Local Heroes : Free Energy & Levitation Inventions

» GUILLOT, Jules: Atmospheric Electric Generator -- A powerful proven design from the 1920s.


» ROTA, Luigi: Levitation Apparatus -- Patented, prototyped, & demonstrated ca. 1920.

» CRAIG, Palmer: Hall Effect Device -- Elegant application of the Hall Effect produces power, rectification & amplification with Earth's magnetic field.

» SCHAEFFER, Karl: Steam Generator -- Exploits the phenomena of water hammer and cavitation to produce steam. Tests conducted at Battelle Institute showed over-unity efficiency.

» SPRINK, Leon: Space Activator -- Opposing electrodes, geometric arrays, 5-150 KV DC, generate "Activation Field": Accelerates reactions 8x with 50% less energy. Also, levitation and other phenomena. See also: Ravatin.

» RAVATIN, Jacques: Activators -- Smaller, more powerful versions of Sprink Activators : displacement of magnetic fields, 10%+ reduced gravity, use 50% less fuel, increased solubility, improved plant growth, eliminate catalysts in reactions.

» ANGELO, Antonio d': Interatomic Ion Motor ~ Patented by a Jesuit priest; demonstrated to generate many times more power than input (1928).

» HENDERSHOT, Lester: Motor-Generator ~ 1928 "Fuelless Motor"; Articles from NY Times, Aho's schematics.

» HENDERSHOT, L.: Motor-Generator ~ 3 PDF books including patent application & schematics, for the legendary generator.

» HENDERSHOT, L.: Fuelless Motor ( III ) ~ Scans of 10 newspaper articles ( 1928 ).

» MORAY, Thomas: Radiant Energy Receiver ~ Excerpts from The Sea of Energy, describing construction, operation of his cosmic energy device in the 1930s-1950s.

» POMERLEAU, Daniel: Free Energy Coils ~ Mind-coil electrical production, 5 KW demonstrated -- astounding, amazing, awesome, &c.

» COLER, Hans: BIOS Report # 1042 ~ British Intell. Objectives SubComm. Report about free energy generators developed by the German Admiralty in WW2.

» GARY, Wesley: Magnet Motor ~ A simple free energy generator/motor; proven, patented & assiduously ignored since the 1890s.

» GREBENNIKOV, Viktor : Insect Levitation ~ Grebennikov discovered anti-gravity in the wings of an insect, & he built a flying platform powered by this method.