Weather Control

Reviewed by Robert Nelson

The extremes of weather that have become more commonplace in recent years can be blamed in part on the US government’s HAARP program with its huge atmosphere-tweaking stations in Alaska, Greenland, and Norway. Perhaps there is also a secret program that abuses Dr Wilhelm Reich’s famous "Cloudbuster" technology. Only the Shadow Government knows what evil lurks within the hearts of its minions. There is, however, yet another low-tech method in the public domain that has been discovered to exert an extremely powerful force upon atmospheric physics in as-yet unexplained ways.

In the late 1990s, David Wells developed a modified Newman Motor that allegedly produced profound effects upon the weather, his health, and fauna and flora. The Newman Motor is controversial enough without adding claims of weather control and biology effects to the topic, but I can personally attest to its power over weather since I had the opportunity to test one of Wells’ machines for a few months in 1998. I also have experimented with Dr Wilhelm Reich’s "Cloudbuster" (with enhancements: double helix coil, Leyden jar electrostatic charge, &c) to my satisfaction. Therefore I can assure you that this puissance is penultimately dangerous, and thus a must-have item in the arsenal of every self-disrespecting megalomaniac, whether neo-imperialist American or post-imperialist foreign heathen.

 It is entirely possible that terrorists of the American government ilk or foreign nationalists with anti-Christian/anti-imperialist persuasions already are experimenting with this new Pandora's Box. Meanwhile, it behooves the scientific community to determine the validity of these claims and develop methods of detecting the "stuff" the machine produces.

The Newman Motor is well-documented. His website is His South African Patent Application is available at For a fair warning with many links, visit

The Wells' machine that I had used is shown in the accompanying photo:

David Wells wrote the following report on his discovery. The first page of my copy is missing, so this version begins on page two:

"Clouds would appear straight between the machine and the sun. It appeared that the machine was doing something to the sky. To my knowledge we have nothing that does this. The effect was weak and the weather could overpower the machine and close the hole on some days.

"One day I was observing the cloud formation above the shop and I noticed lines in the clouds that were lined up with the rotor. I moved the machine a few degrees and the lines shifted to the new direction.

"A few days later it was very calm and partly cloudy. The clouds were moving slowly eastward. I turned the machine 90 degrees and then clouds shifted direction to the north. They could be made to travel in any direction by rotating the machine. This proved it. The machine was definitely affecting the sky.

"I began to watch the weather to see if I could see the hole in the sky on the satellite image. On some days it was very obvious.

"I blew a nice big hole in the sky one day and called the local weather station to see if they could see it. They came right down to see the machine. Kevin Skarupa said it was very interesting. I decided not to release anything public about it at that time. I wanted more time to study what was happening.

"Thus began a long series of tests to determine the effects of the device on the weather. The original idea of getting free energy was abandoned. In fact the machine was reset to use the maximum possible power from the battery as it was found that this mode has the greatest effect on the weather.

The Hailstorm

"Due to lack of time, the machine was idle for much of 1995. It wound up under the bench during the spring of 1996. On May 18, 1996 a violent hail storm hit our town. My roof was punched full of holes, windows were smashed and the vehicles hammered full of dents. This made me mad. We had had a very wet spring and my badly leaking roof was now worse than ever. I decided that if this thing could stop rain, now was a good time to put it to the test.

"I started the motor and let it run. We got only about a quarter of an inch of rain until July 4. I was getting worried. Large cracks were forming in the ground near town. The local crop was nearing drought condition. I decided to look for the setting that would enhance rain.

"Thus began a series of tests in all different directions. I thought the machine was only in control of a small area near the machine. During the multi-directional tests, I noticed that whenever I would switch the machine to a new direction, a large change would take place on the satellite radar image in areas that were 6 or 7 hundred miles away. It was apparent that the machine had a greater range than I thought.


"Hurricane Fran appeared on its way to the east coast. To test the range, I directed the machine at the storm at about midnight the day before it hit land. The storm was predicted to intensify as it crossed the gulf stream and make landfall at 135 to 145 miles per hour... It came to land at about 110 mph. It also drifted north a little bit. I think the machine altered the storm.

Number Two Machine

"After Fran, I decided to build a larger machine. The machine was tested and no visible effects were noted when it was put into operation. No hole in the clouds, nothing. It appeared to be an ordinary electric motor.

"Close examination revealed the problem. The polarity of the magnet was wrong. Also the coil had been installed wound the opposite way. I tore the whole thing down and put it together right and it worked. It was much ore powerful than the number one machine.


"Hurricane Isidor was following Fran on what looked like the same track. I directed both machines at the storm. I suspected the machine was making a weak gravity force sideways to that of the earth and this was what was affecting the weather. The cloud steering experiment had revealed the directions of the force. If this were true, I should be able to stop the advance of the storm and push it back out to sea.

"Something totally unexpected happened. Isidor promptly turned north and traveled up to cold water and shut down. The local weather channel quit showing it after it went about 600 miles to the north.

"The move to the right of the gravity direction puzzled me for a while. The reason is simple when you look at it right. The storm is not a whole thing. It is made of individual droplets of water caught in a rotating mass of air. The droplets fall from one side of the storm to the other and pick up speed. The return trip is against the force so they don’t make it back to where they started. Thus the storm moves to the left. This applies to all low pressure systems. Their tracks can be controlled predictably with this knowledge. The winds and other things have a larger effect on the storm than this does. It is not total control. It only makes a little bit of difference, but sometimes a little bit is all it takes to prevent disaster. Ironically, this makes the average hurricane the easiest storm to maneuver because they are often out in the open with nothing pushing them around.


"I discovered hurricane Lilly on Monday morning. It had already crossed Cuba and was apparently heading for Georgia. This would be the ultimate test. I called Kevin Skarupa and told him I was going to turn the storm and drive it eastward out to sea. The machine was set and the storm promptly headed east out to sea. Two days later they announced that Lilly was out to sea. Two weeks later I heard about it again. It had traveled all the way across the ocean and hit England. This was reported to be the only time a gulf storm had ever crossed the ocean. I definitely needed better information. The day-to-day experiments on the local level were obviously creating problems very far away... I later installed a satellite dish at the office so I now have full time information unless I am traveling.


"Hurricane Marcose appeared in the gulf. I contacted the weather channel for advice. I told them I had a gravity generator that could maneuver the storm. None of the weathermen would talk to me. I left messages on the voice mail, but no one returned my calls. They finally told the gal that answered the phone to tell me I was nuts and don’t bother calling back. That left me to decide what to do with the storm.

"A look at the globe indicated that it would be dangerous to move the storm. I decided to pin it down and hold it right there until it blew itself out. It moved very little during a seven-day blow. Finally the speed dropped off and I ran it north and out of there. The storm wanted to move north in the worst way. By this time I had machine number three on line and was able to put enough power on the thing to keep it in place. This event took place late in the season and the southward gravity was pulling very cold air down into the country. Frost was threatening to destroy our crop.

Frost & Blizzard Control

"A strategy developed to prevent the frost. Eastward running clears the sky. Northward running brings up clouds. By setting the machine to the east during the day, the cloud cover could be removed and the sun would heat the area. Turning to the north about sundown would cloud up the sky enough to reduce the radiational cooling and prevent the frost to a certain extent. It seemed to work and we got our crop. The extensive southward run caused a very cold November. December came and I directed the machine to enhance the northward movement of air masses and December was warmer than November.

"[When the machine was shut down in late December,] the pineapple express proceeded to dump enormous rain on the west coast causing severe flooding...

"I used the machine to divert several blizzards out of my area last winter [1996]."

Spring 1997

"The machine was shut down on January 28, 1997, and I began building machine # 4; I was trying to boost the power... On May 3, I started it up and ran it for about an hour... The power of the new machine was unbelievable. The force was kicking all of the moisture out of the string of lows into the Bermuda high. A huge curved storm was set up on the NW rim of the high and raced eastward at 70 mph. The whole string of storms was diverted into the ocean within 24 hours...

"The new machine has proven to have range clear to Japan. This spring I used all 4 machines to cut off a low-pressure system in the Pacific Ocean. Once pulled out of the jetstream, the low was easily controlled. I parked the thing west of Seattle for about 30 days. This had the effect of producing a relatively dry spring... This was one of my more successful maneuvers.

Machine # 5

"Because of the intense power of the new machine, I can’t get too close to it for any length of time without getting a ‘sunburn’. It’s like a stove; get too close and you get burned.

"I decided to build a small machine for general purpose work. I decided to send it to Ohio for testing. My uncle owns a CB antenna factory in Toledo. He has very high tech equipment in his lab, and he agreed to try to measure the stuff coming out of the machine... He said there is nothing coming out of the device.." This doesn’t mean that nothing is coming out of the machine; it just means we don’t have the equipment to detect it.

El Nino

"In 1997 I determined that storms could be pushed back into the inter-tropical convergence zone and shut down. I had decided to test my new machine on Andreas. I pointed it southwest and cranked up the power. Andreas slowed to a stop and turned around and headed southwest. I wanted to shove it across the equator into the southern hemisphere, but it broke up and dissolved with 800 miles to go. Apparently they have difficulty existing near the equator.

"It stands to reason that hurricanes cool the oceans. Stop a few from happening and you will get hot oceans, of course. Thus it is possible to control the temperature of the oceans.


"Hurrican Ericka was formed during an attempt to stop the frost in northern Minnesota. The Green Bay machine was directed to the north the night it developed. I was afraid this would happen. We stopped the frost and got a hurricane. Westward pressure is being maintained at this time and should minimize the development of more storms.

"After the development, the question was whether to turn the machine eastward and drive the storm northward to cold water and kill it or to maintain the westward push and continue the suppression of others. To turn the machine would likely develop a storm in the Bay of Campeche. It was decided to hold the course and make minor adjustments to minimize damage. By lowering the power and slight adjustments to the angle, the storm was caused to miss the islands. If tropical depression status could have been maintained, I would have run it right over the islands in hope of shutting it down. It wasn’t going to shut down so I drifted it to the north. Something very interesting developed as it reached the islands: it moved onto a vortex. The pattern of four distinct vortexes was clearly visible... I don’t think the storm track can be changed from this point on. Once they arrive on the vortex, steering is impossible.


"Danny formed on a vortex. This is how I know they can’t be moved once they get on the vortex. They can be affected to a certain extent by shoving the precipitation to one side of the storm... It was no accident that Danny’s heavy rain kept out over the water as it made landfall...

The Zones

"In January of 1997 I noticed stationary radar images during storms. At first it would appear as a dot that hid not move with the passing storm. The dots were arranged in a diamond-shaped pattern. You will be able to pick out many such zones if you review the past years’ weather. The precision of the locations is too geometrical to be natural. Some form of resonance is causing them. I believe they are involved in weather control. The machine is able to change the zones over a very large area, possibly the whole world. The cause of these areas involves this new force or energy that is made by my device. These zones are capable of generating very intense storms that just seem to sit there and dump rain. They can also cause intense tornados. I think they are the very cause of tornados. If a tornado watch is issued, I have found that directing the machine generally eastward, and shifting the direction about 15 degrees every 20 minutes until the watch is over will result in no tornados hitting the ground. Doppler radar will detect tornados but they won’t make it to the ground. South Texas and Florida seem to be out of range for the process to be effective.


"I went to Arizona during the first week of August. On the way down I stopped at the severe storm prediction lab in Norman OK. I demonstrated the machine to Dr James Kepple.

"The demonstration began at 9 a.m. I asked what he would like to see. He asked if the machine could make clouds and cool the place down. He said the day was going to be hot and clear. I asked what the dew point was; 69 was the answer. I told him I could make clouds, probably even rain.

"I started the machine and set it for maximum rain. One hour later not much was happening and he chased me out. Said he had some important work to do. I told him to watch the sky. This stuff takes a little while sometimes. I told him the clouds would roll in and that they would be arranged in a diamond pattern like rows of corn.

"Six hours later it began to rain. I videotaped the diamond-shaped cloud formation. The temperature dropped.

"Dr Kepple sent me a letter 2 weeks later indicating nothing happened that couldn’t be explained meteorologically. He said the machine was too small to affect the weather. He must be a real expert on this device. In one hour the machine produced exactly what he ordered which contradicted his own forecast.

"Dr Kepple failed to recognize one thing about the machine. If the desired weather event is impossible due to the present conditions, it won’t happen. All the machine did that day was make a very unlikely event take place. You can’t make rain out of a dry sky. You can, however, certainly cause more rain to fall from a damp one.


"I left Norman and went on to Sedona AZ. It was here the answer to the puzzle was found. I checked into a campground in Sedona and went to the rear of the truck to set up the camper. I noticed huge quantities of ‘stuff’ (I am going to call the radiation ‘stuff’ because I don’t know what it is yet) coming out of the machine. The power level was so high that you could feel it 10 feet from the machine. The machine wasn’t even running. The power was at least 1000 times the Marble Rock level.

"We went into town to shop for souvenirs.. I bought a "vortex" map of the Sedona area, which is famous for its telluric energy. The vortexes are located on a diamond-shaped pattern around the area. I took the machine to the airport mesa vortex and ran a few tests...

"The sky was completely covered by clouds except for a small hole directly above the vortex area. I set up the machine and set it to clear the sky. Huge quantities of stuff rolled out of the machine... The sky cleared off to a diameter of about 60 miles in 10 minutes. I videotaped the event."


"The clerk at the souvenir shop said the Indians found these places long ago. They called it holy ground.. They would go to these places for healing and restoration if they were sick. The Sedona people claim the area has natural healing powers.

"A tour of Indian dwelling ruins confirmed the ancient ones had indeed located vortexes. The machine’s output went sky high at the museum on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. An Indian kiva was located there...

"At the town of Aztec neat the Four Corners is another ruin. This one has the kiva fully restored. The machine’s output was ‘sky high’ when we pulled in to see the ruin... We toured the place for one hour and it started to rain.

"We left the ruin and went to Aztec 3 or 4 miles away... Looking toward the ruin, I saw a single cloud directly above the structure and 15 smaller clouds in a circle around the place. Could this building be an ancient weather machine?

"One thing is for certain. These spots make the same stuff my machine makes. That means it’s natural, and not some ‘death ray’.

"Scientists have gone to these places and tried to measure the stuff. It doesn’t show up on the instruments available. Because they can’t measure it, some claim it doesn’t exist."

Health Effects

"Shortly after I began working on this thing, I developed a curious rash. I thought I had chicken pox or shingles or something. The doctor could not find a cause. I told him about the motor. He said it couldn’t cause anything like that. He gave me pills and a cream that didn’t work. After about two months the rash disappeared on its own. The machine was shoved under the bench and shut down at this time. I think when I shut down the machine, the rash cleared up.

"When I restarted the machine on May 18, 1997 the rash reappeared, only on a different part of the body. The original rash was on my chest and arms. The new condition was attacking my right leg.

"I went back to the doctor and got more pills and creams that didn’t work. The doctor couldn’t find a cause. Oddly, in spite of the affliction, I felt great. At 52 years age, I was working 18 hour days with no fatigue. A rush job in the shop and we put in a couple of 36 hour days to get the thing out of there. It seemed that if the machine was pointed to the east, it created a condition of total insomnia which enable you to work for a very long time without fatigue.

"The rash on my right leg did not subside during the summer and fall of 1996. On December 18, 1996, I decided to shut down the machine to see if the machine might be the cause. Sure enough, it began to clear up.

"The machine was restarted on January 6, 1997. The rash reappeared. I had not welded anything for some time. About January 10, a guy came to the shop with a thing to weld. I took the wire welder and made a weld about 12 inches long. As I watched, the backs of both hands broke out into a red rash and blisters formed. The process took minutes.

"Now I knew the cause. My right leg was affected because the welder power cable hands near my right leg when I weld. The heavy pulsating magnetic field around the cable triggers the reaction. The reaction in my hands was about to reveal the cure.

"My hands seemed hot. I measured the temperature of my hands and sure enough, the thermometer registered an astonishing 107 degrees. A few inches away, my arm was 98.6. What was happening here?

"About three days later I picked up a plastic refrigerator magnet to read what was on it. As I read the magnet, I could feel energy hitting me in the face. This energy is the same that comes out of the machine. As I held the magnet, my hands cooled right down. In minutes the redness was gone. Wow!

"Apparently what was happening in some atom in my body gets triggered into an above-ground state by a pulsating magnetic field such as you find in a welder or battery charger. It becomes a stove and burns the area around it. The affliction is not a rash at all. It’s a low-grade burn.

"I put a magnet in my pocket and the leg and hands completely healed in a few days. The steady magnetic field around the small pocket magnet evidently returns the atom to ground state and stops the reaction.

"The reaction is not a bad thing. It is what reverses aging. The affected leg was in bad condition when the process started. It is now my best leg. The skin looks good, the scars are gone. The leg is much stronger.

"I have had ‘white finger’ (a condition that causes the fingers to turn white when exposed to cold weather) most of my life. The hands seem normal now since the reaction.

"Along about the first of June, 1996, I looked in the mirror one morning and noticed that my hair was beginning to grow back. It seemed as if I was getting younger. This continued since and I will have all of my hair back in about another year at the rate it is growing.

"Several Scars from very old injuries melted away. I have had several small injuries during this experiment that have healed very rapidly, leaving no scars. The condition of my skin has greatly improved. I think the machine can reverse aging. Time will tell.

"I have been nearsighted all my life. For the past year I have noticed my vision improving. At the rate it is improving, I may not need glasses much longer.

The Bugs

"An effect on flying insects has been noted. When the machine is operated to the east, all flying insects land and sit, except the mosquito.

"Turn the machine to any other direction, and the bugs take off and fly. If flies are held down for 3 or 4 days, they die. We have very few flies in town. The effect is evident for about 10 miles. When I leave town at night, I travel about 10 miles before bugs begin to hit the windshield of the car.

Jelly Water

"An oddity concerning water has been noted. When the machine has been running for a few days, standing water doesn’t stir normally. You can drag a stick through it and stuff floating in the water barely moves. The normal swirls and eddies are reduced. I have no idea what is happening here... A pond of jelly water was found at one of the Indian kiva sites we visited.

Strange Cooling

"On several occasions, objects in refrigerators have frozen solid following a shutdown of the machine. My brand new refrigerator will freeze all of the pop and beer. The bar across the street is also affected. The coffee cream comes to the table frozen after a shutdown of the machine. I have no idea what is causing this. It seems consistent with shutdown of the machine.

The Trees

"The trees around town are all growing toward the machine as if it were the sun. This concludes the noted side effects...


"I hope you find this report of interest. I am not providing details as to the workings and construction of the device... To patent the device would only reveal the means to everyone. Terrorists could use it as a weapon. The inability to detect the device is a problem. It could be buried in the ground and ruin the weather for years. We would be powerless to locate and shut off the machine...

"I think a network of these machines should be put in place that is run by a company of experts who decide what we want. The cost of the operation should be paid for by the government. The damage caused by a single hurricane that is not stopped will cost many times the cost of this project. The machines are simple and cheap. They will be the smallest part of the cost."

David Wells Weather Control System ---
White Christmas Made to Order?

In 1994 David Wells saw a presentation by Joseph Newman demonstrating a motor that allegedly put out more power than it consumed. Wells went home and built a machine, noting that it nearly ran without any energy input, taking 90 days to run the batteries down.

His shop was twelve miles from his home, and as he drove back and forth, he began to notice that when the sky was clouded over there was a curious hole in the cloud cover over the vicinity of the machine. He then noted that the effect would reverse if he changed the position of the machine -- it would draw clouds in and even rain.

He began tinkering with the machine, modifying it and its position, and observing effects on the weather. He also build a dozen or so other machines which various people have been operating in sundry places around the U.S. The effect can be very long-range.

In the ensuing years, Wells says that "thousands" of weather modifications have been made by the various machines. He says the cause-effect relationships has become fairly well established.
Wells does not give out the plans for how to build these devices, but to give you an idea of their simplicity, the parts for the machines cost less than $200, and can be built and assembled in an afternoon. The machine operates on a 12-volt battery, drawing just a few milli-amps.

Verification : --- In addition to the several people who operate these machines, New Energy Congress member, Robert Nelson of observed one such machine in operation and attests to the reproducible cause-effect relationship between the machine operation and the weather. "I can personally attest to its power over weather since I had the opportunity to test one of Wells' machines for a few months in 1998." [1] (

Objective : --- Mr. Wells is hoping to establish a national network of largely automated machines with a control central where severe weather could be abated, and some weather engineering could be organized. Ramifications : --- Some of these new technologies may end up having unexpected secondary effects that go unobserved by the experimenter, but which impact life around them.

Interview : --- Download ( (13 Mb; mp3) - On Dec. 24, 2007, Sterling D. Allan conducted a 55-minute interview with David Wells as part of the Free Energy Now  (  radio series.

How it Works: The device appears to work similar to the cloudbuster technology. It appears to involve a 20-mile wavelength. The wavelengths set up interference patterns with the earth's natural wavelengths. The peaks and valleys of those interference patterns determine what kind of weather appears.

Applications: Steer tropical storms and hurricanes away from populated centers; Prevent tornado formation; Stop droughts; Put out forest fires; Turn Nebraska into a agricultural giant; Sunny weather for social events

Anomalies:  The machine appears to effect the speed of light, as shown by the movement of a laser beam on the wall, and the displacement of GPS readings.

A new force is described that can allegedly be felt by around 40% of people who try it, involving being able to feel a bead of heat-like sensation between a lit candle and Sedona Arizona; can be felt as far as 20-40 feet away from the flame. This same sensation can be felt between the machine and Sedona.

One time, during peak tornado season, Wells was able to prevent tornados for a week in "Tornado Alley". This anomie was reported on Coast to Coast as "strange weather", not knowing the
'rest of the story.'

World Weather Rangers - That weather engineering remains in the hands of peaceful people

Excerpts --

Building the Motor


David Wells

HISTORY  -  I discovered the effect in 1994. I was studying Joe Newman's motor to see if there was anything to the over unity claims. Joe had his motor on display at the fair grounds and we went to see it. My thought was you can't do what he claimed. After talking to his helper while Joe rambled on in front of the crowd, I learned that a window fan had apparently run for 5 years on an 8 volt battery. I decided to study the motor. Joe's motor had 350 lbs of copper wire in the coil. I did not have very much copper so I decided to build a small motor and let it run as freely aspossible to see if the thing could break even or make some energy. I got the thing going and it did run real cheap.

I had difficulty telling what was going in and what was coming out of the motor. I had a scope, but couldn't make sense of what was happening. I had trouble with the commutator, too much drag, so I fixed it up with auto breaker points with a roller on the cam. Then I split the circuit by adding the full wave bridge rectifier and the second battery. The results were amazing. The circuit completely eliminated the spark in the points. You couldn't see the spark in the dark. The power battery would discharge and the load battery would charge up. Switching batteries would keep the motor running for a long time. I could measure the power in and compare to the power out because the circuits were separated. It was running very close to unity, so close that errors in measurements could go either way. I decided to take two fresh 5 amp hour moped batteries and hook it up and let it run until it stopped. If it ran the batteries down, it was not over unity.

The machine was placed on the north wall of the shop and started running. Pretty soon a cold weather snap came ( I'm sure the motor caused the cold snap ) in and it was 20 below zero. My shop was freezing cold and too big to heat. I decided to put in a small office room to work in that could be heated. While the remodeling job took place, the machine got moved to the west wall and pointed east. It remained there for the rest of the test. It was this stroke of luck that let me discover the effect. When the machine is pointed east, it pokes a hole in the cloud cover and brings out the sun. The hole will follow the sun across the sky all day long. No other direction of operation creates anything visible that a person would observe while operating the motor. Also, I would not have noticed the effect if it were not for the fact that I lived 12 miles from the shop and saw what was happening as I went to and from work every day.

Thus began a long series of tests to see what the thing was capable of. It will amaze you if you have the patience to run the experiments. It is such a slow moving show that you will be the only one that realizes what has happened. Clearing off clouds doesn't take very long, and doesn't really accomplish much. This is the fastest action the machine will produce. When you get your machine, look for the setting that clears the clouds. This is the direction that stops rain. Point it the other way to make rain. All of the test work has been done with 4 basic directions. If the rotor was a wheel and was rolling down the road, this is what we call the direction it is running. We say " running east", or "running west" to describe what we are doing. Different areas require different settings to make things happen. In my area, running east stops rain. In New Mexico, running east makes rain. So when a machine arrives in a new area, the operator must learn what setting produce the rain or shine. There is a very good program called "ripple tank" on Google that explains wave interference. You should get familiar with waves to understand what you are doing.

This program is great for experimenting and testing, but you will be affecting somewhere 1000s of miles away and will have a hard time telling what you are doing.  

The machine is fairly simple and any construction seems to work (as long as the polarities are kept right).