Thorium Plasma Battery

Thorium Plasma Battery can power most any truck, train or boat for 10 years without a recharge

When we think of EVs (electric vehicles) we usually think of super lightweight tiny one or two passenger cars like we see on the homepage of this forum. In reality however, a somewhat new but suppressed battery technology can change how we think in a hurry. Below is an article from Energy Consultant B.D. McBride that will make you think twice about many things. Although he starts out talking about the Fukishima tragedy, he changes gears to reveal things the U.S. government does not want us to know - about green energy and solutions that have been available to us for years, but have been hidden from us. Anyway, this may make your blood boil so prepare yourself...

"After the Fukishima fiasco many nuclear scientists were quietly asking each other why we continue to use dangerous and obsolete nuclear reactors fueled by uranium when they can be retrofitted to use safer, cheaper, and more powerful Thorium, the only green nuclear fuel which is virtually impossible to have a meltdown or other catastrophic failure. After all, Thorium is not only more abundant, much cheaper to acquire and process, but also yields a 20 to 1 energy yield advantage over uranium. Better still, Thorium cannot be used to make nuclear weaponry so every country on Earth (even Iran and other nations hostile towards the West) could enjoy a nuclear energy option. According to the EPA and CDC, common coal dust is three times more dangerous to people than Thorium. And Thorium nuclear waste is one tenth the volume of uranium nuclear waste. Frankly I cannot find a downside to Thorium. China, Norway, and India have already made the switch to Thorium, but in the West the technology is being conveniently ignored. Why?

Worst still is what has been happening in the nuclear battery development arena. In 1996-1998, Dr. Shimoda (Osaka University of Technology), Dr. Khanna (Harvard), Dr. Eugene Mallove (MIT) and Dr. Aries M. DeGeus introduced the world to the realities of MHD physics and plasma powered energy - the same energy we see in lightning bolts during a thunderstorm. They put forth solid theories that even the U.S. DoE embraced and subsequently sponsored over $40 million of research that resulted in the publication of 5 white papers that were once posted on the internet between 1997-2008, but which all then mysteriously vanished in 2010 without explanation.

Further, at least three, and possibly as many as five inventors including Russian Dimitri Petronov, and Americans Aries DeGeus, Dr. Mallove, and "Daniel" produced working prototypes of a Thorium plasma battery that was demonstrated to dozens of people, and unfortunately both the American, and Russian militaries. With zero emissions, these batteries were scalable and could put out consistent voltage with less than .0002 fluctuation, and could be regulated with an AC/DC converter. They could theoretically put out reliable energy without fission for their entire half-life. In the case of the Thorium 232 isotope, the battery could operate for over a hundred years. The three known prototypes powered an electric scooter, a two bedroom home, and a small four passenger car for over a year without a single recharge. Then word got out.

Since then, two of these inventors were murdered and two others disappeared and nobody knows what happened to the prototypes. Then the Pentagon invoked “National Security” and issued a gag order to the only surviving inventor who has since gone underground. Information at the DoE about Thorium and other nuclear batteries vanished just like related details at over a dozen other links like these were also removed:

No, I am not a conspiracy nut. I am a cum laude graduate of Purdue University. Stop laughing and read these links:

Valuable technology which can eliminate coal plants, global warming, and wean the world off fossil fuels is being suppressed by the western governments and their oil industry/national defense puppet masters my friends. Use of a Thorium plasma battery in 50 million American cars would eliminate over $850 million USD every single day in fuel tax revenues at the state and federal levels in America. That income represents about 40% of America's operating capital.

Now since these batteries are scalable, imagine the one the size of about 500 square meters is plugged into a power grid and supplies clean, green electricity to a city of 2 million residents. Even more government revenues are denied. But the technology suppression is not only based on economics, but apparently national security according to this link:

If plasma battery technology is good enough for the U.S. Navy and NASA, it should be good enough for every citizen whose taxes pay for both of those government agencies to operate! If the batteries are good enough to power an electric tank, they should be good enough to power every family's car. This suppression reminds me of the old Canadian Avro jet fighter plane the U.S. Defense Department demanded be destroyed in the 1950s. Clearly these batteries are certainly not in the best interests of the $600 Billion oil industry.

How much do you think it costs to bribe,.... er,.... sorry, "lobby" every member of the House and Senate? My wife who is an accomplished lawyer and former U.S. Assistant Attorney, thinks this technology suppression is a classic textbook case of "racketeering" and "organized crime". She directed my attention to this link:

This is one time I actually agree with my wife!

P.S. For those wanting a crash course on the wonders of Thorium, check out this great primer By Dr. Bob Greene and the attached files:

Thorium Plasma Batteries – The Disruptive Oil Giant Killer Technology

At the risk of being black-balled and ostracized by my government and peers, I feel compelled to speak out as a plasma physicist. Since 1959 the scientific community has known that Thorium was a better, safer, and more economical option to power nuclear reactors, yet they pursued uranium – why?

Simply put – because Thorium cannot be used to make nuclear bombs or power nuclear submarines – the two driving forces that gave birth to America’s nuclear program. Why is Thorium superior? For Five reasons as follows:

1. Thorium is more stable and contains 20% more energy density than Uranium, thus yielding more energy per ton and dollar.

2. It is impossible for Thorium reactors to have a catastrophic meltdown like we saw with Uranium in Chernobyl. Therefore there is no lethal risk to the community or world.

3. Thorium is more readily available in abundance while Uranium deposits will be fully depleted within the next 10 years, and almost 80% of Thorium deposits are found in the U.S. not in unstable countries.

4. Thorium does not pose the disposal nightmare that we experienced with uranium over the last 3 decades.

5. Since Thorium is not suitable for atomic weapons, we need not worry about emerging nations who really want and need and nuclear energy while we fear a secret nuclear weapons program.

So with all these benefits, why are we still using dangeous uranium that makes every nuclear reactor a ticking time bomb? In simple terms – the military industrial complex, big oil, and all the politicians whose campaigns were funded and supported by both.

In 2004, Thorium plasma batteries made their debut as compact portable devices that could provide reliable power for 3-7 years, non-stop, without a recharge. Three inventors came up with 3 different but similar designs and all three worked flawlessly – providing a green alternate energy source with no adverse safety or environmental concerns.

Since these stand-alone batteries can be manufactured in various sizes consider the following applications:

* Laptop and other PCs
* Electric bicycles & scooters
* Automobiles
* Trucks
* Ships & Barges

But think BIG and one of these plasma batteries the size of a shoebox could power a complete 5 bedroom house and every appliance in it. Or one the size of Hummer could power a complete 300 unit condominium complex without any external power grid connection. But think even bigger still… A battery the size of that same 5 bedroom house could power the City of Dayton – by plugging it into the local power grid. And there would be zero emissions. Thorium plasma power can eliminate every coal plant in the world in less than 5 years. But it gets better still…

If we were to drive electric cars and trucks powered by plasma battery technology, we could reduce global warming by 30% within five years and perhaps 50% within a decade. But what is good for mankind and our grandchildren poses a huge threat of financial loss to others – primarily big oil and politicians. Here is why…

While two-faced politicians talk about greening the world every four years just before they face elections, they are being wined and dined by big oil (Remember the Cheney-Enron affair?) to complicitly keep us addicted to oil. Why?

Because roughly 43% of all revenues paid for gasoline and other fuels are collected by the government in taxes, and these taxes provide more than a third of the nation’s operating budget. Adopting green Thorium plasma battery technology would reduce national oil consumption by more than 85% and how would our pols get by with 33% less tax revenues. Once gotten, graft is no sot easy to surrender as one Senator told me last year – “It would be easier to quit smoking after 10 years of chain smoking!”

So in essence, short term greed obfuscates even the chance of any long term vision or concern for our grandchildren. But if we found a way to use Thorium to make some horrific weapons of mass destruction that could kill millions if people in some foreign oil-rich land 5,000 miles away, Congress would be throwing billions into its development. In reality, those who are supposed to be serving “We the people” are simply serving themselves and the oil giants for as long as they can possibly profit.

Actually, my recent information is that the U.S. and Russian militaries are already using these nifty batteries in their most sacred and secret programs (i.e. unmanned underwater missile launchers, spy drones, super long-range torpedoes, etc). So while Uncle Sam ignores our critical and immediate public need for green energy and clean air, they are preparing for some future war that could be years away, even though we now have enough weapons in our arsenal to destroy every major city in the Eastern hemisphere within 10 hours!

Meanwhile, there are over 100 nuclear plants fueled by dangerous uranium vulnerable to natural disasters, terrorist attack, or targeted in the event of our next war. Each and every time a nuclear accident takes place, we all become potential victims left only at the mercy of the blowing winds. Our fates our left to luck.

Japan’s nuclear fiasco is perhaps the final alarm Mother Nature will sound for us. Those of you with the interest and intelligence to sort fact from fiction need to start doing a little homework about Thorium plasma battery technologies and put the screws to your local pols, and compel them to put commitments in writing before they get your vote. As you may know by now, their ears only listen to us citizens every four years. Afterwards, they let money do all the talking – at our expense and risk.
January 23, 2011

New plasma battery is now restricted to only military applications as DoD robs inventor of fame and fortune.


Gene Crawford

...Danny is not allowed to tell us very much. In fact, according to the court order he was served by the Pentagon's legal department,  he is not even allowed to tell us his real name or anything about the incredible plasma battery that took him almost 12 years to develop. This green energy device (which we learned on our own), operates on radiated isotopes and magnets, puts out a steady and constant charge of AC or DC current for 5 to 7 years, and is very compact. So much so, that one the size of a pack of cigarettes can power a television set or electric scooter, and one the size of a shoebox can, and did power a small car with an electric motor non-stop for 13 months - before Uncle Sam came along and confiscated all of it - in the name of national security.  Government agents not only seized his prototype, but all of his notes, drawings, and even his computer's hard drive! To add insult to injury even his patents were ordered to be sealed.  As I talked to Dan on the phone for almost twenty minutes, I could hear the angst and frustration in his voice.

You see Danny once worked as an Air Force reservist - one of those "weekend warriors" to pay his way through graduate school. So now our beloved government says that Dan who did some work for the design team of the now famous "Predator" remotely-piloted surveillance aircraft, forfeited his rights to ownership of any patents since he "probably used knowledge acquired during his time in the Air Force Reserves".  So instead of helping the world put a final end to coal plants with his cool battery (they can be made as large as a house to power a city of 1 million people), the device is destined for covert military use.

Indeed this is one amazing battery my friends. One the size of a refrigerator could power a 300 room hospital or condo building with no connection to the power grid for several years - all without any noise or emissions. They can even be used to power electric super high speed bullet trains without running miles of power lines.

What became of Dan's battery? It was pirated by the DoD and turned over to Sandia National Laboratories where we learned several prototypes were made and delivered to NASA , U.S. Navy,  U.S. Army, and U.S. Air Force for "field testing" about  18 months ago. What kind of tests, we can only guess.  But after speaking with a long-time friend and graduate of M.I.T. who works as a consultant to Raytheon, his guesses are probably more realistic and accurate than mine:

1. A long range torpedo for submarines that could travel for many miles to find and destroy its target, since current torpedo ranges are limited only by the duration of their power source.

2. Perhaps a silent tank or armored vehicle powered by an electric motor and a plasma battery that would allow it to traverse and entire continent without ever having to refuel.

3. How about a power source for a satellite or a high altitude surveillance drone - also powered by an electric motor or turbofan and a plasma battery.  Such an combination would enable the aircraft to remain aloft for days or even weeks!

But with Global Warming threatening our world, this plasma battery could easily end our addiction to oil and power our automobiles and eliminate 27% of our global emmissions. It could provide reliable power for many remote rural communities and third world countries. It could be used extensively in disaster-relief operations following hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina with on site power generation without the need for fossil fuels to run noisy generators.

Is it fair for the Pentagon to take priority over all new technology - especially one that would benefit our environment so dramatically?  We tried to ask them, but of course they had "no comment".  It is a sad day in America when our best and brightest inventors are muzzled and their incredible gadgets reserved only for some future war that may or may not take place. Humanitarian needs and benefits need to trump military planning in my humble opinion.  If you agree with me, send a copy of this article and say so in a letter to your Congressman and Senator.

Today Danny has yet another great green energy idea smoldering in his brain, but he doesn't dare spend yet another $150,000 and 12 years of his life to develop it, only to have it stolen away by the government. Now his biggest fear is being arrested since he was read the National Security Act warning when served his gag order.  Before I hung up the phone with Danny, he told me in a sad voice of surrender,,, "They didn't even say thank you."

Thorium Plasma Batteries Can Safely Power Trans-Continental High-Speed Bullet Trains

High Speed Bullet Trains could be self-powered with Thorium Plasma Batteries – Eliminating route restrictions and need for external electric power lines.

China and Japan are leading the world in development of high speed bullet train routes, but thus far routes have been limited to major metropolitan corridors supported and tethered to local power grids. But new battery technologies would allow a transnational route or even a transcontinental route that would require no external power source. The development of the Thorium plasma battery, a nuclear battery created independently by both U.S. and Russian inventor could power the trains for 5-10 years without a single recharge, and without posing any safety or health hazards.

In fact, a Thorium plasma battery the size of a small refrigerator would be sufficient to power today’s trains with a reliable self-contained power source. Unfortunately, both the American and Russian militaries have seized ownership of the technology from their inventors and promptly confiscated and classified all notes, drawing, and patents related to the device, ostensibly “to protect national security interests”. See these links:

The very same batteries could be used to power cell phones, laptops, electric scooters, electric vehicles, and even entire homes, as was demonstrated by the Russian inventor DiMitri Petronov in 2009. Both the CDC and EPA have reported that Thorium, the only safe green nuclear fuel that can actually be safely handled by humans with no chance of a catastrophic failure, is actually 30 times safer than common coal. Although India, China, and Norway are now using Thorium to power their nuclear reactors, the Thorium plasma battery does not utilize fission, but rather the principles of fusion of radiated isotopes. Only five scientists in the world have confirmed knowledge of the new battery, and allegedly Panasonic is poised to be the first to introduce the technology in a cell phone that will never need to be recharged.

But for now, only the U.S. Navy and Air Force get to use these super high-tech batteries for long range torpedoes and anti-satellite weaponry. Sadly, this same technology if made available for commercial applications could reduce green house gases by 30%-50% and ultimately replace every coal plant in the world since the batteries could be made in large 1-10 megawatt sizes that could be plugged into local power grids to power entire cities.

So for now at least, public transportation, global warming, and clean green energy is forced to take a back seat to weaponry that may never even be used. This questionable rank of priorities by the American and Russian governments makes one wonder if the United Nations is totally devoid of any leadership, ethics, and courage to compel public access to such useful technology.

Finally found with google search:

"Not again with the same thorium hoax, exposed as such repeatedly elsewhere... Again, it's been talked about since the 1950s, so do your own research before you start laughing. Start with Scientific American, especially the comments by readers...

But yes, thorium and unicorns and pixie dust will make all the technical struggles that have persisted since 60 years ago magically disappear. Have I missed all the interim Thorium-powered concept cars at the last 20 years of auto shows, too?"

No wonder the hoaxers can't post at TES!

Plasma Battery Inventors Disappearing Regularly

I received this from an MIT alumni of mine and since I personally met Gene Mallove, I have to take this quite seriously. I hope you do too.

In 1998 an American named Stanley Meyer, (probably Ohio’s most famous inventor) was poisoned and died clutching his throat outside a restaurant in his hometown of Grove City just moments after he jumped up from the table and shouted “They’ve poisoned me – I am going to die!” Stan had invented and demonstrated many times for the media and hundreds of people, his now-famous dune buggy with an internal combustion engine that ran only on water. Stan had found a practical and cheap way to produce hydrogen on demand. He was offered millions by Arab investors (well-documented) and declined their offers. The Pentagon had officials meet with Meyer and there were agreements made to fund a research and production facility. Within two months however, Stan was dead at age 45.

Eugene Mallove another alternate energy inventor found a way to use the principles of cold fusion to replace oil as our primary fuel and he was found beaten to death in 2005. In 2007 A.M. DeGeus another American inventor who is one of two American scientists who pioneered the plasma battery was found slumped over in his car parked at an Airport in North Carolina before boarding a plane for Europe where he was expected to ink a multi-million dollar funding deal that would put his invention, another oil replacement on the market. In 2010, Russian Dimitri Petronov, who also produced a plasma battery the size of a shoebox that powered his entire two bedroom house and all the appliances in it for over a year without a single recharge, vanished after being seen enjoying coffee and pastry in Moscow’s Red Staren Coffee Shop. His disappearance took place only a few weeks after giving elaborate demonstrations of his 3 year battery to top Generals at a Russian military base. Yet another American inventor, who we only know now as “Danny” had invented a similar plasma battery that went even longer than Petronov’s, was hustled away by FBI agents after returning from a visit to China where he met with investors and planned to demonstrate his battery. Although he was confirmed to be alive in January of 2011, he no longer resides in his California home and he won’t even tell his own sister where he is living!  

For details about Mallove, Petronov, and Danny, visit these links:

So why are these energy inventors disappearing or suffering sudden and unusual deaths? Well friends, just stop and consider who makes money from oil and how much money these people make… The petroleum industry is a $600 Billion ANNUAL industry in which less than 2,000 of the world’s most influential people receive 85% of this revenue stream, including the Bush and Cheney families, along with 73 other American, Saudi, British, and Kuwaiti blue-blood families just like them. Further, State, Provincial, and Federal governments in 32 countries derive over 30% of their operating budgets from gasoline and other fuel taxes. Typically 40 cents of every dollar spent on gas, oil, or diesel fuel goes into government accounts. Now imagine, that a new technology comes along that will eliminate this income stream, or at the very least, reduce it by more than half. Those who stand to lose billions of dollars will not think twice about snuffing out the life of an inventor or entrepreneur when the cost of a professional hit man is only $100,000 these days, with amateurs charging only half this amount. Certainly billionaires who own and control 85% of the world’s wealth are not going to let a few innovative scientists threaten to stop their gravy train.

No matter how deceptive or well-covered up the murders may be, it is clear to most in academic and energy circles that very evil conspirators have monitors in the scientific community and patrolling the internet for new “threats”. If the new technologies cannot be discredited or outright purchased (only to be locked in a closet), the key people either disappear, suffer some bizarre accident, or become targeted for some phony criminal charges that keeps investors away from funding the technology involved.

Those that merely think I am some “conspiracy nut” are in fact ignorant of reality and need to some homework. For starters they (perhaps even you?) need to stop getting their “news” from the mainstream media that is owned and operated by the same circle of blue-bloods and read the postings at , wikileaks,, and Or grab a few enlightening books like “Immaculate Deception” by General Russell Bowen or “The Defrauding of America” by Rodney Stitch. Only after you tune into the truth will your realize the general public is just being milked for more and more money by the wealthy, who keep everyone either oblivious, or diverted by one fabricated crisis after another. Americans have truly lost their collective backbone and become complacent sheeple. I believe it was Ayn Rand who said, “Every people get the government they truly deserve”. Start reading America or you will continue to be used and abused!

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