Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy

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Transcript of a February 1995 introductory lecture and workshop by David Hudson in Dallas Texas.
Transcribed from the video tapes which were recorded by The Eclectic Viewpoint on February 10 and 11, 1995.
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David Hudson: British Patent # GB 2,219,995 A --- Non-Metallic, Monoatomic Forms of Transitional Elements

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Ah, I want to thank Cheyenne for the introduction. I have learned now that you just don't tell her everything, because she repeats everything. Ah, in her newsletter I teased her because it looked like she was telling the whole story in the newsletter and it's much more enjoyable to hear if you, if you hear it as I learned it. I think it has much more meaning and now she's kind of given away a lot of what it's all about. But, ah....

Basically this is the story of my quest for this material. To get an understanding of it, to be able to explain what it is. And my work began in this area for all the wrong reasons. I did not understand what I was doing. And I don't need it. Ah, I didn't understand what the material was and it's only in the last four or five years that I've really come to an understanding, understanding truly of what the material really is. But basically the work began about 1975-76, and my primary interest for getting into this area is, was, like I say, for all the wrong reasons.

I am from Phoenix, Arizona. My father is the ex-commissioner of agriculture in the state of Arizona. My mother is the, was the state Republican's woman chairman. We're ultra-ultra right-wing conservative. Very, very ultra conservative people. All of my farming was done on a handshake basis. I even farmed 2,500 acres on a handshake with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and that's the federal government and no one farms with the federal government on a handshake and a verbal agreement but I did.

Our family is very, very conservative, very highly regarded in the community. All my vehicles have the keys in the vehicles right now. I'm here and they're there. Ah, we just... it's a very small community just outside of Phoenix where, you know, everyone knows everybody. Everybody knows the people going down the road. There just is no theft. There is no break-ins because we'll hunt you down, find out who did it, and we'll get it back.

Anyway, when I became involved in this my thinking was to mine and process gold and silver to create a hard currency. I was very disillusioned with the federal government's approach to our currency. They were devaluing the dollar, issuing this funny money, what they called federal reserve notes which I'm sure most of you people are aware of. They were not backed by gold and silver and as you make more and more of these dollars they continue to devalue these dollars and you think you are making more money, but in fact all you are doing is moving into a higher tax bracket and paying more and more income tax. And so you have less and less even though you are making more and more. And you come home and tell your wife, "well I got this 20 percent raise" or 10 percent raise and she says, "I got a 5 percent raise", but in fact you are making less money and not living as well as your parents lived. And they can tell us we're all living better and that we're getting all these wonderful figures but the numbers lie. We are not really living better. All of us are living worse than our parents lived as a people. There are exceptions to that in Dallas, but most of the country it's true.

Anyway, I began buying gold and silver in the Phoenix area as bullion from refiners. Most of it was being refined from sterling silver scrap or electronic scrap. But, ah, a lot of the gold was coming from miners who were processing it by a process called "heap leach cyanide recovery". And they were heap leaching, um, these old tailings on these mining operations. I became very intrigued with this because we were very interested, in agriculture, in metal salts in our soils. I don't know, I think that here in Dallas it's much the same or further on west in the state, it's much the same as Arizona. We have a sodium problem in our soil. It's called "black alkali" and as the black alkali builds up in your soil you can put sulfuric acid on the soil and the sodium, which makes up the black alkali, becomes sodium sulfate, which is a white alkali. And then is water soluble and will leach out of your soil then. If you don't do this your soil is very oily and the water just won't penetrate and be retained by the soil and it's not very good for your crops.

And so we had been doing soils analysis and this concept of, of literally piling ore up on a piece of plastic and spraying it with a cyanide solution, which dissolves selectively the gold out of the ore. It trickles down through the ore until it hits the plastic and then runs out the plastic and into the settling pond. It's pumped up through activated charcoal where the gold adheres to the charcoal and then the solution is returned back to the stack. And the concept seemed pretty simple, and I decided, you know, a lot of farmers have airplanes, a lot of farmers have race horses, a lot farmers have race cars... I decided I was going to have a gold mine. And, I had earth movers and water trucks and road graders and backhoes and caterpillars and these kind of things on the farm and I had equipment operators, and so I decided I was going to set up one of these heap leach cyanide systems.
I traveled all over the state of Arizona, took about a year and a half, and I finally settled on a piece of property. And, ah, did some analysis and all and decided that this was the property that had the gold in it that I wanted to recover. I set up a heap leach cyanide system, began spraying the ore, and sure enough within a matter of a couple days, we hooked it up to the activated charcoal. And we analyzed the solution going in the charcoal. We analyzed the solution coming out of the charcoal and we were loading gold on the charcoal. And, you know, everything is just rosy. We're having a high old time. And I figured I could lose 50 percent per year mining gold and be as well off as buying the gold and paying taxes at 50 percent on the, on the profit with buying the gold. So, if other people had to mine gold and make a living, I could mine gold and lose 50 percent, and be as well off as making the money, paying income tax and buying gold with it. So I figured, hey, I ought to be able to do that.

So, what happened is, ah, we began recovering the gold and silver and we would take the charcoal down to our farm. We'd strip it with hot cyanide and sodium hydroxide. We'd run it through "electro winning cell". We'd get the gold out on the "electro winning cell". And then we would do what's called a "fire assay" where you run it through a crucible reduction, cupelling, and get this gold and silver "xxxx" bead. Now I am not going to elaborate on all this because I am not trying to teach anybody "fire assaying". I am just trying to explain the procedures here. This is the time honored procedure for recovering gold and silver and basically, its been performed for 250-300 years. It's the accepted standard in the industry.

[11:24] Ah, after we recovered this gold and silver for a couple of weeks, we began to recover something else. And the something else was recovering as if it's gold and silver but it wasn't gold and silver. Our beads of gold and silver were actually getting to the point that you could hit them with a hammer and they would shatter. Now there's no alloy of gold and silver that will become that brittle. Gold and silver are both very soft metals and they don't alloy in any proportion that would cause them to become hard or brittle. Yet this became very hard and brittle. When we sent it to the standard laboratories for analysis, all they could detect was gold and silver with traces, and just traces, of copper. Something was recovering with the gold and silver. We couldn't explain. And eventually it got so much of this in our recovery system that actually we were losing gold and silver when we recovered this other material. And so, you know, it wasn't supposed to be profitable, it's just supposed to be something that was interesting.

And so I said, "Shut the system down. You know, let's find out what the problem material really is". And chemically we were able to separate the "problem material" from the gold and silver and I had this sample of pure problem stuff, whatever it was. And you have to understand my background is cotton farming. I did take pre-law, decided to go into agriculture but I hated chemistry, I hated physics, like most of you. And ah, I decided, well heck, you know if you just pay enough money to the right experts, you can hire enough Ph.D's, you'll be able to figure this problem out. So I went to Cornell University, where a man had written these papers on doing x-ray analysis and he took the sample of the problem material, which wouldn't dissolve in any acids or bases, as separated. It was cobalt blue in color. And he did an analysis on it and he told me it was iron silica and aluminum. I said it's not iron silica and aluminum. He said, "Well sorry that's what the analysis says it is". So, working within Cornell, we removed all of the iron, all the silica and all the aluminum from the sample. We still had over 98 percent of the sample.

At this point he said, "Dave, it analyzes to be nothing". (audience laughter)

He said, "Mr. Hudson, if you'll give us a $350,000 grant, we'll put graduate students to working on it". Well I had paid him about $12,000 thus far. He told me he could analyze anything down to parts per billion and now he's telling me I had pure nothing. He didn't offer to refund any of my money and so I said, "No thank you, I think for $350,000 I can get more information than you can". That was about 1981 and basically I embarked on a research program of my own. Most of the information that directed me initially was just hearsay. The old time miners, the people who's dads had mined in Arizona, who's grandfather's had mined said, "Dave, what you're working with is the platinum group elements". There's been hundreds of people who believe the platinum group elements are there. Many of them are incarcerated in jail right now. Ah, they go out, they believe the elements are there, and so they go to investors and they say, you know, "We think they're there, so put this money in", and the people put the money in. A couple years later they don't have any salable commercial product and so the investment collapses and the investor sues them. And eventually they are convicted or exonerated but it always ends up in bitter feelings.

[15:30] And so I said, you know, "I am not going to allow this to happen with this project. I'm going to fund the thing myself and I am going to get the answers to it". I mean this is 1981-82. We had instrumentation and machines that will analyzes down to parts per billion. You know, this has to have some explanation to it. Ah, the man at Cornell, he could show me the atoms, he could tell me how far apart they were, but he said the emission and absorption spectra does not agree with any spectra that we have programmed into our machine. There are no specific lines emitting or absorbing that we can identify. I mean, had about 8 different x-ray heads on, and the control panel looked like a 747 control panel. It's huge and you just sit in this big swivel chair and runs all these buttons and it was pretty impressive but it didn't give me any of the answers.

So, I was handed a book called 'The Analytical Chemistry of the Platinum Group Elements' by Ginsberg. It was written in 1975. It was translated into English by the Israeli Program For Scientific Translation. And this book, it's probably about 2 1/2 inches thick, it's a hard bound technical book, put out by the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Now when you realize that Johnson Matthey and Englehard are the two miners and refiners of the Platinum group elements in South Africa. The other miners and refiners are the Russian government. The Russians basically got into this after 1918 when they threw, the, Johnson Matthey, out of their country, because they were, the British were married to their royal family, and they had a deal going where royalties were being paid to them for the mining of their platinum group elements. And so, the Russian government in 1918 committed to develop this separation chemistry for these elements.

Basically these elements were not all that important until about world war two and then they became very strategically important. Right now they're classified as strategic elements and any important government contracts that are issued, they're classified under strategic classification. So you don't use them unless you absolutely have to because they are so valuable and so rare. They use them like.... iridium is used on the nose-cone of the re-entry vehicle on the space shuttle. It's used on the hydrogen rocket shields that deflect the heat shield on the hydrogen because it's a very high temperature ceramic. It's used in the breaker circuitry on the nuclear power plants where they have to disconnect the power, reconnect it, and they needs something that can stand tremendous arcs and not deteriorate. You know, these kinds of uses where nothing else will work.

And so basically, what happened is, according to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, they said that to analyze for these elements by emission spectroscopy, you'd have to do a procedure called fractional vaporization where you literally put the powders to be analyzed on the carbon electrode and you burn it for 300 seconds. Well, to do this you have to put an inert gas, a shielding gas, around the carbon electrode so that the air doesn't get to it, otherwise in 15-20 seconds the carbon electrode oxidizes away. And so we put this sheathing gas under it and did these long burn times. Now according to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the scientific group in the Soviet Union, during the first 15-20 seconds, all of the junk, or all of the iron, silica and aluminum would read, but it wouldn't be until 70 seconds that the palladium begins to read. After another 15-20 seconds, depending on how much palladium, then the, I believe it's, ah, I believe it's platinum will read, then after the platinum, then ruthenium, then after ruthenium, then rhodium, then after rhodium, then iridium, then after iridium, then osmium. I'm not absolutely sure that's exactly the order, I may have a couple of them reversed, but the concept was that they come off in the sequence of their boiling temperatures.

Now this seemed pretty simple to me to understand. Because if you want to boil alcohol out of water, you know, you just warm it to the boiling temperature of alcohol, the water stays there and the alcohol is distilled out. And it's not until all the alcohol is out that then the heat begins to build up in the water. And so, when you begin to understand that the boiling temperature of iron, the actual boiling temperature of iron, is to water like the boiling temperature of iron .... there's as much differential between the boiling temperature of iron and water, as there is between the boiling temperature of iron and the boiling temperature of these elements.

These elements boil at about 5,200-5,300 degrees Centigrade. Iron boils at about 3,700 degrees Centigrade and water, of course, boils at 100 degrees Centigrade. So, if you have water in your sample, the sample doesn't get any hotter than the boiling temperature of the water, until all the water is gone. And then the temperature really goes up, until you hit the next boiling temperature, which would be iron basically, and until all that iron is gone, the heat isn't going to go higher than the boiling temperature of iron. The maximum temperature of the DC arc is about 5,400-5,500 degrees Centigrade and we require about 5,300 degrees Centigrade to boil these elements. And so as you can see, it isn't until all the impurities are out of the sample and the arc is sitting here, and burn, burn, burn, burn and build up heat, and build up heat, and build up heat on this material that you're going to finally achieve the temperature where you really can read these elements.
And sure enough, exactly in the sequence, and exactly as the Soviet Academy of Sciences said, these elements began to read. They came off in the sequence, exactly in the order and exactly as they were supposed to come off. There's palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium and osmium. And at the time I didn't even know what iridium was. I didn't know what rhodium was. I mean, gosh, I'm just a dirt farmer. But, come to find out rhodium's a very valuable material. Rhodium is, is a, been up as high as $13,000 an ounce in the last couple years. It's the stuff that's in your catalytic converter, that if it isn't there your catalytic converter can't work. You're all told that you have platinum in there but there has to be at least 13 percent rhodium or it can't work. Because the platinum poisons with carbon monoxide and it's the rhodium that prevents it from poisoning. And when the South Africans were having the trouble with their mines down there, rhodium went to $13,000 per ounce because the automobile manufacturer's cannot sell their cars without a catalytic converters. And so the orders went, buy some rhodium, whatever it takes. We can't have our cars coming off the assembly lines and not be able to sell them because they don't have catalytic converters on them.

[22:39] Okay, it's a material that nothing else will do what it does. The only thing is, the numbers we were reading, and we did these studies for 2 1/2 years, the numbers were 4-6 ounces per ton of palladium, 12-13 ounces per ton of platinum, 150 ounces per ton of osmium, 250 ounces per ton of ruthenium, I mean, yeah, ruthenium, 800 ounces per ton of iridium, and 1,200 ounces per ton of rhodium. Now when you understand that the best known deposit in the world, to date, is approximately 1/3 of one ounce per ton in South Africa, and they have to go 1/2 mile underground to mine a 30 inch seam that contains this 1/3 of one ounce of all the platinum group elements. And we have over 2,400 ounces per ton of platinum group elements. Now if this had just been 5 or 6 ounces per ton I probably would have laid it down and walked away from it. But because the numbers were so preposterous, so ridiculous, so unbelievable, I said, you know, "Let's go for it. Let's find out what really is going on".

We're talking about 12-14 percent of this rock was these elements. I said, you know, "This, this has to have an explanation. There has to be a reason why nobody's ever found this material. Nobody's ever understood it."

So I went to a Ph.D. analytical chemist in Phoenix who was supposedly the best that Arizona had. He was a Ph.D. analytical chemist, a graduate of Iowa State University, with a specialty in metal separation systems. He had worked for Sperry and Motorola and all these electronic firms doing waste water treatment. I told him the story about the spectroscopy work that we did for these three years and he said, "You know Mr. Hudson, I've heard the story about the platinum group elements all of my life. I'm a native Arizonan also." But he said, "All I have to sell is my reputation and this makes me very nervous because of the frauds and the promotions and all". And he said, "Tell you what I'll do, I'll work for you at no charge. I won't charge you like everybody else has, until I can tell you where you're wrong. And at that point I'll submit you a bill at $60 an hour for my time." He said, "If I bill you up front I have to issue reports and if I issue a report I have to sign my name, and I'm not comfortable signing my name until I totally understand this".

[25:25] Two years later this Ph.D. said, "Dave, I can, without equivalence, I can tell you that it is not any of the other elements on the Periodic Table." He said, "I have physically separated, in the past, every element on that Periodic Table. All the rare earths, many of the Actinides, the man-made elements. He said, "I've done them all. I've worked with niobium, strontium, niobium, titanium, all the electronics materials." He said, "I've done all these studies for all these companies, but there are four elements that I have never worked with, and that's four of the six that you brought me. When I do the separation systems that you brought to me, everything says that it's 4-6 ounces per ton of palladium, 12-14 ounces per ton of platinum, 150 ounces per ton of osmium, 250 ounces per ton of ruthenium, 800 ounces per ton of iridium, and 1,200 ounces per ton of rhodium". Now, keeping in mind, here's 1,200 ounces of one element and here's 4-6 ounces per ton of another element. Now these are very divergent numbers here and yet the numbers exactly agree with the spectroscopy numbers. Okay, exactly. The only thing is, when he separates the pure rhodium from the blood red chloride solutions of rhodium, which for you people who know anything about chemistry there aren't many materials that form blood red chlorides, when he does the hydroxide neutralization, they precipitate out of solution as a hydroxide. He filters and dries it. We put that into a tube furnace where we have atmospheric control. We oxidize it at 800 degrees Centigrade which is red heat. We hydrogen reduce it and then we get this hydrogen reduced gray powder.

What he did, is he would take it in and oxidize it and get a red-brown oxide, which is the correct color of rhodium dioxide. He would cool it and take 1/3 of that sample and put it in a sealed vial. He then would take two thirds of the remaining sample, put it back in the tube furnace, re-oxidize it and hydrogen reduce it. He would then cool it down, take it out of the tube furnace, take half of the sample and put it in another sealed vial. And then he would take the remaining third and put it back in the tube furnace and anneal it at 1,400 degrees Centigrade and it turns snow white.
So we have three fractions here. We have a red brown dioxide. We have the dioxide reduced under hydrogen to the elemental material. And then we have an annealed material under an inert gas. Now one should be an oxide, one should the element and I don't know what the third material might be, but it still supposed to be the same stuff. When we sent them over to Pacific Spectrachem in California, which is one of the better, older spectroscopic firms in California, the red brown dioxide was iron. The only element detectable was iron. I mean, look at it, hell, it's a red brown dioxide just like iron. The hydrogen reduced material, now the iron disappeared, no more iron in this sample. Now it's been hydrogen reduced and it's become silica and aluminum. No iron, and yet the first sample had no silicon aluminum in it and now the second sample is silicon aluminum. And then the third sample, which now should be silicon aluminum, right, it's just annealed under argon, now becomes calcium and silica. No aluminum.

Now this Ph.D. says, "Dave, in all my years working with Pacific Spectrachem, I have never had any problems with these people. Never. Until I met you." And he said, "What we have here is something that I know is pure rhodium and yet none of these spectroscopic analyzes are saying it's rhodium." Iron could be a reddish brown chloride, but silica and aluminum and calcium do not form colored salts at all. And yet if you take the material that they claim is silica and calcium and re-dissolve it through a fusion and hydrochloric acid, and you got the red brown chloride again. Now where did it come from? And he says, "Dave, this makes absolutely no sense at all. This is defying everything I have been taught in college, everything I have been taught in graduate school". So, what he did, he said, "I'm going to send this back to my graduate professors at Iowa State." So we took these red brown chloride solutions in hydrochloric acid. We evaporated down the salts and they were these blood red chloride salts, okay, and we sent these to Iowa State University and we said, "What is the metal that's present in this salt?"

And Iowa State University came back, "There's chlorine present". Well, chlorine's a gas. Well, fine, there's chlorine, but what is the chlorine reacting with that makes it a crystalline material? And they said, "There's chlorine present". And we said, "Yes, but what's the metal that holding the chlorine?" They couldn't tell us.

[30:45] So we decided that we were really going to get sophisticated, so we took... When we did the spectroscopy, I told you at 70 seconds these elements begin to burn, well at 68 seconds we stopped the burn. Okay? Now there shouldn't be anything there other than these elements and carbon and the electrode. We dug the metal bead out with a little knife and we sent it off to Harwell Laboratories over in London, which is the government, you know, the government labs over in London, and they did neutron activation.

Now neutron activation does not care what state the electron orbitals are in, it actually analyzes the nucleus itself, of the element. The results come back, "No precious elements detected". They did see some carbon, but no precious elements detected. You know, this is really getting serious here. I probably got the best credentials money can buy. I got a man that worked, now, a total of 9 1/2 years, he's a Ph.D. analytical chemist, he physically can separate and quantify everything known to man. And he says, "Dave I can't explain this. This is not explainable."

So we finally order from Johnson Matthey, pure standard materials of rhodium and iridium, platinum, palladium, ruthenium and osmium and we learn how to make them disappear. We could take pure rhodium chloride and analyze it to be pure rhodium, and through a process of repeated evaporation with salt, we could make the rhodium disappear from the instrumental analyzes. It still is a blood red chloride, you still can perform all the chemistry, it still was in solution but it didn't analyze to contain any rhodium. And this was pure rhodium standard.

The way it disappeared was a process of disaggregation. So when we became comfortable that, you know, I don't what this is or what form it is, but I know what it is. We actually took pure standards of metal, put them in our separation system and they separated right where they were supposed to be, as these elements. I went back to General Electric, and General Electric is one of the big names in instrumentation as well as high technology work, and they had people back there who were building what they call fuel cells using rhodium and iridium in the fuel cell technology. And particularly rhodium is very important in fuel cells, particularly their fuel cell technology, which was the solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell, because it doesn't poison with carbon monoxide. And so all your standard fuels that are hydrocarbons, which most of you Texans are familiar with, they, in the combustion, or the removal of hydrogen from the hydrocarbon, you get carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and this poisons platinum. And so platinum, after a week or two, begins to die and quits functioning. Where rhodium does not poison with carbon monoxide, and so you don't have to have pure hydrogen, you can use the hydrocarbon fuels and it works just fine.

When I went back and talked to them, I met with about 7 people back there, and they turned me over to their senior catalytic chemist, his name was Tony LaConti. He said, "Dave, we know that when we buy the commercial standards from Johnson Matthey that they analyze very well, but we do know that when we convert through a fusion process to disaggregate them to a finer particle size, that they do not analyze as well as they used to." So, his suggestion to me was, "Dave, I don't care whether it analyzes or not. Your credentials behind you are as good as we have anyplace at GE. Just send us the material and we'll mount it in our fuel cells and if it does what it's supposed to do, who cares what you call it". Now, here's a ...., this guy might have been a farmer, this is, ah, pretty good thinking! (audience laughter).

So, you know, we separated the rhodium, and he wanted about 3 ounces of it which, we were making it milligrams at a time, so it took us about 4 or 5 months, and then John wanted to, the Ph.D. wanted to re-refine it, and so we went back and re-refined it all again. Anyway, by the time we got it to them, GE had sold their fuel cell technology to United Technologies, who has another type of fuel cell. And they wanted the solid polymer technology of GE for their breathing systems on submarines and everything. And what happened is, the GE people had to go over and work for 6 months and then they were allowed to quit. And so, Jose Giner, the head of the fuel cell technology at United Technologies actually went and formed his own company in Waltham, Massachusetts [Giner Inc., 14 Spring Street, Waltham Ma., 02154-4413], and most of the GE people went with him. And so at the time our material is ready to work with, the people weren't at GE anymore, they were at Waltham, Massachusetts, so we contracted with these people to do the fuel cell testing.

Our material as delivered to Giner analyzed and contained, the rhodium didn't contain any rhodium, the iridium didn't contain any iridium. But when it was mounted on carbon and put into a fuel
cell, it did what only rhodium would do. It was a hydrogen evolving catalyst and it was carbon monoxide stable. Okay? It does what only, at that time, about $10,000 an ounce rhodium would do. Now I understand rhodium is down probably a thousand an ounce now. But it did what only rhodium would do. We ran the fuel cells for about three weeks doing time studies on it, and at the end of the three weeks they tore down the fuel cells and sent the carbon off for analyzes, and now we have 6 percent rhodium on the electrodes. Mysteriously appeared from some place, 6 percent.

[36:47] They said, "Dave, to our knowledge no one knows that rhodium can exist in this state. No one knows that iridium can exist in this state. In fact, if you want, you can patent this. If you can explain it, if you can tell how to make it from a known commercial material, you can put a patent on this." So I went to their patent attorney in Washington, D.C., and in 1988 I filed U.S. and worldwide patents on 11 elements in their orbitally rearranged monatomic state. Okay? That's where the name comes from, and we just made it up on an airplane one day. Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element. We knew that the chemistry changed. We knew that the material became totally inert and did not act like a metal. We knew that it did not have any valence electrons available for chemical bonding, and we knew that there was a change in the nuclear configuration. We didn't understand it yet but we knew it was the case.

And so, this material was, went to the U.S. patent office. In addition we filed another 11 patents on another phenomena. And this phenomena becomes very interesting. If you take a gram of gold and you convert it, through a disaggregation process to the monatomic form, the last product you have before it goes to pure monatomic material, is hydrogen oride or hydrogen rhodide or hydrogen iridide. Which if you know this is a minus one state. Coincidentally. Hydrogen is more electropositive than these elements. So it's not gold hydride, it's hydrogen oride. Which is in the literature if you are curious. Anyway, when we anneal away the proton, the material goes snow white. All of these elements in their pure monatomic form are snow white. They look just like cooking flour. You know, you ladies who do cooking, just look for that white bleached flour that you pour out in a little measuring cup. Doesn't look like a metal at all. The hydrogen oride is gray, but the pure dehydrogenated material is snow white. It is very fluffy. It has a density of about 2 1/2 yet the metal has a density of about 19. Okay?

This is not at all like it's supposed to be, but it's there and it's these elements. The amazing thing about it is the weight of the material was very difficult to weigh. We were having all this crazy weights on it, so in trying to quantify this on paper for the patent office, and they want things very precise at the patent office, we couldn't get consistent results with the material. It kept gaining weight and gaining weight and gaining weight and gaining weight and gaining weight, you know, and so what's the correct weight, you know?

So we got a machine called thermo-gravimetric analysis. And how many of you know what thermo-gravimetric analysis is? Not many, there's a few back there. It's basically a machine that has controlled atmosphere and it has a micro-balance, that you can weigh the sample in a controlled atmosphere, and then the sample can be heated and weighed all at the same time. And it's made to .... you put metals in there and oxidize them and see the weight gain of the oxide and hydrogen reduce, and see the loss of the oxide. Or you can heat it up to high temperatures and when it thermally decomposes, you can tell that the weight's going because the weight's coming down on the scale. So I figured here we have complete control, no variables like absorbed gases or, you know, whatever from the atmosphere. We're gonna really control this stuff.

[40:54] After about 9 or 10 months of doing these studies by computer control, day and night, everyday, month after month, what we found is when the material goes snow white, it weighs 56 percent of the true weight. Now that should bother you, I hope. You say, where's the mass going? Why isn't it weigh-able anymore? And by repeated annealing we could make the material weigh less than the pan weighed it was sitting in, which was less than nothing, or we could make it weigh 300-400 times what it's beginning weight was, depending on whether we were heating or cooling it. Yet the machine is built with magnetic standards, that you could actually put in the machine, and the materials are non-magnetic, then at a certain temperature they become magnetic, then at another temperature they lose their magnetism, to check the machine and see if there's any effect of it's magnetic field from the heating coil that's effecting the weight of the material. And yet the magnetic materials have no effect at all. Yet when you put this material in and literally take it quantitatively to the white form, the material only weighs 56 percent of the true weight.
Yet if you take this white powder and put it on a quartz boat, and heat it up to the point where it fuses with the quartz, it becomes black and it regains all it's weight again. This makes no sense, it's impossible, it can't happen. But there it was.

So, we became interested in the area of why this material was changing it's weight. We went to Varian Corporation over in Stanford, we showed them the data, and they said, "Mr. Hudson, if you were cooling a sample, we would say it 's a superconductor".

A superconductor is material that responds to tiny, tiny, tiny magnetic fields, and even though the heating element on this thermo-gravimetric analysis machinery is "bifilar" wound, which means power goes in one way in one wire, it comes back the other way in the other wire, so they cancel each other's magnetic field. There's no way the two wires can completely cancel each other. There's always this tiny little bit of residual because the wires are not on top of each other, they're actually parallel to each other. So there is this tiny little bit of residual field.

It's not the kind of field an ordinary magnet would respond to, but it is the kind of field that a superconductor could respond to. A superconductor is a material that can respond to a magnetic field of 2 times 10 to the minus 15th Erg. I say, what's an Erg? They said, there is 10 to the 18 power ergs in a Gauss. And the Earth's magnetic field that a compass aligns with is about .7 Gauss. So the Earth's magnetic field is almost a Gauss. And there's 10 times 10 times 10 times 10 times 10 times 10 times 10 times 10...., 18 times, there's that many Ergs in a Gauss.

And a superconductor responds to a magnetic field of 2 times 10 to the minus 15th Ergs, or .00000000..., 15 times, with a 2 of 1 Erg. [typist note: .000000000000002].

[44:40] You've seen in these science magazines where they've got a picture of the brain and they show part of the brain lit up when you eat something sour or you see another part light up when you eat something sweet or that's electric seizure where the brain just lights up all over. How do they see these thought patterns in your brain? With superconductors. Superconductors can sense any disturbance in a magnetic field. They're unbelievably sensitive. And, so if this material is a superconductor, even this tiny little bit of magnetic field that was still around the heating coil, the material could levitate or it could sink, because a superconductor will not break lines of magnetic force when they're superconducting. They resist moving in the field and so they would tend to levitate or they couldn't be weighed. If you pick the scale up they're gonna weigh more, or if you put the scale down they're gonna weigh less, because they're not moving. So if it's a superconductor this is not really a good thing to be doing. It doesn't really mean anything.

When I began to do the literature studies, I found out that in a macro-metal, the temperature of the atoms is actually being measured now over in Europe. And the temperature is about 350 degrees Kelvin, depending on the metal, I mean, more or less. About 350 degrees. As you disaggregate the clusters in that metal down smaller and smaller, the temperature of the atom goes down and down. A three atom cluster is about 23 degrees Kelvin, a two atom cluster is about 12 degrees Kelvin, and a 1 atom, they don't know what it really is because they can't read it, they can't find it. But theoretically it's about 2 to 3 degrees Kelvin. The internal temperature inside a single atom is, in fact, almost absolute zero. It has nothing to do with temperature of the room it's sitting in, and actually what we were doing is, we were heating and cooling a monatomic system, and the monatomic system was giving up energy. And so we set up to do differential thermal analyzes and we found out there was a lot more heat coming out than we were putting in when we heated it.

We have that chart too in graph. Then actually by heating it, we were cooling the atoms, because the temperature had nothing to do with the internal temperature of the atom. The only way it could hold energy is through chemical binding or through crystalline binding and there was none of that going on because it 's a monatomic system. We actually found that these atoms, in the literature, since we filed our patent, and we filed 11 more patents on the superconducting state of a mini-atom system of the high-spin state. We found in the published literature in 1989, 1990 and 1991, that the Niels Bohr Institute, that Argonne National Laboratories, that Oak Ridge National Laboratories, indeed had confirmed that the very elements that I had filed in my patents do exist in this high-spin state, in the monatomic form. And that they do inherently go to that state when they're in the monatomic form. They will not go to this state when they're in the diatomic state, but they will go to this state in the monatomic form. And the words that they have developed in the scientific community to explain this is the asymmetrical deformed high-spin nuclei. They have even published papers on the asymmetrically deformed high-spin nuclei, and found that they theoretically should be superconductors. Because high-spin atoms can pass energy from one high-spin atom to the next with no net loss of energy. Okay?

[48:32] Tomorrow in our workshop, we will, I have all of the published papers, I have the Scientific American articles, I have all the published papers on all of these elements. You'll get to see Niels Bohr Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratories, Oak Ridge National Laboratories credentials and these specific elements, and in the asymmetrically deformed high-spin state, and they are stable in that state, and they are not radioactive isotopes in that state. But it is a state that will only occur in the monatomic form. When they are in this state they do not want to go back to metal. They repulse each other. They will not go to a metallic state until you get the spin state back to the low spin state.

You think my life was complicated. Here I am a dirt farmer. I have to learn chemistry, I have to learn physics, I have to learn about superconductivity. And now my uncle comes up to me with a paper, and he says, "Dave, read this book. I think you'll enjoy it." And I looked at it and it's called 'Secrets of the Alchemist'", it's a Time-Life series book. And I says, "What are you talking about, Caleb, I don't need to read that, that's about Alchemy. That's the occult." He says, "No, Dave, you need to read this book. It talks about a white powder of gold". Ohhhh!?
So I start reading the book. The Philosopher Stone was a white powder of gold. The Philosopher Stone was said to be the container of the light of life.

We took some calves brains and some pigs brains, and we did a destruction of the organic material and a metals analysis and over 5 percent, by dry matter weight, of the calves brains and the pigs brains, were rhodium and iridium in the high-spin state. And nobody in medical research knows that.

I found in the literature, and I'll show you those tomorrow, the U.S. Naval Research Facility has confirmed superconductivity is the communication vehicle between cells in our body, but they don't know where the superconductivity comes from. It's like it's a stealth atom that no one can figure out what it is. (audience laughter) It's there but no one can read it, just like this stuff.
When you realize that the Philosopher Stone is the white powder of gold, then, of course, I have to find out does it work? Does it really have the properties they attribute to it? Which they claim that not only it will cure every disease known to man, they claim that it is capable of changing the nature of man, making him into a different person.

And so, do we want to have a little break here? For everybody to stretch a little bit and I think that our hostess over here has tapes and all sorts of information that she's willing to sell. And after this we'll go into the philosophy, what it really is, and what it really means in our lives, and what we can do with it. Okay?
(audience break - lecture then continues)

[52:17] Okay before I start on the second half, I would like to request of all of you, um, Cheyenne was very adamant that she had to tape these proceedings. She said I've always done that with my speakers. I have been very disappointed in that when I spoke at Global Sciences twice, they taped it both times, and I said, "This tape is only for the people who attend the conference". And these people have copied and copied and copied. I have had phone calls from Germany, I had phone calls from South America. I will please ask you people, please do not recopy these tapes. These tapes are for the people that attended the conference, who want to refer back to them. It's fine to play them for other people, but please don't make copies of them for other people to have. Some of the people who have ended up with copies of these are not the kind of people that I would just as soon that they didn't hear about this. And so, please.... You ask yourself why we never heard about this on the radio, why we never heard about this on the newspapers, and it's because I refuse. I've been asked to speak at NASA and I've turned it down, on superconductivity. I've been asked to come before the open radio stations, and what you have to understand is that all people are not ready for this.

Okay? The people who came here basically, I'd say, 90-95 percent of you hear this and understand what it is and why it's here now. But most people on the street do not understand it at all. And I can tell you it's just like you're speaking a foreign language when you try to repeat this to people. They're just going to say, "Gosh, what are they talking about. You're out in left field." And, ah, all I can tell you is it seems to be a built in protection. It seems to be for a reason, that's all I can tell you. And so, please don't recopy the tapes, okay? I'm asking you here on tape, please don't recopy the tapes.

Okay, back to the alchemical substance. When I became interested in this alchemy, because the white powder of gold was the alchemical substance supposedly, I began to do all sorts of reading, and one of the things I came across immediately was the Melchizedek priesthood and the white powder of gold associated with the Melchizedek priesthood. So I went to Rabbi Plotkin at Temple Beth Israel in Phoenix, and I asked the Rabbi, who is one of the most knowledgeable rabbis in Arizona, I said, "Rabbi, have you ever of the white powder of gold?", and he said, "Oh yes Mr. Hudson, but to our knowledge no one's known how to make it since the destruction of the first temple". He said, "The white powder of gold is the magic. It can be used for white magic or black magic".

And when you really find out what the white powder of gold is, you begin to really appreciate that statement. So, anyway, as I began to research this further, I found out about the history of it, I found out that it has been associated with the ancient peoples over in the Tigris-Euphrates valley. It was knowledge that was given to them by, they claimed, the gods. It is always depicted in the literature as a triangular shaped stone, but it's about twice as tall as it is wide, kind of an elongated pyramidal shape, like this. I think Zecharia Sitchin refers to it as the "athinder? stone". Ah, but all of their sacred text always began with it. Curious enough, in the ancient Egyptian text it was always referred to as the "What is it?", and if you read in the papyrus of Ani that was found in the tomb of Pepe the 2nd in old kingdom Egypt, it says, "I am purified of all imperfections, what is it, I ascend like the golden hawk of Horus, what is it, I come by the immortals without dying, what is it, I come before my father's throne, what is it, and she goes on and on, page after page, talking about all these attributes that you acquire as you ascend, but they always stop and ask the question, "What is it"?

Well, this was written about 28-29 hundred B.C., and they're asking this question "What is it"? Well when I found the Hebrew dictionary, I found out that the Hebrew word for "What is it?" is Ma-Na. Manna literally means the same thing, "What is it?" And when you understand that the Hebrew people were actually, lived in Egypt for generations, they were the artisans, they were the metallurgists, they were the craftsman. And when they left out of Egypt they took this knowledge with them. We find in the literature that, and this is particularly in Velikovsky's writing, 'Ages in Chaos', that he says, that, eh, when the Egyptian..., when the Hebrew people left Egypt that the Egyptians decided that they wanted to go after them and they find the writings in Egypt where the Pharaoh and his army drown in a whirlpool of water. Now this right at the end of old kingdom Egypt.

Remember in the Bible, that it says that the Hebrews encountered these mean, warring like peoples called the Amalekites out on the Sinai peninsula as they were exiting Egypt, and they, Moses wanted to fight them, and the Hebrew people said "naw, these guys are fierce tribesmen, there's hundreds of thousands of them, we don't want to fight these people". And so they avoided fighting them. Well, Velikovsky found out that at the very same time they were having all the plagues in Egypt they were also having plagues over in the Tigris-Euphrates valley, and the ruling tribe, the Amalekites, exited the Tigris-Euphrates valley at the same time the Hebrews were exiting Egypt. And they literally passed each other on the Sinai with the Amalekites coming west as the Hebrews were going east. They arrived in Egypt and there was no Pharaoh and there was no army, and literally, these Arabs, destroyed and killed everyone. All they left were the lesser people, who they kept as slaves for themselves, but they hacked and killed and slaughtered everyone. They destroyed the temples, they wiped out a very high culture at the end of old kingdom Egypt. By the time they woke up to the fact of what they had destroyed, the knowledge that was gone, it was too late. The only people that knew how to make it, who were still alive, were the Hebrews, and they were out on the Sinai.

They began in ancient Egypt to do the opening of the mouth ceremonies, they begin to mummify their leaders, waiting for this knowledge to come back so that the leaders could be brought back to life, but in fact the knowledge was gone. And so, if you look in old kingdom Egypt, did you know that they've never found the body of a pharaoh or a high priest from old kingdom Egypt? Never. And they claim in their literature that they never died, that they ascended the stairway to heaven. And when you read about what they did and where they went, it totally agrees, they were going to the very same place that the people in the Tigris-Euphrates valley went to, to ascend the stairway to heaven. And that was to an island called Bahrain, it's just off the Sinai peninsula. There was a city by the name of 'Kilmun' or 'Dilmun' and do you know that they have excavated the city and found that it does exist, and it's supposedly the land of the crossing, where the fresh water and the sea water mix. And they have found the fault, right underneath the island where fresh water exits under the ocean and mixes with the sea water.

All of this goes back to writings about the first mortal king in the Tigris-Euphrates valley, Gilgamesh, and his quest for immortality. It goes back to he was told to travel to the land where the sun sets, or the sun rises, which in fact was the name for Arabia. And he traveled down the Tigris-Euphrates river, and into the ocean and across the ocean, they came to this island, and it was at that island where the man who survived the flood lived, and that's the man we know as Noah, that he was looking for. The man who lived 900-1,000 years, and has three sons who lived over 900 years, who had this knowledge.

Okay, now we come back to the Hebrews who exited Egypt. All of the Egyptians that had this knowledge were slaughtered, and no one was there to bring them back to life. But the Hebrews had this knowledge, and Bezaleel, the goldsmith, was commanded by Moses to prepare the "What is it?", the manna, or the "bread of the presence of God", which was another name, they knew it in old kingdom Egypt. In old kingdom Egypt they had three other names for it, it was called "the golden tear from the eye of Horus", it was called "that which issues from the mouth of the Creator", the spittle, or it was called "the semen of the Father in Heaven". And if you take the white powder gold and you mix it with water, it forms a gelatinous white suspension, that, as a farmer I can attest, it does look just like semen, which we use to, for the cattle and all. Ah, that would be a good description of it, if I was trying to convey to someone what it looks like.
Basically this is the basis of all religions of the world. How many times have you heard "cleanse yourself", "purify yourself", "prepare yourself like a bride in the bridal chamber", "for the coming of the father". What they don't go on and tell you is what happens in the bridal chamber, you become inseminated in the bridal chamber. But you receive the semen of the father in Heaven. And you. . . over. . . this is done over a 40 day period during a 40 day fast. It was called the Egyptian rite of passage. It went 9 days with no food to totally cleanse the digestive system, and they took this material, or the "semen of the Father in Heaven", for the next 30 days. Okay, it was called "the Bread of Life" and the "Bread of Life" was mixed with the water and was called the "Living Water". Okay? This material is what Moses commanded Bezaleel, the goldsmith. It wasn't a baker, it wasn't a woman, it was a goldsmith who was told to prepare the "Bread of the presence of God", and this "Bread of the presence of God" was set out on a golden table in front of the Ark of the covenant. You remember the ark of the covenant, they also placed the stones, through which God spoke to Moses, and gave him the ten commandments.

And the Bible says, up on Mt. Sinai, that the Hebrew people said there was fire and there was smoke. It was if a forge was going up on Mt. Sinai. But when you recall that Moses had been there previously and in the area of Sinai is where copper was being mined and smelted. And in fact, I believe there was a forge going on Mt. Sinai, because at 1,160 degrees the white powder of gold can be melted to a transparent glass of gold. It literally becomes a glass as clear as window glass, and yet it is pure gold, it's not a gold compound, it's pure gold. You can take it in a mortar and pestle and grind it right back to the white powder, but it is, it looks absolutely like glass.

The neat thing about gold, as compared to the other elements, is that gold can be purified by distillation. At 450 degrees elemental gold will resonance disconnect from itself and will go over as a gas and be re-condensed over here and be caught as white powder again. And so you can purify it, back and forth, by repeated distillation, and get a very high purity substance. It's called the "white dew", the "white condensate", "the white dove" or it's depicted as a white feather in the alchemical texts. Because that's the way it was purified as a volatile material. Okay? All of the symbols of being fed by a dove, or receiving the white dove, is always an alchemical symbol. When we find, as the rabbi told me, that this knowledge was kept by the Hebrews until the destruction of the first temple.

What happened when they destroyed the first temple? And what happened right before the temple was destroyed? We find that Solomon got a woman pregnant who came from Egypt and she, in fact, was the Pharaoh of Egypt. What was her name, Hatshepsut? How do you pronounce it? Hatshepsut? Anyway, it was in fact the Pharaoh of Egypt that came to Solomon's temple, and she became pregnant, she returned back to Egypt, and she gave birth to a son, and the son's name was Menelik. Menelik returned to Jerusalem when he was twenty one to be acknowledged by Solomon as being his son. And Solomon, of course, acknowledged Menelik, "Yes, you are my son". And of course, the Levites, the high priests, just went bonkers. Here was a half breed. And they had all this racial purity, and here was a half breed as the eldest son of Solomon, to be the next king of Jerusalem. And so the Levites said, "You must send your son away, he must be sent away". And Solomon, in his infinite wisdom, said, "Fine, if I must send my son away, all of you Levites must send your eldest sons away also". So all of the eldest sons of the Levites left with Menelik, but when they left they took the Ark of the Covenant.

And that's where the Ark of the Covenant went; to Egypt. When the Hebrews realized that the Ark of the Covenant had left, these men who took it were the ones who by blood right were the correct ones to care for it. They were the eldest sons of the Levites and the king. But because they were sent away they took the Ark of the Covenant. And the Hebrew people haven't really wanted to talk about this that much, because it really was their doings that they lost it. And so, the Aaronic priesthood or the rabbinical priesthood does not want to talk about the high priesthood leaving Jerusalem, but it went to Egypt. And it was kept in Egypt out on the island of Elephantine, where they built an exact duplicate of the Temple of Solomon, and you'll read, and find out about that, if you read Graham Hancock's book, 'The Sign and the Seal'. This is all in there and it is absolutely correct. They have excavated. The excavators have found, on the island of Elephantine, the exact dimensions of the Temple of Solomon, where the foundation was and where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. In the temple of Luxor they recorded all of the loot and all of the plunder that was taken from the Temple of Solomon by Thutmose II, was then returned when he became pharaoh and looted the temple. But there's no Ark of the Covenant because they already had that. And in that plunder they list all of the items that they got, and they're all identified as being golden, and then silver and then copper. But under the golden items, under the shewbread, here is this elongated pyramidal shape that is "The Bread of the presence of God". It's the very same symbol, that I told you earlier, that is always shown as depicted in the sacred ceremony, with the king offering the "bread", the "white bread", to the symbol of the Ark of the Covenant, with the black Anubis sitting on top of it. Well the Anubis represented the digestive system, and here's the king offering, and it says "keeper of the secret", but it's the white powder of gold being offered to the digestive system, which is the transformational process you go through.

Now, what does it do? I'm not a doctor so I can't practice medicine. Anything that is administered to someone for the purpose of curing a disease is medicine. So therefore I can't tell you on tape what's been done with it, what the doctors who have giving it have done with it, but I can tell you that at 2 mg. it totally has gotten rid of Karposi Sarcomas on AIDS patients, at 2 mg. per day. 2 mg. per day. There's 32,000 milligrams in an ounce, 2 mg. is nothing. And it gets rid of "KS". I can tell you that people who have taken it, at 2 mg. injections, within 2 hours, their white blood cell count goes from 2,500 to 6,500 white blood cells. I can tell you that stage 4 cancer patients have taken it orally, and after 45 days have no cancer anyplace in the body. We're not gonna go into any more specifics than that. I will talk to you about it later when the cameras aren't running.

I am not a doctor. My purpose in this was not to cure diseases and illness, but I did want to know "does it work"? It's been used on Lou Gehrig's disease, it's been used on MS, it's been used on MD, it's been used on arthritis, it's been used on, ah, what else, that's all that's coming to mind right now, and it just does some very remarkable things in the body. The most important thing that it does and the real reason this is here is not as a medicine.

The reason this material is here is to enlighten and raise the consciousness of mankind. Now if people don't understand that, I apologize, but that really is it's purpose. And what we have done is we have given it in the high amounts to some people who have had nothing wrong with them medically. We didn't know what to expect. So the very first man, he did a 42 day food fast, which is pretty severe food fast. He went for 9 days with only water, he had a high colonic, and on the 10th day we began to give him 500 mg a day of this material. Now this was not gold. This was rhodium and iridium. And the reason we chose rhodium and iridium is because it naturally was in his body. It's in Aloe Vera gel. It's in Ace Mannan. It's in "Man aloe". It's in carrot juice, it's in grape juice, it's in grape seed extract, it's in slippery elm bark, it's in sheep sorrel, it's in many, many materials. And so it's totally natural, it's not a compound, it's not a drug. It's an elemental material. It's like taking an iron pill. But these are the atoms that flow the light of life in your body.

And according to ancient Egyptians, they said, "You have a physical body, you have to feed physical foods to so it can grow and become all that it's meant to be. If you don't feed your material body, you die or you're very stunted. You don't grow and develop." You also have a light body, they said, you also must feed so it can grow and become what it's meant to be. And we haven't been feeding our light body, because we haven't known what to feed it with.

500 mg. a day for 30 days, was called the Egyptian rite of passage, and so we had to find out what does this do. After 5 or 6 days of taking this material, this fellow began to hear this very high frequency sound, and every day the sound gets louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and louder and louder. By the time he finished his fast, he said it's like loudspeakers in my brain, literally roaring this sound. It's the same sound that many of the meditators have heard, that your told to listen for when you meditate, to find this sound, but when you think about it most people don't hear it anymore. Well this sound is roaring in this man's head, it's roaring day and night, it's roaring when he's talking on the phone, it's roaring when he's working. And I said, "Doesn't this disturb you? Isn't this an irritating sound? " and he said, "Not at all. It's just like nectar", because it doesn't come through the ears. He said, "It's inside the brain."

Now it's hard for me to understand. It's hard for probably most of you to understand. He says, "David, it's just nectar. It's something that you literally want to go within the sound and just let it exclude everything out of your life". Basically at the end of the 42 day fast, he went back, he took a body brush to get rid of the toxins in his body, and he went back eating normally. And he was eating meat, white meat and vegetables. Well he figured the sound would die down and go away. It doesn't. The sound is still growing and getting louder and louder. After 60 more days, the dreams begin, the revelations begin, and then the visions begin. And this is going to sound a little far fetched to some of you, but there are light beings that come to this man and teach him. They never open their mouth but they telepathically are communicating with him. And with the hope that I'm not going to offend anyone, there actually is a female being that comes to him and has sex with him.

And I didn't understand this until I found in the ancient Vedic texts that it talks about this, having sex with the angels. 2000 B.C. After about 7 months, he begins to have orgasms. And this is an adult group basically so I better explain to you, he has no erection, he has no seminal emission, but it's an orgasm. I says, "Is it nice?" and he said, "It's just like the real thing". He's now having about 7-8 a day.

He said, "Dave, the sound seems to originate about 8 inches above my head, it comes down into my brain, it's like a hat band around my head, and it just roars here in my head. I can feel the vibration all through my body". But after 7 months these orgasms started and they just got more frequent and more frequent, and it's not something he controls. It's something that just comes on. Well, he only sleeps about an hour and a half to two hours now, he doesn't need 7-8 hours like most of us, and so he decided one morning about 4 o'clock in the morning, he's gonna go outside and just let this orgasm go. See what happens. He said it began down the pelvis, and it literally, he just let it move, and he said he could feel it, it came up over his stomach, up over his chest, up over his head, and he said, "My whole body was involved in this orgasm". And he said, "I felt hot. I felt like if someone came up and touched me they would burn their hand. The all of a sudden, out of the top of my head, goes this column of energy". He feels it just going right out the top of his head.

Ah, I was, about three weeks ago, I was handed a book, called "Secrets of the Golden Flower" by Richard Wilhelm with an introduction by Carl Jung. Richard Wilhelm did the eastern translations for Jung. This book was written in 1931, and it's been translated and been reproduced, and published several times since then, I guess it's now in paperback because some people are getting paperback copies now. Anyway, it verbatim describes this sound. And it says in the book it seems to all be about this sound, the "hu". Well we are the hu-man. The man who can hear the sound.
Okay? This is about the "hu", the sound. And that it says in there that you get this energy in your pelvis, and that it can be developed where it literally will take your whole body up over your head and everything. And when it finally is at a state of perfection that it will feel like there is a column of light coming right out the top of your head.

I think the word that most people use for it is the kundalini. But that's what it is. This man can cut cards now, and hold them up, and tell you what the suit is and what the number is, and he's right 10 out of 10 times. He can tell you who's going to come to see him tomorrow, he knows what they're going to want to talk about before they get there, who it's going to be, what they are going to want to talk about. He says there's this complete feeling of oneness with all living things, all animals, all humans. It's just this total unity of oneness with all life.

According to the "Secrets of the Golden Flower", it takes 10 lunar months, which happens to be the same as the Egyptian's said, 9 solar months, same time frame, but at the end of this, at the ninth month, he literally becomes a light being. It's the breaking through of the cosmic egg, and he literally becomes a light being, capable of levitating and capable of bio-locating. To literally disappear here and reappear someplace else.

Now this sounds pretty preposterous, except if he's a perfect superconductor, he can levitate, he can walk on water. And tomorrow I will share with you some of the papers by Harold Puthoff, down in Austin, Texas, who worked on the government contracts on psychic, telepathy, mental connections between people, and he's now working with levitation, time travel and all that. He's published some papers developing Sakharov's theory about gravity, in which he says, that gravity is not a gravitational field.

That gravity, is in fact, the inter-reaction of matter, the protons, and the neutrons and the electrons, with the zero point, or vacuum energy.

And what we experience as gravity is, in fact, the inter-reaction of the matter with the zero point energy.

That there is no gravitational field per se. And in his calculations and in his mathematics, he calculates that when matter is resonance connected in two dimensions, it no longer interacts in three dimensions, but it's only interacting in two dimension s, by what he calls the jitterbug motion, that it loses 4/9s of it's gravitational weight. Or it only weighs 56 percent, which if you all recall is exactly what our material weighed. 56 percent, or 5/9s of it's true weight. Which means that the material is a resonance connected, quantum oscillator, resonating in two dimensions, which just happens to be the definition of superconductor.

But when I met Hal Puthoff, he said, "Dave, you know what this means, it means, when you can control space-time, if you control gravity, and you control gravity, you are controlling space-time. And so literally what these atoms are doing is they are bending space-time to weigh 5/9s. He says, "There are theories in the published journals, credible journals, about moving faster than the speed of light, from one place to another. But to do it you must have what's called exotic matter, matter that has no gravitational attraction at all." Do you know that iridium at 70 degrees Centigrade, I mean 70 degrees Fahrenheit, has no gravitational attraction at all, and that 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature of your body, or above, or that your body's above that. And so literally if our body becomes filled with the light, we literally eat this until our light body exceeding our physical body, then we supposedly become light beings.

And our physical body no longer controls our light body, our light body now controls our physical body. And anywhere we can think we would like to go, we can travel there not only spiritually, but physically, and take our physical body with us. Now coincidentally, in the Bible, this is referred to as the rapture. It says, two will be working in the field and one will be gone, two will be laying in bed and one will be gone. It will be a physical taking up and disappearing from where you're at. It says in Revelations, 'Blessed be the man who will overcome for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of purest kind, up on which will be written a new name." [Rev. 2:17] You will not be the same person you were before you took the material.

It actually says you will have a new name, you will be a different person. When you become filled with the spirit, when you become filled with the chrism, you are not the same person you were before. All of that DNA that these biomedical people can't figure out what it's it in your body for, it's actually there to function, it just isn't working right now.

Right now we only use 8-10 percent of our brain. What's the other 90 percent there for? Did we evolve a brain that we don't use? I don't think so. It's like at some ancient time we used that brain, and we used that DNA, and we were a different perso n. Well that sure sounds awfully philosophical, doesn't it. The Bible says that at one time we were the Adam Kadmon, we were the angelic being, and we have fallen to this animalistic state. But in the Bible, it says, that the day will come when the ancient of days returns here to Earth. Who is the ancient of days? The ancient of days is the Adam Kadmon, the original man And when this man returns here and he literally can read your thoughts in your mind without you opening your mouth, how much more could you ever be judged? No more skeletons in the closet, no more hidden agendas. Everything's known. In the Bible they call it the opening of the book of life.

It's the time that everything gets judged, everything gets revealed.

And then, and only then, will you see Christ again. That's when he returns. Okay? In Revelations, it says, the streets of the new Jerusalem, will be paved with gold so pure as like unto transparent glass. [Rev. 21:21] Gold so pure as like unto transparent glass, and the foundations are made of gold like unto transparent glass. [Rev. 21:18]

Now if that isn't heavy enough for you, when I found out that the name for the golden tree of life was the ORME, ormus or ormes. And the name of my patent is Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. In the Book of Isaiah, it says a latter day David, a descendant of the Davidic blood line, my cousin, bless her soul joined the Mormon Church, and they had her do her genealogy, and my great-great-great grandmother, was Hanna de Guise, daughter of Christopher de Guise, brother of Charles or Claude de Guise, who if you got a copy of "Holy Blood Holy Grail" there, Charles or Claude de Guise is in the book. Nostradamus worked for the de Guise family and Nostradamus prophesied by 1999 the occult gold will be known to science. Very specific prophecy, very exact dates, very precise. And a descendent of this family, a latter day David, is the one who's to plant the Golden Tree of Life.

And I didn't know any of this when I filed my patent. And so when you realize what this is, and you realize what it does, and you realize why it's here, then you realize why my job is not to make money with it. I can't make money with it. My job is to tell those people who are ready for it what the state of things are and when it's going to be available. I can't sell it, I will solicit donations to cover our costs in producing it. But it has to be made available for those people who are ready for it.
And this is called the Lesser Keys of Solomon, the Keys to the Kingdom.

Remember the Petra, the Rock, held the keys to the Kingdom, Peter, the Keeper of the Keys? And this is called the Keys to the Kingdom.

It's not the answer, but it's the door that unlock, it's the key that unlocks the door to the answer. You no longer have to die to literally come face to face with the angels, to experience what most of these people call, when they died and came back to life, it's an unbelievable feeling of oneness. The closest most of you will ever be to another person is during the moment of sex. Think about it? And yet this is even more than that. Because you're one heart and one mind with everyone. Somebody said it would make a great title for a book, "Better Than Sex".

Well, it is all about love, total oneness with everyone. It's perfect telepathy, perfect communication, it's total love and total oneness.

When you understand that superconductors don't have to touch, okay, we're back to the science again. In electricity, the wires have to touch before electricity can flow from one wire to another wire, but superconductors can sit at a distance, and as long as they are in resonant harmony, and their Meissner fields touch, they are one. Because they flow light between them. So they act as one superconductor. So when you are a perfect superconductor, and she is a perfect superconductor, you are one with her heart and her mind. You know all things about her. Perfect telepathy.
And that is the Judgment. That is the Oneness.

Now what does it do in the body? It literally corrects the DNA, by a process the equivalent of a denaturing solution, the DNA relaxes and recombines corrected. So all diseases that originate
with a problem with the DNA can be corrected, but your reason for taking it cannot be to correct a disease. Your reason for taking it has to be a philosophical reason. It has to be to enlighten and to raise the nature of mankind. If in doing that, it happens to cure the diseases, so be it. Anyway I don't want to give all of the lecture tomorrow, ah, tomorrow in the workshop, what I want to do is we're gonna present transparencies of the history of the alchemy, the philosopher's stone. We're going to give you the, a bunch of the, the books that I found that are very excellent books. We're going to read from some of those and put them up on the board, we're going to read from, ah, in addition to the science. And so, I hope the workshop will have something for about everybody. Ah, I think you all know, most of know what this stuff is and why it is here now. Most of you had known it was coming. It, eventually, was going to be here.

And, ah, this is an ultra-conservative, right wing, John Birch type guy here, and, ah, you know, one who believes that the free-enterprise system is the best system given the nature of man like he is. He's selfish and he's greedy, and he's to be, tempted with money and wealth, and when you understand what this is, this changes the nature of man, that literally all of the things we value now are no longer important. When you no longer need to eat, when you literally can be fed on the resonance fields of the universe. All you need is water. When you no longer need energy, you can travel anywhere you want just by thinking where you'd like to be and be there. When you can live 800-1,000 years with perfect body, literally every cell in your body perfected and corrected. And then your metabolism speeds up about 45 or 50 percent, you return to the state you were when you were a teenager and you can stay in that state. This is what the material is.

We don't have all the answers yet. There's a tremendous amount of research study that needs to be done by the medical people on it. We have an awful lot of doctors already working on it. AIDS, cancer all working on it. We have National Institute of Health licensing and permitting to do it. And, ah, all I can tell you is it's here, it ain't going to go away if you don't believe it, and, ah, it will change the world more than anything in the last 2,000 years.

Okay? [end of lecture]

Questions and Answers

(Question - I'd like to know if you are consuming the substance yourself, right now.)

Because I was the discoverer I felt that I should take the material first. I started fasting and we didn't know how much to take. I was taking the gold in very low amounts. My wife, on about the third day, became aware I was taking it and she just went ballistic. Ah, you have to meet my wife, she's a very special lady, but she had been reading all the alchemical texts from St. Germain and all about people's hair falling out, their teeth falling out, their skin pealing off, and she just said, "You will not take this material without my permission". And out of respect to my wife I stopped taking the material, she literally made me eat to break the fast. And, ah, since that time we have now five people, one in Texas, who are taking it in the high amounts. They are people who basically had no wife or children, and no prior commitment, and therefore were not afraid of it. So, but, no I have not taken it but just very, very low amounts.

(Well can't you take her with you?)

Ah, yep, she's not ready yet. She's getting pretty close, she's watched this progress. And she's much more comfortable with it. She's, you have to understand I live in a very small agricultural community and I cannot speak anything about this to anybody in my community. I mean it just goes over their heads completely.

And so, I was really pleased when I went to Global Sciences in the Spring of last year and spoke for the first time. I told Dean Stonier, don't advertise this, don't tell anyone what I am going to talk about. And I really was pleased to see how many people had read the books I was referring to, knew about it, were prepared for it, and they just were in awe over it. And so, you know, that was so well received, I spoke in the Fall once again to Global Sciences on this side of the country. I've been over to Hawaii and am now speaking here. I, I only have so much material being produced. Most of it's going for medical studies and philosophical studies and there isn't that much available. You know, we're not charging for it for most people, it's being given for free. And so, ah, you know, there isn't enough that I can play with it, just do what I want with it, so.....

(I'm also interested in the lighter side of sex. When you were talking about how when he became a light being that he was actually having sex with light beings and I was interested in how that might relate to immaculate conception.)

Ah, I'd like to save the subject of the immaculate conception for tomorrow's workshop. I will specifically address that, ah, because, you know, who the Essenes were, who Mary was, who the disciples were, and what it all means, I think is quite significant. Um, the literature says that when a person becomes the whole light being, that they become the androgynous being, because you're immortal you don't have to have children. And so sex as most men know it no longer is important. It comes down to true and total love with all mankind. And so that, that is more than enough for most people's inclinations, I believe, at that point. Now, I'll tell you in a month or so how it is, but right now that's what it appears like. Any other questions?

(Question - How long then has been the longest person, you're saying, that's been on it?)

Well, the first person to take it is 8 1/2 months right now.

(Do they continue to take it everyday?)

No, they took it for the 40 days, actually it's 30 days of taking it.

At the end of that they stoped. And it's just, it's called the Semen of the God in Heaven. Once you sleep with the guy and the semen's in you, and you're pregnant, that's it, you're on your way fella and there's no turning back. You're going to have this baby in 9 months, so just brace yourself, here it comes. So this is why I don't want someone to get on this path and then say, "I change my mind". Because you can't undo this, once it's done it's done.

(Can't you have a divorce?)

I don't know how.

(Question - You mentioned that some of these other products had this iridium and others in it. Is there some relationship between this product that you have and these other products.)
Oh, certainly, I alluded to in the presentation. That these elements are not rare. Diamonds are rare, carbon is everywhere, but diamond and carbon are the same element. You know our analytical method looks for metals, not for elements. And so, the metals are rare because the conditions to make them metallic were very unusual, but the elements are everywhere. And, I say everywhere, they should be located in, ah .... well, if you talk to a nuclear physicist he can tell you exactly in the big bang, in the creation, how much of which elements should be here on Earth, and for some reason they don't know where the rhodium and iridium are. They just don't find it here on Earth. And so they assume it's out there in space someplace, in some meteorite, and they find this unusual amount of iridium at about 65 million years ago. Well the geology that this material is in is exactly 65 million years old. And so, coincidentally, it agrees with the volcanic activity about 65 million years ago. The elements are quite plentiful particularly in volcanic areas or volcanic soil.

Now I will mention, when we analyze the carrot juice, there's a high amount of rhodium in carrot juice. I've heard of people drinking macro amounts of carrot juice and curing cancer. Well rhodium is the cancer cure. The Acemannan is 90 percent rhodium, the product that's made here in Texas, the Acemannan. I believe Mr. McDaniels who was driving me around today, I plug his product because it's probably the best source of rhodium you can buy. And if you have cancer you need rhodium in your body. It's the cancer cure. And that is one of the best natural sources that we know of right now, is the Acemannan. Other than our material which is pure rhodium, but I, you know, I can't administer for cancer.

(Question - What plans could you talk about, say, that your plans are for the next year?)

Ah, basically, I've expended 5.3 million dollars, out of pocket has been expended thus far on the project. I've done everything I financially can do at this time. On December 31st, I shut down my farming operation.

So, I am operating under faith that there is someone out there who will understand this. I'm looking for the money to build a production plant. To do exactly what I'm doing in the laboratories but do it on a scale up. We're going to process one ton a day of the ore, which will give us a bout one million five hundred thousand dollars worth of precious elements per day at metals prices. It takes about a half an ounce or about, um, what we're figuring about $500 worth of precious elements to cure AIDS. Okay? Our cost will be about $10,0 00 a day or about $3.50 for enough to cure AIDS. Will be our cost.

(Question - What's the cost of the plant?)

I've got all the budget and everything worked up. If someone's interested I can show it to them, it's a business plan and everything. I've turned down the money from two different sources already that have offered it, but they were Boards of Directors, and they were totally profit oriented, and that's not what this is going to be done, I mean, ah, um, this is going to make immense of amounts of money.... (audience claps) Well, you can't.... If Mother Theresa presents herself and she's given everything she owns to the poor and she says, "I need it", you gotta give it to her. She has no money, you still have to give it to her. So, if someone says, "Nope, we're going to make this the highest and greatest amount of money we can out of it", no. If you want to think about it as a business plan, you can put the stuff into fuel cell electrodes, you can deliver it to the Japanese, tell them that you their partners now. You're going to furnish electrodes for their fuel cells. You don't sell precious metals, you sell electricity. Okay, and you still own the precious metals.

Everyday you're making a million and a half dollars worth of precious elements and they're going into fuel cells. In a year's time you've made 500 million dollars worth of precious elements and you now are making the income, everyday, off of those precious elements. Which should be around 20-25 percent income off of the sale of the electricity. And you still own the precious elements.

After 10 years you own more precious elements than anybody else in the world. You become the international bankers that are totally, 100 percent precious metal backed, and you have the income. It's not sitting at some bank, it's sitting out there in the world working for a living. That's the worst case scenario.

Now the best case scenario is what it does. You know, we have given this to HIV patients who could not even speak. They were days away from death. They were being fed by IVs. And four or five weeks later they were feeding themselves, getting dressed on their own and attending family weddings, and flying on airplanes across the United States. There's no better feeling. There's no better feeling than to help these people that have no hope.

And I can give you the names of the people you can call in the Phoenix area who are on this stuff right now, and they'll tell you, "We're alive today because of this material". You can call them up and talk to them personally. I just can't put it on tape, that's all. Any other questions?

(Question - I'm sure you probably have all the volunteers you can use?)

How about 8,732?

(Question - Okay. Want another one? When is this substance going to be available for folks like us?)

It's going to take about a year and a half from the time that I get the funding, and I thought I would have the funding before now. I have probably 8 different people who have the money, who said they want to do it, but no one's written the check yet, and until that time, you know, it's....... I just, I make about 2,000 milligrams every two days in the laboratory right now, and, ah, but more importantly, I think it's the...., you know, what I'm doing right now is I'm out telling people about it. I'm going to speak in Florida, I'm going to be up in New England, I'm going to be in the Midwest, and basically, I've been up in Seattle, and it's going to be just seeding information. And then that's about enough. I'll depend on you to tell your friends ab out it.

When it's available, you know, you'll know about it, I guarantee it, you'll hear about it. It's going to be heavy.

(Question - You're looking for just one investor, or.......?)

I'm looking to deal with private individuals not corporations.

(Question - So, it could be like more than one individual?)

Sure. Certainly. It's just, I have to meet them and be comfortable, they know what they're getting involved in, before I can accept their money though. Anybody else?

(Question - Yeah, I wanted to ask you a question. You said the gentleman that was taking this that was basically healthy, and had taking it, what, 30 or 40 days. And then heard the sounds and things like that, okay? Apparently could know people that were coming before they arrived. The people that were ill and took it and then became well, did they have the same experiences as the healthy man who took it?)

Okay, do understand that .... the question was, "Do the people who take it for the medicinal purposes have the same things happen to them as the people who took it for philosophical reasons?" First of all, the fellow who took it for philosophical reaso ns fasted for 40 days and took 500 mg. per day, the people who took it for medicine took 50 mg. a day. So, you know, there's a big.....

(Question - They didn't have any of the side benefits?)

They didn' one has commented on the sound, however it is coincidental to me that the lady who had the stage 4 cancer now is a Sikh, wears the white robes and everything. The two AIDS patients say that they have never been religious, but they just feel more one with their Creator. They just feel like there's a oneness.

And I've never solicited this information. They don't know anything about the other people. It's curious that, of what they are telling me. So it is changing the way they see themselves in the life process.

(Question - Thank-you.)


(Question - Are you going to write a book?)

Ah, yes. I'm supposed to meet with a lady on Sunday afternoon here in Dallas. She's one of the top people that handle these things, and, ah, I had a contract with a fellow but he never signed the contract with his people. And so I wrote him a letter saying, ya know, if you don't get all the signatures, I'm canceling out.

And it took me awhile for all the legal processes to occur, and now, it's supposed to be, Kathy Lee Crosby is, is, her book was done by a lady here in Dallas, and she's wanting me to meet this lady. The lady's seen the tapes and very interested in the story. It's basically my quest for the Holy Grail and my achievement of it.

In the last chapter, is this man taking it in the high amounts and what happens to him. It's the Celestine prophecy except it's not fiction.

(Question - Mm-mm, I have read that and am studying it presently. Thank-you.)


(Question - Yes, my question to you David is, ah, I think it's nothing short of a miracle that, ah, the medical profession wants to, ah, work with you, and secondly, ah, I'm amazed that the pharmaceutical cartels don't have a, have you on their hit lists , and how you are going to deal with that?)

That's a good question, my..... I don't understand why so many people have so many problems because I've never been confronted or never had any problems with anyone to date, other than the military. The military wanted to know about the superconductivity and all.

But, when you understand what this is, why it's here. As long as I am not charging money for it, as long as it's being administered for philosophical reasons. When you understand this is the Manna, this is something other people haven't figured out yet, but this is the Manna. And after tomorrow's workshop you'll agree it's the Manna. There won't be any question in your mind, you will know that's what it is.

[1:47:10] And what judge and jury, what administrator in the government would dare take the Manna from a church? Now I know they try, I know they will try, but we do have this basic concept of separation of church and state, and this isn't peyote, this is the Manna. And this is a Christian nation as a whole, you know, it's generally a Christian nation. To take the Manna from someone for philosophical reasons, to take it away from you, I just, I just don't think they got "you know what" enough to do that.

(Question - Well, continued safe journey.)

We'll try.

(Question - I want to thank you for being here tonight. In your presence is my alchemical mentor, my instructor, I'm an apprentice alchemist.

And Hans is sitting back there with some of my fellow students.

Um, but the subject that's on my mind, the so und in the head or above the head that they're experiencing. When I was rather young, in my twenties, on several occasions I heard what's called the "music of the spheres", which the founder of the Sufi order, Haza Renya Kahn, relates somehow to the "Na da". And I don't know exactly how that sound relates to the "music of the spheres", which I have heard...)

It is the same sound.

(Question - That sound is with me continuously and I once asked a swami what it was and he defined it as the "Nada", and I suspected that it related to the Kundalini, but I don't know that much about the Kundalini.)

How many of you are aware of "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch".

Look on page 497, on page 497, in the "Keys of Enoch", written in 1975 before nuclear physicists knew any of this, he said that scientists will learn how the nucleus can change it's symmetry, which is what this does. How the electron orbitals reconfigure themselves and the electron-positron pairs will form, which are light.

The Nobel prize hasn't been given for the BCS theory of superconductivity. Here is a man who is a profess or of ancient languages, writing 10 years before it was discovered by science, that this discovery would be made. He also talks on page 486 about the high frequency sound, that will be the frequency over which the paranormal gifts will be granted to man kind. And of course, all through the book he talks about the ore ion energy, the gold atom energy, the highest light energy. Go back and read the "Keys of Enoch" now and see if it doesn't mean a whole lot more to you. Okay.

"The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch", by J.J. Hertach. It's a large, white, hard-bound book, says "Yahweh" on the front of it, Y-H-W-H. I don't know who asked that. I can't see, I got bright lights over here. Yes ma'am?

(Question - You mentioned that there are people that are in jail now that had been talking about the platinum group elements, and, were any of those people sincere and is there any action that you might be able to take to help them?)

Yeah, I don't consider them frauds the way most people do. I think that most of the people were sincere in that they believed the elements really were there. I believe they were sincere in representing they were there in raising money. What they, the mistake that most of them made is they represented they would recover them and have a business in a couple of years. And they weren't in a position they really could make those representations. It took me 18 years and 5.3 million dollars and I don't ha ve all the answers yet.

I mean, we're on the learning curve right now. We're learning everyday about this. So, for the average person, if you want to get involved in this subject, I tell you, brace yourself, you've got a long, hard, tedious journey. My wife gets upset because I go and talk to people, she says, "You're laying all this out for people", but it's like me writing a book on playing concert piano. You could read a book on playing concert piano, but that doesn't mean you sit down and play the concert piano. It would take years and years and years of practice. And as simple as this might sound on paper, it still, there's still an awful lot of art involved. And so, I feel comfortable talking to people about it, even though I'm telling you everything about it, there's still a lot of work involved in it.

(Question - Can I ask one other question?)


(Question - Did you mention what kind of budget you're looking at to set up the operation. The operation you want to set up?)
I haven't given the amount because most people aren't interested in it, but if you know somebody who's specifically interested and they have the capability of funding or funding some aspect, I'll be happy to lay all of the specifics out for you. Okay? Yes sir?

(Question - There's something that happened here recently, David, that I wanted to bring to your attention. Ah, after we listened to your audio tape, and what you were into, the Manna, and everything, and we're taking, right now, a course in sacred geometry, where we're studying the ancient pyramids, and what the king's chamber was actually used for in the Great Pyramid, which I'm sure you're aware of. Because it was like the, where the Rite of Passage was administered. Ah, we have some friends that wrote the book, "The Pyramid Energy", by Marion and Dean Hardy, and they're in the Socratronics Association....)

She was in Phoenix about three days ago with me.

(Question - Well, what happened is, is we called Marion and Dean and said since you have this 24 foot square pyramid out in your back yard, why don't you take a piece of pure gold and hang it at the king's chamber exact location in your pyramid and see what happens to the gold. So Dean went out and said, "Well we're not using the pyramid right now for anything", so they took a glass of distilled water and they hung the little piece of gold, they actually took a gold Krugerrand coin, and hung it over the glass of distilled water, and left it for three days, and when Dean went back out there, it had this honey dew on the Krugerrand. So he dunked the Krugerrand in this glass of distilled water and drank it. Well he actually overdosed on it as you well know. It gave him a thorough cleansing, but Dean says now he feels like he's about 18 years old. And they're actually treating some people, friends of theirs who are ill, and they're having good results from it. I'm sure that they may have related this to you.)

Now that's what she shared with me also. I can tell you, if she's getting results, I can give you a thousand times those results.

(Question - But it was interesting though that at the exact location of the sarcophagus in the king's chamber, hanging this piece of gold in a pyramid, does form the dew, or the unrefined version, I guess, of the .......)

I don't know if, you maybe read about the Great Pyramid, but when they opened the Great Pyramid, in the king's chamber they found it totally empty except for this white powder all over the king's chamber.

(Question - Yeah, and the white powder, there was, ah, so much of it in the sarcophagus, that they figured there had to been, thousands of people have, have, ah, have reclined in this, and went through this rite, for there to be that much powder in there. Because, isn't there a secretion that comes out on the forehead, here, that causes the accumulation of the white powder?)
I don't think so, I think this is just the material that was being used in there that was spilled. Um, you know, the Great Pyramid, of course, is quite a scientific mystery to most people, why it was built, why it's the way it is. But, ah, the white powder, I would give anything to have just a few milligrams of the white powder that actually we know came out of the Great Pyramid. Because it will analyze to be alumina or silica, it's the only thing it will analyze to be, and so you'll assume there's nothing to it, and you just dispose of it. But it's not alumina or silica....

(Question - It's really your Manna.)

I think so. Anyway, that's my opinion. I haven't got any to analyze, but I can tell you that the Vibuti, the Sai Baba manifest, in fact is iridium in the high-spin state. That we have analyzed, and he does ingest this material. Iridium polymerizes with hydrochloric acid, in the stomach you have hydrochloric acid and so when you take it in high amounts in your stomach and then he regurgitates this, and they call it, this plastic looking material they call Lingam. The word Lingam actually means semen. Well this Lingam he regurgitates and they worship it as the holy material, and he literally eats it in macro amounts. His body is totally saturated, and they claim he can bio-locate. Coincidentally.

(Question - Who is this?)

Sai Baba. Who asked the question?

(Question - I am so excited with what you're doing. I've been working with pyramids and different sacred geometry structures for the last eight years or so. And as you were talking they were given me little visions of the different geometric configurations as that transmutational process goes on. And it's like confirming stuff that I've been seeing for a long time. This is tremendously exciting to me to feel that, hey, I'm not as nuts as you knew you were at times.)

The thing that I try to impress on people is when you are in this enlightened state, you no longer have to read books, you no longer have to study, because you just know things. And there's no scientific explanation how you can know these things. You just know things. Sacred geometry will be totally and completely obvious to us, what it means, how it functions, when you are in this state. We're wrestling with it, trying to understand it, trying to figure it out, but when you're in this state it's all obvious. It's just simple as it can be.

(Question - In terms of the pitch of that note that their hearing through the Chad or the Bod or whatever word you want to call it, have you documented that pitch?)

Ah, no we haven't and the reason for that is, the frequency actually is resonating at the Planckian vibrations frequency. The brain perceives it as a high pitch sound, but it really isn't a high pitch sound, it's only that the brain perceives it as a high pitch sound. Now, can that sound be inputted into the person and conversely affect this material? I don't know. I don't know. There's been some.... there's people work with sound, and sound energies and all, who are playing with this right now, but, ah, you know, what I am working on is consuming all of my time, and I feel, that priority-wise, I have to work where I am working now.

But, ah, what's going on right now, if this guy reaches a state where he can levitate and bio-locate, I don't mean be in 2 or 3 places at one time. I mean disappear here and reappear over here. This is going to be heavy duty. Because that means anyone can do it. It doesn't require faith, it doesn't require belief, it's just a procedural thing you have to go through.

And if this occurs, and maybe it's going to take me another month or two or three or four or five before we get there. But it's going to be serious, because that means anyone can do it with that amount of material. And this man had no philosophical beliefs or anything, he just wanted the truth, he just wanted to know what was happening. So, it's going to be heavy. Okay? Yes sir?

(Question - I was wondering, when the gentleman mentioned about the pyramid, if you took that white powder and put it in the king's chamber, and has anybody done that yet, and would it make, do think it would make it anymore purified or not? Or, its just a thought?)

Ah, I'll give you my opinion of what I think, how I think the king, the Great Pyramid... You know that the Great Pyramid was, had an overlay of the white limestone, and was painted in rainbow colors as they went up the side of it. But the capstone of the Great Pyramid was gold glass, was a superconductor. Literally the Great Pyramid was actually dug down and built on solid bedrock because the Earth vibrates the Om vibration, the low frequency vibration, then transfers up through the pyramid into the superconducting material and literally is the vibration that charges the superconductor. And I believe that when the gold glass capstone was on the Great Pyramid, that literally at night, it glowed. And can you imagine what a sight it had to be to be coming across the desert and see this huge white, rainbow colored pyramid with this huge glow of light on the top of it. You know?

I think that when you understand that there is no distance through the zero point energy, and that when the pharaoh or the high priest became the light being, they became the son of god. You know, you are born again as the son of god, which is what the pharaoh claimed to be, a son of god. That literally this is the communication device, this is the way that you're able to project your thoughts through this huge superconducting pyramid, that you now are within that field, and can project your thoughts using that, which makes you much more powerful than you would be as an individual.

And so, ah, the whole concept of the way the society was at old kingdom Egypt, and the way it operated. When you literally have a king that is like a god, who knows all lies, all truths, you know everything. This is completely different from anything we've ever known.

(Question - I also wanted to make a comment that there's a, you mentioned the "hu", there's several groups that sing the "hu" is a love song of the gods, and there's some spiritual chemistry that seems to go on with that, so I thought that was interesting. Thank-you.)

Okay. Well I think.........

(Question - I mentioned in the newsletter a couple of things that I found very fascinating when you and I were having our conversation. One was about the fact that there was a Meissner field that enabled the priest to approach the Ark of the Covenant without being killed. And I'd like if you would if you could tell us a little about that. And also about the air lift of the Black Jesus and what you think that was about?)

Well, ah, I felt I talked enough about science, so I didn't want to go anymore in that way, I wanted to get to the philosophy because that's what everyone wanted to hear anyway. You got to talk about the science so that the reality of it all is there. But, in fact, when you understand that superconductivity is not electricity, superconductivity is like a world of it's own. A material that is a superconductor literally, a superconductor contains one vibrational frequency within the superconductor. One vibrational frequency, a lot like a laser. That this light flows perpetually within the system. That no where in the system is there any voltage. So you can't hook up a wire here and a wire here to the superconductor and get current to flow in and out of the superconductor, because to get current to get off of the wire, you've got to have a voltage to get current on the wire, you got to have a little voltage and yet by definition a superconductor won't allow any voltage. So the material's a perfect insulator not a superconductor. But if you resonance frequency tune the wire so that the electrons vibrate at the same frequency as the superconductor, then the electrons will flow on as light, as electron pairs. They will pair up and flow on, because they're seeking the path of least resistance which is the superconductor. Okay?

So, it is different than an ordinary conductor and shouldn't be thought of as electricity, it's light. All right, now, the amazing thing is, if you resonance frequency tune this conductor to the frequency of the superconductor then energy starts flowing on, but it's flowing on as light. Any amount of light can exist in the same space-time. There's only so much electricity can flow on the conductor, but light can flow on forever. And so it just flows on and flows on and flows on and flows on, but you don't have to take it off... Now around the superconductor it forms a Meissner field. The Meissner field has no north or south pole, it's just a field, but it's unique in that it has no north or south pole. The largeness of that magnetic field is proportional to the amount of light that is flowing within the superconductor.

Okay, so, in the Ark of the Covenant was the pot of the Manna, and the stone through which god spoke to Moses. Now when Moses was up on Mt. Sinai, he was smelting the Manna to the gold glass. And why do I say that? Well, when you understand that in old kingdom Egypt these were called bushes not eyelashes. These were bushes, check you're Egyptian literature. The burning bush was the enlightened Third Eye.

And so Moses on Mt. Sinai, when he looked upon the burning bush, was just a mistranslation, it was the third eye was open and god communicated to him through this stone. God didn't write on the stone, if he wrote on the stone why would he put it in a box, seal it up and then let no one look at it? If god wrote on it he would put it up on the wall where everybody could read it. And when you realize that in old kingdom Egypt, that on the holiest day in old kingdom of Egypt, in the "Sign of the Seal" you read this, that they carried around an Ark on two poles, and in the Ark was a stone. Coincidentally what was in the Ark of the Covenant? A stone. The pot of Manna and the stone. The gold glass.

And I'm saying that around the Ark of the Covenant was the Meissner field. Now, the strange thing about a Meissner field is other Meissner fields, that oscillates at the same frequency, can enter that field and not perturb it. And so if you are a high priest, a Melchizedek priest, and you eat this Bread of the Presence of God every week, you are a light being, and you can enter into that field and approach the Ark of the Covenant and not perturb it because you're in resonance with it. But if you're an ordinary soldier or a person who thinks bad things, ha-ha-ha, you know, they have to tie a rope around your legs because as you approach it, it may have a flux collapse. Now if you can imagine several hundred thousand amps and now you have volts, it's like a bolt of lightning. It literally is energy that is of unbelievable magnitude.

So as long as there is no volts, you could touch it, you could feel it, it's hundreds of thousands of amps, but no tickle, no tingle, because there's no volts. So as long as you're in resonance with it you can approach it, you could touch it, you could hold it, you could feel it, nothing. But if you're not in resonance with it, you enter the field, you perturb the resonance, and it's a flux collapse, and now you've got voltage, and it'll kill you.

Remember they said in the Bible that the Ark of the Covenant actually levitated and floated along and actually carried some of the people who were carrying it. The only thing to do that's a superconductor.

Okay, what was the other thing you wanted me to talk about?

(Question - The airlift, the airlift of the Jews.)

Oh. Yeah, you'll find after Graham Hancock's, if you read his book, that you'll find out that the Ark of the Covenant went to Ethiopia eventually, was out on a lake and all, and ended being in one of the cities of Ethiopia, it's my opinion, and this is strictly my opinion, but if you look at the chain of events. I believe that Jerusalem, that the people in, the Hebrew people that are in Israel right now made an agreement to bring the Falasha Jews out of Ethiopia. They brought the black Jews out, with all their AIDS and all the problems they had and everything, they brought them into Israel. Remember that big airlift where they airlifted everyone in, but the reason they did it is because they were offered the Ark of the Covenant. And I believe they got the Ark of the Covenant in exchange for bringing those Jews in. That's my personal opinion.

And I've been offered laboratory facilities, money, everything, if I'll take this to Jerusalem and work with it, and I just know I'll never get out of Jerusalem, if I ended up going over there. And so, I'm not going to Jerusalem with it. But, ah, they, the government knows about this. Any other questions?

(Question - I wanted to mention that you've referred to Graham Hancock and the "Sign and the Seal" several times. He will be our speaker probably the end of April or the first of May, so you all can hear him.)

Okay, it is a super book and I strongly recommend it for you people to read. If you read "Holy Blood Holy Grail", you'll find out all about my family and the de Guises and the de Lorraines, and the family that's supposed to be the one that does this, and then of course, "The Sign and the Seal", it adds another dimension to why the Templars were arrested. They actually were caretakers for the Ark of the Covenant. They met the leader in Jerusalem and went back to Ethiopia with him and put him back on the throne, and they were the ones that cared for the Ark of the Covenant. And when the Pope found out about it, mm-mm, you don't do that, everything comes to Rome, and so he had them killed. You'll hear all about that in Graham Hancock, a very good book. It's just a story about it that is documented in Ethiopia. Basically they have had no contact with Rome for a thousand, thousands of years, and so their society is still like, like society was about 1,500 B.C. Their Jewish customs and everything and so. I think it's very interesting to read it and see the information he's dug up and put in this book.

(Question - And we do have copies of "The Holy Blood Holy Grail". Some of you said that you couldn't find it, so we've got some paperbacks.)

It's a little tough to read because it's got so many names in it. But, ah, what that book's all about is, is the people who wrote of Michael Vigen, his emphasis was on Christ having children by Mary Magdalene. And that's of no consequence, it means nothing. The significance of that family and what's going on is that there's a Davidic blood line. And there, God made a covenant with David that he and his descendants would be kings forever. God didn't make many covenants. And that particular covenant is why Christ had to be of the Davidic blood line and it is a prophecy that a descendant of that family will do this work.


(Question - Since you're a farmer and we know that a lot of things like the cell structure of plants and so forth like that grow on this kind of electrical type energy. Is it possible then to take a piece of this, treat it like a homeopathic preparation, spray it on the fields like bio-dynamic type farming and so forth, and have just absolute abundance of food crops available in very small pieces of land?)

I know that iridium can control the vibrational frequency of 56 molecules of water. But I don't think it goes much further than that, and so I don't think that it is like mostly homeopathic preparations where you can dilute, dilute, dilute, dilute and get stronger and stronger and stronger. Ah, the interesting thing is though that when you distill water, you assume you have purified water, the oroides, the iridides, the rhodides act more like iodide than they do like metals and they actually will distill along with the water. And so what you think is high purity, what you're observing and studying as water may in fact not be pure water. Something to think about anyway. Another question?

(Question - Could you discuss for just a minute, about, ah, you were discussing, talking about DNA and since DNA is like a caduceus. If you could talk a minute the characteristics of this life force, as you understand it. The "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" [context seems to indicate two words that apply to caduceus "idha? and pengala?"], the, ah, as it is seen in the caduceus.)

Ah, I'm really not trained in that area and I feel a little bit uncomfortable talking about it. In the workshop tomorrow I will present the papers and the references and the people's names who are doing the work. And you can read the papers yourself and see what your opinion of it is. You know, this isn't really so much my work, it's my understanding of these elements, but the effect that these elements have on the body are other people's work. So it really wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on their work. But I, I think it's, all I need to do is show you their papers, say, read it, what does it say here, you know, you read along with me, see what your opinion of it is. They say it's a denatured relaxation of the DNA and a recombination corrected, and I strongly encourage you to read "The Keys of Enoch" because he describes this also, what is going on.

(Question - Well because I was interested in, this is, ah, a wisdom of the ancients, that it was, this caduceus, you know, spinning one way of female energy and the other spinning the other way, was the male energy. This...)

I think you'll find what they mean by that is it's the electromagnetic null, and whether you're talking about Tesla coils, in the center of the coil is an electromagnetic null. The Yin and the Yang is the two opposites, but in the center is the null.

(The balance.)

The balance. The nothing that's everything.

(The Void.)

The Void, the vacuum, the zero point energy. And the physicist will tell you that in the vacuum, if you take all the matter in the universe and totally convert it to nuclear energy, there is more energy in the void or vacuum than there is in all the material universe converted to nuclear energy.

So, that's where everything is. And it's my opinion that is where you will meet your god, face to face, is right there, where it all began, where it all came from, the vacuum.

Okay? Another one?

(Question - I'm a farm boy so let's go back to farming. Ah, in relationship to how this might be of benefit to the farmer, have you heard of Dr. Heironimus' "cosmic tide"?)

Have I heard it?

(Have you heard of it?)

Oh, yes, yes. yeah.


You know the whole concept of, what do they call it, radionics?

(Eloptic energy is his patent.)

Yeah, the concept of the resonance vibrations of the Earth, the concepts of magnetic fields, the concepts of time, all of these all are predicated based on there being an underlying communication network that has no distance, no time.

For those of you who are interested, did you know that NASA has learned that you can scrape tissue out of the checks of the astronauts, and put the equivalent of a lie detector instrument on the tissue and that when the astronaut is out there, you know, millions of light years away, that when he's subjected to stress, that the cells instantaneously experience stress here on Earth even though they're not in his body.

And they've actually done this and proven it and so, because it takes hours for the radio transmission to come back, then to sort through, send it back, what to do, but the very instant he experiences stress they know it, even though his radio transmission hasn't come. They know that there is a communication capable instantaneous between these body parts from that person and that person. It isn't broken when it's taken out of his body. They know that. They're working with radionics. They know about this.

(I knew that NASA was using this technology, some.....)

I know that they're very intrigued and interested in it, let's put it that way.

(But, from you, have you found some specific correlation's for the farmer?)

No. Nothing of consequence, other than, then when these elements are present you have extremely great agricultural production. And you'll see that over in Hawaii, and places where there is volcanic ash and soil, um, the production is just unbelievably dense. Everything grows lush and so, I know that these elements are critical for there to be proper life. I know these elements must be present. And if you mix all of, you know, they, they, how many times have you heard, if you analyze the human body, you find out exactly what's supposed to be in the body and you mix all of these elements together in those proportions, and you add water and all gases to it, and everything, but it doesn't come to life. Because you know, if you take these elements and put them into pure water and subject it to the air, that literally they begin to assimilate and grow these long chain polymers that you actually can see, and they respond to sunlight and they're actually catalysts that take nitrogen out of the air and carbon monoxide out of the air, and assimilate it in these long chain polymers.

Did you know that this man up in Canada called Gaston Naessens, who has this material called somatids, which means "little bitty things", but their .6 to 1.8 angstroms in dimensions. You know that rhodium is .6 and iridium is 1.8 angstroms in dimensions. And that they're in your blood naturally and they are literally what grows the structures of life.

Did you know that this man, Merkle, in El Paso, Texas, has the "life crystals", you know, that is pure gold, and he doesn't know it, he calls it ATP. Once you know this, I mean, you begin to see the science in all of this and the explanations for it, and it begins to make total sense what's going on out there. There is real science behind these herbs, there is real science behind these medicines, there is stuff in the herbal materials that do cure AIDS and cancer. And if, ah, I took it to the Mayo Clinic and presented to the Head of Research there, and you know what he said to me, he didn't say, "Dave, I think you're crazy", he didn't say, "Dave I think you're out of left field", he didn't say, "Dave if you'll pay for it we'll try to evaluate it", he said, "Dave, this is illegal".
Now when you really realize that the Mayo Clinic is about nothing but making money. I mean, it's that simple. They have a Board of Directors, their job is to make money. If they don't make money, they don't stay in business. They don't care about curing cancer, their job is to treat cancer not to cure cancer. And that's what they want. And, you know, if that's on tape, so be it, that's what the man said to me. And then he wanted me to give him the names of the doctors who were working with me, and he said, "I'll see to it that they're turned over to the proper authorities". Yeah, yeah. I said, "Thank-you very much, this dumb farmer has got to go home". I walked out. Yes sir?

(Question - Thank-you very much for what you have presented. I find the very, extraordinary phenomena that you have talked about very believable because of experiences that I and friends have had in the past, and one I wanted to tell you about, is a very close personal friend at one point had an instantaneous teleportation in a situation of great need to save the life of her child. And she has spent her entire life dedicated to her own spiritual development and to healing other people through prayer.

She was at one end of the house in the kitchen and she just saw clearly that her little child on the tricycle was behind a car backing out of the neighbor's garage, and she turned to run through the house and was right there by the window and stopped the car.

Another friend of hers was scaling a rock, doing some rock climbing one time, alone with no rope, no help, anything, and she got totally stuck. And she prayed very.... and this lady also spent her life devoted to spiritual development, and she prayed very deeply to God at that point, and she heard a voice that said, "Take off the cape and throw it to the ground", and when she did that she was instantaneously standing on the ground with the cape. So I fully accept that these things that you are talking about can happen.)

Well most people don't. I mean, they don't. And you know, what we need to do, is get to the point where it isn't an issue of faith, it isn't an issue of belief, it is a scientifically reproducible understandable phenomenon. And that is what my job is, is to bring scientific credibility and understanding to things that otherwise have had no scientific understanding behind them. And so, you know, this will go to the world of science. It will not go to the world of philosophy and religion, because science can take it in three or four years, and religion has been trying to do it for 2,000 years and has failed miserably.

And, you know, the churches are not going to receive this very well. But if you remember in the Bible, you can sin against God and you can sin against Christ, and you can be forgiven, but there's one sin you never can commit and that's to sin against the Holy Ghost or the light body. Because when you have the light body, when you're a "high priest", when you know all things and then you sin, it's an unforgivable sin. And so, in the Bible it says, in the end times, that we, that there will be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood, and that's why it has to be given to everyone who seeks it for the proper reasons. And literally everyone who's ready to open that door and step through, I have to hand them the key. That doesn't mean they're going to go through, but I have to hand it to them because at the time they're ready, it has to be available to them.

And you know, it's probably the most serious decision you're every going to make in your life. Because something shouldn't be taken very lightly, a lot of people go, "I'm next, I'm next". No, think about it, convince me you know what we're talking about and you're ready to do that. If you're the wealthiest man in the world, you're 95 year of age and you're on your death bed and dying, and someone tells you can live 800 years, he'll give you everything he's got. What good is to him if he dies? In the next 800 years he can make it many times over. And yet if we all have to wait until we're right there at our death bed before we understand what this is all about. It is literally changing the nature of mankind. Very serious decision. It's a very serious decision. You will not be the same person you are now. It deserves some real serious thought and contemplation.

Okay, so we wrap it up and then the workshop...... oh, we got one more. Yes ma'am?

(Question - All right, I was curious about, ah, how it came about that you found out about Sai Baba's Vibuti containing rhodium?)

A lady in Phoenix just had some of it in a bag. She had been over there and seen him and she said here's the Vibuti, you know, can you find out what it is. And so, it was the cinder material and apparently it was made by a burning process, it wasn't that that came out of his hands. Because we looked at it under our microscope and there was carbon ash in it, so there was some carbon ash, but the rest of the material was pure iridium.

And I believe that there's certain plants that they pick over in India that they put on the sacred pyres, that burn always and never go out, and I believe that this, they are burning all of the carbon out of this. And then they take that ash and water wash it, which gets rid of the alkali salts, the alkaline metals, and these plants just happen to be very high in iridium.

And that's how I think they come up with it. That's my opinion. Now I know Sai Baba claims, everybody claims he manifests it out of the air, well if so, his body is so saturated with it that it literally is coming out of his hands. That's the only explanation I have for it. Because I am, believe it or not, as philosophical as I sound, I really am my own worst enemy. I'm a very severe critic myself.

(I've made two trips to India and it's been awhile since I've been there. I spent 3 months in 1978 with Sai Baba, in two main ashrams, and I was very close to him on several occasions, and I saw him manifest other things besides the Vibuti....)

That's what I told you, he manifests jewelry, gold objects....

(It affects you spiritually. I saw people change spiritually, mentally, physically. A man got out of a wheelchair and walked and never went back to it while I was there.)

But did you know him before, know that he hadn't been brought in by him, you know, that he didn't walk before?

(No, I didn't know that man personally myself.)

You see, this, this, I'm a skeptic, I always have to ask these questions, you know, but......

(But when people that I knew at the beginning of the trip in one ashram and then we go to another one, and they tell me I have changed. And I knew I had but I didn't know that other people could see it. I think it really affects your life. But after I did see him manifest the Vibuti you do begin to believe in miracles if you hadn't before. So I believe in, what you have discovered, for this reason.....)

Well, for those people who are not physicists and don't understand what I am talking about, the John Hagland who is the head of physics at MIU back in Iowa, who ran for president. Some of you remember him, he ran for president on the Natural Law Party. Ah, he's right behind Ross Perot's advertisements when he ran, you know, anyway, a very good looking fellow. I met with him for about three days back at MIU and went over all the physics and everything with it. He went over and told the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who has a degree in physics. The Maharishi said, "This is the stuff that will allow us to live a thousand years". The Maharishi has never ever endorsed a western technology ever until he heard about this. He said, "This is the stuff".
You know, I have to go through all the testing. I have to see it myself. I have to get it to where it's independently confirmable by other people. But, ah, I've seen enough right now. It's really concerning me that all of it is correct, because everything fits this far. So, you know, we got about another month or two before we get through with this with the first guy, but it sure looks serious to me.

Anyway, that's it for right now. Tomorrow we'll get into the specifics of it.

(End of Introductory Lecture)

Workshop, Part I

Introduction by Cheyenne Turner:

Good afternoon. I'm Cheyenne Turner and I want to welcome you to Eclectic Viewpoint, and a workshop with David Hudson. David is an Arizona farmer who has made some remarkable discoveries. He's filed patents on 11 different forms of elements that were not known to exist before. And he started this by getting involved with extracting gold and silver from the tailings from gold mines. And had this powdery substance that was interfering with his extraction process, and this started him on a whole new adventure. Which led him into Alchemy and lots of other fascinating things, which he's going to tell you about this afternoon. So welcome David Hudson.


[Well, the way they got this arranged.... Does everyone hear me when I'm walking around with this all right? Is it clear enough? Okay. I'll be able to do it then, I think, by myself. We'll just put the papers up on here.]

Anybody here have a tape recorder running? There were several of them running last night. Does anybody have a tape recorder? Everybody's got their tape recorders turned off or put away, right? Right? Everybody agreed? All right. I will ask again that everybody respect that this is being video taped. There will be a portion of it at the end that we are not going to video tape. Um, but ah, and I will ask that everything be turned off at that time.

But ah, what's going to be put on tape is basically the second time that this presentation has ever been video taped. It's been audio taped but it's never been video taped and I've always felt like well you've got to do some work yourself. If you're really that interested I'll give you the references, the page numbers and all and you can do your own research. But if I put it up here and video tape it then you go home and read it cause it's all there in black and white and you don't have to go to the library. I feel like that is going to be awfully beneficial to you people.

What we don't want is we don't want the wrong mentalities to get this material just yet. And so, once again I'm going to ask you not to duplicate these tapes. If there's someone who needs to hear this and you know they're prepared for it, then you can share it with them but I ask you not to duplicate these tapes.

Okay, it's very important to myself. It's very important to Cheyenne. If someone needs a copy of it, you can buy them from Cheyenne, but I ask you not to duplicate the tapes.

[6:00] Okay, as you all know, last night we were talking about this mysterious white powder that we had developed. Remember that this is not just gold, that there actually are 11 elements that were in our patents. Since that time we found out there's one more, so there's a total of 12 elements that can exist in this white powder state. Now, one of them happens to be gold. Most of our work, because we have 2,000 ounces of rhodium and iridium per ton, we have about 12-13 ounces of gold. So in processing this material I got a lot of rhodium and iridium, I have very small amounts of gold. So our work tends to be with rhodium and iridium.

Basically this morning, or this afternoon, what we're going to talk about, it seems like morning because we just got up.... I find that Cheyenne stays up all night. We're actually going to be actually presenting to you the Scientific American articles and the published papers, in Physical Review "C" predominantly, which show the discovery of this form of matter. Now when a man stands up here, particularly a cotton farmer, and tells you he's got patents on this new form of matter, you're going to be just like the U.S. patent office. When I filed for a patent on gold, they said, "What? You mean gold oxide or gold chloride or a gold compound?", and I said, "No. This is gold. Elemental gold". And they said, "Well, that's not patentable. Everyone knows about gold". And I said, "No, they don't know about this form of gold". And of course that's quite a hurdle for... And they say, "What's your credentials?", well, "I'm a cotton farmer". Ah-hah. Oh, now I see what the problem is. You go back and plant the fields and let us handle the high technology materials.

And so, if you want to turn on the overhead projector now. I think, it comes on immediately, and you may close my briefcase lid so that it doesn't interfere. No it doesn't interfere anyway.

Okay, basically I just use this piece of paper, this is, ah, if you'll raise it up just a little bit further where we can read the bottom of it. This is out of Scientific American, December of 1989 [p. 110,- Microclusters by Michael A. Duncan and Dennis H. Rouvray], and this is just an article on micro clusters. And basically it describes very accurately the aspects that we're going to be dealing with. The problem is I can't read it that well from right here, so I'm going to have to walk over with the pointer. If I go out of focus, fine. Start reading up here.

"Divide and subdivide a solid and the traits of its solidity fade away one by one, like the features of the Cheshire Cat, to be replaced by characteristics that are not those of liquids or gases. They belong instead to a new phase of matter, the micro cluster. Micro clusters consist of tiny aggregates comprising from two" (key word "two", because it's clusters) "two to several hundred atoms. They pose questions that lie at the heart of solid state physics and chemistry, and the related field of material science. How small must an aggregate of particles become before the character of the substance they once formed is lost? How might the atoms reconfigure themselves?" Very specific right here. "How might the atoms reconfigure themselves if freed from the influence of the matter that surrounds them? If the substance is a metal, how small must this cluster of atoms be to avoid the characteristic sharing of free electrons that underlies conductivity?"

That basically is the introduction, that's the introduction for the subject that I am dealing with. And what we found is that every element has a minimum cluster size where it has metallic character, and once the cluster goes beyond or below that critical minimum size, it totally breaks up on it's own. And every element is different.

For example, for iridium, it's a 9 atom cluster, for platinum it's a 5 atom cluster, for palladium it's a 7 atom cluster, for gold it's a 2 atom cluster. Anything larger than that, stays metallic, and will aggregate and become more metallic. Anything less than that will literally break up on its own. It literally comes apart on its own.

This makes for a very interesting situation. If you send platinum or iridium to Englehard or Johnson Matthey, which are the two big precious metal refineries in London, they will guarantee you a 99.9% recovery on gold. If you send them platinum they will guarantee you about 98 and a half percent recovery on platinum, but if you send them iridium they will not guarantee you over an 86% recovery on the iridium. Now most precious metal people believe that they're being cheated out of their precious metal, that the refinery is keeping that precious metal. That's not true, they actually lose it in the processing of it, and that's because iridium isn't stable below 9 atom clusters and in the dissolution of the iridium, about 14% of it actually gets below 9 atom clusters and will not recover as metal compounds. And so it's quote unquote lost in the system. And this is why, and the precious metal community is not aware of this. They know they have loses, but they don't understand why. And this is why. Okay, we go to the next slide.

[12:00] This is an article from Scientific American, if you'll just raise that far enough so we can read the very bottom. This is March of 1990, Scientific American magazine. [pp. 58-67, New Radioactivities by Walter Greiner and Aurel Sandulescu] Now this article basically is describing new radioactivities, and that's the title of the article. And the example they give here is Uranium 232. Now this happens to be a radioactive isotope, but don't let that fool you. This is a phenomena that relates to all elements. Now, if you'll put up the next page, and you put the 2 pages there, actually that is the first page of the article, this is the second page. If you'll notice, the first Uranium 232, it actually is showing the proton and neutron orbitals. Now, if you get the original article, it's in color, and my copier doesn't copy color, it just copies black and white, so what you're getting is a black and white version. But the alternating black and white orbitals are, in fact, the nuclear orbitals. Now, most of us never have heard about nuclear orbitals, we've heard about electron orbitals, you remember back in chemistry class you had 2, 8, 8, 16, 32, these are the sequences that the electron orbitals fill. Well the nucleus fills the same way, that the proton and neutron orbitals actually fill in harmonic sequences. And what they found is that these big heavy nuclei, that are called the actinide group, and I'll ask you to, we'll go back to this slide, but just take the slide down for a second and put the next one up, I believe the next one is the Periodic table? Yes. The actinide group is the elements that begin with Actinium, and they're the heavy ones down here at the bottom of the Periodic Table, if you slide over to the right just a hair. Right. Okay, for those of you now... Here is Actinium, then there's two other elements here behind it, but actually Actinium is 89. It goes then to 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97 all the way up to 103, and then we go to 104 and 105. So they're actually out of sequence here. So this is called the Actinide group, it has a big "A". These are called the Actinide group, and this is the Actinide group right here. Now basically the Actinide group are the heavy elements. And what happened about 1985-86, is these physicists, these nuclear physicists were watching these elements that were Actinide group elements, and all of a sudden this atom blew apart, it literally came apart all on it's own. And there was no gamma emissions, there was no alpha emissions, there was no beta emissions. There was heat emissions, tremendous heat, but it literally.., one element became two elements, just bang, it happened.

And it really took the physicists back, because this was not an element that they expected to come apart. This was a stable element. And as they begin to investigate it, they found out that all of the Actinide group basically would do this. But this, you know, these are kind of heavy nuclei, they're big fat, they're lots of protons and lots of neutrons, and they said, "Well maybe it's just because they're big cumbersome nuclei. They're not that stable anyway". But within a couple of years, these same researchers begin to find that the rare earths would do this, the lanthanide group. Okay, now for those of you who aren't chemists, the lanthanide group, number 57 is lanthanum, and all of these elements right here are called the lanthanide group or the rare earth group. Now the place down here by themselves on the Periodic Table, because they, ah, supposedly you're not going to run into them that often in your normal chemistry you're performing, and so they stick them also down here, like the Actinides, at the bottom of the periodic Table. But they found that Samarium through Dysprosium, Samarium through Dysprosium would do the very same thing. They literally, as a single atom, could come apart all on they're own, and they're not radioactive isotopes.

Now this is very serious stuff here, because these nuclear physicists, you know, we've been taught that the nucleus is a very stable thing, it takes tremendous energies to blow it apart. It takes energies up about 1 million electron-volts to knock a nucleus apart, and yet they found that Samarium through Dysprosium would do this. Samarium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, and Dysprosium would do this.

Now if we go back to the other slide we just had on there. Okay. So basically what they learned, and there's a lot of, lot of research here, it's all in the published literature. But what they learned is the nucleus is a very snobbish thing. That basically as the electron orbitals fill, so do the nuclear orbitals fill, and what happens is the elements that are half-filled or half-empty, the ones in the middle of the Periodic Table, keeping in mind that Samarium through Dysprosium are in the middle of the rare earths, they found that what happens is the filled orbitals, these harmonically complete orbitals actually say "you unfilled orbitals get out of here". "You can't be next to us filled orbitals, we're the good guys, you're the bad guys. You get off away from here and you come back when you're filled, and then you can be part of us, but in the meantime get the heck out of here".

And so what happens is those partially filled orbitals are excluded away from the filled orbitals, and this is inherent in a monatomic system. Now this will not happen if you have diatomic systems or larger, because this phenomena in physics, called dipole-dipole connection between nuclei, where the nuclei actually interreact with each other. It's kind of like a two cylinder motor, in a two cylinder motor, the pistons run opposite each other, and so even thought there's a vibration, they compensate, they kind of neutralize each other, and so the motor is pretty still. But what happens when you take one cylinder away and you have a one cylinder motor, it's an inherent vibration, you can't help it. And so here there's one little naked atom who is, got this out of balanced phenomena in the nucleus, and it's spinning, it literally is like a tire with a knot on it, it is, klunk-klunk-klunk, and what it does, it excludes these unfilled orbitals, these protons and neutrons that are not filled get pushed away from it, and it creates this figure eight or coke bottle shaped nuclei.

Okay now this is new stuff people. You're not going to find it in universities, you're not going to find it, you know, being taught, because it's new. It's just 1985-86 when it was first discovered. It's in the published literature up to 1990-91, and that's what you're going to see today. It's probably, 50-60% of the physics papers in Physical Review C are on this area right now. It is a hot topic. But very few college professors ever heard of it because it wasn't in their curriculum when they studied. It's not in the books yet either.

Anyway, if you'll move it down where we can read together, we're going to read some portions of this that are really important to understand. Move it on down a little further where I can point at it. Okay. Let's read this here, beginning right here. "It is now known that the atomic nucleus is a more or less spherical object, whose diameter is about a few fermis, a unit of measure equal to one quadrillionth of a meter, or simply 10-15 meter." Now that's tiny, okay? "Electrons orbit the nucleus at a distance of about 100,000 fermis. (For comparison, the radius of the moon's orbit is only about 30 times greater than the diameter of the earth.)" So we think the moon's a long ways out there, but relative to the earth, it's very close. You take an atom, the electrons are way the heck and gone away from the nucleus. "Packed in this fermi-size nucleus is nearly all of the mass of an atom and all it's positive electric charge. The mass of the nucleus comes mainly from nucleons. Protons carry the positive charge. The structure of the nucleus arises from two types of interactions: strong and electromagnetic. As a result of the strong interaction, or nuclear force, protons bind to neutrons and to each other. The nuclear force binds nucleons very tightly [but acts over a very short range]". Okay, now, this is old hat for you people who took physics, but this is very important, to most of you. "To separate two neutrons that are one fermi apart, for instance, requires an energy of about one million electron volts". Now this is the standard thinking that you were taught in school. Now, "On the other hand, only about 10 electron volts is needed to disassociate two nucleons that are 10 fermis apart". So, the strong force only works over very short distances, okay? And once those nuclei start coming the least little bit apart, now the glue no longer adheres.

"As a result of the electromagnetic interaction, or Coulomb force," now this is the repulsive force, the "protons repel other protons, although the Coulomb force is weaker than the nuclear force, it acts over a much longer range". So "If two protons are one fermi apart, the Coulomb force is about 100 times weaker than the nuclear force. Yet at a distance of 10 fermis the coulomb force is about 10 times stronger than the nuclear force."

Now, you begin to understand what's happening here? These foreign nuclei no longer are glued together like they are supposed to be glued together. They actually want to come apart on their own. The force that's inside that nucleus that is pushing apart is very weak compared to the force that's holding them together, but when they become deformed all the rules break down.

And so we're taught in school that the nucleus takes a million electron-volts to push it apart, but in fact, this phenomena is not, doesn't hold true when you're talking about deformed nuclei. Okay? Now here it is in Scientific American, okay, it's very serious. Now that's the basis of what we're dealing with. Let's go to the next paper.

[23:45] Yeah, just skip the periodic table, oh you can just put it up for a little clarification here. And so physicists found that all the Actinide group, basically the actinium and all of these would do it, which most of these are man-made elements, but then they found that samarium through dysprosium would do it. And they said, you know, if it's a configuration of the nuclei, if you take number 58, which is Cerium, and you take it up, and plug it in right here, you got 1-2-3-4-5. 1-2-3-4-5. So right here is where it would really end up being and this row would be pushed down. So here would be samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium and dysprosium. That's where it should be if it was in the periodic table correctly. And so, when they found that these rare earths would do it, these rare earths are not that big, they're not that fat. They realized that it had to do with the harmonics in the nucleus, and it was actually the nucleus itself, deforms itself, and in doing so it no longer is stable. It literally can just blow apart on it's own.

That sounds like alchemy, doesn't it. Anyway, they begin to look at ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum and gold, and then mercury. Which just happen to be the elements I am dealing with. Okay?

I filed my patents in March of 1988, and the papers we're going to show you were published from that time on. I didn't have a chance to read these papers and then write my patent, and it took about 6 months to write the patent. I was writing the patent in 1987. It was actually refiled in March of 1988. And so these papers we're going to show now, are the United States government national labs or the European national labs, and their work with these elements. Next page.

[25:54] Okay, ah, this is "A Possible Discontinuity in the Optical Behavior in the Platinum Through Mercury Region" [Department of Nuclear Physics, Research School of Physical Science, Australian National University - October 1988] Why they just don't say platinum, gold and mercury? Because that's the way they are, apparently, they go platinum, gold and mercury, they leave gold out for some reason. But in the platinum, gold and mercury region, this is what they have to say, and they confirm what I just told you. And I am not presenting all of the papers on the history of these discoveries because it really isn't relevant. But if you'll read the second sentence here, "Apart from the well deformed rare earth and heavy actinide nuclei which would not be expected to conform to the parametization of this theory", because this theory is on the stability of the nucleus. Ah, they found that the nuclei in the platinum region with total proton numbers 78 to 82 and neutron numbers 108 to 126, were also anomalous. In other words, they don't conform either. They're just like the rare earths. And this says, "a discontinuity of this magnitude is not observed in any other part of the Periodic table."

[27:00] Next slide. Publication is the American Physical Society, 1989, page 39 or, in the, in the, page 1142. Okay. That's a reference that confirms what I just told you, though, they found that the heavy Actinides would do it, then they found that the rare earths would do it. Then they started looking at these elements, above it and below it. Okay, here is "Collective and single particle structure of 103 Rh [Physical Review C Volume 37, Number 2, February 1988, pp. 621-635]". Rhodium 103 is the stable isotope of Rhodium. It's just like gold, it only has one isotope that's stable. This is it. Key words that were developed when they begin to make these discoveries, were "high-spin" Rhodium 103. When the nucleus becomes deformed in a ratio of 2 to 1, twice as long as it is wide, like a coke bottle, it's spin slips to the high-spin state. It's inherent in the stuff. It isn't anything you do from the outside, it does it on it's own. Okay? And the bottom sentence in the introduction, Rhodium "[103 Rh] is a soft nucleus which exhibits shape coexistence". They go on to explain, even-even with a total nuclei's of approximately 100, with protons greater than or equal to 40 or less than or equal to 50, and neutrons greater than 50, are of current interest because of the nature of the shape transition [Even-even A~100 nuclides with 40<Z<50 and N>50 are of current interest because of the nature of the shape transitions which occur in this region.] Ah, they go on to, on the onset of deformation, when the neutron members equal 60, and more importantly down here it says, It's related to the level structures, right here, of proton numbers equal to or greater than 42 and neutron numbers equal to or greater than 56, nuclei such as ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and silver ["In part, this is reflected in the level structures of the (Z > 42,N > 56) nuclei such as Ru, Rh, Pd, and Ag isotopes."] Which just happen to be the elements in my patent application.

And this is the study. So you physicists, the people of the technical world, you can get the paper, and you can read all about the deformations, you can read all about the deformations, the studies, the nuclei that were studied. It's a big long paper and you're welcome to read it. For this audience we are not going to try going into it. Key, key thing to understand is these particular nuclei, ruthenium, rhodium, silver, and palladium are the ones that do it. Okay? Which is..... That article is the American Physical Society, 1988, page 38 or page 671, I believe, 621, 621. This is the American Physical Society.

(Question - Does this begin to occur when the particle gets down to less than the cluster size?)

It happens, actually it begins to occur when it gets below the cluster size, but it, the monatomic state is when all of this is observed. Keep in mind these are nuclear physicists, and, you know, this is the cyclotron facility at Texas A & M, which you guys should be very familiar with. Okay? Most of these are the government labs, this happens to be the exception.

But, you know, the key words are "prolate", "oblate", "asymmetric shapes", strongly suggests the nuclei's a "soft shape", and it goes on with the deformations they observed, you know, it's a really interesting paper to read, but not for the audience here. So I just bring the cover page and we read the introduction. We go to the next one.

(Question - Are any of your patents issued yet?)

Patents were issued . . . Well we will get into that after a while, ok?

[30:40] This is "Superdeformation in Palladium 104 and 105 [Superdeformation in 104, 105 Pd, Physical Review C, Volume 38, Number 2, August 1988 pp. 1088-1091]". The two most stable isotopes of Palladium. These are not radioactive isotopes. Palladium has several stable isotopes. This happens to be two of them. "Of special interest....", I'm reading right here, if he quits moving it, "Of special interest are those shapes known as 'superdeformed'", they use SD, "where the nucleus acquires a very elongated shape that can be approximately represented by the ellipsoid where the ratio of the long to short axis is considerably larger than that of normal deformation ~ 1.3:1. Within the framework of the anisotropic harmonic-oscillator model one can expect the existence of favorable shell gaps that appear regularly as a function of deformation and nucleon number.". Anyway, "They are predicted to occur for particular 'super deformed, magic numbers', and at deformations corresponding to integer ratios to the length of the axes" corresponding to a ratio of 2 to 1. Okay.

That now is the consensus. The word is "superdeformed", and it's used whenever the nucleus has a 2 to 1 or greater deformation. Okay? This is all the semantics, the wording that the physics community has developed. Ah, you know, when it goes to this 2 to 1 deformation, the nucleus spin flips to the high-spin state, and so the rhodium, they're talking about high-spin states of rhodium 103, they're also talking about super deformed rhodium. They didn't use those terminologies, but this has become the wording that is used now in the physics community. And you see when discoveries are made all over the world, little by little, they all decide that certain terminologies are correct, and then everybody begins to use those terminologies. So, everybody had their own words initially, and that's why it's just a little confusing, but the key now is "superdeformed", "2 to 1 deformation", "high-spin state" and in this high-spin state the particles are no longer close, so they come apart very easily. Okay?

The world isn't as we thought it was. Ok next paper.

This one is the American Physical Society, 1988, page 38 or 1088, and it's, ah, rapid communication, the Physical Review C, Volume 38, number 2, August 1988. Okay, and the source is Nuclear Science...., ah, nuclear, ah, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California. That's your government laboratory. United States government laboratory. Okay, next paper. As you can see, this is not channeled information. (audience laughs) Ah, you laugh, there are some people who can channel, but this, you know, this is hard science folks, this is not a maybe.

[33:44] "Structure of Osmium and Platinum isotopes [Structure of Os and Pt isotopes, Physical Review C, Volume 38, Number 2, August 1988, pp. 953-959]", they're literally studying the shapes, the ground state properties of rare earth nuclei, including Osmium and Platinum region, ah, they found that they're prolate-oblate, and, you know, you can read the papers, physicists, and understand it, but they're actually studying all these elements. This is Physical Review C, Volume 38, Number 2, August, 1988, uh, and the source here is the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. Now these are very sophisticated people who are dealing with single atoms, and for the average person, it's even hard for us to even think about a single atom. It's so far beyond anything we could ever see or imagine, and yet these people hold single atoms, and study the configuration of the atom. It's really, you know, pretty impressive technology. Next slide. (audience question) Page 38, 953. Okay, next page, next one.

[35:00] Okay, "Quantum size effects in rapidly rotating nuclei". Now they talk about high-spin, the rapidly rotating nuclei. This is the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. You all know who Niels Bohr was? Worked with Einstein? Has the electron theory, the orbitals around the atom. Anyway, this is his son, who is doing a lot of this work over there. This is Physical Review C, Volume 41, Number 4, April, 1990. Now, a lot of you are saying, "Well, why is this high-spin state so important?", well, why it's important, they're beginning to get into here, and maybe we ought to take this one off and let's put the next one on first, and I'll, ah, I'll.... This is page number 41 and 1865, they actually have two numbers. Okay, let's put the next one on and we'll come back to this one after that.

[36:00] Ah, "The inertias of super deformed bands", yeah, this is also the Niels Bohr Institute, this is Physical Review C, Volume 41, Number 4, April 1990 [Inertias of superdeformed bands, pp. 1861-1864]. Ah, basically this is a very excellent paper that goes into the total physics of the phenomena, but this is a collective phenomena displayed by many body nuclear systems, in other words there are many atoms involved in the systems, and they're talking about the appearance of large gaps in the single particle system, the magic numbers, and they're talking about, that as nuclei become filled their nuclei are stable and are very spherical. But when they're half filled or half empty, it's when they're the most unstable. And so it's not the elements on the left side of the Periodic Table, it's not the elements on the right side, it's the elements in the middle that do this.

Ah, "Some of these configurations [become] strongly bound by deforming the system. In particular, new shell gaps appear by introducing a quadrapole distortion in the nuclear shape, where the ratio of the major to minor axis is 2 to 1. Such deformations play an important role in the process of spontaneous fission," (Spontaneous fission of a non-radioactive isotope. A stable nuclei, non-radioactive, and it can just come apart all on it's own. Okay?) "where the 2 to 1 configuration is connected with the second minimum of the fission barrier." And all the rest basically have the superdeformed band of the 2 to 1 configuration and it goes into all of the explanation of the physics and you can see by 1990 they were really trying to understand this because the world isn't as we thought it was. We thought these atoms were just so stable and never would come apart and heck, you look at these wrong and they come apart. It isn't like we thought it was.

But more importantly for me, you know, I said, somebody had to have seen this. Somebody has to know about this. I can't be the only one who knows this. And in the literature, sure enough, here were the answers. They had found that certain elements, they just happened to be the ones that I had filed a patent on, will go to the high-spin state and when they go to the high-spin state the whole nature of the atom changes. It isn't the same atom that it was before. Okay, let's go back now, no, let's go look at the next one.

(Question: What page is that?)

That is page number 41, 1861, 1990, of the American Physical Society. Let's go to the next one. Keep the one, that we can come back to.

Let's take that one off too. There's one more I want. Pull that one off. Save it, yeah. Okay.

[39:00] This is a 1960's book that my Ph.D. studied at Iowa State University and it's actually an article about nuclear quadrapole moment and nuclear quadrapole moment spectroscopy. They actually find that by applying these 800,000 gauss magnetic fields that they could cause the nucleus to spin flip to the high-spin state. And then when they release these fields they read the resonance that comes out of the nucleus as the nucleus drops back down to the low spin state. Now this was discovered in the 1960's, but if you have to keep 800,000 gauss applied to this nucleus to keep it in the high-spin state, you know, it's a tremendous amount of energy. But what they found, is they found a phenomena, and I want you to read this.

"There is another effect called spin-spin or transverse relaxation operative in solids. This involves transfer of energy from one high energy nucleus to another. There is no net loss of energy." There is no net loss of energy in the transfer of energy from one high-spin nucleus to the other high-spin nucleus. Now they've know this since the 1960's, but if it takes 700,000 gauss to keep these nucleuses in the high-spin state, so what if energy flows from one to the next with no push. I mean you got more energy here than it takes to push energy all across the country on a wire, so, big deal. It's one of those esoteric things. But if they could ever get nuclei that would go in a high-spin state and stay in the high-spin state, then you should have a superconductor.

Now let's go back to the first paper I had you take off, the first one I told you to save (talking to projector operator).

[41:04] Okay, "Quantum size effects in rapidly rotating nuclei". April of 1990. This is the Niels Bohr Institute, Physical Review C, Volume 41, Number 4 [pp. 1865-1868]. Here it is, the whole story, they finally put it down in print and admitted this was what they were chasing; these high-spin nuclei. What they are talking about is, "In the nuclear case," I'll start reading right here, "a variety of symmetries are spontaneously broken. In particular rotational and gauge invariance as testified by the occurrence of families of collective excitations displaying rotational relationships for the different observables." Skipping on down here, "It has been conjectured the usual Cooper instability...", now for those of you who don't know what Cooper instabilities means, they gave a Nobel Prize to Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer, who worked for GE. It was the theory of superconductivity. And "Cooper pairs" are when a time foreword electron pairs with a time reverse electron, it's spin 1/2 and spin 1/2. But spin 1/2 plus spin 1/2 is spin 1, and now both particles become pure light with no particles. There's no particle aspect anymore, it's light. Okay?

Here it is, right here. The "Cooper instability will not exist anymore in small particles containing a reduced number of fermions, like e.g., metallic particles. Therefore superconductivity should disappear for particles in the quantal size effects (QSE) regime, when the energy differs between two discrete one-electron states is comparable to the energy gap of the superconducting state." Anyway it goes on to describe the physics. That's why in 1988 when I filed my patents, I filed 11 patents on the monatomic state and I filed another 11 patents on the "many-atom system" and it requires a minimum number of atoms, and they actually, in their paper theorize, that the, ah, they're coming up with a number here, 10 to the 4th to 10 to the 5th electrons. I didn't say how many nuclei had to be there, how many atoms had to be there to be a superconductor, but it was a "many-atom system". And each atom contains many of these electron pairs on it, so, you know, it takes a certain minimum number, several hundreds of atoms, before you have a superconductivity. The word "superconductivity" is like the word "army", you can't have a one man army. It's a contradiction in terms. By definition the word superconductor is a many atom system. Just like the word metal, you can't have an atom be a metal. The word metal has certain characteristics, the word superconductivity has certain characteristics and so you can't have a single atom be a superconductor. It can have all the properties of a superconductor but it takes a certain number of atoms resonance coupled to become a superconductor. I hope I'm not losing people here in this, you know, I'm trying to make it as understandable as I can. Right there they're saying what it's all about. This is what this.... all this interest of all these national laboratories in this form of matter is. Because theoretical they should be a superconductor and they know it. This is the high-spin state of matter. Next paper. Let's go to the one, the other one you stuck off down there. (audience question) Yes ma'am. Any patent on superconductivity has to be cleared for worldwide issuance by the Department of Defense.

(Question - Do you think that's what started the research in these papers that suddenly came out after you filed your patent?)

No, I just think it's time. I just think there's all this information coming, if you haven't figured it out yet, this is the explanation for cold fusion. Ha-ha. It all of a sudden begins to dawn -- palladium, high-spin state, inter nuclear energy, golly, you know. Ah, Pons and Fleischmann just haven't been doing their physics, they've been doing too much chemistry.

[45:18] This is a paper that is, it's Physical Review Letters, Volume 62, Number 10, March 1989, March 6, 1989 [Direct Mapping of Adatom-Adatom Interactions, pp. 1146-1149], and if you raise it up just a little bit, 1776 vaporizations of iridium atoms onto a super-cooled tungsten plate. And, you know, people study the darndest things, these scientists study the most esoteric things. But they're putting, 1776 times they vaporized atoms onto this tungsten plate and they measured where the atoms arranged themselves. Now they didn't realize the importance of what they were doing. But they find here, and my copying job isn't real good so I'm going to walk over again. All of these lines that run up are the light colored lines and all these that run down are the dark colored lines. These are the three dimensions, one, two and three. This is the way the graph reads. Now what they found is that the iridium atoms were arranging themselves at about two of these quadrants from each other. This big long black line. That basically the atoms attract from a long ways away up to that point and then they're repulsed, the lines go, they're not ever found in those locations. So what they found is that the iridium atoms, you see these quadrants are 3.17 angstroms in dimension, so there's 1, 2 quadrants here. So they found that the atoms were arranging themselves at about 6.3 angstroms apart. Okay? They weren't arranging themselves hardly at all in this dimension, they weren't arranging themselves hardly at all in this dimension, they were arranging themselves basically in this dimension, but at specific distances apart.

And their conclusion was that it's like there's a Coulomb wave that comes off of the atom. This atom is in a high-spin state, they didn't know that, but it's actually out of balance and instead of resonating in 3 dimensions it's only resonating in 2 dimensions, and it's got a Coulomb wave, a wave that it produces. The next atom gets into that wave and cannot get closer than that last wave coming off the atom and so it's repulsed. But in the bottom of the wave it's attracted and so at about 6.3 angstroms, the next iridium atom will nestle in that wave and perpetuates the wave, and the next iridium atom will nestle in that wave and perpetuate the wave. Now what they did is they heated and cooled the sample. They let it go to room temperature and then they re-cooled it and let it go to room temperature and what happens is that the atoms will arrange themselves in this perfect, about 6.3 angstrom spacing, in two dimensions. Not in 3 dimensions. In two dimensions, like a long chain. Now in a metal the atoms bind at about 1.8 angstroms, that's when they're sharing electrons. This is out at 6.3 angstroms, so there's no electrons being shared, there's no crystalline energy, there's no chemical energy, but the atom is way the heck and gone out there at about 6.3 angstroms, but it's bound in the resonance wave. And so these atoms literally, by repeated heating and cooling, will arrange themselves at precisely 6.3 angstroms in two dimensions, like a chain. And this atom makes a wave, this atom next nestles in the wave and perpetuates the wave, the next atom nestles in the wave and perpetuates the wave, the next atom nestles in the wave and perpetuates the wave, and literally you get a resonance coupled system of quantum oscillators resonating in two dimensions. These are bound atoms, resonance coupled, oscillating in two dimensions. And it's a bosonic phenomena, it has Cooper pairs.

Now what happens is the individual atoms, when it goes to the high-spin state, and this is going to be a little technical, bear with me. In a normal atom, around the nucleus, there is what's called a positive screening potential that exists around the nucleus and this positive screening potential screens all of the inner electrons and only the valence electrons, the ones on the outside, are available for chemical bonding, these are not screened, they're called valence electrons. When the nucleus goes to the high-spin state that positive screening potential expands out and overlies all of the electron orbitals and all of the electrons become screened. Now some amazing things happen when the electrons are under the screening potential. The electrons are time forward electrons and time reverse electrons, actually get in perfect harmony and pair up, they couple, they become married and they literally become pure light, in the high-spin state. All of the valence electrons are no longer valence electrons, they become light.

Another very important phenomena is under the screening potential of the nucleus the time reversed electron acts identical to a positron. Okay? And by definition the positron is the energy that originates in the nucleus, but under the screening potential of the nucleus the time reversed electron now acts like a positron. And so you have the time reversed electron paired with the time forward electron and they literally become light. They no longer have any particle aspect.

Now the important thing to understand here is that an electron exists in space-time. It has a particle aspect and all of your instrumental analysis is based on knocking this electron from this space-time to that space-time and measuring the absorption or emission when it jumps from it or when it comes back. Right? It's called emission spectroscopy or absorption spectroscopy, x-ray emission and x-ray absorption. But we have no electrons now. All we have is a bunch of light. And you can't knock light from one space-time to another space-time because light exists in, doesn't have a space-time. You can put any amount of electron pairs on a superconductor because they can all go in the same space-time. So all of our instrumental analysis that's being used, but for standard analysis of elements, doesn't work.

It's like stealth atoms. They're there, we just can't see them. So it takes some dumb farmer who doesn't know any better, to beat his head for 18 years, to figure out what the heck this stuff is that's invisible. Most people say, "Dave, you were too dumb to know it was impossible so you did it anyway". Even neutron activation, the most sophisticated analytical tool available to science, is based on exciting the nucleus by sending a neutron into the nucleus and exciting it to high-spin state or a high energy state and then reading the emission that comes out of it when it drops back down. But this is already in the high-spin state and it's happy in the high-spin state and it doesn't want to come out of the high-spin state. So the neutron doesn't read anything. It's invisible to neutron activation. This is why your illustrious scientists have never found it because they read everything else but they don't read this.

And if you ever tried preparing high purity metals, you'll find that you cannot buy 100% pure. You could buy, 99.8, 99.9, 99.99, 99.999, 99.9999 but you cannot buy 100% pure. There is always impurities associated with metals. Even gold, there's always one atom out of thousands that's an impurity. And so when you send 50,000 quantas of energy into this sample of the high-spin state, every quanta of energy reads the impurity. Because all the other atoms "pass it on", "pass it on", "pass it on", "pass it on" until it finds the impurity, bang it reads. You send another quanta in, "pass it on", "pass it on", "hot potato", "hot potato", "hot potato", till one atom can't pass it on and it reads. So you send 50,000 quantas in the sample and it reads 50,000 quantas of iron, and the man says, "yep, it's iron", and it's not. The iron is there, but the material is not iron. And that's why all your wonderful commercial laboratories are telling people it's iron, silica and aluminum and that's why it took me 3 1/2 years, 3 1/2 years, to get rid of all the iron, all the silica, and all of the aluminum, and produce pure nothing! And that's when I had them boxed in the corner. I said, "I want to know what that stuff is. It's still 98% of the sample. What's that stuff?" And they honest to gosh couldn't tell me. That's because it's a form of matter they have not set their machines up to analyze. It's that simple. It's not anything bad about the analytical instrumentation, it's not anything bad about the operator. It's a new form of matter that they're not, they don't have standards prepared for and they don't know how to do the analysis. It's that simple.

(Question - What's the citation?)

Ah, this is Physical Review Letters, Volume 62, Number 10, March 1989. March 6, 1989. Let's go to the next one. You begin to see the reality in this? All right let's go to the next one. Do you begin to see the reality in this?

[55:19] A paper on superconductivity. This is Volume 62, [27] February 1989, Number 9. "Bound States, Cooper Pairing and Bose Condensation in Two Dimensions [pp. 981-984]". Kind of like just what we described, isn't it? We got a resonance coupled system, of bound, bosonic state, they're resonance coupled and oscillating in two dimensions, Curious coincidence here. Anyway, they go into the superconducting stability, they talk about superconductivity, but this specifically is the definition of a superconductor, which happens to be what our stuff is. It's a resonance coupled system of quantum oscillators resonating in two dimensions. It doesn't make any difference what's beside it in the third dimension, that has nothing to do with the system. It's resonating this way, not this way. Okay?

The only thing is, I've heard some people say, "Well Dave, I'll deliver you some high energy. We'll push this stuff and make it into a metal". Do you know that the temperature on the outside has nothing to do with the temperature on the inside? Do you know that the temperature inside an atom, what that temperature really is? And what the outside temperature has nothing to do with the temperature on the inside of the nucleus. But did you know that with less than 10 electron-volts, you can cause the energy, the atoms to fission? And I took 30 grams of this powder, and I bought this brand new arc furnace. An arc furnace is kind of like a welding machine. It has a water cooled copper crucible, you put your sample you want to melt in the copper crucible, and you slide the lid over it and you lower it down, and it seals on o-rings. And then you put a controlled gas through the sample. Well we put argon as our plasma gas, and down in this crucible there's a tungsten electrode that hangs down in there and you can strike the arc between the tungsten electrode and the copper crucible. You put the powder you want to melt in there and you seal the thing all up, vacuum out the air, put in argon, and strike the arc, and you can sit here with a seal and watch your sample through a glass. You can actually stir the sample with the electrode and burn the arc on it.

Now this is the way they melt these refractory ceramics like tungsten, tantalum, niobium, you know these high temperature materials. I said, "we're gonna melt this sucker, I don't care if it takes you two hours of burning, we're going to melt it. I'm gonna find out how the metal is produced". Now this is about 1982-83 before I knew of this. What happened, we struck the arc and within a second it stopped. We opened up the machine and the tungsten electrode was gone. It's all melted in with our powder. Now I said, "This must be a faulty electrode. Let's get another electrode". So we order another electrode, put another 30 grams in there and here's all the tungsten all down in with our powder. We took that out, we did it again. It didn't even make a second. The heat that was being produced was like a thousand times greater than the D.C. arc should have been because the heat was coming out of the material. It was nuclear level energy coming out of the nuclei as we struck the arc on it.

So then we took the material that had all this tungsten in it and we separated the tungsten, had it analyzed, and it doesn't analyze to be the same stuff it used to be. This is 1982. And I said, "you know, it looks to me like there's a nuclear level transition going on here and I don't want any of my employees working around it". And I'll tell you, we just decided the only way you're going to get this is you don't do it with energy, you do it with chemistry. So, we basically went away from the metallurgical processes, these high temperature refractory materials and we went to chemistry, and I describe these elements as female elements. If your wife is late going someplace and she's getting dressed the last thing you want to say is "Honey when are you going to be ready?", or you got another 45 minutes to wait. These elements, we call them female elements, because if you work with them and cooperate with them they give you everything you want, but if try to push them you get nowhere. I hope you don't take that as a sexist remark ladies, I.., it's just the way it is. Okay, next slide.

[1:00:14] Okay, raise it up just a little bit so we can read the bottom. This is Scientific American, October, 1991, [Spin Cycle, p. 26] just to show you this is once again Scientific American, slide it down just a little bit now where we can read the article. We're talking about the spectra of super deformed nuclei. Now they give examples of mercury 192 and mercury 194 which are both radioactive isotopes. And if you didn't know what we know now after seeing these papers, you would assume that this only happens in linear accelerators or nuclear facilities on these single atoms that they make by collision, fissioning a heavier element into these elements. But I just showed you that rhodium 103, palladium 104 and 105, platinum, gold, mercury, osmium, ruthenium, palladium all exist in this state as stable isotopes, non-radioactive isotopes. But some of the things that they're commenting, I think, are very interesting. "Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory have been finding that rapidly spinning nuclei with different masses have similar--if not exactly the same--moments of inertia. 'Something is going on,' said Frank F. Stephens, a physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley lab, 'and for reasons we don't understand yet.'" At Lawrence Berkeley labs, they're saying we don't understand this, it doesn't make sense that every element in the high-spin state acts identical, like it's the same material. "A spinning nucleus results from an off-center collision between two nuclei that fuse to form a rapidly spinning, elongated body." Well that isn't necessarily so. It results from having a monatomic system. This is the way they do it.

"The deformed nucleus can take the shape of an American football, a doorknob, or possibly even a banana depending on the collision energy in the nuclei. In a typically deformed nucleus the long axis exceeds the two short axis by about a factor of 1.3. Nucleus whose long axis is about twice that of the short axis are called superdeformed." That's what we discussed earlier, the 2 to 1 deformation. "It is in these superdeformed nuclei that curious goings on have taken place. A spinning superdeformed nucleus slows down in discrete steps, each time emitting gamma rays, or highly energetic photons. The emissions produce a characteristic band of energy spikes all spaced equally apart. The surprise: the spectra of some different superdeformed nuclei were almost identical." Okay?

They also go on to talk about Argonne National Laboratories, "Other factors such as the shape of the nuclei should 'make changes that are bigger than what we are observing.'" They're talking about measuring gamma spectra, in other words, what I'm showing this to you is, I want you to understand that this is a very hot topic in the National Laboratories. They're very intrigued and interested in this material. The high-spin nuclei in these superdeformed states. Their problem is they're making them one atom at a time, with this tremendous energy. What they haven't realized is that they're out there in nature, that Mother Nature created them in the belly of the Earth, and that they are here in the monatomic form in nature. They happen to be here in exactly the ratios they're supposed to be here. They happen to be here in exactly the amount that the nuclear physicists will tell you they should be here. They are here.

The reference is Scientific American, in October of 1991. And what they're telling you is they're doing a bunch of things that they can't explain. That's basically what they're saying. There are some things here we just can't explain. Okay? Now these are the best people in the world. And they're saying there's things here we can't explain.

But what you begin to understand is, there's a fellow by the name of Joe Champion down at Texas A & M, some of you are familiar with him. He claims that in his cold fusion work that there are other elements being created. Of course. So what. Big deal. Well he's very excited about it because he doesn't know this is out there. And he's being criticized for it, a lot of people are laughing at him. Well what they don't understand is, when I was working with General Electric doing our fuel cell studies, and we were coming to understand what was going on, we got a copy of Pons and Fleischmann's paper before they announced it to the public. It was sent to GE for their review and this was the electro-chemical catalyst division who works with palladium and so they handed it to me and said, "Dave, look here, what's coming out here?" And Pons and Fleischmann said that when their palladium electrode in this lithium deuterate solution. They're putting it there because of the deuterate, the lithium is what's important though. Lithium is the third element on the Periodic Table. Lithium will dissolve into the palladium just like hydrogen. It's tiny and it goes in between the metal-metal bonds just like hydrogen. And it weakens the s-p bonding and little by little the palladium begins to disaggregate from the other palladium atoms and go to the high-spin state. Okay? What they have reported is that after several days there is this tremendous release of energy, and it's more energy than the amperage that went into the sample. What they haven't figured out is that it is not more energy than the voltage that fed it, and a superconductor feeds on the magnetic field not on the amperage.

As so, literally, when they pull the voltage potential, if there's no amperage flowing, the amperage only puts the lithium into the palladium. That's the only purpose of the amperage is to put the, to electroplate the lithium onto the palladium and cause the metal-metal bonding of the palladium to break and form what Pons and Fleischmann, and this is their scientific technical term, "the white crud on the surface of the palladium". And that white crud is the superconductor. And it literally builds up energy, builds up energy, kind of like you think of a capacitor building up energy, it's flowing more and more light and it's feeding on the magnetic potential. More and more light, more and more light, until it reaches what's called HC2, the greatest amount of magnetic field that superconductor can sustain and at that point it collapses. And just like we were talking about last night, now you have volts. So now you got 150-200 thousand amps and you got volts, and so yes, there is a tremendous heat, but it's not more heat than the voltage potential the sample was subjected to, but only a superconductor feeds on the voltage potential and so they never considered that as an option.

I actually have a paper, a cold fusion article, and nowhere in the article is this mentioned, but in big bold type in the middle of the page it says, "We will find that a material like palladium is going into a state that is much like superconductivity when it causes the cold fusion reaction". And they're figuring this out, they're seeing what I am describing, but they don't understand this yet. Palladium specifically can become superdeformed. Palladium will come apart by just looking at it wrong. So certainly when this flux collapse occurs you're going to get all sorts of elements that shouldn't have been there before. In that Scientific American article it actually tells you the elements you'll get from palladium. Listen!

I'll bet you if Champion looks at the article and then goes back and studies his results, he'll find out exactly what he's getting is what he's supposed to be getting. But it sure sounds like alchemy doesn't it, making elements into other elements? It's interesting to note that the philosophical text . . . over in the Ayurvedic text, I was sent a copy by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who knows of this work, and he had it translated into English and sent it over to me. These are about 2,000 B.C. that this information comes from supposedly, and it says you can take mercury and divide mercury, and divide mercury and divide mercury, until you divide it into it's essence and you actually get a white powder of mercury. And the way you test that mercury to see if it's ready for ingestion, is you heat it in air and if it turns to gold, then it's ready for ingestion. And they knew this 2000 B.C. Did you know that superdeformed mercury, when all of its electrons are paired in the high-spin state, if you heat it in air in 78% Nitrogen, in air, that when you get up to around red heat, that the outside electron pair will annihilate with itself. It actually will withdraw it's screening potential enough that outer pair annihilates, and that electron pair doesn't produce 510,000 electron-volt photons like electron annihilation normally does, it produces a 1 million electron-volt photon that is always absorbed by the binding nucleus.

So here your mercury atom now has a 1 million volt photon that comes flying into the nucleus, in the binding nucleus of the mercury, and that's the energy it takes in a high-spin state to knock off a proton and several neutrons. Coincidentally. Now you have a low spin gold, and it goes right immediately to low spin gold. Now low spin gold, if there's other gold atoms near it will aggregate as a metallic material, and once you got diatomic gold, you got it, you're on your way home now, you got metal. So you could actually take mercury to the high-spin state and the way you check it is heat it in air, and if it goes to gold then don't heat the rest of it, consume it, it's a medicine. And that's something that miners and metallurgists have a real hard time with, they say, "Why don't they want the beautiful yellow valuable metal?" Because the white powder is more valuable, that's why.

And that's the test to see if you got it, and they knew that 2,000 B.C. and we're just now figuring it out now in physics. Isn't that amazing? They claim that the gods taught them this. Okay, next slide.

[1:10:58] Okay, this is a copy of a publication put out by Johnson Matthey. The two major chemical refiners in the world since 1860 has been Johnson Matthey, and then more recently they set up Englehard, it was a dummy company, and if you don't know the history behind it. Johnson Matthey are the refiners for the Crown of England, since 1860 they have been the refiners for the King of England, now the Queen of England. During the world wars, particularly during World War II, the United States government required two bidders on all issuance of contracts, and so Johnson Matthey had to set up a competitor to bid against them, and so Oppenheimer, that's who owns Johnson Matthey, set up Englehard. It has a different Board of Directors but it has the same control share holders. And so now there are two entities, Johnson Matthey and Englehard, but if you ever have a problem with Johnson Matthey, Englehard is brought in to resolve the problem. And if you ever have a problem with Englehard, Johnson Matthey is brought in to resolve the problem. And you're never going to win. Let me tell you, so you don't ever want to go head to head with these people in court.

Anyway, this a publication that's put out quarterly by Johnson Matthey. Johnson Matthey keeps track of what's going on in the world on anything relating to precious metal uses, and they publish these. It's published quarterly in a paper called "The Precious Metal Review" and what I did is, I belong to the International Precious Metal Conference, and I get a copy of this quarterly, or did up until about 1992 when I couldn't afford it anymore so I had to drop out. But in there they have like temperature measurements, they have thermocouples that use precious elements in the thermocouples, and then they have a section on medical uses,. and what I am putting this up for is every issue has about 40 or 50 different articles under medical uses on the use of precious elements in curing cancer. There's Sys-Platinum and Carbono-Platinum that are standard materials being used in the medical community right now for testicular and ovarian cancer.

But they have found that certain salts don't work very well and other salts do work well, and they don't understand why, the people that make these compounds. What it is, it's how good the salt is. How dis-aggregated the metallic bonds are. If it's below that critical cluster size, then the salt will dissolve in the aqueous saline system of the body. If it's above that critical size it doesn't dissolve. I think they're beginning to understand that, based on what I am seeing in the published literature. Anyway, I chose these two particular articles here because they're actually talking about how the platinum corrects the cancer. Now there's hundreds of articles, but they're all different compounds, of ways to solubilize platinum, and keep it soluble in the body. These articles talk about how the platinum cures the cancer.

"The modification of DNA by sys-platinum..", which is the ammonia-platinum compounds, "...has been examined. Anti-tumor active platinum compounds induce in DNA, at low levels of binding, local conformational alterations which have the character of a non-denaturing distortion. These changes in DNA occur due to formation of inter-strand cause links...". Anyway, they give the reasons, but they actually, what they're saying is that it alters the DNA so that imperfection in the DNA that prevents the DNA from communicating with the, and what is it, the... Dr. McDaniels...what is it? No the material that goes out, finds the problem and comes back to the DNA and communicates to it. Messenger RNA? What I was told by John Fagan back at MIU is, what happens is the DNA alters ever so slightly and where the communication has to occur, this messenger RNA cannot communicate with the DNA, because of the alteration in the DNA. And what this does is causes the DNA to relax and to recombine corrected. Now the site is open for the communication to occur and the information about what has to be created to cure the problem now can be communicated from the DNA. It's like a little computer. And you must access those sites.

This also happens to be what happens with AIDS. The affected virions from a milliliter of blood are measuring the DNA that's affected by the virions, and your immune system can't function where that communication has to occur. You correct that alteration in the DNA and now the communication occurs. Your body cures itself. But these elements correct the DNA that allows the body to begin to do what the body can normally do, and that's to take care of itself. Okay, complete different concept than the drug companies use, but this one is a natural system.

What I am telling you, last night, is that over 5%, by dry matter weight, of your brain and nervous tissue, is made up of rhodium and iridium in the high-spin state. And, literally, you have light flowing in your body right now. Literally, you have a light body and you have a physical body, and they're totally independent systems. You have this liquid light, that you can't see the frequencies that it vibrates at, but it's flowing in your body right now, and it corrects the DNA and keeps the DNA corrected and functioning correctly. What happens is when a bunch of it, because you're deficient in these elements or it becomes pinned with the carcinogens, now the light cannot flow in that area. Now curiously enough, you find the aura also collapses in that area, because the aura is the Meissner field of the superconductor. And when the light cannot flow through that area, what you get is, you get resistance, you get heat build up, you get energy build up. It's like a rock in the stream, the water can't flow through the rock now. And now that DNA becomes altered, and it's getting too much energy as heat, and the cells begin to divide way too fast. When you put these elements into the cancer correctly, then the resonance connection can reestablish itself, where that rock used to be, and the rock dissolves away because the light begins to correct the DNA again, and that's the way it cures the cancer.

But it is these elements that do it, and they are naturally in your body. All we're talking about is just adding more of something that's naturally supposed to be there. Even though iridium is 25% heavier than gold, in the monatomic form it's not a heavy metal, it's an element. It has no toxicity whatsoever. Pretty heavy stuff, huh? Next slide.

(Question - What's the volume on that?)

What's that? This one happens to be 1990, Volume 34, 4, page 235. Okay? It's called the Platinum Metals Review. It's put out by Johnson Matthey and you'll either have to contact them or you probably can get it in .... a good science library should have it. 1990, I think.

But you get into this area in Platinum Metals Review, you'll find all sorts of articles. These two I picked for brevity, you know, I could give you 50 pages of platinum metal being used in cancer treatment. But these particular articles talked about specifically how it's treating the cancer, not just doing it, but how it's doing it. And you know, this is specialized research that it's far beyond me to do, I mean I'm the dirt farmer remember, I just go out and dig out this stuff. Other people are doing the work, so you want to criticize it, don't criticize me, criticize them, they're the bad guys, you know, you don't like it, they're the bad guys.

[1:18:57] Title. "Evidence from activation energies for superconducting, tunneling in biological systems at physiological temperatures". Who's doing the work? The Biochemistry Laboratory, U.S. Naval Air Development Facility, good old Uncle Sam. "Superconductivity has been observed. It's responsible for nerve and growth processes. The square of the activation energy is a function". . . anyway . . . "single electron tunneling between micro regions of superconductivity". They know that superconductivity is in our body. They know it's going on right now, they just don't know what's doing it. Because whatever it's doing it is like a stealth atom, it can't be analyzed, it can't be detected. No joke. Okay, next paper.

Source? "Physiological Chemistry and Physics, III, 1971". Next paper. You're all welcome to go look these up, read the whole paper if you like. It's the concept I'm interested in today.

[1:20:12] "Volume 85A, Number 6 & 7, Physics Letters, the 12th of October, 1981". "Non-linear properties of coherent electric vibrations in living cells". It's performed by the Institute of Physical Sciences, University Degli Studi, who knows what that is? In Milan, Italy, July, 1981. Anyway, what they're describing here is the resonance couple, it is a superconducting phenomena and I don't think on this page they use the word "superconductivity", but they're talking about Bose light condensation occurs in particular areas, they're referring to superconductivity, the papers say it on subsequent pages.

[1:20:55] Okay, next page. Title again, is "Non-linear properties of coherent electric vibrations in living cells". That's a mouthful isn't it? Typical scientific terminology. Next paper.

[1:21:15] "Magnetic flux quantization and Josephson behavior in living systems". Now, what they're talking about here is the Josephson junction, and that's a superconducting switch. Basically when you understand these are monatoms, resonance coupled, but if the magnetic field applied is great enough to break that resonance coupling then it stops the superconductivity, and that's called a Josephson junction. They gave a Nobel Prize to Brian Josephson for discovering that. But it's actually enough external magnetic field and instead of flowing more current it actually cuts between the superconductors, and because these are monatomic resonance coupled systems, any external field that breaks that resonance coupling stops the superconductivity. And they have found, in evaluating the superconductivity in living systems, that in fact, if you apply too much magnetic field it stops it. And that number is somewhere around 8-10 gauss. So, people who are working with these high magnets and all, it's too much magnetic field. If you're around power lines, it's too much magnetic field. Tremendous implications here if you really start thinking about the economics of it, what's involved and basically they have found superconductivity and they found that it acts like Josephson junctions and "its coherent excitation in the biological systems have already been proposed", and they go on to discuss their findings. And "the Josephson effects are seen, an anomalous, non-Ohmic current", in other words it has no voltage, there's no voltage at all, it's just pure amperage, and anyway, they said it's identical to the Josephson junction effect. Okay, next paper. This article is "Physica Scripta, Volume 40, 1989, pages 786-791".

This is, "Biological sensitivity to weak magnetic fields due to biologically superconducting Josephson junctions". Good old big brother, Biological Laboratories, U.S. Naval Air Development Center in Westminster, Pennsylvania, and this one, they actually, at the very introduction here, in the summary, it says, "Various species of organisms can detect weak magnetic fields of .1 to 5 gauss", and that is in fact the field that this responds to. I'll tell you a very interesting phenomena, when we make this white powder under controlled atmosphere and it's sitting there in a sealed tube, you can run your hand about 6 inches under the tube and the material flies around, in response to your hand 6 inches away, through the quartz tube. But if you take a magnet and put it under it nothing happens. But if you put your hand back under it, it flies around again.

And because superconductivity is flowing hundreds of thousands of amps in response to the tiniest magnetic field, but when you get up to too big a magnetic field, it all stops. So it's like you step on it and it quits moving, but you let your foot off, it starts going again. It's alive. Is everybody following this? Are we all pretty close on this? Okay. Huh? Say it again? (audience question) Oh, when we make it to the monatomic state we hydrogen reduce it, we oxidize it, hydrogen reduce it and then we anneal away the hydrogen. In the annealing with the hydrogen it goes snow white. When it's in that snow white state, under an inert gas atmosphere and we cool it down, you can actually take your hand and run it about 6 inches under the tube, you know a long distance away from it, and the material flies around inside the tube. And yet if you take a magnet and run it 6 inches under the tube, nothing happens. And yet you put the magnet down and put your hand back and it flies around again. And what it is, it's the subtle magnetic field of your hand which your body, I don't know what..., does anybody know what the magnetic field of the body is about 6 inches away? Anybody in Kirlian photography or anything has ever read about that? Anyway, you are talking about very subtle fields, very tiny fields, but those tiny fields cause dramatic current flow, enough to levitate the material. Now you think about how much amperage has to be flowing in the sample to cause it to levitate? How much current has to fly down, flow down that wire before the wire literally suspends and has no weight? You know, it's got to be a tremendous amount of amperage. The books say about 150,000 to 200,000 amps/square foot, but no volts!

So you can actually touch the stuff, feel the stuff, there's no sparks, there's no tingle, no tickle, but tremendous current flowing. Okay? Next one?

This is the Biochemistry Laboratory, U.S. Naval, it's published in Physiological Chemistry and Physics, 1973, it's Physics V, it says 1973. Anyway, I'm just bringing some examples of it in here to show you that the phenomena is not "Dave's dream state, he's getting this information", that in fact the U.S. government is working in this area. That these materials are in your body, they're in your body naturally, their role is to keep your DNA corrected, they are very important to your function, naturally in your body, and nobody knows they're there. And probably one of the highest sources, natural sources of rhodium and iridium, is Aloe Vera. And one of the people who are concentrating on this particular material is this Emprise Corporation. And I don't own any of Emprise, I don't have any stock in Emprise, I don't make any money on Emprise, I'm just telling you that of the natural sources this is one of the best sources. There is a product called "injectable Acemannan", the original injectable Acemannan, that has been analyzed by us and we found that it's 90% rhodium. 90% rhodium. They tell you it's, what, glucopolysaccharide? Is that right? Well, I'm telling you it's not. I'm contradicting them there, you know, they can sue me, they can do anything they want, but it does cure diseases and illness. Any disease that originates in the DNA it has the potential to correct. That's what you have to understand.

They don't have all of the answers and we don't have all the answers yet. How much, how it should be administered, what dosages, how much you can stand, but it does correct the DNA. And you know, it's in Essiac Tea, it's in the sheep sorrel and slippery elm bark, it's, rhodium is in carrot juice, carrots that are raised in the southwestern United States, Texas, excellent source of rhodium, but the Aloe Vera is one of the highest concentrations and particularly the products being made by them, are excellent folks.

And you know, he picked me up at the airport, wanted to talk to me about it, I ... he's trying to convince me of something I totally accept already, I know it's good, it has to be good, it has the stuff in it. You know, that's why it works. And so, because I can't treat cancer, I'm not a doctor, I send you to them. This is where you should be going and you should be taking it in mega-doses. I have not found any toxicity even in mega levels, so if you got somebody who's really sick that's probably their best chance of recovery is the high amounts of rhodium. Iridium seems to be the metronome. Iridium seems to play a role of regulating the biological activity in the body. It seems to... if you take high amounts of iridium your biology speeds up about 40 to 45 percent.

Now, most people don't understand, they say, "I don't want to get old faster". No, life is the reverse of linear time. Linear time is like a river going downstream and you are like a boat on the river rowing upstream. When you are a young child and a teenager, you're rowing like mad and you're really going up the stream, as you get to be an adult you're lucky to hold your own, and as you get older, even though you're rowing, you're not rowing fast enough and you now are getting downstream where the water is slow. We're speeding up your metabolism with iridium. Iridium is like the Elixir of Life. Iridium is what makes your metabolism run faster, which in turn allows your cells to be corrected and to divide faster. Unfortunately iridium does speed up cancer growth also, and so you don't want the iridium if you are fighting cancer. You want the rhodium for cancer. Iridium is more for the healthy person who then has the cancer under control and then is looking for the Elixir of Life. Iridium works just like gold. Both of them seem to effect the, what's called by the acupuncturists, the meridian system. Over 80% of the rhodium passes directly into the urine and out each day. The iridium doesn't, the iridium seems to be absorbed into what they call the meridian system, for what that's worth. (question) Yes it is.

That will be in what they call their "Man Aloe" product, it has rhodium and iridium. Emprise Corporation and the parent company is Carrington Laboratories. If you want to talk to somebody, Dr. McDaniels is over here, an MD, who's very knowledgeable about the material. He's one of their top researchers over there. Anyway, I don't want to get commercial on this so let's go on. Just about time for a break. I don't recommend many books, but this is one I strongly recommend for people, and this is not so technical that everybody can't read it and understand it. Danah Zohar, and that really is her name, Zohar, Danah Zohar has a Master's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in psychology, real unusual combination here, but ... next slide. It's called "The Quantum Self" [Quantum Self : Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics by Danah Zohar Published by Quill Publication date: May 1, 1991, ISBN: 0688107362] and Dana Zohar, you know, this is about her, anyway, go to the next slide.

This is the credentials, you're not supposed to use their work unless you cite where it's from, so I give her credit. Danah Zohar writes very clearly and very accurately. This is chapter 15, "The Quantum Vacuum and the God Within", as you can see we're kind of wrapping up our science and we're getting ready to go over into philosophy. It is my opinion, you got to have this science, you can't build a house on a weak foundation. You got to have the science, friend. But I don't want you to believe this when you leave this room; I want you to know it. Okay there's a difference between belief and knowing. Anyway, she writes very clearly, she's talking about the quantum vacuum and the god within. I think that's very interesting, the god, when you meet your god, when you have your garment of glory on and you come face to face with your god, he will be within the vacuum energy. That is the energy where it all began, where all matter that we know in this universe came from, is the vacuum where the zero point energy, the scalar energy, there's all sorts of names for it, but it is that underlying vibration that contains immense amounts of energy. And it's everywhere in the universe, timeless, all, every nucleus runs on it, every electron runs on it, and that's where you will meet your god.

(audience talking & questions) It's in current publication, you can get it at your bookstore or order it in. (more audience talking) Ah, William Morrow, Inc., New York. Okay? Anyway, I've got several pages of hers and there's just excepts that I want to read to you that she talks about. I've got a gentleman here doing our paperwork, that's really concerned about keeping everything in order and trying to do a very neat job. "It has been the argument of this book that quantum physics allied to a quantum mechanical model of consciousness gives us an entirely different perspective. That is a perspective from which we can see our selves and purposes fully as part of the universe and from which we might come to understand the meaning of human existence. To understand why we, conscious human beings are here in this material existence at all, the material universe at all". Okay, next page.

Okay, Frhlich style Bose-Einstein condensate in the brain. This is the "boson". You know, Bose-Einstein, they call it bosonic physics. In the brain. "A coherent ordering of some bosons, photons or virtual photons present in neural tissue, or neuron cell walls. This quantum coherence makes possible the orchestrated firing of some or all of the 10 to the 11th neurons in the human brain and the integration of information to which their firing gives rise. Thus giving us the unity of consciousness and ultimately the sense of self and world. Without the ordered Bose-Einstein orchestration of photons or other boson there would be no sense of self and world, but equally without the material components of the neural tissue there would be no Bose-Einstein condensate. The two, quantum coherence and ground state of consciousness, and neural tissue matter in relationship to each other give the brain it's conscious functioning capacity. This capacity is linked to all the neural networks that process data from the environment. So at the level of consciousness found in ourselves and higher animals the creative dialogue between matter and consciousness..." Remember the boson being the consciousness, " obvious and crucial. Neither is reducible to the other and yet neither can function without the other. Equally and at a more basic level, this same ordered quantum coherence is thought to be present in all biological tissue right down to the level of the DNA itself. As we have seen it is linked inseparably to the essential creativity of life".

Now, in simplistic terms we are back to talking about the very same things that, 3000 B.C., that the Egyptians were talking about. A light body and a physical body. They can't be separated from each other and yet the two need each other to function as we are now. The physical body cannot effect the light body but the light body can effect the physical body. The light body is actually what keeps the physical body corrected, so it doesn't become a rock, it becomes a living thing, and that's what corrects it. And you actually have two aspects to you. You have your physical body and you have your light body, and the light body is what is in resonance coupling with the zero point or vacuum energy all the time. Okay, it's like a radio frequency receiver that is literally resonating or quivering with that vacuum energy, each atom quivering with that energy and literally bringing that energy into our three dimensional existence. Okay, it manifests it up into us. So literally god, this infinite energy that's at the zero point, we can't tap that energy. We can't access that energy as our three dimensional being, because we can never look into the vacuum.

But if we could shrink ourselves down, if we could shrink ourselves down to the world of the atom, if we could literally get inside of an atom, if it were possible in the world of the quanta, time goes forward and time goes reverse. Everything is reversible, but in our macro-three dimensional body time is not reversible. A superconductor, the physics of a superconductor is billions and billions and billions of atoms all in perfect harmony, perfect lockstep, all acting like one big macro-atom. That's why physicists are so interested in superconductors, because when they understand the superconductor they will understand the atom, because the physics are the same. But literally you can build a vessel, a vehicle, out of a superconductor, you can climb inside that vessel, and when you energize the superconductor, you may be there but you are not in this world anymore. You have created your own space-time.

A superconductor's Meissner field excludes all external magnetic fields including gravity. So you have created your own space-time. Or in philosophical terms you are in this world, but you're not of this world. And when that occurs you have created your own space-time and you can move in space-time. You are not locked into space-time. And even better yet than that, that's an electromagnetic propulsion system, but better than that, when you become the perfect superconductor, when you become the atom.... ah, Adam, coincidental?... when you become the atom, you literally become timeless. There is no time forward as we know time. When you put on your Rainbow Garment, your Garment of Glory, your whatever you want to call it, that perfect Meissner field around your body, you become like an angel. You become timeless. You're in this world but you're not of this world. "Don't touch me, I don't have on my earthly garments". Where have we heard that before? Next page.

Just a few more things that I would like to read to you. From the same book. "It has the same physics and through this physics we can trace our consciousness back to something that we share in some very primitive sense with any living thing and at each level where there is ordered quantum coherence; there is a creative give and take between that coherence and its material surroundings. But the interesting question is whether life itself has any antecedent. Is the living world just a random offshoot of brute universe processes that are themselves wholly alien to life or is there some early ancestor of the physics that becomes the physics of life. Can we trace or consciousness ancestry back to the non-living world? I have argued earlier in chapter 7 that ultimately we can trace our consciousness back to it's roots in the special kind of relationship that exist wherever two bosons meet. To their propensity to bind together, to overlap and to share an identity". That has to be unique to bosons. "Behaving as one large boson. Millions of bosons overlap and share an identity behaving as one large boson, but in it's primitive form, it is there whenever two bosons meet. Physicists working with photons call it the photon-bunching effect". In other words they tend to socialize. Next paper.

Sounds kind of philosophical doesn't it? "Bosons are essentially particles in relationship. They are the fundamental building blocks of all nature's forces, the strong and the weak, nuclear, the electromagnetic and the gravitational. They are the most primary antecedents of consciousness, but they also bind together in the material world. The fundamental building blocks of the material world itself are fermions, for instance, electrons and protons, that those anti-social particles that prefer to keep to themselves". Okay, next paper. As you can see, she writes very clearly, she's very readable, and yet she's very accurate in her science. I strongly recommend her. She does understand this and has a very good concept.

".. is that one of the fields within the vacuum is thought to be a coherent Bose-Einstein condensate, that it is a condensate and the same physics as the ground state of human consciousness". That is correct. "Further excitations or fluctuations as of coherent vacuum condensate appear to have the same mathematics as the excitations of our own Frhlich style Bose-Einstein condensate". In other words, these atoms, these single atoms in our body are resonating with the god force of the vacuum. Okay slide it on over. "With our physics of consciousness which mirrors the physics of the coherent vacuum as conceived in the image of god or as partners in god's creation. Like the ground state of human consciousness which is coherent but in itself uninteresting without features, the coherent quantum vacuum contains within itself all potentialities. It can realize that potentiality, however, only through the fluctuations within itself. Excitations that lead to the birth of particles and their relationships. In ourselves these excitations give birth to thought. In religious terms this splitting off might be equated with alienation of the Fall. Such a Fall is the prerequisite of all creation or knowledge, but it means leaving the Eden of total fusion or total Oneness with the Light.

"It is possible to speculate that at each stage of his evolution this process would itself be in dialogue with the vacuum which we might call God". Which is why she says "Quantum Vacuum and the God Within". "...leading to further fluctuations within it. Mystical experiences are sometimes described as though they might be mirroring such a dialogue". Anyway she does this little drawing right here. The Fall... individuality... grace... grace..... drives towards greater coherence .... relationship ... people of Israel ... body of Christ ... quantum processes and redemption back to unity with God. So here is a masters physicist, but she has to be a psychologist, so she has both hats to wear at the same time. I think she does a very good job and I strongly recommend her writings to you. Okay.

(audience question) Yeah. Oh yes I did. We talked about the Bose-Einstein condensate, the boson. See there's fermion physics and there's bosonic physics. Fermions are electrons that occupy certain space-time. When one electron spin 1/2 pairs with another electron spin 1/2, then it becomes a spin 1 boson. Okay, so when these electrons are screened by the high-spin nucleus all the electrons become paired as Cooper pairs or as light. There is no more particle aspect, it's pure light. So really we have a nucleus, but instead of having electrons around it now it has nothing but bundles of light around it. New world. Next slide.

Now I just simply throw this in. "When you understand that a Cooper pair is actually two waves perfectly equal and opposite". Now this is very important to understand. That two waves equal and opposite create a null. Now you cannot measure two waves equal and opposite because their effects are canceled. So in our three dimensional existence you don't have anything that deflects anymore, a meter or a gauge or anything, it's a null. But do not ever believe that this is nothing. The two waves are still there, and this is a nothing that is everything. Now once again we'll repeat this. Two waves equal and opposite, the electron and the positron, the mirror image, are perfectly in harmonic, and they go like this, they're two waves equal and opposite. Or as this man puts it, this is Dan Winters, it looks just like this. Okay? When these two waves cancel, and you can see he does a real nice job, he shows them a little jerky here. That the wave actually has a width to it. And so when these waves appear to cancel what they really produce is a residuum wave that can be measured, and that is the Planckian frequency. Coincidentally, the vacuum energy. That is it and it only is produced with two waves. It doesn't make any difference what length those waves are as long as they're equal and opposite. When these two waves cancel they literally leave a residuum vibration that is very tiny and very short and that is the Planckian frequency. Next slide.

And I just saw this. Dan Winters does such a good job of depicting it that I said, oh hell, I'll just use his slides. It just so happens that Dan Winters said that the nucleus or the DNA interacts with this frequency. So people in music and all this that play all this beautiful music, they say it calms the soul, it does all these things, they say, "Dave, would music effect the DNA itself?" I don't believe so because, I think, that what you're trying to effect is in fact a null, and that frequency that you're trying to generate is in fact a frequency so short that even our nuclear physicists can't produce the Planck frequency. But that frequency in fact is where everything is and that frequency just happens to interact with the DNA in the cell. It is the God-Force or the Creative Vibration or the energy that is everywhere timeless in the universe and that's what the electro-magnetic null produces. So what frequency is it? It's not important. It's two waves equal and opposite, that's what's important. (audience question) It's actually Dan Winter's book, it's a big thick book, but I don't remember the title of it. It's Dan Winter's book and that's what it's in. Anyway, next slide.

And here he says, he's showing the cell again, the inter-reaction of the zero point energy which he shows depicted as the center or literally that the vibrations actually go to null, to nothing and that's the center. And that's the frequency inter-reaction of the DNA. That's one way of picturing it and so I'm using his slide, but that happens to be the frequency that does interact with the DNA, and his terminology here is, lightning-spun up-primal soup- all lightning is unipolar because of the consistent orgone electro-negative. Well he's talking about this as orgone energy. That I don't know if I ascribe to, I don't know if I like his terminology here, but his concept of the electro-magnetic zero point is accurate. I'm not telling you that I believe everything that Dan Winter's writes, I'm telling you that this particular part of it is accurate. Next slide. Okay, next slide.

Okay there is a man by the name of Max Planck. You all remember Max Planck? About the turn of the century, 1906, he came with a little thing called little "h" that you have to put in all your wave computations because if you don't it isn't accurate. That's Planck's frequency. When Max Planck died he still couldn't tell us why you have to use Planck's constant. He just knew that that was the number it took to balance the equation, if you didn't use it, it didn't work. But he came up with this phenomena called the quanta. Well what caused him to come up with this is he encountered this phenomena I've got pictured up here. As you come across the electro-magnetic spectrum from the tower waves, radio waves, microwaves, when you approach the ultra-violet, you find that this energy right here, and he actually has this backwards according with how it's depicted today, as you come from these long wavelengths going to short wavelengths in this direction, that literally this is called black body radiation. This is the energy that emits from a perfectly absorbing black body. Okay and it builds and collapses and then the solar energy light spectrum is over on the left side and it collapses, and the two don't come together, and he was really disturbed of why don't these two peaks just run together like this. Why do they come up and just collapse? And what he was encountering is the electro-magnetic zero point. This is what I'm telling you. And I'm telling you the same thing he was telling you except I'm telling it to you with a different perspective.

It was just to the... if you go on a electro-magnetic charge, you go from 100 electron-volts to 10 electron-volts to 1 electron-volts, and then you can't go any further than that. Because in the real world there's 2.3 children in the average household in America. Show me the .3 child, I'd like to see him. There is no .3 child. On a macro scale there's 2.3 but on an individual family no family has .3. They have 2 or they have 3, but there's no .3. In the real world there's one positive electron and there's one negative electron, but there's nothing less than one. And so as you come 100, 10, 1, you can't go to .5 or .1 or .001 electro-volts because there's no such thing in the real world. Now you can put anything on a chart, but in the real world at 1 it all ends. There's plus one and there's minus one. And what I want to know is where's the zero point, and it's between plus one and minus one. That's really easy to figure out. And so if you come down here from 100 to 10 to 1, then you have to turn around and go back plus 1, or minus 1, actually it's minus 1, minus 10, minus 100 and it goes back. Now if you pick up the electro-magnetic spectrum and you look at it you'll find absorption spectroscopy and emission spectroscopy all on the same chart. But they're not exactly the same, they're slightly offset because it's a logarithmic chart and where this turns around and goes back is where the electro-magnetic zero point is and it just happens to be dead center where these two won't reconcile. Next slide. And in fact what happens is as this turns around you get something that looks about like this. You get a singularity. It's where it literally turns around and starts to come back and at the point where it perfectly turns there's actually a singularity. Because in reality it literally turns and runs off in another dimension and then comes out of that dimension and continues on. The two miss each other by Planck's frequency, they don't touch. That's the width of the frequency. And that's what it looks like, that's literally coming up and turning and running down into another dimension and coming out of that dimension and continuing on. It's where another dimension intersects. It's where time intersects the electro-magnetic spectrum and it intersects at the electro-magnetic zero point.

Where do you find that? You find it at the area where matter exists, you find it at the temperatures where you exist. To the right is the ionization spectrum, to the left is the ultra...  is the microwave, but it's in this spectrum, in the middle, where the zero point is. And that's what you'll find out is that God, or the electro-magnetic zero point is within you. That's where it is. It's within all life. It's what is life. It's what makes up life. It's what makes up matter. All physicists are looking for that singularity. They're trying to crunch waves tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter together until they literally... and they're going way out past deep gamma trying to crunch those waves together and get them where they stack on top of themselves. But the amazing thing is at the electro-magnetic zero point they literally turn and run off, and relative to you they stack on top of themselves. It's inherent in the system that this singularity occurs at the electro-magnetic zero point. And all physicists are looking for the creation way out in deep gamma and right back here at null, it's where it all came from. It's the primal soup. It's where particles are born out of that vacuum energy every day. Electrons disappear into it and reappear out of it continually. It is the creative force. It's where it all came from. And if you get yourself shrunk down where you could climb inside that dark slit right there, where literally matter, the wave, no matter how long it is, it's running away from you so it's stacking on top of itself relative to you, if you could get inside of there, you would be one with God.

And the way to do that is you must put on your Garment of Glory. You must put on your Meissner field and what that Meissner field does is it shifts you over into that. It's like taking this and just pulling it down over your self. And from that point you see all things, you understand all things and you become timeless. It's science. Okay? That's about the end, let's take a break, stretch your legs, walk around a little bit and be back in like 15 or 20 minutes.

Workshop, Part II


Okay we had a nice break and it's time to get back to the second half where David Hudson is going to go into the philosophical parts of his discussion. And before he does that, I wanted to tell you that we are going to plan a meeting, so that those of you who are asking about the Enterprise products with the Acemannan, we are going to have a meeting so that he can explain this to us. And I will contact you from your registration forms, and then the Eclectic Viewpoint will become a distributor for it, and then you can help us that way, that would give us extra funds. So we will become a distributor for that product and we'll get detailed explanations of it, about which products are the best and etcetera. David?

David Hudson:

Okay, Dr. McDaniels, you owe me one now. Okay, everybody here all right? Everybody back, settled down? I apologize to those of you who are bored with the first part of the presentation. I know that in most of the programs you attend you don't hear or see things quite that heavy as far as the science. But I really encourage you ladies to get a copy of that and take it to the man in your life. These men who say that they are nuts and bolts people. They want something they can taste, they want something they can feel, they want something they can look at. They don't want this, you know, feely, feely stuff that the women are always talking about. Well the women know this, it's amazing the women, the housewives who say, "Dave we just know it already. We don't need to see this, we know it". They've known it all along. It's the men that think with their mind, not their heart. It's the men that have to see this, so I apologize to the ladies who are bored with this, but it is the nuts and bolts, and it is the stuff that makes it science not philosophy, even though it becomes very philosophical very quickly. All right, now we're going to get into what most of the ladies do approve of, and that's the philosophical history. And you know, this is just investigations that I have done into the subject and some of the significant papers. I would like to just put these before you for your consideration, not try to prove or convince anything, just this is what I have found.

As you recall in the other presentation I told you that one of the first people I went to was the Rabbi in Phoenix and this Rabbi said, "Oh yes, we know of the white powder of gold, the Hebrews do, but to our knowledge no one's known how to make it since the destruction of the first temple". He said, "This is the magic". Well this was a new subject to me, you've got to understand I don't even attend church, I'm a real bad fellow and I don't have any philosophy I'm trying to present here. I'm not trying to win anyone over to any thinking. This is information that I think is historically significant and I give it to you in the context of history, not in the context of a particular religion, so I want to make that disclaimer up front. I think it's significant to know about and I think that our understanding of the Bible becomes much greater after we become aware of this. Okay, put the first slide up.

What is the Philosopher's Stone. What does it achieve? What are the attributes? Basically most of the information that was put out about the Middle Ages. This is a writing, "The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic" by Eliphis Levi, and I just, he gives it here in the Hebrew letters and so I am going to read these attributes to you. Okay, "Hereinafter follow the powers and privileges of him who hold in his right hand the clavicles of Solomon. These are the Keys of Solomon". Remember I told you these are a key, they're not the answer, don't get me wrong. This is not the answer, this is the way to the answer. And these are called The Keys to the Kingdom or The Keys of Solomon. And in his left hand the Branch of the Blossoming Almond which curiously enough in the Ark of the Covenant there was the Pot of the Manna and the Staff of Aaron. It blossomed. Okay? Coincidentally. Now I don't speak Hebrew and I'm probably not going to pronounce these letters right. This is the Hebrew alphabet and it begins with "Aleph". "He beholds God face to face without dying", okay, "and converses familiarly with the seven genie who are in command of the entire celestial army". In other words you communicate with the angels. "Beth", " He is above all griefs and all fears". "Gimel", "He reigns with all Heaven and is served by all Hell". "Daleth", "He rules his own health and life and can influence equally those of others". "He", "He can neither be surprised by misfortune nor overwhelmed by disasters nor can he be conquered by his enemies". "Vau", "He knows the reason of the past, present and future". "Zayin", "He possesses the secret of the resurrection of the dead and the Key of Immortality". "Such are the seven chief privileges and those which next are these". Now do understand these are the seven most important. "Cheth", "To find the Philosophical Stone". "Teth", "To possess the universal medicine". "Yod", "To know the laws of perpetual motion and prove the quadrature of the circle". "Kaph", "To change into gold, not only all metals, but also the Earth itself and even the refuse of the Earth". "Lamed", "To subdue the most ferocious animals and have power to pronounce those words which paralyze and charm serpents". "Mem", "To have the Ars Nestoria which gives the Universal Science." "Nun", "To speak learnedly on all subjects without preparation and without study". These finally are the seven least powers of the Magus. "Samekh", "To know at a glance the deep things of the souls of men and the mysteries of the hearts of women". Whoa! "Ayin", "To force nature to make him free at his pleasure". "Pe", "To foresee all future events which do not depend on a superior free will or on an indiscernible cause". "Sadhe", "To give at once and to all the most efficacious consolations and the most wholesome counsel". "Koph", "To triumph over adversities". "Resh", "To conquer love and hate". "Shin", "To have the secret of wealth. To be always a master and never a slave. To enjoy even poverty and never become abject or miserable". "Tav", "Let us add to these three sepentaries that the wise man rules the elements, stills the tempest, and cures the disease by his touch and raises the dead".

That's a pretty heavy order. But after you find this out you become very interested in it. If this is really what it's all about then, you know, let's find out if this really is so. Okay next slide.

(audience question) No I don't. I got it out of a New Age bookstore. It's "Transcendental Magic" by Eliphis Levi. [Published by Samuel Weiser, Publication date: June 1968, ISBN: 0877280797] It's a small but fairly thick blue book. It has the 6 pointed Star of David and "As above, so is below" and all of that on it. Anyway, most of you know about Zecharia Sitchin, some of his books are for sale out here. Zecharia Sitchin wrote an awful lot, he was involved in the translation of the cuneiform tablets that were found over in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. His translations are excellent. Some of his conclusions I take issue with, that he extrapolates on math and he makes certain conjecture. What he does say is that, "The Gods came here to Earth. They lived here on the Earth. They came here to mine gold out of the sea waters." Now right there most of you don't know much about chemistry but if it's soluble in sea water and stays in sea water, it's elemental gold. Metallic gold salt in the sea water would precipitate and come out. Okay, so it has to be elemental gold. Okay, as the "oroide", the monatomic gold. They were not able to get enough gold so they begin to mine it in Africa so they could get more gold. What Sitchin says is obviously that gold was very important to them. They were not able to get enough gold so they went to Africa and began to mine it out of the ground. He says, "obviously they needed this for some important purpose such as a radiation shield around their planet". Well that's his conclusion. My conclusion is it was their food. It was the food of the Gods. That's why they needed the gold.

Now all of your cultures even in South America and middle America, the gold didn't belong to the Indian peoples, they said it belonged to the Gods. It was the Gods'. Gold was the Gods'. That's because it's the food of the Gods. Okay, in Sitchin's books, he says that the Gods created, they took DNA of an Earthly being, they combined it with their DNA and they came up with this being that they called the Admon. The first man. That they kept him in an area called "Ed En". That eventually they learned how to make a female, and of course you know what happens when males and females get together. Well they began to have more children than they knew what to do with, they had more workers than the Gods needed so they begin to let some of these beings leave out of Eden. These beings were very unhappy, they weren't living very long. The Gods lived basically as immortals. They were only living for a few years and dying, and so the Gods picked a few of them, and this female God taught them how to make the Elixir of Life. How to make the Food of the Gods. These chosen people literally learned how to become sons of God and they took this knowledge to Egypt. Okay? That's how it happened in my opinion. That's Dave Hudson's version.

In his book, he has a couple of things in there that I wanted to draw attention to. First of all, this underlined section, "The term Ben and it's hieroglyphic depiction, which is the elongated pyramidal shape, in time indeed acquired the connotations of virility and reproduction, and could well have been the source of meaning for the male offspring that Ben has in Hebrew. In addition to virility and reproduction, the shrine also acquired the attributes of rejuvenation. This in turn gave rise to the legend of the Ben Bird which the Greeks who had visited Egypt called the Phoenix." Curiously enough I live in Phoenix. "As these legends had it, the Phoenix was an eagle with plumage partly red and partly golden. Once every 500 years, as it was about to die, it went to Heliopolis and in some manner rose again from the ashes of itself or of it's father. Heliopolis and it's healing waters remained venerated until early Christian times. Local traditions claimed that when Joseph and Mary escaped Egypt with the child Jesus they rested by the shrine's well". Okay? He is on the right track. He's talking about the right subject. He's identifying with all the right characteristics, but he still doesn't have this one little piece of the puzzle. Okay, next slide. (audience question) That is from "Stairway to Heaven" by Zecharia Sitchin, [Stairway to Heaven (Earth Chronicles, Book 2 by Zecharia Sitchin, Published by Avon Books Publication date: November 1, 1990, ISBN: 0380633396] and it talks in there about the old kingdom Pharaohs and High Priests that were sons of God that never died. That they, when it came their time that they literally traveled eastward across the Sinai until they came to the Island there of Bahrain where Dilman was, and they ascended by the Stairway to Heaven, or Jacob's Ladder if you are a Christian. And that in fact is the way they went to Heaven. They never died like we think of dying. And it's curious because they never found any remains of a Pharaoh of Old Kingdom Egypt. Anyway here's another reference, "Emil Bach", book on Genesis - Creation of the Patriarchs. Next slide. Anyway, that's just credit.

I'm just kind of taking you through the information as I found it and as I pursued it. This is basically Joseph and his brothers and Emil Bach was a German researcher, and it says, "What it eliminated from his blood he reabsorbs spiritually. When through his Egyptian initiates, Moses had completed and ended Israel's immersion in the world of the Mysteries, Joseph's spiritual return home was a total one. We shall see later that through Moses and the Sinai revelation a spiritual restoration of Ishmael also took place. The four centuries between Joseph and Moses, which the Bible passes over, as it does with the period of a thousand years between Noah and Abraham, were a time of outward absorption, assimilation and quiet, inward incorporation of Egypt by Israel". Okay, that's something we always talk, in the Bible, about the problems the Israelites were having with Egypt, but, in fact, they traveled willingly to Egypt, and they lived in Egypt and they learned and gained information in Egypt. He goes into the secrets of the Bread and the Wine and the atmosphere of Communion Breath through them. Well, the Communion Breath is that which issues from the mouth of the Creator, which is one of the symbols for it in Old Kingdom Egypt. Remember I told you yesterday it was called the Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, that which issues from the mouth of the Creator, which the Christians call the Word of God, but in fact it's the Spittle. And then it's the Semen of the Father in Heaven.

And these three terminologies are what they called it in Old Kingdom Egypt. And the Bread and the Water, something different than the Bread and the Wine. And if all of you recall, the Bread and the Wine were shared with the twelve Apostles, but the Bread and the Water were shared on Mt. Herod with James, Peter and John. When Christ was transfigured before their eyes, a column of light came out the top of his head, okay? And then after that time, James, Peter and John could perform all the miracles that Christ had performed previously, and nobody could do what Christ did before that time. Okay, next slide.

This is from the same book, "The image of Bread and Wine vibrates in the background, the charge administration of Bread and Wine, but still Egypt was involved and it was running out of the Bread. It's spiritual revelation was dying away". It was in Egypt where the Hebrews got this information and knowledge. It's where this technical capability came from, and they went to Egypt to regain what had come from Noah to Egypt. That's why Abraham had to go back to Egypt. Anyway, "From the beginning Israel had rejected the Bread and the Spirit revelation now deplete in Egypt. Israel was now ready to acquire the secret of the Bread for itself. Melchizedek bestowed Bread and Wine on Abraham but without yet removing the veil of the mystery from the Sacrament of Sun." Right here. "And then the Bread and Wine secreted in the events flashed forth only in concealed form out of the Soul into the individual soul." You know, once again, you have to understand that the role of Egypt was extremely important to the Hebrew people, and you have to understand that the Egyptians were conquered and slaughtered at the end of Old Kingdom Egypt. And from the end of Old Kingdom Egypt, the Egyptians were no longer Egyptians, they were Arabs. And it is from that time that the Hebrews had problems with them and fought with them and were always getting, you know, prior to that they got along well with them. They were an extremely powerful country and they were friends.

(end Tape 4, side 1)

(missing part of Tape 4, side 2)

.... fact to remember it was actually, what was it Saul, that helped restore Egypt to the Egyptians and conquered the Amalekites, and turned it back over to the Egyptians. So the Hebrews were indeed fighting with the Egyptians but the Egyptians were really Arabs, and they're still fighting. They just don't get along at all. Okay, next slide.

"The legacy of ancient spirit activity was utterly depleted. The expulsion from Paradise was complete." Then they talked about "the great Egyptian conqueror, Thutmose III, forced the entire Near East under his dominion on Palestinian ground sealed the death of the ancient super-century world condition". I'll tell you this Emil Bach is a typical German researcher, he's very methodical, very systematic and an excellent source of information. And what he's telling you is in fact what the story actually was in my opinion. Anyway, this is the introduction to the subject, you can change the slide.

I began to dig into Egypt because in Egypt they were very careful recorders of information. The Egyptians were very methodical, very systematic and they recorded in stone, and so their recordings were very important, and they were kept for a long time. This is from The Book of the Dead, this is the oldest Book of the Dead, it's called "The Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani". It's by Budge, the curator of the British museum. This is in the Papyrus of Ani, and the only reason, this is just a few of the pages, but what I am wanting you to see is the "what" and "is it". This question is being asked, they're talking about the changes that are going to occur as the godlike being, the Pharaoh, ascends to heaven, and they keep repeating this question. Move it on over where we can read the other side. They're talking about taking the tchefa food of the Gods, which produces the tchefa food of the Gods, behind the shrine, "Oh yea Gods who are in the Presence", it was called the Bread of the Presence. "I shall come into existence among you", and then, what then is it? You know, "which comes forth from the phallus of Ra".

This is all symbolism, you got to not get into confusing the symbolism with what they're writing here. Their actual concept of the Creation was the "semen of the Father", who was Ra, the semen of God mixed with the blood, and they actually have him taking a knife and performing a circumcision on himself, and the blood and the semen mixed together. And that's how the world came into existence, how life began according to the Egyptians. And it is the semen of the Father in heaven and the material world, or the light and the material body. Anyway, I think we've got one more slide on it. And I ask you just get a copy of the "Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani", and you'll see 40 pages of "what is it", "what is it", "what is it", "what is it". They make a few statements, they say so "what is it?", they make another group of statements, "what is it?", another group of statements, "what is it?" You know, they're talking about becoming triumphant, you know, over the evils, and ask the question, "What then is it?" The day of the fighting of Horus who is the sun of God, and they're throwing excrement in the face of Horus, and carrying off the testicles of Seth. Well the testicles are also associated with the Grail, you know, the wounding in the thigh is always the symbol, the testicles are the semen of the Father in heaven. We're from testicles, and so the wounding in the thigh is the losing of your testicles. It's the non-reproductive capability and that's why it's always associated, these phallic symbols, everybody tries to say it's associated with reproduction, and the male concept. It's not, it's associated with this. They were talking about the Eye of Horus, they ask, "What then is it?", the Right Eye of Ra. And curiously enough, I wanted to show you here, that the hair right here is actually the symbol, "who raises up the hair", this is the enlightening or opening of your eyes so you can see. And what they're referring to here is that Thoth raises up the hair there and "he bringeth it, the living, healthy and sound without defect of the eye". What he's talking about is opening the third eye, the lifting the eyelashes of the third eye, and you literally know all things, and see all things, and understand all things even though your two eyes here can't see it. Okay? Let's keep asking this question, "What then is it?" And, you know, it's just kind of strange coincidence, when you find they say two or three sentences, and then they ask the question, "What then is it?", they say another couple sentences and they ask the question, "What then is it?" And it's very understandable that the Hebrew people, when they left Egypt, they had been there for 5 and 6 generations, would call it by the very same name, the "What then is it?" And the word Ma-Na, if you look in the Travels of Josephus, he defines it in there as a question that literally translates to "What then is it?" The word Manna means, "What then is it?" The very same thing that the Egyptians were calling it in Old Kingdom Egypt, which was before the Bible. Okay? Coincidentally it's the same name. Okay, next slide.

And do keep in mind I didn't write this, somebody else wrote it, so.... This is from Schwaller De Lubicz, and he's, it's a book that he wrote called, "Sacred Science", [Sacred Science by R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz, Published by Inner Traditions Intl Ltd, Publication date: January 1989, ISBN: 0892812222]

thank-you. It's up there on the top. Schwaller De Lubicz did not have the material, but Schwaller De Lubicz had a tremendous insight because he was German, he did a tremendous amount of research about Old Kingdom Egypt, and I wanted to read some of this, "To set free the Divine Word, to deliver the Living Fire from it's terrestrial prison where it is incarnated and corpified. Such is the aim proposed by the spiritual revelations. Meth illustrates the initiation to this end. This aim is offered to mankind and in general if the means to it's attainment is knowledge as the world of causes, the key to all power for the human being. Understandably then, the absolute conditions for unlocking this door lie in purity, selflessness and the mastery of instincts. This explains the enigmatic character of these teachings. Our own day already manifested as a disaster of ignoring such moral preparation and yet only intellectual secrets are involved today, not the secret of Divine spirituality. Indeed the Divine Word of the beginning is all that we call spiritual, and as well as that caused it fall into the mortal. This is the cause of the work and the struggle indispensable to the attainment of final deliverance. This is the Pharonic Opus Magnum. It ends in the Christic revelation, which is founded on the human incarnation of the Divine, revealing the ultimate phase".

This is very profound writing, but it is exactly what was going on in Old Kingdom Egypt. Literally they had a Pharaoh who literally was a God. They had a Pharaoh who could read your mind. They had a Pharaoh who literally knew all right and all wrong without any judgment, without even hearing the facts, because he knew who you were when you were in his presence. And, you know, we think of having a king or a leader, but it's a mortal leader, and a mortal leader that only knows and has own self interest. In Old Kingdom Egypt, their Pharaoh was a God, and everyone believed it and everyone accepted that he knew, and it's not like anything we've ever known, I mean it's totally different. Anyway, next slide.

Now this next slide is also a sacred science, "Taking the gestation of the human fetus as an example, we can conclude that there are times for the phases of Genesis. There are three black months, four white months, making seven in a first viable being, and then two months more, making nine for completing the perfect gestation of the prefigured fruit". Now coincidentally these are exactly the sequences that the person goes through that takes this material. There are actually three months of nothing but the sound, then there are four months of dreams, revelations and learning, and there's actually the two months where he becomes the perfected being. This also agrees with the Chinese writings, the Secrets of the Golden Flower, where he talks about it being a 10 month process, but it's 10 lunar months. And it says the very same sequence of events will occur. Anyway, it goes into all the colors and all here which are the black, the white and the red. Now these are all the colors that were used in the pyramids, that were sacred, and also the colors that were used in all the Arabs flags and everything today. Okay, next slide.

I think this next slide is one that, just the picture says it all. It doesn't need any explanation. Once you understand this. The "Guardian of the Secret". Now pull it on over so they can see the picture. The King offers him the Anubis, the digestive system the White Bread, that is the white nourishment. The picture tells the whole story. See, the black Anubis represents the digestive system, and here he is, the King with the white powder offering it to the digestive system, and it's called the Opener of the Ways, the Keeper of the Secret. Now this is later, this is the 19th century. They still knew of this, but they couldn't make it. They didn't have the stuff anymore and so they were simply retelling the story over and over and over, but this is the story. I mean, this is it right here. The symbol, the digestive system and the King. This is whole story right here in a nutshell. They wrote so simply, it was all pictures, but the picture tells you the story. It wasn't words, it was the hieroglyphics, and there it is, and that's it. Coincidentally, doesn't that look like the Ark of the Covenant on the poles, and the Ark of the Covenant with the Cherubim on top. See the similarities in it? Okay, next slide.

Okay this is out of "Ages in Chaos" by Immanual Velikovsky. Ages in Chaos [Hardcover, List: $32.95, Published by Buccaneer Books, Publication date: June 1990, ISBN: 0899667279] Now this one you can't get new, you've got to find it in used bookstores. I think it was 1957 it was published. Anyway, Immanual Velikovsky was trying to do a correlation between the writings in Egypt and the Hebrew Bible, or the Hebrew Torah, because he was Jewish. And he was researching all of the recordings that were in Egypt trying to find where they agreed with the Biblical because the Bible doesn't date things very well. The Egyptians were very methodical record keepers, and they did date everything very specifically. And the shewbread was obviously not a flower but a silver or gold. In the Book of Exodus it is said that the shewbread was made by Bezaleel, who was a goldsmith. Bezaleel is the man who made the Ark of the Covenant, made the golden decorations for the tabernacle, and made, you know, he was a goldsmith, and yet he made the Bread of the Presence of God. But the shewbread wasn't called shewbread then. The shewbread was called the Bread of the Presence of God. Remember before he was talking about being in the Presence as the Bread of the Presence? Okay, anyway, we need the next slide.

He calls it the white bread, and it is called gold in this, he actually has the Temple of Karnak records here of the plunder that was taken to Egypt from the Temple of Solomon, and here it all is, and here is the depictions of it, okay, that's good. All I need to draw attention to is, see these little things that look like spiders right here? This is the hieroglyphic for gold. There, there, there, um, there, there, there, there, there (pointing to picture). All these first items are all gold. Okay? Then down here they got silver, and at the bottom they got copper, but the more important items are the golden items. Here's the tables, the golden tables, the golden vessels, anyway, the menorah, even the lion's heads are here someplace, yeah, here's a lion head. Anyway, if you read the Bible and you go through this list that is recorded at the Temple of Karnak, it's absolutely identical to what's recorded as being in the Temple of Solomon. Right here is the shewbread. Coincidentally it's the elongated pyramidal shape. It doesn't look like a loaf of bread does it? It's the symbol, the same symbol I just showed you, it's called the white nourishment, but here it's called white gold. And what Velikovsky said was they obviously meant silver, because they call it white gold. No, they meant white gold. They meant just what they said, it was white gold.

It was the Bread of the Presence of God that once a week the High Priests of Melchizedek were allowed to go behind the Veil of the Holy of Holies, and partake of the Bread of the Presence of God, and then more Bread was set out for the next week as the offering to the God's feet, or with the Ark of the Covenant. And they consumed this material on a weekly basis, and they literally, this was the era of the great Prophets when literally God dwelt with his people. And these High Priests could communicate with the animals, they could telepathically know all things, it was the era of the great Prophets in the Bible. Anyway, that's the stuff and there it is, black and white. Next slide.

I think that's the same thing, isn't it. Yeah, that's the same thing, got two copies of that. Okay, this is very interesting, this is the "Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered" by Eisenman and Wise, [The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered : The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of Key Documents Withheld for over 35 Years, by Robert H. Eisenman, Michael Wise, Published by Penguin USA (Paper), Publication date: November 1, 1993, ISBN: 0140232508] just came out a year a year and a half ago. This is causing all sorts of problems in the religious communities and the academia. These are the scriptures that were held back for so long, for 30 some years they couldn't translate them, they were too difficult, they had to be studied more. Well what it was is the Catholic Church told the people, and they basically were all Catholics, that you are to sit on anything that doesn't agree with the Pope's representations. And so all of the Catholic translators were just sitting on this information. Now they'll deny it, they'll "Oh no, oh no", but when Mrs. Bechtel smuggled this out of Israel and brought it over here on microfilm, she gave it to like 5 universities or something like that in the US, within a year and a half Eisenman and Wise had translated it. Okay, well everybody's furious because they translated it. Now this may not be exactly correct. There may be other ways of translating it, but this is basically correct. And what this is all about, these are all the ones that talk about the Essenes as being zealots. Now they were the people who'd not call any man Lord, and there's references to "'releasing the captives', 'making the blind see', 'raising up the downtrodden' and 'resurrecting the dead'. Resurrecting the dead? "The last allusion is not to be doubted" [DSSU p. 20]. It's very specific. Go on, move it on over.

They make references to the Messianic leader, the Nasis, [DSSU p. 21] and I tell you most of us see that word and we think of Hitler and the Nazis, you know unfortunately Hitler was really involved with the German researchers who were in the Tigris-Euphrates valley, and there's only one thing worse than not having any knowledge and that's having a little bit of knowledge and perverting it. And so his super race of these white people and the Nazis all originated from this research which was going on in the 30's over in the Tigris-Euphrates valley. Anyway, the "Imagery relating to radiance and light pervaded the heavenly abode". Next slide. And here's the Hebrew in case anyone else wants to translate it. He actually has photographs of the actual script, which I didn't make copies of, but it's in their book and so anybody can just see it and, you know, make your own translations. This should be more from the Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered. "In the early Dead Sea Scrolls it talked about"... ah, here "Noah is someone who knows the secret of all living things", "there were three books, these books must have been as having to do with some mystic or unknown knowledge of the age." It talks about heavenly or angelic mysteries. Also the mystery of existence was very important, it's what they call the mystery of existence. Well literally it's the life essence. What is the Light of Life? What is it? What is it, that makes us alive? The Essenes were very heavy into this. Chariots of Glory - Mystery of Existence text in chapter seven.

In most of the early Dead Sea Scrolls that were released, particularly the writings by Vermus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, most of the writings are very occupied with the Teacher of Righteousness, the Teacher of Righteousness. There has been a lot of conjecture who was the Teacher of Righteousness. Move it on over. No, that's not part of it. Is there any more of the Dead Sea Scrolls? (talking to projector operator) I thought I had another..... I got them mixed there. Yeah that one, come back to. Yeah this is it. "For he gave me the Knowledge of Wisdom and instructions to teach all the sons of Truth, the sons of Dawn, the sons of Light", this referred to. "To understand the era of Eternity and inquire into the past so as to know", presumably the hidden things. Ah, move it on over. "The idea of coming into light, the Sons of Light, to instruct them in baptismal procedures and including being purified by the Holy Spirit looking upon the Living Light". There's a whole bunch of information here. It's very good once you understand this. Go on, go to the next one. If you read in there, in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that they, in the copper scroll it says they had 26 tons of gold and 48 tons of silver. Okay? 26 tons of gold and 48 tons of silver. It's like they were making this stuff. They had no business, no way of making any money.

"'Perfection', the Holy Spirit, and more startling even than these, that this 'is the time of the perpetuation of the way in the wilderness'. This is specifically tied to exegesis, to the Maskil's 'preparation of the Way' by 'teaching of the Miraculous Mysteries'." [Eisenman and Wise, The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, p. 164] That's enough, we can change it. The one I'm looking for should be along here someplace. Yeah. In here we finally find out who the Teacher of Righteousness is. To "take 'vengeance' on the Wicked Priest for what he did to the [Righteous Teacher]" Teacher of Righteousness, "i.e. 'swallowed him' or 'destroyed him'". The high priest swallowed the Teacher of Righteousness. The Teacher of Righteousness can't be a person. The Teacher of Righteousness is the Light. The Teacher of Righteousness is the Holy Spirit. Remember what we said, there's only one sin you never can be forgiven for, and that's to sin against the Holy Spirit, the teacher of Righteousness. When you are filled with the Light, when you are filled with the Spirit and you know all things and you understand all things, and to sin then is unforgivable because you knew better. So when the high priest sinned it's an unforgivable sin. "How the Wicked Priest pursued" the teacher, "the Righteous Teacher, to 'swallow' or 'consume' him". Okay? I don't know how many of you are familiar with the early Dead Sea Scrolls writings, but they talk repeatedly and go on at length about this Teacher of Righteousness. All right, this is what . . . the Teacher of Righteousness is something you can swallow. Right there. Right there. This is a big piece of the puzzle. You can swallow the teacher of Righteousness. In other words, it's a material you could take in your body. It's the Bread of the Presence of God. It's the High Priesthood's food, that only the High Priests could have. Okay, next slide.

When you find out they had a metallurgical foundry, that they found in the center of Qumran. It's a metallurgical foundry. They had 26 tons of gold and 48 tons of silver. They believed they had angels living in their community. It says so in these Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered. They believed they had angels living in their community. When you get to looking, you find, John the Baptist was an Essene, the disciples were Essenes, Mary was an Essene. This is from the "Forgotten Books of the Bible". Okay, you can get this in most of the New Age bookstores. It's scriptures that the Church Fathers did not think was appropriate to include when they wrote the Bible. Right here, this reference, "Mary continued to live in the Temple as a Dove educated there and received her food from the hand of an Angel." Mary was selected and Mary was raised in the Holy of Holies as a High Priest and fed by an Angel with a Dove, all alchemical symbols. She was giving the High Priesthood and raised in the Holy of Holies. Only the High Priests could go in the Holy of Holies and she was raised as a High Priest, and she was fed the white powder of gold. That's my opinion. Next slide.

When you understand that Mary, when she became filled with the Light, that the Essenes then chose Joseph to be her husband. When she became inseminated, when she became inseminated with this child. From the very first day of conception that child developed and grew in the Light. For nine months that child grew in the Light. That child, then on his birth, was born a son of God, not a son of man. He did not have to go through the 40 days of fasting and 30 days of taking this, and then go for 8 more months before he could be born again as a son of God. He, literally on his birth, was born a son of God. Okay? Now this is really going to upset some Christians, really going to upset them. But it's wrong, ignorance and stupidity, that they didn't have any knowledge of the High Priesthood. They did not know what a Melchizedek Priest was. They didn't understand what was meant by a Jew that was born a son of god. In the alchemical texts it's referred to, "Blessed be the man again of the Virgin". It's called the virgin birth, but it doesn't mean you re-enter the womb and come back out. It means you are, you go through this perfecting and become a new being. Okay? It's being born again as a new being. It's becoming filled with the Light or the Holy Ghost or the Spirit, totally perfecting every cell in your body, literally making you as you were meant to be in your prime. Then you are a true High Priest. Okay?

The Bible says, "There is no way to come unto the Presence of the Father unless ye come as a young child". And that isn't an allegory. It's literal. It means exactly what it says. "In the end times we are to be a nation of High Priests not an elect High Priesthood". This isn't to be for just a few people. It's to be for everyone who wants it and seeks it for the proper reason. You will literally take a substance into your body that over a nine month period can perfect and purify the body. All your DNA is corrected. You literally become as you were meant to be in your prime, 17 to 20 years of age. And you can live that way virtually forever. Now it isn't forever, it's about 800-1,000 years and what will happen is you'll reach a state where you become so perfect that you literally can ascend without dying. You literally can go anywhere that you think about, your Light body can travel to it, it can take your physical body with it, because the Light body is greater than the physical body. It exceeds the physical body, and it can move in space-time through the vacuum. They call it bio-location, they call it lots of things, and the Bible calls it the Rapture. But it's to come in the End Times.

Now what I want you to understand is this is science people, this is not philosophy. Some of this is philosophy but it's also history and it's history that fits with the science that we have now. And if you don't believe it, I'm sorry, because it's coming anyway. If you can't hear the hoof beat, you're not listening, because it's coming. All right, it's called "The Last Days", "the Types and Shadows" from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It's by Abraham Gilliadi. Abraham Gilliadi studied the Rabbinical priesthood and became a Rabbi in Jerusalem, and then he converted to the Mormon Church. Here's credit for using the excerpts out of his book. Abraham Gilliadi sent me this book, signed it, and has been following my work very closely, is very concerned that I am treating Aids patients. I told Abraham, "I don't judge people, you know, it isn't my... it's no concern to me how they got the Aids". Some people got it from blood transfusions. Some people got it from accidents. It's not for me to say "how did you get this?" It's a very serious disease, and you know I have to try helping them as I can.

I have concluded, now this is a study of the Book of Isaiah, this whole book. It's a study of the Book of Isaiah, because the prophet Joseph Smith told the Mormons that they should carefully study the Book of Isaiah, that he was a great prophet. And in reading that it makes reference to the Arm of the Lord, and he says, "I have concluded that the Arm of the Lord refers to a servant of the Lord who is a descendant of David, who precedes Jesus' s second coming".

The metaphorical pseudonyms such as the Lord's Hand, Ensign and Arm. "The term Arm I have found connotes the Lord's intervention in the affairs of humanity through the instrumentality of this servant. The Davidic Servant in effect accomplishes the same restoration of Israel and Judah that the prophet Joseph Smith attributes to a later day David. Israel and Judah's conversion and restoration Joseph predicted will occur in a Day of Power. According to the two Isaiah chapters a Servant of the Lord, who's at first hidden from the world, but whom the Lord reveals will gather and restore later day Israel. At that task righteous Gentiles will assist him". It says it's taken to the Israelites and they turn it down and so it's taken to the Gentiles and developed, which is why I'm here. "According to the two Isaiah chapters the Servant of the Lord, who is at first hidden from the world, but whom the Lord reveals will gather and restore later day Israel". "The Lord's making bare his arm in the sight of all nations therefore refers to the universally revealed mission that the Lord's Servant performs when the Gentiles assist him. Although we do not know the identity of this servant, we do know from scriptural patterns that such a servant will not announce himself but will be called to God as was David anciently through the prophet Samuel". Okay, next slide.

Abraham Gilliadi can read Hebrew, he translates all of the Israeli, you know, Hebrew writings, the ancient texts, and he also then has access to more recent. "We find that the buried Lord's Arm revealing the Lord's Servant in the sight of all Nations has fundamental polarizing effects on all people of Earth, not the least on us. As soon as this polarization takes place the Lord brings on His cleansing judgment of the Earth". Okay, I don't think there's anything on the next here, so change it. You're welcome to buy the book and read the whole book, I'm just giving you some excerpts out of it that I think are significant. "As the Lord endowed Nefi with His powers the Lord will endow the Servant with His power. As Moses led Israel anciently so the Lord's Servant will lead the new Exodus out of Babylon and the new wanderings in the wilderness to the Promised Land". All right, the Promised Land is the new Jerusalem. Remember I told you, "The streets of the New Jerusalem will be paved with gold so pure as like unto transparent glass". The foundations will be made of gold like unto transparent glass. I don't think there's anything I need to bring to your attention on the other side so change it. Our analysis of the terms Great, Marvelous and Work also suggest the Lord's Work is prominently revelatory in nature and brings to light knowledge hidden up from the foundation of the world because of unbelief. This Great, Marvelous Knowledge appears in the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon and other books. Such knowledge will be revealed initially among the believing Gentiles and from these Gentiles it will go forth to the house of Israel. This additionally revelation contains the greater things or the more important truths in relation to them the Book of Mormon is called the Lesser Part. This new revelation includes a knowledge of the mysteries of God.." Remember I talked about the Essene, the mystery of existence? Okay. "The new revelation includes a knowledge of the mysteries of God, it comprises all things shown to have been in the past, things that were sealed up to come forth in their purity. They consist of wonders of eternity, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God from days of old and for ages to come. This Great, Marvelous Revelation nonetheless comes forth in a time of wickedness among the Lord's people. The new Revelations therefore convince the Gentiles among whom they come forth of the error of their ways. The Revelations show forth to all men the wickedness, abominations and follies of the Gentiles among who the Gospel has already gone forth. The Gentiles, when they become clean before the Lord and truly exercise faith in him and become sanctified, then is the time that the Lord will bring forth to them his Great and Marvelous Revelations. Of necessity the revealing of the Lord's work comes forth through as a point of seers of seers, and a large part of it involves the translation of ancient records. Although a man declares the Great and Marvelous Work to them they do not believe". There's many people who just do not hear this. You talk to them and they just do not hear it. next slide.

I swear you think you're speaking a foreign language. You know, they just cannot hear it. "The Lord endows his covenant people with Divine power to preserve them from their enemies. Moreover the Great and Marvelous Work by it's very nature comes forth by the gift and power of God. Such a spiritual condition comes as a blessing based on faithfulness, none can imitate it. These miracles include certain small means the Lord provides the confound the wise. They include healings." "As shown in the Nefi sequence the Great and Marvelous Work causes a final and universal polarization of the righteous and the wicked. In other words it sets completely at odds those who repent from those who harden their hearts. In that day all will discern clearly between the two. To the one, the Great and Marvelous Work comes like a Light releasing them from darkness and in the joy of the Lord, and to the other it spells damnation. The wicked therefore seek to destroy it". Move it over.

"The entire purpose of the Great and Marvelous Work therefore is to restore the Lord's ancient covenant people". The word "covenant" means "to eat bread with". "The ministry of salvation occurs when the Lord sets his hand the second time to restore his ancient covenant people from their lost and fallen state. The second time is the Lord's day of power." The term "Hand" like the term "Arm" in the Book of Isaiah serves as a metaphorical pseudonym of the Lord's Servant. "The Lord setting his Hand in other words denotes the Servant's mission of gathering the Lord's covenant people in the last days". Now you shouldn't understand this as "bringing together in a single room". You have all gathered here today, but the gathering together that will occur is the coming together in one heart and one mind. It isn't a physical coming together. It's learning to think as one people. Next slide.

"We usually associate the word restoration with the restoration of the Gospels through the prophet Joseph Smith. The scriptural definition of the term restoration is not identical with our usual concept of the coming forth of the Gospels. That distinction holds true particularly as the expression "Restoration of all things". We discover that the Restoration of all things is not only future but that it flows directly out of the Lord's Great and Marvelous Work. Isaiah who's prophecies exemplify restoration uses the word "restore", which the Hebrew", what, I can't see it, "S-L-V-W-B" or something. " a few instances. All such instances refer to physical restoration of the Promised Land from it's ruined cities of the tribes of Israel and of political authority. Nefi, in quoting from Isaiah, identifies the purpose of the Marvelous Work as the restoration of the Lord's people from their lost and fallen state. That restoration occurs when the Lord raises his hand for the second time. Such restorative events imply that the Gospel is on the Earth at the time they occur, though they are not identical with the actual restoration of the Gospel." I agree with him totally. You might like to know he's been excommunicated from the Mormon Church.

This is more of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is out of sequence. Anyway, this is more of the talk about the mysticism, emphasis on the mysteries of God, the Cavalier of Knowledge, Goodness, Faithfulness, Glory of His Holy One, the use of the term "Fountain", the Eternal Fountain, the Fountain of the Living Waters, the Eternal Secret, the Obscure Secret, even the mystery of being or the mystery of existence. I think those are really revealing in their nature, you know, the mystery of existence, the mystery of being. You know, who are we, where does it come from, why are we alive? Go back to Danah Zohar's book and read it again and you find out that.... Yeah, this is more of Gilliadi's, "That restoration is both spiritual and physical. The prophet Joseph Smith, the keys and powers of the Priesthood, whenever I restore all things and make known unto you all things in due time. The confer of the Priesthood which will bring about the restoration of all things and a knowledge of all things in the due time of the Lord. The Lord says, 'For I am about to restore my things to the Earth pertaining to the priesthood'". Even Brigham Young, and I'm not reading now, Brigham Young, the second prophet of the Mormon Church, which they call themselves the Latter Day Saints, said, "At this time you grant the Melchizedek Priesthood at the same time you grant the Aaronic Priesthood and we know that is not as it should be. When we grant the Melchizedek Priesthood there is knowledge and understanding we should give and we do not have that knowledge at this time. We hope we are prepared to receive it when that knowledge is brought to us".

The knowledge is what comes with this material. It is the food of the High Priesthood. Reading again, "Israel gathers from among all nations when the time of the Gentiles are fulfilled". "Of Elias Jesus said that he must come and restore all things. Elias denotes an office, that of a forerunner of Jesus coming to the Earth. His mission like that of John the Revelator and others is to prophesies before nations, tongues and kings. The prophet Isaiah ascribes these preparatory tasks to the Lord's Servant of the last days. The Lord's Servant therefore is the Elias spoken of. The Lord will lead the Saints out of bondage by power with an outstretched arm. The Lord's latter day Servant will prophecy the people and kings". Okay?

Are there no more? There should be some more transparencies, yeah? More of the Dead Sea Scrolls? There should be a couple more there. What are they? What does the subject say? That I'd like it put up next. There's a lady by the name of Virginia Essene and she just sent me this book, and in this book on page 196, it's "The New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity", the 1994 edition. It says, "This deliberate DNA retardation not only caused the Earth's human separation from God and the Divine forces, but it prevented remembrance of your spiritual origins and your recollection other galactic human beings presently alive on nearby planets and star clusters, such as the brightest star in your sky, Sirius. This genetic interference and retardation buried the truth that all Earth humans were originally physical beings capable of telepathic communication, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, that is they could consciously see, hear, feel and transmit or receive various vibratory frequencies of the light and information which was your natural inheritance". Next page.

She gives three ways you can achieve this again. One, two, but I am most interested in the third one. The third one is teaching humans how to make Manna, be in an alchemical process spoken of in the Bible which transforms certain rare elements into health giving superconductive products. The greatest of all elements is gold because when it is transformed into a white powdery substance which is easily assimilated by the body it becomes a Light fuel for extended life, food for the Gods, beloveds, food for achieving the 12 helix full consciousness. We have already given you iridium and Rhodium". (audience laughs) That's what I said. I had to call her up. She sent me this book and said, "read this page", and so I read it and I had to call her up. She claims that she was given this information by Light beings, by Ascended Masters, she said that it was channeled to her. Ah, Virginia Essene, E-S-S-E-N-E, she's in California. [1:04:30]

(audience comments) Yea. It's kind of an addendum to an earlier book she wrote; kind of like an addition to it. Anyway she claims that she had spoken publicly about this rhodium and iridium before she heard my tape and before I gave my first presentation in Virginia Beach in the spring of last year. And I asked her if she could send me a copy of the tape just so I could confirm it; that she didn't copy this out of my tape. I still haven't gotten her tape, so. . . Anyway I have to show it to you. It is accurate. For what it's worth there it is. (question from audience) New teachings for an Awakening Humanity by Virginia Essene. It's a 1994 edition. It came out in, I think it was July or August of 1994. So, if she took it from my tape, she hurriedly got it into print. Although she publishes her own books so that is possible.

Anyway there is one more book that I really think is important. This is The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hertach written in 1975 and first published in 1978. This is on page 486. Through a projection of Light coming from the recorder cell (or Merkabah activity) ". Which he claims he was taken in the Merkabah which is a UFO for those people . . . yea chariots of fire, whatever. "selected individuals can be reconnected with the Adam Kadmon image" (now the Adam Kadmon is the original Adam, the way were created before the fall) "through a resonance operating through hyperdimensional space. . . . Some individuals receive an additional high frequency resonance transmission operating in parallel phase with their normal resonance bonding." Now this is some individuals not all individuals. "This additional high frequency resonance operates as a subcarrier (through these individual biotransducers) to modulate paranormal energies. This explains how paranormal gifts can be received through the resonance of hyperdimensional space which, in turn, can change the molecular arrangement of material in conventional space."

"By adjusting the conventional resonance patterns there can be a molecular infall or biolocation and through hyperconjugation (no-bond resonance) the release of tremendous energy results in the changing of molecular structure (e.g. melting of structure, discorporation and reincorporation of form, etc.)."

". . . Moreover, as this high frequency resonance becomes aligned with the biotransducer system of the body, the seven chakras can be completely transfigured into the divine image."

Next slide.

That was page 486 and 487 of The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch. Written in 1975, published in 1978. Now I hope that those of you who were awake when we went through the earlier part of our presentation cause here on page 497, "At this time, man can remove the orbital shells of 'electrons and positrons' as quantum (corpuscles) of light." Skipping on down, "it ultimately advances into the purer consciousness forms of spiritual evolution.

43 In essence, this is the unfoldment of Living Light with the Holy Spirit as it interpenetrates quantum mechanical evolutionary orders with new form and attaches a function of divine purpose to the meta-material structure of the universe as a Shekinah unfoldment.

44 The Holy Spirit regeneration changes extreme distortions of the. spherical symmetry, found in some nuclei of atomic and subatomic particles, to a perfected harmony with the consciousness programs of the Elohim."

Wow. Wow! When I read that I just, wow. I mean the physics community didn't know this in 1978. How does a professor of Hebrew receive this? Well he claims he was taken up in the Merkabah and taught by Enoch. And Enoch was the alchemical teacher. Who should know this if it isn't Enoch.

Written in 1978, they published that book. It just blows my mind folks, just blows my mind. I mean it's not science I can't explain that. And when I told J. J. Hertach about it, and he heard about my work, he mentioned me about six times to the people when he was making his presentation in Sedonia about how important our work was. You know, he was given this information by a revelatory experience. It was implanted in him and he was told to write down and write the book. He doesn't know anything else. He did as he was instructed and he wrote the book and there it is. But that information is so specific. In 1975 they didn't know about electron positron pairs operating as light. They didn't know about electron orbital reconfigurations. They didn't know about changes in the symmetry of the nuclei. There it is.

Do you have any others? We've got about five minutes for questions. Does anybody have any significant questions that can't wait till Friday?

(Question - Are you going to be able to verify the twelve strand helix DNA at the end of this mans book?)

I can't do that. There are several people over in California who have contacted me that have the capability to do that. And what we want to do is to pick some people and literally take their blood samples, take tissue samples and monitor. . . Valerie Hunt who monitors the magnetic fields around the body has offered to do the monitoring on that. She does it with instrumentation. And we are literally going to monitor the nine month progression from beginning till end and see what really is changing in the body.

(Question - Have you started that yet?)

No I haven't started that yet. When we gave this man the rhodium and iridium we didn't know if anything was going to happen. I mean I didn't know any of this either. It's as this is happening and this high frequency sound. And I go back to page 486 and it talks about a high frequency sound. I say, by golly maybe this is what is supposed to happen. And then after three months the visions start; exactly three months. A month taking it, two more months then the visions start. Three months of black, four months of white. And the visions went for four months. And at seven months is when the man starts having these capabilities of seeing things that no science can explain. He understands things that I can't tell you how he does it. But it's the red stage. And at the end of the nine months supposedly he becomes a light being; he comes through the cosmic egg. I'm telling you about it. It's obvious that at nine months you are going to say "Dave, what's happened?" I'm setting myself up for a goody here. I don't know what's going to happen. But it does bother me that everything has happened exactly on schedule to this point. So it means you really begin to wonder; maybe this is really going to happen.

(Question - When will you know?)

In about three to four weeks we should have answers for you.

(Question - Are you familiar with the book The Bringers of the Dawn?)

It seems to me like I read it, but it's been some time ago I read some of it.

(In that book it talks about the twelve helixes in the DNA and how that early on we were separated from most of those helixes and that we'll be reconnected to those and that the gods are living off of fear. They want to keep us in fear so that they can live off of our fear. As opposed to the love. You had the love, love, love thing at the beginning of the program and so the love joins us all into the oneness but the fear keeps us in separation.)

That's what it's all about, love.

(Question - I forgot to ask one thing. Are you familiar with David Ashe's work, the British physicist who's kind of . . . As I'm watching and listening to everything you are putting together I'm running David Ashe's work and I'm wondering if you've heard of him?)


(He's written a book called Science of Ascension?)

Yes I've heard of that. I haven't heard of David Addis but I've heard of his book. I'm terrible. I pick up books and I don't look at the cover page, I don't look at the author, I just read the book.

(So you've read his book?)

Yes, I'm familiar with it. Yes.

(What did you think of what he put together?)

I thought it was interesting. It wasn't specific enough to help. That's the problem I have with things that aren't specific. That's why these particular references are really significant coming from me. Because these are channeled books and yet they are right on. Absolutely how do you explain this. And so, you know the Keys of Enoch is a book that I do recommend. I don't think there is enough in there that I can recommend it. Now I do have other information if people are interested in faster than light time travel and instantaneous communications through the vacuum and things like this. But you know we are supposed to wrap up by five which is pretty close here, and um, um . . . Anybody else here?

(Question - It's in the Bible, there's a reference to . . .a statement goes to the effect that "if thine eye be single thy body shall be filled with light." Can you identify that as some of the things you are talking about?)

Sure, when you raise the eyelashes; when you open your third eye; when you become filled with the light and you have the third eye opened; the single eye, then you know all things you become the immortal being. You become the high priest. That is what it is all about. In the end times we are to be a nation of high priests. So that is what it is all about. It's preparing us for what is to happen in the end times.

(Two things. One is a comment that Max Planck one day, who you talked about, said "we are light". I thought that was an interesting statement especially in the light of what has been said here tonight. The other question I had is can someone, without having a linear accelerator, put something into a high spin state?)

Sure. What I've presented here today is that these elements exist naturally, in nature, in the high spin state. And that's the point, you don't need a linear accelerator. They are there but they are invisible to analytical instrumentation but they are there. And so in drinking carrot juice you are getting rhodium in the high spin state. When you take the aloe vera jell from certain companies it is good, from others there is nothing. So you have to know which companies you are doing business with. But yea, there are many, many, many natural sources of the high spin elements. That's what the presentation's about. Ok. Yes sir?

(Question - Yesterday you said that the gentleman on the test run had nine months of . . . .)

Eight and a half months.

(Eight and a half months. Did he see in the future as far as events that are coming and things like that; did he have any messages for anybody here in Dallas?)

(Audience laughter.)

Ah, no the gentleman . . . . he really has become disturbed. He lived in north Phoenix and he really . . . . when you are in this state in the fast to begin with, your senses become really keen. You can smell everything. You can taste everything. You can hear everything. You know, everything is just amplified dramatically. And he had to leave and go to New Mexico because he was just going crazy with all the energy that was feeding into him there in the valley. He has recently moved out of the north valley and he has gone up north to an area called New River, which is north of Phoenix. Trying to get away from all of this nervous energy. And so um, he really, really takes this very seriously. I mean its very profoundly changed his life and he is withdrawing away from most people. Trying not to involve with other people because he just sees things that bother him and he walks away from it. He doesn't like to talk about it. When I pump him about it he will share with me but . . . Initially he was talking a lot but now he's becoming quite withdrawn. And he's totally healthy, no illnesses and his brain functions fine. Everything's normal. But he just has this empathetic capability. He just interreacts with people and he just tries to get away from too many people. It just inundates him with feelings and emotions and all. So basically that's it. He doesn't have anything to say to the people in Dallas.

(Question - Has he changed his diet as far as what he eats on a regular basis or anything?)

Nothing that he's communicated to me. I mean, we didn't know this sound was going to continue. We assumed it was going to die out as soon as he went back to eating normally. So the very fact that it continued the test was still on; it didn't end. And you know it's still ongoing. It's still continuing to take place. So um, all I can tell you is it will be what it is meant to be. And what ever that is, is what it is going to be and we aren't going to do anything about it. Ok.

(Question - As you ended the first half today you said that we had to put on the Meissner field, and is there a way to do that other than to drink the manna? Are you gonna teach us how or are we supposed to find this for ourselves?)

Well, there are certainly other ways to achieve it. There are certain foods, there are certain herbal drinks, there are certain ways to develop what you have in your body through meditation and through introspection. There are Tibetan monks who have achieved this state, I believe. There are Sufi masters who achieve this state. But most of this requires thirty forty or fifty years of total commitment and dedication and regimen to go through. What I'm talking about is a very short method to achieve the same state. I told you before that there is a Taoist high priest who came to Phoenix and he said "Dave I know that these orgasms are supposed to be possible. I know that. I've never had one and I've been in caves, I have meditated, I have fasted, I have done all these things and have never had the orgasms but I know they are possible because they are in our sacred texts." And he said "this man is having six and seven a day and has had no philosophical training at all." He said, "however he is doing this I have to understand it; I have to come to know it. And so, he has the material. He's up in Portland and he has the material. And he's going to take it now and because I felt comfortable with his training and why he wanted to take it and all, I gave it to him.

Um, you know, I have to keep a scientific hat on. You must understand that. This has to go to the world as science, even though we know better. When you understand what this is, then you have to think about how do I protect it and how does it go to the world. I believe in what I am doing is the right thing; that I should go to people this way; no expensive public advertising. Certain people come; certain people don't. The ones that come are the ones that are meant to hear about it.

I can tell you within two years it will be available and it will be available to anyone who wants it. The cost will be . . . Whatever you have is sufficient. So no one can say they can't afford it. If you have no money you will get it for free. If you're prepared and ready for it's yours.

My concern is it is not reversible. And so, I want people to really think about this. Women can understand this. You know, you don't become pregnant and then decide you don't want to be pregnant. And so, once this is in your body it's going. And I don't know how to end it; I don't know how to turn it off. So I don't want people saying "but Dave I don't understand this." I want to be comfortable that they understand what they are committing to when they do this. And if I'm totally comfortable with that then we fix them up with it.

(Question - I want to thank you for your energy that you have shared with us. I wish you would address, just briefly, since we had in Texas a government sponsored superconducting super-collider. Were they on the right track, the wrong track or on an unnecessary track?)

Um, believe it or not it has nothing to do with this at all. All they were after with the superconducting super-collider is you do understand that they put electricity into wires and around the wire produces a magnetic field. They make these big coils and they literally pulse this current around and around and around and these magnetic fields accelerate the charged particles. All that the superconductors do is they can flow more current through this conductor than they could through the wire and so they can make bigger fields and put more energy behind the charged particle. But the work that they were studying was the charged particle, not the superconducting field. And so really, I have superconductors, they have superconductors but their work had nothing to do with my work.

(Question - There was a reference in one of the texts up there to the lotus flower. Do you know anything about the concentrations of rhodium and iridium in the lotus flower?)

No I don't.

(Because that was an important food source for some Indians.)

Yea, there's all sorts of things that have come out of this over the centuries. But I really think that it goes back to a basic understanding. Uh, what color is the lotus flower?


Yea, you see I think that's what it's all about. It's the white substance that the lotus flower was a symbolic depiction of the purity of the white substance. Uh, depending on what culture you're from is what symbol they use to describe it. But I do believe this knowledge has been gone for about three to four thousand years. I do know about St. Germain and I knew about all of this but I don't believe anyone has known how to make it. I think people have had it. I think the Templars got it when they were over in Ethiopia. I think they got some of it out of the Ark of the Covenant. I think that's how they became very wealthy. I think that some of them used it. There were people who could do this right about this time but after it was used up that was it, there was no more because no one knew how to make it. I think that's just a symbol you were talking about; a white pure material.

Yes mam.

(Question - I think you've answered the question to some degree in your remarks to the other lady. But um, I'm one of the people who's been studying for twenty some years alchemy and sacred science and throughout that literature are warnings about how dangerous this can be and even though the white powder didn't exist so I'm just interested about your thoughts about implications or your theories about implications and the selection criteria?)

Well I think that the literature I've presented here in the presentation said it very clearly. It is the dividing sword; it is the revealing sword. And what it is, is total salvation for some and it's revealing of the bad people. And there are people in this world that do not want to give up the power and control they have over you right now. And, basically, what we are creating is a way to totally exit the system. (laughter and applause) And, you know, if ten or fifteen of you do it who cares. But if thousands start doing it they're gonna care. And all they can do is try to control it themselves. Which is the reason it was taken away before, because it was abused when it was here before. When you understand that you can project your thoughts into other people's minds. You can literally persuade someone to do what they don't want to do. And, you know, in the wrong hands that can be immensely powerful. To know what the lottery numbers are before the lottery, to be able to see things before they happen; to understand what's going to happen. You know, if you use this selfishly it is having all the capabilities of Christ, but using it selfishly, that's the anti-Christ. You know, I believe that the Christ is within all of us. But I believe that the anti-Christ is also within all of us. And I think it is acknowledging the anti-Christ, and overcoming the anti-Christ in ourselves is what this is all about. And I have to become comfortable with people; that they have addressed this; that they have acknowledged it, they are being realistic, they understand it and then they are prepared to do this. Because if they haven't addressed this in their lives; if they are just this very nave, very sweet person but they've never addressed this aspect the problem you worry about is when they get this power do they change. And this doesn't perfect the way you think. It perfects your body, it perfects your capabilities mentally but it doesn't change your mental state. Now if you really think it on through, it's hard to maintain the wrong mental state when everyone knows your thoughts, but there are some people who, in fact, won't care. I mean there are murderers and there are rapists and there are bad people who just will say I am bad, I know I'm bad, I don't care who knows it, I'm still gonna be bad. But at least we all know who they are, ok. It is, it is . . . There's no more gray; everything is either black or white. No more gray; all the gray disappears. And it's called the dividing sword. Yes sir?

(Question - Ok, I'm confused about a couple of points. One of which we touched on last nights was on commitments between individuals. And I was saying can't you take her with you? And I was sort of wondering, um, what you're offering out here is the chance for society to transform, literally, in mass. And I guess I've sorta had thoughts about what are the implications as far as families with small children and that sort of thing; I mean, don't we all want to go?)

Uh, there's a transition period that's difficult. Because there are little children that are here now that are not of an age to make the decision for themselves and so they need to be given time to grow up and make the decision for themselves. But you will see that as people go to this state then as children are born they are born into this state and their whole nature changes. They become like Christ from birth. And so, this I think is the eventual destiny. Getting to that point there is this transition period that, of course, is a problem. And I think that all of us need to understand, if you have people who depend on you and need you in this material world, you have to reconcile the commitments you've made to these people. And make them aware of what you want to do and make sure that they are comfortable with this; with you going on without them. If you have small children and they need you right now then you need to stay with them until they are older . . .

(I don't)

But that is a situation. And I think that's it. I don't think death is the finality. I think you get to come back again and again until you get it right. I think this is the way to quit coming back. I think this is the way to literally ascend on and take your body with you. You don't really, then, come back again. This is an option that you will have. Now there will be some people who so love their fellow man that they will choose stay here on earth even though they can ascend. And these people will be called the true latter day saints. And they will literally walk this earth like angels and they will cure by laying on of hands, they will resurrect the dead. You know, Christ said greater things than I have done you will do also. It's what's supposed to happen. This isn't something that isn't appropriate; this is supposed to be this way.

(Um, another point that you just made . . . you kind of answered one of my questions . . . that it perfects your state of mind. I also got the impression that it would somehow perfect your soul and right the wrongs. Um, with that kind of knowledge; that kind of um, you know, wisdom that you wouldn't choose the wrong things.)

I would think that most people would straighten their lives out. That it would just come about naturally with this progression. But not all people. And when you read the Bible, the Bible talks about the anti-Christ. And I so believe, I do believe that, like it or not, there are some people who are just truly evil, bad people. And you know, I don't understand it and I'm sure you don't understand it, but they are this way. And some of these people are going to change. And I think they are going to have to die and they are going to have to come back again till they get it right. Fortunately we've got a thousand years here to work on it. So they can keep on working on it till they get it right. The Bible doesn't talk about these being great times, these end times. There's a lot of confrontations, a lot of battles, a lot of fighting over this. Because it's something they want to control and posses; they don't want us to have. My greatest protection is to give it to you. Put the word out. Let everybody know about this stuff. Tell you everything. That's the greatest protection I can have.

(Ok, one last thing I wanted to say is you teased us a couple of times saying that you would perhaps cover some ground after we had turned the lights and cameras and stuff off. I want to make sure that happens, ok?)

If we have time.

(Thank you very much.)

Ok. Yes sir.

(Question - You kept mentioning harmonics with elements. And I was wondering where I could get a harmonic table of elements? With the arrangement in a harmonic.)

Uh, harmonics. I'm talking about a resonance energy, resonance transfer. There actually is a table of vibrational frequencies that you could see what resonates with what things.

(Where would I be able to get that?)

I can get you one. It actually came from the um, um . . . over in California, what do they call themselves? The um, Rosicrucian, the Rosicrucian Society. They have a table.

(And it's got the elements arranged in such a way?)

Yea and the resonance frequencies that they all vibrate at.

(Thank you.)

(Question - I wondering if you could provide the numbers on your patent?)

Now it's not granted here in the U.S.

(Question - Why not?)

Any patent involving superconductivity has to be approved by the Department of Defense before it can be issued. And they . . . You gotta understand the legality of the way it works. When I applied I told them I was going to apply world wide and they said fine. I didn't call it a superconductor. I described the Meissner field, I described flux flow, I showed the levitation, I did all these things and I only mentioned superconductivity in the closing paragraphs of my patent. I said it has udders, it gives milk, it has baby calves but I never called it a cow. (Laughter) Apparently the reviewer, when we notified him about three weeks before the end of our year, and somebody picked up the patent and read it again and said oh bologna this is superconductivity. Well the law says it has to go to the Department of Defense for approval before I can file world wide because it is strategically important. So it was sent to the Department of Defense. They refused to let me file world wide. I complained because by law I was supposed to have a six month appeal period. I said I must protect my date. The cold fusion people have come out with their information. Somebody's going to figure this out eventually and so they allowed me to file world wide over the objection of the Department of Defense. All right, it gets heavier though. The Department of Defense signed the ex head of physics from Princeton University, um, what's his name, it's not coming to mind now. Anyway they hire him, he flies out of Virginia, what do you call it, the CIA headquarters, Langley, he flies out of Langley and he's been authorized to take money out of Swiss bank accounts and put it into technologies that benefit the military. Cause Congress didn't approve the star wars budget that was proposed and so what they do is just circumvent it and get them funded anyway by him investing in their companies. Anyway the Department of Defense wanted this technology and I wouldn't give them what they wanted so they refused to let me go to patent pending here in the U.S. They told me that if I would give them an affidavit from a credible laboratory totally independent of me that indeed the white powder of gold exists. And they chose gold for some reason. I went to Argonne National Laboratories, got a fellow by the name of Mike McNallen who is an MIT metallurgical chemist who previously worked at Argonne National Labs to actually buy gold, make it into the white powder and sign affidavits for me. And then they said "we've changed our mind. Now you have to take the white powder of gold back to gold or we are not going to let you go to patent pending." At that point I said "look, you told me I could go to patent pending. This is a materials patent; it is not a procedural patent. I've proved to you that white powder of gold exists. I've showed you how to make applesauce out of the apple, now you want me to take applesauce back to an apple." And I said "I do know how to do it but you don't need that for me to go to patent pending on this." And uh, it was at that time, basically in 1991, 92 and uh, uh, my attorney said they can never issue a patent to anyone else who would apply to you, because you have applied for it and been turned down. And after $540,000 in 1993 I dropped the patent pursuit. No one can ever be granted a patent on this that would ever apply to me. I was issued in about twelve countries worldwide and I dropped those patent pursuits. I don't believe that it's right for anyone to own this technology. I'm here giving it to you. You know that's what I have to do. You know I literally spent $540,000 cash on the patenting process and I turned it down and walked away from it, because once you get the patent then you've got to pursue the patent. You've got to have the money to sue people and go after them and all you're doing is just providing all the information for somebody to steal it from you. And so, when you understand how complex this is. I spent years and years and years, everyday in the laboratory myself. There's an awful lot of technique involved in this, an awful lot. When you realize that if you don't believe this will happen it won't happen. You have to know it's is going to happen for it to happen. When you understand that these materials are superconductors; they literally interreact with your thoughts. And if you believe it it happens every time. And if you question it you never see it. And there are some built in safeguards in this whole thing that are just not our normal thinking. And so, even though every piece of the puzzle is in my patent no one can do it unless I teach them how to do it. And so it's like the analogy I give you is a book playing the concert piano. I can give you a book on it, you can read the book but that doesn't mean you are going to play that piano. You still gotta to sit down and practice. It's the only way you're going to learn to play the piano. And the only way you're going to learn to do this chemistry is you gotta work at it. And it takes years. And so, I welcome Bell Labs into competition with me. They have a lot of work to do. Um, the reference numbers I have [for the patent] is 2180-CIP-fdl [this number differs from the numbers on the UK Patent Application]. The revision was in four of 1989. That's the latest copy. Here's the patent if you are interested in seeing it.

(I would like to yea.)

Ok, any other specific questions? Ok if not, that concludes the taped portion of the presentation. If we can have all the tapes turned off. (applause)

End of tape.

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