during recording of G. Vorsunov's biologically active films (BAF) on discs on the nanometer level, the film, that is an information carrier is burned out by a laser with a harmonious three-dimensional structure shaped as a helix, which reflects information from BAF. The torsion field emitted from this structure carries the BAF information producing various biophysical, biochemical and other processes in the body and promoting good health. Due to the small helix pitch distance, when recording is done in the Blue-Ray format, the helix approaches the shape of a concentric circle system, and according to the data from G. I. Shilov, a Russian scientist, ( http://www.shipov.com ), (http://www.fizvakum.narod.ru), chapter 4, and A. R. Pavlenko, a Ukrainian scientist, p. 180, A. R. Pavlenko “Computer, Mobile Phone, and . . . Health? 2007, Ukraine, Kiev, Osnova ISBN 978-699 -266-9, the circle has the highest torsion contrast ratio ( http://www.spinor.kiev.ua ). Field emission from the film surfaces following recording of BAF thereupon also explains “The Cavitary Structure Effect” coined by the Russian entomologist V. S. Grebennikov ( http://www.incognita.rU/hronik/planet/p 020.htm ). The cavitary structure effect known to all is demonstrated by the fields emitted by honeycomb frames from beehives, emptied of honey and stacked one on top of the other.

[0025] According to the theory of torsion fields, they don't carry energy but information. To protect people from the adverse torsion fields emitted by computers, phones, etc, A. R. Pavlenko developed the device called Forpost 1, United States patent Pavlenko, et al U.S. Pat. No. 6,548,752 Apr. 15 2003.
( http://www.spinor.kiev.ua )

[0026] The mechanism by which information affects living organisms was explained by professor Masuru Emoto of Japan (www.masaru-emoto.net, www.hado.net).

Based on numerous experiments, he had proved that under the influence of information, the structure of water changes proportionately to the type of the information received. Since the human body, as well as all biosystems, mostly consists of water, any positive external information affecting a living organism transforms it from a diseased to a healthy state. Experiments studying reaction of water to various external factors were conducted by K. G. Korotkov, Doctor of Engineering (www.korotkov.org). In his experiments, he demonstrated that human consciousness (I.e. the field that a person consciously generates and emits) affects the state of water. The discs of the device according to paragraph 1 contain recordings of biologically active films, i.e. information aimed at maintaining a harmonious and healthy state of living organisms. Accordingly, impacted by this information, the water in living organisms changes its structure proportionally to the received information, thus transforming the organisms from a diseased to a healthy state

[0027] The advantages of the device of the present invention are the simplicity of manufacture and use thereof; it may be made with a variety of modifications both in size and the relative effective power by varying the amount of information stored in the device. For example, for leg and arm joints, it is sufficient to use one stack of films with BAF information or one disc, while to restore the brain function, it is effective to use at least three discs or BAF information plate stacks. This affords consistently high

[0028] efficacy in situations with different degrees of complexity. In order to cover a wide variety of areas, the device according to paragraph 1 must utilize a large number of discs and plates obtained from discs after they had been recorded with information from BAF, and the single primary source of the biologically active field in this device is BAF information. This limits its possibilities.

[0029] 2. In order to eliminate this disadvantage, we designed a field-effect cellular harmonizer for biosystems as various combinations of symmetrical regularly shaped cells in the form of cylinders, of prisms, wherein cylinders located inside the cells are both intersecting and not intersecting and have light-reflecting coatings and of discs or stacks of plates with BAF recordings according to paragraph 1 and also of lenses, cones, or pyramids made of glass, crystal, or natural or manmade minerals; having a field reflector common to the entire device or separate for every cell reflecting the field into the work zone of mirrors or foil.

[0030] As G. Vorsunov's experiments demonstrated, the devices composed of cells in the shape of symmetrical hexagonal prisms or cylinders comprising cylinders of lesser diameters in different configurations but symmetrically arranged and covered with light-reflecting coatings emit a biologically active field of relative effective power sufficient for making a positive impact on the condition of the human body. (These devices can be made in different sizes, from nanometers to meters and bigger). The cells can be made in an infinite plurality of shapes and there can be a multitude of different embodiments of such devices, from jewelry, clothes, rugs, hats made of thread or cord with light-reflecting coatings (such as aluminum foil) to various panels, structural elements of furniture—beds, armchairs, various cars and buildings, in combination with BAF information carriers (discs, plate stacks according to paragraph 1, other information carriers) and with lenses, pyramids, cones made of glass or from various natural or manmade minerals, which fix the fields and improve the efficacy of the devices. It is particularly important to use these devices in the facilities for children and medical facilities. Emissions from these devices are generated due to the aforementioned “Cavitary Structure Effect” and also due to the shape effect described by G. I. Shipov, chapter 4 “On Shape Effect.”( http://www.fizvakum.narod.ru ). The Shape Effect is also reported by another Russian scientist, A. Ye. Akimov (A. Ye. Akimov “The Physical Basis of the Fundamental Angi concepts”//Live Ethics, Science, Society: a compiled publication by A. Ye. Akimov, RANS academician, Director of the International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics./Penza 2000, pp 12-2.

[0031] The mechanism of the impact on living organisms and substances is the same as for the device according to paragraph 1. The device must be placed in the closest proximity to the user's body in such a way as to direct the field's emission toward the body. Relative effective power of the fields generated by such device is higher than that from device Ne1 due to the accumulative effect of the fields from all the sources. Efficacy of such devices is proportional to the number of cells and to the volume occupied by the entire structure, and also to the number of utilized devices according to paragraph 1 and the lenses, cones and pyramids made of glass or minerals that bring these fields into focus.

[0032] 3. In order to eliminate the disadvantages inherent to the devices according to paragraph 1 and 2, we designed the “optical field-effect harmonizer for biosystems” comprising one or several optical fiber bundles (inflexible or flexible), wherein one or both ends are fixed on one or several devices according to paragraph 1 or 2, or on any combinations thereof, wherein said devices (or device) with the ends of the optical fibers affixed thereto are wrapped into foil or placed into a box coated with a light-reflecting material, or affixed to any light-reflecting surface, and optical fibers are either loose or also affixed to any base with a light-reflecting surface. The use of optical fibers facilitates the split of the bundles and can produce a simultaneous effect from the combination of devices according to paragraphs 1 and 2 or from one of the devices onto several biosystems. This is particularly important for big medical facilities. Said devices can be prepared and used in an infinity of ways: as rugs and bed covers, as parts of clothing, armchairs, beds, rooms, and as transportation devices from baby carriages to airplanes. In biotechnologies for transmitting BAF fields into required zones, etc., in his experiments, G. Vorsunov uses flexible optical fibers with 0.15 mm to 1 mm gauge and 0.1 m to 30 m length, and plate stacks of BAF recordings containing from 96 GB to 3 TB of information. In said devices, the light-reflecting surface reflects the fields from the films, and these fields penetrate the optical fiber.

As demonstrated in practical applications, the fields transported from the device according to paragraph 1 through the fiber are emitted through the fiber's side surfaces. Optical fibers greatly increase the light-reflecting surface and accordingly, the relative effective power of the device in comparison to devices #1 and 2. This was confirmed in the experiments with water conducted in OOO KTI. Device Ns1 that had been tested at the OOO KTI facility contains 96 GB of information and consist of a disc and three films with BAF recordings fixed thereto. Devices Ns2 and #3 also contain a disc and three films and also carry 96 GB of information, but the plates of device #2 are fixed on a cellular structure, while the film in device Ns3 has 300 optical fibers with 0.15 mm gauge and 200-250 mm length fixed thereto. The reaction of water to the fields emitted by the device according to paragraph 3 is stronger than the reaction to the fields from the first device. Thus, the fields emitted from the surface of the plates storing BAF information were demonstrated to penetrate the optical fiber and while passing therethrough emitted into the space. The device users showed enhanced reactions of the organism as the number of fibers of the emitting fields increases.

[0033] An integrated effect on many organs and systems and on the whole body, if necessary, or on several people simultaneously can be achieved by using only one stack of films storing BAF information when placing the fibers next to the user's body by way of different constructions (flat or three-dimensional) with fibers fixed to the interior surfaces thereof. Varying the amount of information stored in the device according to paragraph 1, using the various devices according to paragraph 2, and varying the total area of the cross-section and the length of the optical fibers transmitting the field, the parameters of the field emitted by the device can be adjusted to achieve the highest efficiency. Using a large number of long fibers (placing them on the bottom of bodies of water or hanging them on floats at the desired depth) can effectively impact the state of the biosystems in river basins, lakes and seas.

[0034] Device Ne4. The disadvantage of the device according to paragraph 3 is the difficulty of managing an effective impact on biosystems in a large space. To eliminate this disadvantage we designed the “dynamic harmonizer for biosystems,” which can be any rotating object with the devices according to paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 fixed thereupon in any combinations that would actually be technically feasible. Common fans were used in the experiments. Their blades were wrapped into aluminum foil, and then plates with BAF recording were pasted onto the blades. Essentially, this is a rotating version of the device according to paragraph 1. As the experiments demonstrated, the rotating blades of such fans generate a field with biological activity much higher than the field emitted by the same blades when the fan is off. The higher the rotating speed, the higher the biological activity of the fields generated by such device.

This phenomenon can be attributed to the torsion field emitted by any rotating object. Rotation of sources of biologically active fields generates additional torsion fields, which augment the filed emitted by said sources. That was demonstrated in the experiments conducted at OOO KTI. The reaction of water from a rotating fan with the device according to paragraph 1 affixed thereto is much stronger that that from a stationary device according to paragraph 1. Such fans achieve two goals: air circulation and a simultaneous generation of a biologically active field into a large space to solve health problems of the people in the facility where the fan is located. Such fans are especially useful in the ventilation systems of intensive care units, in hospices, in the facilities for children, old-age homes, and in the hospitals. They are also useful in people's homes, industrial facilities, and in all modes of transportation as prophylaxis against illnesses, for fostering emotional well-being and raising the energy level, etc. In addition, such devices are very useful in all technical devices where the devices according to paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 can be affixed to the moving parts or in the assemblies of said devices. First of all, this must be done inside automobile tires and on the windmill blades, on water generator's and screw propeller's axes. As the wheels, blades, or rotors with the information carriers containing BAF recordings affixed thereto rotate, biologically active fields are continuously emitted into the space, which positively affect the people inside these modes of transportation and all the living organisms in the vicinity of the operational automobiles or generators. In his experiment, G. Vorsunov pasted plates with BAF recordings on the inner surfaces of his automobile tires. Both people with health problems and the people inside the automobiles experience reactions similar to those from the devices according to paragraphs 1, 2, and 3. Considering that a huge amount of vehicles, wind and water generators, and other various mechanisms are always in motion, we can predict with certainty that these devices, when widely used, will be very effective for the preventive health care and for providing a good ecological environment along the roads and highways and near wind power plants. A natural movement of large amounts of air and water will broaden the area covered by these devices by many miles, and we can predict with certainty that an implementation of these devices into practice will make positive global effects on the ecology.

[0035] Device #5. A chamber with high density of biologically active fields for solving complex health problems (accelerating healing of vast wounds, in all kinds of acute insufficiencies, for helping children with a majority of problems including birth trauma and oncology, etc.), for the effect on various substances in order to improve their consumer appeal, such is perfumery products, water, fruit, vegetables, liquid and semiliquid food products and food products containing water as well as in biotechnologies for the acceleration of processes of cell division and cell augmentation, said chambers can be any closed space (box, room, building) with inner surfaces covered with light-reflecting coatings and comprising any of the aforementioned devices or a combination thereof. The impact on living organisms from such devices is much stronger and more effective than the impact from the devices according to paragraphs 1, 2, 3, and 4. This can be attributed to the fact that the fields emitted from the devices according to paragraphs 1, 2, 3, and 4 are contained within the space defined by the light-reflecting surface. Perfumery products kept in such devices for 3 or more days, exhibit a much more refreshing and rejuvenating effect than the initial perfumery products. Thus, it is very important to use this device for packaging of perfumery products. Water, fruit, and liquid products kept in a refrigerator made in the form of such device (the harmonizer according to paragraph 3 is placed in the refrigerator and its inner surfaces are covered with foil) have better taste. Cut up potatoes acquire a dark color faster. Theoretically, medications kept in such chambers have to exhibit an enhanced healing effect. Reactions of toothpaste and skincare creams kept in the refrigerator for more than three to five days were recorded with a GMV camera.

[0036] 6. The ends of the fiber optic bundles are fixed inside the device according to paragraph 5. Owing to the utilization of a large number of field sources, such devices can expand the range of problems that can be solved with the maximum efficiency.

[0037] 7. Light harmonizer for biosystems. This device comprises a bundle or several bundles with BAF transmitted through a projector lens onto the inlet thereof. The fiber bundles can be places in one plane or in various three-dimensional structures complete with a reflector reflecting the field into a work zone. When a BAF image passes through the fibers, it emits a biologically active field through the side surface thereof, similarly to the device according to paragraph 3. Fiber optic bundles from one projector can be split and used for several people or used to transmit BAF fields into several work zones. Devices containing optic fibers with good side-emitting capacity can be concurrently used as light sources. This is especially useful in the hospitals, hazardous industries, etc.

[0038] 8. A laser harmonizer for biosystems is either the device according to paragraph 3, wherein a laser beam or several laser beams modulated with BAF video images are sent to the fiber optic inlet; or a box containing the device according to paragraphs 1 or 2, additionally comprising one or more lasers in such a way that the laser beam/s enters the optic fibers. In this device, a laser beam captures the information emitted by the fields of the device according to paragraphs 1 or 2 and carries it through the optic fibers, whereas similarly to the device according to paragraph 3, a biologically active field is emitted though the side surfaces thereof initiating various positive process in the living organisms. An electromagnetic field radiation is one of the laser's physical properties. In his experiments in wave genetics, P. P. Garyaev, Doctor of Biology, uses this property of laser beams to capture information and to emit it into the space. Optic fibers transport laser beams with no losses to very long distances, which can generate large biologically active fields with high effective power in very large spaces and due to the split, transmit them to a large number of biosystems over long distances.

[0039] A device modulating a laser beam has not yet been created because of the complexity of its design, but in the practical application of BAF, there was a case when the TV of one of the BAF users broke and he watched the BAF exclusively on a DVD player. He still experienced the positive effects. This means that the field emitted by the laser in the player showing the BAF made a positive impact on the human body. (The user was an elderly man with bad memory). This practical experience and P. P. Garyaev's experiments are the basis for the creation of this device.

[0040] 9. In the open laser harmonizer for biosystems, the laser beam (or beams) positioned inside a chamber, the inner walls thereof are covered with a light-reflecting coating, are transmitted through an opening in the chamber wall not to an optic fiber but to a space beyond the chamber and into the work zone, i.e. to a biosystem in need of an impact. The field in the chamber is captured by the laser beam/s and emitted into a space while affecting the biosystems adjacent to the beam.

[0041] This version of the harmonizer is simple, convenient, and can make an impact at long distances and in large spaces. It is efficient in curing illnesses and can be used in biotechnology and ecological biotechnology.


[0042] This technical solution is industrially applicable; since the description and the useful model indicate the purpose thereof, it can be manufactured and used to make a field-effect disc harmonizer for biosystems and substances for generating fields with a positive effect on living organisms, it can be produced and reproduced while the distinctive features of the device help achieve the desired technical result, i.e. they are essential.

[0043] The device as described in every of the claims can be manufactured by the means and methods described for the prototype available to everyone before the date of priority of the invention. Thus, the claimed technical solution meets the patentability criteria “Industrial Application.”

[0044] The efficacy of all the proposed devices is easily confirmed in practice and those skilled in the art who are interested in the device can easily test them.

System and method for generating a torsion field   


A device for generating a torsion field having a salt solution disposed in a first chamber, a torsion field generator for producing a right torsion field, and a magnetic element. The magnetic element rotates in response to a change in magnetic polarity. The torsion field generator is operably associated with the magnetic element. As a result, the torsion field generator is oriented in a predetermined association with respect to the earth's magnetic field. The first chamber and the torsion field generator are disposed such that a portion of the right torsion field propagates through the salt solution


This invention relates to torsion fields, an in particular to a device for providing protection from torsion fields for users of electronic equipment.


Torsion fields are generated by the classical spin, or by the spin angular momentum density (on a macroscopic level) of any object. The spinning of an object sets up polarization in two spatial cones, corresponding to a left torsion field and a right torsion field. At an atomic level, nuclear spin as well as full atomic movements may be the source of torsion fields. This means that all objects in nature, live or dead, generate their own torsion field.

Unlike electromagnetic and gravitation fields that have central symmetry, torsion fields have axial symmetry. Torsion fields are also different from electromagnetic fields in that torsion fields having an opposite spin repel each other. Torsion fields may also propagate through physical media without interacting with the media. Thus, torsion fields may not be shielded by most materials. However, a propagating torsion field alters the spin state of the media it propagates through.

Since all substances have their own stereochemistry which determines not only the location of atoms in molecules, but also determines their mutual spin orientation, then the superposition of the torsion fields generated by the atomic and nuclear spins of each molecule determines the intensity of the torsion field in the space surrounding each molecule. The superposition of all these torsion fields determines the intensity and spatial configuration of the characteristic torsion field for that substance. Thus, each physical object, whether living or non-living, possesses its own characteristic torsion field.

Torsion fields may also be generated by other methods in addition to the classical spin of particles. A wide spectrum of geometric forms of substances and objects are a natural source of torsion fields. Objects with a certain surface geometry will simultaneously generate left and right torsion fields of a certain configuration depending on the geometry of the object. Examples include, pyramids, cones, tridents, cylinders, and flat triangles.

Torsion fields are also generated by electromagnetic fields. Since charge polarization simultaneously results in a loss of equilibrium in charge and spin, an
electrostatic field is also followed by a torsion field. Thus, sources of electromagnetic and electrostatic fields are always sources of torsion fields.

As electromagnetic fields are accompanied by torsion fields, most electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computer monitors and televisions are sources of torsion fields. Mobile phones, as most other electronic devices generate a left torsion field and a right torsion field.

The property of spin of the molecules in each object is subject to influence by external torsion fields. Thus, the structure of the torsion field of each physical object can be altered by the influence of an external torsion field. The influence of an external torsion field would result in a new configuration of the torsion field in the object. This new torsion field would be fixed as a metastable state and will remain intact even after the source of the external torsion field is removed.

Experiments have shown that exposure to left torsion fields may have a negative effect on the human body, while right torsion fields may actually have a positive effect. The negative effects of left torsion fields may include a decline in the response of the immune system and a susceptibility to disease.


The present invention relates to a device for generating a torsion. The device includes a salt solution, a torsion field generator, and a magnetic element. The first chamber and the torsion field generator being disposed such that a portion of the right torsion field propagates through the salt solution.In one embodiment, the first chamber may be in the shape of a sphere. The magnetic element may also be a sphere and disposed within the first chamber. The salt solution may be disposed between the first chamber and the magnetic element or alternatively, within the magnetic element.

The magnetic element may be operably associated with the torsion field generator so that the magnetic element rotates in response to a change in magnetic polarity. The magnetic element orients the torsion field generator in a predetermined association with respect to the earth's magnetic field. The magnetic element may align the torsion field generator with the earth's magnetic field. In one embodiment, the torsion field generator may be aligned so that the torsion field generator is on the south side of the first chamber and produces a torsion field that propagates towards the north pole.

The torsion field generator may be in the shape of a trident. The torsion field generator inherently produces the right torsion field. The torsion field generator may also inherently produces a left torsion field.

The salt solution may include a rare earth metal salt. In one embodiment, the salt solution may include approximately 5% Cerium, 5% Lutetium, and 5% Erbium by composition.

The present invention may further include a second chamber in proximity to the first chamber. A carbon solution may be disposed in the second chamber. In one  embodiment, the carbon solution has approximately 10-12% Carbon by composition. The carbon solution may inherently reduce proximate electromagnetic fields,
which may also inherently decrease proximate torsion fields.

In accordance with another aspect of this invention a method of significantly decreasing the presence of left torsion fields about an electronic device comprises orienting a torsion field generator in a predetermined association with respect to the magnetic field of the earth; generating a torsion field; and propagating the torsion field through a salt solution. The method may further include generating a first right torsion field; attracting a second right torsion field from the electronic device; generating a first left torsion field; and attracting a second left torsion field from the electronic device.


FIGS. 1a and 1b are side and top cross-sectional view of one embodiment of the present invention;

FIGS. 2a and 2b are two embodiments of the torsion generator in the present invention;

FIG. 3 is a schematic view of the torsion fields generated by the first sphere;

FIGS. 4a and 4b and 4c are comparison views of the torsion fields generated by an electronic device, the interactions between the torsion fields generated by one embodiment of the first chamber and the torsion fields generated by an electronic device, and the interactions between the torsion fields generated by one embodiment of present invention and the torsion fields generated by an electronic device, respectively.

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While the present invention may be embodied in many different forms, there is shown in the drawings and discussed herein a few specific embodiments with the  understanding that the present disclosure is to be considered only as an exemplification of the principles of the invention and is not intended to limit the invention to the embodiments illustrated.

FIGS. 1a and 1b depict one potential embodiment of a device for generating a torsion field to provide significant protection to a user from left torsion fields, especially those generated by electronic equipment. The device may include a first chamber 20 and a second chamber 30. In one embodiment, the first chamber 20 and the second chamber 30 are positioned on a base 10 adjacent to each other. The base 10 allows for the device to be mounted onto a surface of electronic equipment, such as a mobile phone.

In one embodiment of the invention, the first chamber 20 may be spherical in shape and may be constructed out of a non-magnetic glass-type material. However, the first chamber may be any shape and may be constructed out of another material as long as the material does not interfere with the functionality of the device.

The first chamber may include a salt solution 21, a magnetic element 22, and a torsion field generator 23. The salt solution may include water plus any element that would provide a significant number of positive and negative ions in the solution. For example, the salt solution may be natural sea water. The salt solution may alternatively be comprised of water and ordinary table salt. The use of various elements, as well as various combinations of elements will result in varying torsion field strengths generated by the present device. Along with the choice of elements, the strength of the generated torsion field is also affected by the concentration of each element in the solution, the hydration of each element, the temperature of the solution, and the total volume of the solution. The water in the salt solution may also be substituted with other liquids so long as the liquid is capable of generating torsion fields.

In one embodiment, the salt solution includes a rare earth metal salt. The rare earth metal salt may be any element with an atomic numbers from 58 to 71 (inclusive) on the periodic chart. By using a salt solution including rare earth metals, the strength of the torsion field generated by the present invention is increased in comparison to any other type of salt solution. In one approach, the salt solution includes three different elements. The salt solution may be approximately 5% Cerium, 5% Lutetium, and 5% Erbium by composition. However, any other rare earth metal salt may be used in addition to or in place of the these elements. The concentration of the element may also be varied.

The salt solution generates left and right torsion due to the movement of opposite ions in opposite directions. The ions are set into motion by the magnetic fields generated by the magnetic poles of the earth. Hydroxyl ions and hydroxonium ions that are inherently present in the solution are set into motion as a result of the magnetic fields. The trajectories of movement of the hydroxyl and hydroxonium ions are cycloids.

Since water molecules have a high dipole moment, the hydroxyl and hydroxonium ions that move from the point where they have appeared during dimer decomposition and rotate in the same area but in opposite directions will orient the nearest water molecules as if stringing them on the arch of a cycloid.

This results in the unification of molecules situated on the hydroxile and hydroxone arches into flat circular associates due to collective aquatic links. Circular associates that appear are extremely passive because they are unpolar, neutral and slow moving due to their large size and weight. This makes the reconstruction of water into regulated ice-like structures easier. The ice-like structures generate the left and right torsion fields.

Magnetic element 22 is designed to rotate in response to a change in magnetic polarity such that the torsion field generator is oriented in a predetermined association with the earth's magnetic field. Thus, the magnetic element may basically act as a magnetic compass such that a predetermined portion of the magnetic element always faces in a predetermined direction, such as north. In one embodiment, the magnetic element is spherical and situated within and substantially concentric with the first chamber 20. The salt solution may be disposed between the magnetic element and the first chamber. As such, the magnetic element is suspended in the solution, allowing the magnetic element to rotate without a significant amount of friction. The salt solution may also be disposed within the magnetic element or the salt solution may be disposed both inside and outside of the magnetic element. In yet another approach, the salt solution may also be disposed in only a portion of the first chamber a long as a portion of the right torsion field produced by the torsion field generator propagates through the salt solution. If the salt solution is only inside the magnetic element or in only a portion of the first chamber, a different liquid or lubricant may be used between the magnetic element and the first chamber in order to allow the magnetic element to rotate without significant friction.

In one embodiment, the magnetic element 22 may include a first magnetic portion and a second magnetic portion associated with a susbtantially non-magnetic sphere. The magnetic portions may be metallic and the non-magnetic portion may be constructed from a plastic material. The first and second magnetic portions have opposite polarity and are preferably located on opposite sides of the spherical magnetic element. Thus, the first magnetic portion may have a positive polarity and the second magnetic portion may have a negative polarity. The first magnetic portion is then attracted to the south pole and the second magnetic portion is attracted to the north pole. This attraction rotates the magnetic element such that the magnetic portions become aligned with the earth's magnetic fields. Alternatively, the magnetic element may also be entirely metallic, a magnetized ferrous material, or any other material so long as the magnetic element is capable of continuously orienting a predetermined portion of the magnetic element in a predetermined direction in a association with the earths's magnetic field. The design and shape of the magnetic element may also be any other method as is known in the prior art for the construction of magnetic compasses.

Torsion field generator 23 may be any geometric shape capable of inherently producing left and right torsion fields. In one embodiment, the torsion field generator is in the shape of a trident (see FIG. 2a) and is metallic. Alternatively, the torsion field generator may be in the shape of the star of David (see FIG. 2b). However, the torsion field generator may also be in the form of pins, diffraction grid elements, or any geometric shape capable of inherently producing a torsion field. The torsion field generator may also be constructed from any material capable of inherently producing torsion fields.

The torsion field generator 23 is operably associated with the magnetic element 22. In one embodiment, the torsion field generator is attached to the outer wall of the magnetic element 22. However, the torsion field generator 23 may alternatively be attached to the inner wall of the magnetic element 22, or within the magnetic element 22. As a result of being associated with the magnetic element, the torsion field generator 23 is also rotated with respect to the first chamber 20. Thus, the magnetic element 22 basically serves to continually position the torsion field generator 23 in a similar orientation with respect to the magnetic fields of the earth regardless of the orientation of the first chamber 20.

In one approach, the torsion field generator 23 is positioned on the magnetic element such that the torsion field generator 23 will be situated on the portion of the magnetic element 22 that faces substantially south. The torsion field generator produces a right torsion field and a left torsion field due to the topology of the torsion field generator. By orienting the torsion field generator in a substantially southern direction, the torsion fields produced by the torsion field generator are aligned with the magnetic fields of the earth, thereby increasing the right and left torsion fields produced by the torsion field generator. The torsion generator may alternatively be positioned on the magnetic element such that the torsion field generator 23 will be situated on the portion of the magnetic element 22 that faces substantially north. This would also serve to align the torsion fields produced by the torsion field generator with the magnetic fields of the earth.

As the salt solution is disposed around the magnetic element, the torsion fields produced by the torsion field generator also propagate through the salt solution, further increasing both the right and left torsion fields generated by the present invention. As shown in FIG. 3, the combination of the salt solution and the torsion generator produce a right torsion field 25 and a left torsion field 26. When the torsion field generator is positioned towards the south, the right torsion field 25 propagates in a substantially northward direction, and the left torsion field 26 propagates in a substantially southward direction.

The second chamber 30 may also be spherical in shape and constructed out of a non-magnetic glass type material. In one embodiment, the second chamber 30 is adjacent to the first sphere chamber 20. The second chamber includes a carbon solution 31. In one approach, the carbon solution is water with approximately 10%-12% carbon by composition. However, the concentration of carbon in the carbon solution may be altered.

Colloid solution of carbon may partially absorb electromagnetic radiation. This is due to the concentration of the total weight and free energy of the system in the interphase surface layers. Thus, the carbon solution in the second chamber may absorb, and therefore reduce, a portion of an electromagnetic field generated by an associated electronic device. Since electromagnetic fields are a significant source of torsion fields, the reduction of the electromagnetic field produced by electronic equipment has the benefit of also decreasing the overall torsion fields generated by the electronic equipment. Although the second chamber may aid in reducing the torsion fields and the electromagnetic fields surrounding most electronic equipment, the torsion fields generated by the first chamber may be sufficient to protect the user from the left torsion fields generated by such electronic equipment independent of the carbon solution.

In operation, the present invention may be mounted on, placed inside of, or placed in proximity to an electronic device such as a mobile phone. As shown in FIG. 4a, the electronic device 40, such as a mobile phone, generates a left torsion field 42 and right torsion field 41, as well as electromagnetic fields (not shown). Typically, these torsion fields propagate over great distances without attenuation and may have a negative effect the user of the electronic device.

As illustrated in FIG. 4b, the left torsion field 26 and right torsion field 25 generated from the first chamber 20 interact with the left torsion field 42 and the right torsion field 41 that are generated by the electronic device 40. Specifically, the right torsion field 25 generated from the first chamber 20 attracts the right torsion field 41 generated by the electronic device 40 and the left torsion field 26 generated from the first chamber 20 attracts the left torsion field 42 generated by the electronic device 40. This attraction between torsion fields forms the torsion fields into a loop that has the effect of substantially preventing the torsion fields generated by either the present invention or the electronic device from propagating in any direction except towards one another. Thus, the attraction between the torsion fields creates a boundary beyond which the torsion fields may not propagate.

When the present invention is placed inside the mobile phone or other electronic device, the distance between the torsion field of the present invention and the torsion fields of the electronic device is small, increasing the attraction between them. As a result, the are of the loop formed by the attracting torsion fields is small and substantially contained within the inside of the electronic device. Therefore, the torsion fields are substantially prevented from propagating out of the electronic device, decreasing the effects of the torsion fields on the user.

Additionally, as illustrated in FIG. 4c, the carbon solution in the second chamber 30 may further reduce the overall strength of the electromagnetic fields, and therefore, also the overall strength of the left torsion fields generated by the mobile phone. This further reduces the area affected by the torsion fields.

The present invention may be also be used to decrease the effects from torsion fields generated by other electrical equipment, including vehicles, stereos, televisions, etc. For each electronic device, the concentrations of elements in the salt solution, as well as the type of right torsion field generator maybe altered in order to achieve the appropriate torsion field for the associated electronic device.