Verification of the "Searl Effect" ~ Abstract of a presentation at the New Hydrogen Technologies & Space Drives Conference (June 23/24, 2001):

"Generator with Energy Conversion & Anti-Gravity Effects"

(An Experimental Investigation of the Physical Effects in a Dynamic Magnetic System)


V.V. Roschin & S.M. Godin

We have experimentally studied the physical effects in a system based on rotating permanent magnets. It is demonstrated that a magnetic system made of rare-earth magnets (REMs) is capable of converting various forms of energy, provided that a certain critical operating regime is set.

The generator comprises an immobile stator and a rotor moving around the stator and carrying fixed magnetic rollers. The magnetic system of the working body of the generator has a diameter of about 1 m. The stator and magnetic rollers were manufactured from separate magnetized segments made of REMs with a residual magnetization of 0.85 T, a coercive force of [Hc] ~ 600 kA/m and a specific magnetic energy of [W] ~ 150 J/m3. The stator incorporated REMs with a total weight of 110 kg and the rollers contained 115 kg of the same REM material.

On attaining the critical regime (550 rpm), the rotor exhibited a sharp increase in the rotation speed; this was accompanied by a slow-down in the rate of the current weight variation. The system weight variations depend both on the power consumed by the active load and on the polarization voltage applied. For a maximum output power (7 kw) a change in the total platform weight reached 35% of the initial value in the immobile state (350 kg). The platform weight could be controlled by applying a high-voltage signal to the cellular ring electrodes situated 10 mm above the external roller surface. The effect of the system weight variation is reversible with respect to the direction of rotor motion and exhibits hysteresis within 50-60 rpm.

Besides the phenomena described above, a number of other interesting effects were observed in the system studied. In particular, the generation operation in the dark is accompanied by a corona discharge with a pink-blue light emission and by the production of ozone.

One more effect, which was never reported previously, is the appearance of vertical "magnetic walls" around the generator. The measurements revealed zones of increased magnetic field strength on the order of 0.05 T arranged coaxially relative to the system center. The layers of increased magnetic field strength are propagating with virtually no attenuation to a distance of 15 meters from the converter center and then rapidly decayed at the boundary of this 15 meter area. Each layer zone is 5-8 cm thick and exhibits sharp boundaries; the layers are spaced by 50-60 cm.

Another interesting phenomenon consists in an anomalous temperature drop in the immediate vicinity of the generator. At a general room temperature level in the laboratory (+22 +/- 2 C), the temperature at the generator surface was 6-8 C lower. Similar temperature variations were detected in the vertical "magnetic walls". The same pattern was observed at a height of 5 meters above the setup in a second-floor room above the laboratory (despite the steel-reinforced concrete blocks separating the rooms).

About the Authors:

Vladimir V. Roschin was born in Moscow in 1965. He graduated from the Moscow aviation institute, specializing in electric power systems engineering. Subsequently he headed a private laboratory. Now he is an engineer of experimental physics at the Institute for High Temperatures, Moscow Academy of Science. Email:

Sergei M. Godin was born in Moscow in 1959. He graduated from Moscow telecommunication institute, specializing as a communication systems engineer. Subsequently he worked in the Central Institute of Communication in Moscow. From 1984-1996 he was an engineer in the Moscow Institute of Mashinovediniya (Machine Knowledge) of RAS. From 1996 to date he has been the chief engineer at the institute for High Temperatures, Moscow Academy of Science. Email: smgodin@online.

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