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Excerpts : Brian Desborough : "Why I Wrote "They Cast No Shadows"

"Sadly, I was only able to give passing recognition on page 72 to a great scientist whose name and scientific work should be as well known to every high school student as that of Einstein, yet has been totally ignored by the scientific community. He is the late Lloyd Zirbes, who was never able to have his twenty five years of research published; his harassment included the destruction of his laboratory by arson. Contemporary physics theories, including the work of Albert Einstein, have been built upon the laws of Newton, who in turn based his work on the writings of Galileo. According to academia, Galileo demonstrated that objects of equal mass but of different physical materials e.g. lead and feathers, fall at the same rate of acceleration in a vacuum. Lloyd Zirbes was astounded to discover that Galileo never made any tests on falling bodies, his claims were pure supposition. Zirbes accordingly conducted an experiment in which a sphere of iron and a sphere of graphite of equal weight were simultaneously dropped down a two thousand feet mineshaft. At the bottom of the shaft, the final few feet of the fall was recorded by means of a high speed camera.

"Amazingly, the graphite sphere, although considerably larger than the iron sphere because of its lower density, and therefore prone to more wind resistance, impacted when the iron sphere was still six feet from impact. A similar experiment using spheres of other metals revealed that the iron sphere still impacted later than all the other spheres. Moreover, the spheres diverged considerably from each other prior to impact and also developed a specific rotation when falling.

"So what? Only that the work of Galileo, Newton and later scientists was very badly flawed; Zirbes research suggested that the sun is not a gigantic fusion reactor as claimed by academia, but rather consists of thousands of individual bodies which release energy by means of the interaction between their respective gravity fields. In other words, the sun’s energy production is by mechanical not nuclear means, something also claimed by that brilliant scientist and Sumerian scholar, Dr. George Merkl.

After twenty five years of research, Zirbes invented a device which created gravity. So successful was the first test that everything in the lab that was not bolted down, degravitated and flew around, severely injuring the hapless Zirbes in the process. While he was hospitalized, his laboratory, van and some of his research notes were destroyed in an arson fire.

Zirbes stated that there are only two fundamental forces in the universe: motion and gravity. I feel this statement should be modified to read that gravity is compressed, or folded magnetism. Magnetism appears to be the glue that holds the univese together, something which can be illustrated by studying the 525 HP Rory Johnson free energy motor, which now has been classified by the US government, in order to prevent its incorporation into the Greyhound Bus Company coaches.

Among the many things that could be achieved by the application of the Zirbes physics is the injection of contained gravity into any physical matter in order to rearrange the atomic structure, thus producing any desired element.Intelligence (audio and video) could be modulated onto a pulsed Zirbes gravity generator, thus broadcasting gravity.

Since the Zirbes research material has never been officially published, the reader may be wondering why I am familiar with it. One balmy night several years ago, I attended a garden party in Santa Barbara, California. Suddenly a stranger approached me from out of the gloom and said that he felt that he had to gatecrash the party to deliver a package to someone that he didnt know, and intuitively felt that the person was myself. When I looked at the thick file of papers later, I discovered that it was a copy of Lloyd Zirbes’ research data.
Flying Dutchman Projects

Lloyd B. Zirbes
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The late geomagnetic researcher Dr. Lloyd Zirbes discovered that Galileo's suppositions are complete error. He proved that Newton's law of gravity is also an error. This puts the foundation of science and technology of our world on error and lies. You can't build a world on error, or it will fall. It is unfortunate that we are the "last generation" Mat.24:34 who will "witness" the END of the WORLD.
Zirbes strongly opposed the technology utilized in the HAARP system. He wrote, 'Disruption of the Earth's magnetic field will complete damages to the planet's balance done by the government nuclear bomb blasts in the natural radiation belts above the ionosphere. Earth's magnetic field keeps the planet in balance with the moon and sun. Disrupting the field will be the last straw in sending Earth into the sun or out into space."
G=MV2: Gravity = Mass times Velocity squared - Dr. Lloyd Zirbes.

"UFO Contact From Alcyone of the Pleiades," by Lloyd Zirbes and Wendelle C. Stevens.

A Minnesota farmer, checking his trap lines, is abducted on his way home at night, an taken aboard an alien vehicle, along with a neighboring family, who were already aboard. The farmer, Lloyd Zirbes, was shown on viewing screens the deficiencies in our understanding of physics, and also shown the forces behind all motion and creation. The "Falling Bodies Theory" demonstrated is so profound that Zirbes had to begin taking college-level physics courses in order to understand the Alcyon E.T.s' theories.

Zirbes has now become a professor of physics, and offers the alien's "Falling Bodies Theory" concepts to academia.

The Zirbes case is also noteable in that it is another valid case of UFO Contact from the Pleiades star cluster, demonstrating again that the Pleiades is an area of our galaxy from where a number of  ET contacts on Earth are originating.

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G=MV2: Gravity = Mass times Velocity squared - Dr. Lloyd Zirbes.

The larger something is (the more mass it has) or the faster it spins, or both, then the more of a local gravity field it produces as it spins. Earth spinning and floating in space is an example. The huge mass of our planet is floating in the sun's gravity field, but our planetary rotation allows our planet to create its own "local" gravity field preventing us from crashing into the sun. The very bottom of a tornado (a type of vortex) is a smaller mass but so concentrating and rapidly spinning that it creates a counter flow of gravitons in outward radiation - it generates its own "local" field of gravitons. Each graviton is1 80th the size of an electron. This field causes a local gravity field that temporarily cancels the surrounding Earth gravity. This is why houses and locomotives have been seen to float in the air next to tornados - the tornado's local gravity field temporarily cancels the Earth & Sun gravity fields because it's gravitons are more in number than the others in the area. Graviton movement flowing through substances while having a polarizing effect is also the ultimate source of all electricity and magnetism, but most scientists and engineers are not aware of this. Definitely not taught in school.

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August 9, 2009 by fluxomaticmotor

Your interest in the “Flux-O-Matic Motor” as an Alternative Energy Source is exciting to us.


Early in 1990 I became the steward of seven sets of blueprints which were the draft and/or design drawings for construction of the “Flux-O-Matic Motor”, an alternative energy source capable of creating, gathering, and generating electromagnetic energy through a self-sustaining static charge.

The Future-

We are interested in developing a new partner who would be willing to enter into a partnership agreement with us. I look forward to providing you any further information you need.


John Schilling

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Excerpt : Chapter 8, "Into The Vortex" ( Brian Desborough )

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